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50% of the show characters are Jin Ling’s uncles;

Jiang Cheng - his Mom’s brother.

Wei Wuxian - his Mom’s adopted brother.

Lan Wangji - his Mom’s adopted brother’s husband.

Lan Xichen - his Mom’s adopted brother’s husband’s brother 😂 (and sworn brother with his father’s half brother).

Jin Guangyao - his father’s half brother.

Mo Xuanyo - his father’s half brother.

Qin Su - his father’s half sister (and his uncle’s wife, but let’s not go there 😁)

Jin Zixun - his father’s cousin.

Nie Mingjue - his father’s half brother’s sworn brother (but he’s everybody’s da-ge).


In addition to many more uncles, that Jin Guangshan had, that we never knew of.

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That wonderful “What If” style MDZS/CQL AU (what if WWX as MXY never played WangXian at Dafan Mountain) has made me think about an idea I first had roughly around the time I first started reading the novel (after watching CQL). I feel like I’ve seen something similar to this posted on Tumblr, but I can’t find it (at least not with a cursory search). If you know of a similar idea out there please post in the notes or let me know! Anyway, the idea is basically the inverse of the above:

  1. WWX is dead and gone.
  2. MXY is just MXY who has been trained in “demonic” cultivation and coached to pretend to be WWX for nefarious means (has he been weaponized by JGY for some purpose? Or by NHS?) Maybe MXY had a low level of cultivation when it came to traditional cultivation techniques, but actually excelled at “demonic” cultivation.
  3. MXY even learned or was taught WangXian, after a record of the melody made its way into JGY’s treasure room. How? I tend to headcanon that LWJ played Wangxian at night sometimes after WWX’s death when he didn’t think anyone could hear him. But LXC hears it from time to time while walking past and thinks the melody is lovely in a deeply bittersweet way, even if he suspects this is a song that carries a lot of pain for his little brother—he’s certain it has something to do with Wei Ying. And maybe one evening after a particularly hard day, while he’s at Jin Lin Tai with JGY, he’s playing Liebing and “WangXian,” that lovely, sad melody he just can’t get out of his head, slips out. JGY asks what it is, and LXC, embarrassed but trusting of JGY (I mean, he canonically vents about LWJ’s love life with the man), tells him what he suspects. And JGY nods, and silently files that melody and bit of information away as ammunition. After all, unlike LXC, Lord Light-Bearer is a hard nut to crack, and could be a thorn in his side one day.
  4. LWJ meets MXY on Dafan Mountain as in canon, hears him play WangXian, and comes to the same conclusion as in canon, except this time he’s wrong. Maybe he notices some things aren’t quite right, but MXY is a very good actor, and having WWX alive again is more than LWJ could have hoped for, and it clouds his judgement just enough.
  5. And MXY is so happy to have someone love him so much, especially someone like LWJ, that he feels terrible about deceiving him, but also too horrified by what revealing who he really is to LWJ would do to him to dare tell him the truth.
  6. Any maybe LXC asks LWJ one day how it is he can know for sure that this person is WWX (because LXC suspects he is not, and his little brother just very much wants him to be) and so LWJ tells him: because he knew the song LWJ wrote for him, the song he only ever played for Wei Ying. And LXC, who has started to suspect not everything is as on the up and up with JGY as he once thought, goes very pale.

Plausible? Probably not. Painful? Yes.

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(First time trying to write after soooooooo long and while still very unwell…not so surprising it’s angst I guess hahaha good thing I know you love angst XD Unedited cos I don’t got the spoons for that, and if I waited it would probably never happen XD BUT I WROTE SOMETHING)

AO3 Link

Content Warning: Angst, Canonical Character Death (set during the time Wei Wuxian was dead), Open Ending

Time Heals Too Slow

Lan Xichen joined Wangji at the edge of the clearing. He tried not to feel apprehension at how swiftly Wangji’s expression closed off upon realising he was not alone, but failed.

His hope that Wangji would slowly open up to him again in time seemed increasingly beyond his reach. The damage that had been done was just too severe.

“When I heard you had finally left seclusion, I thought I’d find you here,” Lan Xichen said gently. “He told you about this spot when he visited you, didn’t he?”


It was more difficult than ever before to understand Wangji’s frame of mind. His expression before he noticed Lan Xichen there had been one of open pain and yearning, but there was not even a hint of that in his voice.

Still, even if he could not see it now, he was sure Wangji’s mind lingered on Wei Wuxian. It would be impossible not to while looking upon the child Wangji had said was his.

A fresh burst of laughter broke out in the clearing, and Lan Xichen turned briefly to see that Lan Jingyi was trying to put a rabbit inside Lan Yuan’s robes. His efforts failed, but the usually quiet Lan Yuan now giggled as he tried to squirm away.

The sight made Lan Xichen smile, but as he turned to Wangji he caught, only for a moment, a flicker of immeasurable grief clouding his features. A second later, and Wangji was once again impassive, even while he gazing upon the child he had taken as his own.

The fracture that had marred Lan Xichen’s heart from the moment he’d known Wei Wuxian was going to be killed deepened once more, as it had many times since that moment.

“He is a little like him, isn’t he?” he asked softly, knowing it to be cruel but unable to restrain himself.

There was a long silence, but Lan Xichen accepted it. He moved a little closer, enough that their arms touched. Wangji was not one for physical contact, not even from him, but he allowed it.

The acceptance of his gesture wasn’t much, but it sparked that hope again, that Wangji would open to him once more, but perhaps only after much more time than he had initially thought.


The sound was weaker, almost trembling. Lan Xichen leaned a little more into the contact of their arms, as they watched the two children play among the rabbits.

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Things that amuse me in fanfiction…Lan XiChen canonically could not do his own laundry because he shredded his robes with his crazy Lan arm strength…which very heavily implies he has never done laundry and in fact only has a vague idea of how it’s done (ie get wet rub against something) which implies also that Lan WangJi should also not know how to do laundry. Also implies that they probably don’t know how to do other basic chores, since instead of those being punishment like they are many places, Lans…wrote lines. Or got hit.

So fanfiction where WWX got hurt or something similar and LWJ takes care of him by cleaning his bloodsoaked robes and cleaning the abandoned house they have to shelter in and farming and cooking (naturally I’m talking more about pre WWX’s canonical death) and is just so COMPETENT is kind of hilarious. Why does LWJ know how to do these things and LXC does not? I want to see LWJ having to learn! Also…just imagine LWJ getting so flustered and embarrassed when he realizes he has damaged their only robes (or WWX’s only robes) and WWX teasing him about how revealing they are going to be when he wears them or how if Lan er gege just wanted him to not wear robes so badly all he had to do was ask…

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Wei Wuxian’s slow crawl out of the closet:

WWX stealing LWJ’s purse: how far can I push this like how far is this gonna go it can’t go much longer can it? Jesus it’s been weeks he is just one a man for christ’s sake I can DO THIS STEALING IS ILLEGAL SURELY THIS WILL—

LWJ, thinking he needs money for food: Have you eaten?? My treat.

WWX, belly full, crops fed, applying rouge: does this makeup make me look like a prostitute? I mean OBVIOUSLY it makes me look like a prostitute but I mean are you into it? You’re into that, right? ;)

LWJ, nothing if not supportive: Prostitute? No, look lovely, as always.

WWX, barely clinging to hope, climbing into LWJ’s bed as a last hail mary: he can’t keep this up forever, someday I’ll get to him, or the fucking rouge will, or the sins of the flesh will torment him, or my terrible flute playing, and he’ll free me from this neverending hell—

LWJ, pulling the covers up to his chin: do you wanna be big spoon or little spoon tonight?

WWX: well you were little spoon last night so its only fair that tonight I get to be—


Originally posted by markthexenaaddicted

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MDZS x Nan Man She - Chibi New Year’s Cushions

I’ve posted a few cushions designed by other brands but I think these cushions are the only MDZS ones that NMS offers. Each cushion measures 45 cm in diameter and comes in 4 designs.

If you’d like to order these, you can add them to your wishlist for now and when the next batch opens, you can join the batch order by submitting your wishlist. Please see the pinned post for updates and check the FAQs for info on how batch orders work. If you have any additional questions, feel free to DM/ask. :)

Price: 55 RMB each (approx. 10.80 CAD or 11.60 USD + shipping)

*Please note that cushions take up a lot of space compared to regular merch so shipping will be more expensive

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I need to rant here a little bit. Look at this man!

He’s just spent hours splashing in ice cold water and is currently being pulled up from the ground where he’s been lying around having Moments with his boyfriend Wei Wuxian. Wei Wuxian who does have dirty robes, see?


But him? He’s pristine. The only thing that shows something out of the ordinary has been going on, is that his hair has turned wavy! (And that’s way too adorable.)


How is he so damn perfect?!

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I’ve noticed that danmei novels have the opposite problem of YA novels. In YA novels the protagonists are usually really bland, so they can be used as a self insert if you want. And the love interests are usually considerably more interesting than the main character, so you can pretend that you’re dating someone cool. Whereas in danmei novels the main characters are usually really fleshed out characters with reasonable goals and an actual personality. But half the time the love interests are boring as hell , with their only personality traits being “horny and sad”.

There are of course a bunch of exceptions to both of these, but it’s an interesting trend I’ve noticed. (And if you were curious, yes this is a personal attack on Lan Wangji and Wenren Heng from record of the missing sect master, and I guess Hua Cheng and Luo Binghe to a lesser extent because I actually like those two)

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A soft flute, jarring

Instruments realize and recognize the melody,
Two men, once boys, once friends, parted,
On two sides.
To rekindle what was isolated without permission
How unfair and unjust words are,
In the hands of dictators.

A child, loved, missed, aching,
Parents many, parents few, parenting sidetracked,
But strongly impressed upon,
A child who loves.

Forlorn wondering brother,
Fearing reminiscing memories,
Of kite flying above lotus waters,
White robes and jars of wine,
Childhood forgotten in the effort of being an adult,
Who now appears meek again, childish,

Shooting down the sun,
Which recedes into dark corners, in burial mounds,
And there it buries it’s love,
Under turnip patches and dirty yellow talismans,
Efforts not wasted on a child who forgets.

There- there-
Fatherhood’s worst consequence,
An estranged son strikes,
Pitiful strength,
Yellow robes turned bloody,
Corruption written in the insinuation of the flames-

Yet they meet again,
The zither joins the flute,
Suibian familiar in a way zidian cannot identify,
Mask discarded,
Juniors, juniors,
And the boy that represents the guilt,
Carried on the shoulders of his seniors,
Guilt for leaving,
Guilt for never being there in the first place.

White and black robes for contrast,
A smile shared,
Mutual understanding,
But wait- there is the child,
No wait. He leaves-

Two men.
Face to face- tears held back,
No need for thanks,
No need for sorry,
A parting written in in ‘Mn’s’.
The shameless sings what the other composed,

He looks down.
“Wei Ying”

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the untamed ruined my blog because before i was at least trying for it to have subjectively good and funny content but now i just see a random gifset of lan wangji and be like ‘hehe lan zhan pretty’ and hit that reblog button not caring that i’ve already reblogged five other lan zhan gifsets before and you know what i take it back i think i should actually think of it as an improvement and something we all should be doing

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MDZS x Xing Yun Shi - Wangxian Fleece Blankets

These blankets designed by Xing Yun Shi feature Eno’s lovely artwork and come in two versions - Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji. Each blanket measures 75 cm by 120 cm.

If you’d like to order these, you can add them to your wishlist for now and when the next batch opens, you can join the batch order by submitting your wishlist. Please see the pinned post for updates and check the FAQs for info on how batch orders work. If you have any additional questions, feel free to DM/ask. :)

Price: 79 RMB each (approx. 15.55 CAD or 11.60 USD + shipping)

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Lan Wangji: *on his first date with WWX* And, what do you do for a living?

Wei Wuxian: Yeah, see, my adopted family has a lot of high class connections, so I meet a lot of interesting people in business functions-

Lan Wangji: -and one of them hired you for your talents?

Wei Wuxian: Well, no, not yet, I’m hopeful it’ll happen one day, though.

Lan Wangji: Oh. Then what do you do?

Wei Wuxian: See, thing is, a lot of these guys are total perverts. So I’m a bit of a freelancer at the moment. There’s this one guy that I send feet pics to for a thousand ¥ a pic. Another one asks me to dress up as a little girl while playing with his puppy. That sorta thing.

Lan Wangji: …I… would like to hire you.

Wei Wuxian: *brightly* Oh? Okay, what for?

Lan Wangji: …to… stop letting other men hire you.

Wei Wuxian: Sure, if the fee is good enough, I can do exclusivity. What price we talking?

Lan Wangji: Half.

Wei Wuxian: ??? Half what I’m making now? That seems sorta cheap, Lan Zhan.

Lan Wangji: Half my empire.

Wei Wuxian: *small spit take* Excuse me?

Lan Wangji: Marry me and get half my empire. Stop sending men foot pictures.

Wei Wuxian: …I’m gonna have to think on that one.

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