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#lan wangji

Happy birthday, Lan Wangji


To celebrate I drew one of the saddest scenes from the show 🙃

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Waiting for that one post thats says like “people who celebrate fictional character birthday’s are annoying pass it on” and the comment is edited to “fuck this post and happy birthday lan wangji”

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Sizhui: So basically, you say “wig” when someone says something super epic or cool

Lan Wangji, writing it down: Oh, I see


Wei Wuxian: Lan Zhan. I have been meaning to tell you this for a long time…

Wei Wuxian: I am in love with you

Lan Wangji: Wig

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💙Happy Birthday Hanguang Jun 💙

In all your versions you will always act straight and cold like jade, but your heart will always be warm to those you love and fair to judge, always a good husband to Wei Wuxian and father to a-Yuan


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“my nephew is fine!!!” your nephew has been hiding in a cave for three years

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say happy bday to liddol lwj 🥺

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A quick one I made 💖 I miss comics, i hope to be back soon as I have a lot of scripts I want to draw… (T⌓T)

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Wei WuXian’s birthday letter for Lan WangJi💙

“Do you remember? The first time we met, you broke a jar of my tianzixiao. Funny enough, I wasn’t mad. Can’t believe that there’s such an old fashioned person in this world. Others think you’re unfriendly, that’s because they don’t understand you. Fortunately, we came to know each other. I don’t know if I’m considered your soulmate, but i believe I understand you quite well. Your favourite animal is rabbit, right? Favourite fruit is loquat, right? You know me, trust me, and are willing to fight alongside me. Being able to meet a soulmate in this life is enough.

Lan Zhan, happy birthday. Be happy everyday!”

Lan WangJi: “Mn, tiantian.” (“mn, everyday.”)

From CQL Mobile Game Weibo

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