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#lan xichen
littlesmartart · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
based on this tiktok, which felt very modern AU Mingjue
he's not intimidating, he's just waiting for his family and he has resting bitch face...
Tumblr media
...much better :) one of their families must own the gym, because there's no other way they'd be able to get all their classes/schedules so perfectly lined up lmao
more modern AU
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mitcheeewav · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cheng Cheng forever nyancheng
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ohohsomething · 2 days ago
nie mingjue and lan xichen with hug and lifting someone up??? for the art dare👀
Tumblr media
this ended up soft <3 thank you for the dare!!!
(you can send me a pair (or more) characters and an action/touch/interaction!)
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ibijau · 2 days ago
Listen when I said I was going through a modern au phase, I wasn’t kidding
warning for Lan Qiren expressing some conservative opinion about gender and respectability
Lan Xichen stares at the door, much longer than he ought to, but doesn't notice it until Nie Mingjue snaps his fingers under his nose, laughing when it startles him. Realising how very rude he was, Lan Xichen blushes. 
"Sorry, I was just… that's new, right ?" 
"The makeup? Not really. Huaisang has been experimenting with that for some weeks now." 
Against his better judgement, Lan Xichen glances again toward the door, something burning cold inside his chest. 
"I'd never seen him like that," Lan Xichen says. "And his clothes too… a skirt?" 
"Ah, it's 'them' actually," Nie Mingjue corrects. "And that is new. They're shopping for pronouns, trying to find who they are, and all that. They say they're gonna try to go as 'she' next." 
The cold sensation in Lan Xichen's chest falls to his stomach, making him feel sick. It must show, because Nie Mingjue takes one look at him and frowns. 
"I know you've been raised conservative," he warns, "But I'll choose them over you if you decide to be an ass about this. It really makes them happy to try out that stuff." 
"I have no issue with Huaisang’s identity," Lan Xichen mildly replies. "Whatever makes him… makes them happy." 
Nie Mingjue looks unconvinced, and not without reason when Lan Xichen has always been a poor liar. They just change the subject after that, returning to something safer, but Lan Xichen can tell his friend was disappointed by his reaction. 
Being a bad friend is easier to bear than the agony of explaining how envious he felt upon seeing Nie Huaisang so happy, so Lan Xichen doesn't defend himself. 
For no particular reason, Lan Xichen and Nie Mingjue see each other a little less in the weeks that follow, and never at Nie Mingjue’s house. When they do see each other, they never talk about Nie Huaisang and the stage he's reached in his experiments.
Which isn't to say that Lan Xichen is unaware of those developments. His own brother is, somehow, part of the same group of friends as Nie Huaisang, and Lan Wangji is taking these things very seriously. Every time Nie Huaisang switches to a new set of pronouns like other people try out shoes for size, Lan Wangji comes home and informs his brother and uncle of the change so that they can speak of Nie Huaisang in the appropriate manner, should the occasion arise. Some pronouns are very classic, others are more creative. It's clear that Nie Huaisang is enjoying this chance to experiment. 
Lan Qiren is unimpressed by all those changes, implying that Nie Huaisang is just doing it for attention, something he refuses to put up with. He eventually informs Lan Wangji that he isn't interested in learning Nie Huaisang’s newest antics anymore. Lan Wangji, stubborn like a stone, ignores that remark and continues on as before. Tensions rise and rise until they explode one evening at dinner, and it is up to Lan Xichen to smoothen things out. 
Knowing his brother’s temperament once he’s decided to let a grudge settle, Lan Xichen first goes to his brother’s bedroom. It is a plain, neatly organised room where usually nothing is out of place. Exceptionally, this time, a few pamphlets have been carelessly dropped on the desk. At a glance, it seems they are from the university's queer association. The one on top appears to be advice about coming out to one’s family. Lan Xichen, who’s had certain suspicions for a while now, can only wonder. He can’t even tell himself that those might belong to Wei Wuxian, who has been coming over frequently in recent times, because if anything Wei Wuxian’s visits only make his suspicions stronger.
Lan Xichen puts on his most harmless smile, and hopes he can solve this situation, because this argument over dinner was probably not just about Nie Huaisang.
“Well, first of all, I want to commend you for being such a good friend and such a dedicated ally,” Lan Xichen says. “I am sure that Nie Huaisang is very glad to have your support.”
Lan Wangji, sitting stiffly on the edge of his bed, glares at his brother. ‘You know that’s not the only thing’, he seems to say. Or perhaps he’s angry that Lan Xichen won’t get into fights for Nie Huaisang, making him fear he also wouldn’t oppose their uncle if he were difficult, should Lan Wangji come out about anything.
"I know you’re frustrated, but please understand that it's not easy for shufu to understand these things," he patiently tells Lan Wangji. "You need to give him time, and to try and explain these things to him." 
"He's a teacher," Lan Wangji indignantly replies. "In high school. His students will suffer if he rejects them." 
"He is learning, Wangji. And you know he is of a different generation. He has… expectations."
"Would he also reject us if we did not conform to his expectations?"
To anyone else, the expression on Lan Wangji’s face would be nothing but cold anger. But Lan Xichen knows his brother better than that, he can see and hear the fear in Lan Wangji, mirroring his own. 
Lan Xichen doesn’t think that his uncle would actually hate them for being different, that he’d kick them out for not being the nephews he wants, but he’s also always had the certainty that Lan Qiren would prefer if they didn’t make waves, that he’d love them more if they conformed to his expectations than if they didn’t.
It is in Lan Xichen’s personality to want peace, so the price isn’t so high to pay. But it is in Lan Wangji’s personality to want honesty, and this no matter the cost.
Lan Xichen goes to sit next to his brother, and takes his hand. It says something about Lan Wangji’s state that he just allows himself to be touched.
“I think that shufu loves us very much,” Lan Xichen says carefully. “I think if we weren’t quite what he thought we should be, it would shock him, and that shock might express itself as anger at first. But he isn’t unwilling to change his opinion once he knows he’s wrong, and I think this would be the same. I think he would want us to be happy, as long as our happiness doesn’t harm others.”
“Hm,” Lan Wangji says, moving his hand so he can grasp back at Lan Xichen’s, almost painfully tight.
“And if the worst comes to pass, if somehow shufu is unyielding, if he decides his love for us is conditional, then we still have each other,” Lan Xichen says with a fierceness that startles him. “I’m on your side more than I am on his, I don’t want you to ever doubt that. I’d rather not have to choose, but if the choice is necessary, then I’ll choose you. If shufu decides he can’t support you as you truly are, we’ll pack our things, rent a little flat somewhere, and cut contact with him until he’s willing to be reasonable.”
It is not a promise lightly made. Lan Xichen really doesn’t think it’ll come to that, he knows their uncle loves them. But just in case, he makes a mental note to keep an eye out for decently priced flats, just in case.
“I’m on your side as well,” Lan Wangji states, something fierce peeking out under his usual coldness.
Lan Xichen smiles, his heart speeding up for a moment. It’s not… it’s different of course. He has no secrets to reveal to their uncle. His secrets are meant to stay hidden, and he doubts that Lan Wangji could ever guess at what’s locked away in his heart when Lan Xichen himself refuses to think of it. Still, it’s very sweet of Lan Wangji to be supportive, and Lan Xichen is definitely touched.
With Lan Wangji now comforted, Lan Xichen goes to check on their uncle. Without surprise, when he enters the study, he finds Lan Qiren pacing there, more upset than properly angry. For all of their stubbornness, it’s rare for Lan Qiren and Lan Wangji to fall into a real argument, and they both tend to be very dramatic about it afterwards.
“I bet it’s that Wei boy inciting him to be so difficult lately,” Lan Qiren immediately says when he notices he’s no longer alone.
Lan Xichen grimaces, because that’s technically not untrue. It is certainly his affection for Wei Wuxian that’s pushing Lan Wangji to test boundaries and to worry whether his uncle’s love is conditional. But it’s also unfair to blame all of Lan Wangji’s behaviour on poor Wei Wuxian, just because he was an absolute terror when Lan Qiren had him as a student.
“Wangji is nineteen,” Lan Xichen reminds their uncle. “He’s in university, he’s having new experiences, and broadening his mind. It’s normal for him to be forming opinions of his own, and to express them.”
“You were not so difficult at nineteen,” Lan Qiren retorts. “You’re still not so difficult now. Why can’t he be more like you?”
Lan Xichen wonders if he should remind his uncle that they too got into arguments, mostly about him staying out past curfew when going out with Nie Mingjue and Meng Yao. He decides against it. This isn't about him. 
“This is important to him, shufu,” Lan Xichen insists. “If you’ll excuse me for being rude, you’re the one who turned this into an argument, and I don’t understand why. I’ve heard you complain more than once against the treatment of… certain minorities.”
"I think people should marry as they please," Lan Qiren stiffly replies. "But that boy changing his mind every other day about how he wishes to be addressed is ridiculous. If these people want to be taken seriously, then they have to act serious and not make pointless demands.”
The word pointless rings loud in Lan Xichen’s mind, branding itself into a part of his brain. He ignores it for now. Perhaps he can ignore it forever.
“I think Nie Huaisang and others like him just operate on a system of values and priorities that are different from your own,” Lan Xichen says with all the gentleness he’s capable of while so upset. “If people are different, does it mean they’re not worthy of respect?”
“Don’t make me say what I didn’t say.”
“Then please explain to me how you refusing to acknowledge someone as they want to be seen is different from denying them respect.”
“I take it back,” Lan Qiren snaps. “You’re just as difficult as Lan Wangji. This is ridiculous, and I don’t understand why you both think it matters so much if that Nie boy is going through a phase.”
“It’s not a matter of understanding. It’s a matter of acceptance,” Lan Xichen explains. He pauses, hesitating, and decides to take a risk. “I suppose it’s also a matter of needing to guess what you would do, if one of us were to someday come to you to explain something you might not understand, but for which we need your acceptance. It’s a matter of fearing that you would react the same way if one of us were in Nie Huaisang’s shoes.”
In a second Lan Qiren’s frustration turns into worry, and… he knows. He has to know, at least about Lan Wangji.
“It would be different,” Lan Qiren quickly says. “Wangji’s case is… I wish he had better tastes, that’s for certain, but I’m not going to turn him away for who he loves. It’s completely different from that boy who can’t decide who he is.”
Lan Xichen smiles. It’s nothing new as such, that there are types of differences that are acceptable, and others that aren’t. He also can’t stop himself from thinking that it’s also a little dependent on who is different. Nie Huaisang has never been particularly liked by Lan Qiren because he’s not particularly academically oriented, so his differences are just another annoyance. It’s the same with Wei Wuxian. But if it were Lan Wangji who demanded to try out pronouns and identities, it is almost certain that Lan Qiren would make a real effort to support his nephew and understand his struggle.
Lan Xichen doesn’t wonder in which category he falls.
This isn’t a question he wants answered.
“To you it’s different, but to Wangji it’s the same thing,” Lan Xichen says. “Please be careful with what you say about Nie Huaisang, or he might start to think you will react the same to anything he might have to confess.”
“It’s ridiculous,” Lan Qiren complains, but he doesn’t insist any further and leaves the study to go talk to his younger nephew.
Lan Xichen follows and lingers by his brother’s door as the two of them talk about their argument. Just in case it goes bad again, and he needs to intervene, or in case Lan Wangji decides that this is the moment when he should reveal to his family that he likes men. But that confession will have to wait, and for tonight Lan Wangji and Lan Qiren just reconcile, which is already pretty good.
Two days later, when Lan Wangji informs them of Nie Huaisang’s newest pronoun experiment, Lan Qiren makes no comment.
It’s a victory, and Lan Xichen tries to rejoice.
Almost two weeks after that particular incident, Lan Xichen meets with Nie Mingjue and Meng Yao at the library for a study session. When he’s on the tube after and heading home, he realises that he accidentally grabbed Nie Mingjue’s notebook as well as his own. It’s Friday night, they won’t see each other for the weekend, and Nie Mingjue will probably be upset if he can’t get any work done until monday. Lan Xichen changes lines at the first chance and heads for his friend’s flat, hoping to catch him there and give him back his notebook.
When he gets to the flat, Nie Mingjue hasn’t arrived yet. He texted Lan Xichen to just drop his notes with Nie Huaisang, who is sure to be there because they’re going to a party later that night and they must still be getting ready.
Nie Huaisang is there indeed, but they’re far from getting ready yet. Instead they’re just wearing one of Nie Mingjue’s old t-shirt and eating chips. They appear a little surprised to see Lan Xichen, perhaps even a little wary at first, but they relax when the full situation is explained.
“Do you want to come in and wait for Da-ge?” they offer.
“It’s not necessary, I was just returning this.”
“Please stay,” Nie Huaisang insists, grabbing Lan Xichen’s sleeve and pulling him inside. “Da-ge will scold me if I’m not a good host, and anyway I need an opinion for my outfit.”
Lan Xichen tries to resist, but Nie Huaisang is nothing if not stubborn, and forces him to sit down on the bumpy old sofa while they prepare some tea. Lan Xichen is then left alone with his tea for a while, until Nie Huaisang returns with skinny jeans that make their legs look longer than they are, a pale tank top, and a colourful button-up shirt with a pattern of exotic birds.
“What do you think?” Nie Huaisang asks. “I’m just going for drinks with Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng, but I just know Jiang Cheng will dress up, and he gets so damn annoying when he thinks he’s the most fashionable person in the room, so I’ve got to give him competition.”
“It’s nice.”
“Just nice?” Nie Huaisang pouts, disappointed. “I was going for ‘Magnum PI’-core, to fight how cloudy it is. Is it too much? Or not enough?”
“I think it’s the right amount of too much,” Lan Xichen assures him. “It’s a good colour on you.”
Nie Huaisang glows upon being praised. “It’ll look even better when I’ve put on a little makeup. I’ve got that nice shade of green lipstick that I’ve never used yet… Can you wait a little more? I really need an opinion, and Da-ge can’t be counted on.”
Lan Xichen should refuse. He needs to go home, Lan Qiren will be annoyed if he is late without warning, but… but there’s something about this situation that makes him want to stay, even though it’s unreasonable.
“If you value my opinion, I’m honoured and very happy to help.”
For some reason this makes Nie Huaisang frown, as if they’d expected Lan Xichen to refuse. Before he can wonder if he’s accidentally overstayed his welcome, Nie Huaisang starts smiling again, more brightly than before.
“Gege spoils me,” they tease. “I’ll have to find a way to thank you for this. Ah! I know! What if I put on you the best shade of lipstick for you? Gege has such nice lips, they’d look amazing with the right colour, and it so happens that I think I have just what you need!”
Again, Lan Xichen should refuse. He can tell that he’s being teased, that Nie Huaisang just wants to see his reaction, perhaps even to shock him a little if they think that Lan Xichen objects to their gender indecision.
He should refuse.
If it were anyone else making that offer, Lan Xichen would refuse. But Nie Huaisang feels… safe, for lack of a better word. They feel like someone who won’t judge him for conducting an experiment, and who can guide that experiment toward a better result.
“Sure, I’ll let you try if you want,” Lan Xichen says, his voice trembling enough that Nie Huaisang can’t have missed it.
Nie Huaisang frowns again, looking at Lan Xichen as if they’d never seen him before. It is not an unkind look as such, but it gives the impression of wheels turning and jigsaw pieces falling into place. It’s terrifying. It’s a relief. When Nie Huaisang silently motions for Lan Xichen to follow them in the bathroom, Lan Xichen can only obey.
Sitting on the edge of the bathtub, Lan Xichen watches as Nie Huaisang puts on some light golden make-up on their eyes, accompanied by a very bold shade of green on their lips. It makes them look like those exotic birds on their shirt. They laugh when lan Xichen says so out loud, a slight blush adding further colour to their cheeks, making them more handsome than anyone has any right to be.
“Your turn now,” Nie Huaisang then says, digging into the drawer of a small chest in quest of another tube of lipstick.
Suddenly terrified again, Lan Xichen closes his eyes and lifts his head. He shivers when one of Nie Huaisang’s delicate hands pushes under his chin, forcing him to lift his face a little more. He shivers again at the sensation of lipstick on his mouth, much drier than the balm he sometimes uses in winter, and exhales slowly in relief, feeling oddly safe. 
It takes a lot less time than Lan Xichen would have expected before Nie Huaisang is satisfied with their work and orders him to come check himself in the mirror.
Lan Xichen gets up from the bathtub, takes one step toward the sink, looks at the mirror above it, and feels…
Underwhelmed doesn’t even begin to cover his feelings. Because in that mirror is still him, the same face, even if his lips are now a nearly crimson red that contrasts with his pale skin and dark hair.
It’s still him.
Of course it’s still him. It would take more than a little make-up to make him look like a woman. He’s still himself, and it nearly makes him want to cry because for just a moment he thought that maybe he didn’t have to be that person.
“I was right, it’s perfect on you,” Nie Huaisang remarks, their cheeks a little redder. “Look at you, such a pretty jiejie!”
Lan Xichen flinches, a deep shiver running through his spine.
The lipstick didn’t change anything, but hearing himself called ‘jiejie’ hits him like a truck because it feels so right. It feels like something falling in place, like a missing part of himself finally returned where it belongs.
Next to him, Nie Huaisang frowns again. “Sorry, I should know better than to tease like that,” they quickly say, looking and sounding so sincerely apologetic that Lan Xichen doesn’t know how to explain his reaction was a good one. “It really does look good on you, though. If I didn’t think your uncle would have a heart attack, I’d send you home like that. Oh, can I take a picture? Only, you’re really pretty like this, I’d like a memory, right?”
Lan Xichen nods. He wonders if Nie Huaisang is trying to flirt, or if they’re just playful. If this is flirting, then it’s… complicated. But when has anything not been complicated in Lan Xichen’s life? Sometimes it feels like he never stops worrying about things, even when others seem to manage just fine when confronted with similar situations.
Right now, as Nie Huaisang angles his face to take the best possible picture that can be obtained from a quick portrait done in a bathroom, Lan Xichen wonders what it’s like to find life easy.
“You’re really looking so good,” Nie Huaisang coos, making him move again for another semi-artiful picture. “If I had my way, you’d always wear make-up from now on. You know, more and more men do, so it wouldn’t be so scandalous.”
“I don’t think I’m brave enough to do that. It’s quite admirable that you have that courage.”
Nie Huaisang stills, their expression growing serious for a second before they laugh nervously.
“I’m not sure I’d call myself brave,” they say, taking one last picture before putting away their phone. “It’s more than I don’t think I had a choice. I think it would have killed me to try and hide who I really am.”
“You must think I’m so dramatic,” Nie Huaisang huffs, trying to make it sound like a joke, but something in their voice makes it clear they’ve been accused of that before, and the wound hasn’t healed yet.
“No, I think I understand,” Lan Xichen says. “Hiding hurts. But… but it makes me think there are also cases of people who won’t die from it. People who can endure.” Lan Xichen sighs, and catches Nie Huaisang staring at him with a mix of pity and anger. It’s stupid, it’s so stupid, but some part of Lan Xichen still sings from having been called ‘jiejie’, and that part of him wants to to trust Nie Huaisang. “Wangji likes boys, and I think he is like you about that. I think it would destroy him to hide it. I really think shufu will accept him, but…”
“But you think it’ll be harder for your uncle if he has two queer nephews, that he’d rather have a normal one,” Nie Huaisang guesses, their expression softening. “And if Lan Wangji can’t be normal, while you’re capable of enduring, you think you should just continue to endure.”
Lan Xichen nods, his throat too tight for words. It feels different when he hears someone else say it. It sounds almost cruel.
“I don’t think Wangji would be very happy if he knew that you think that way,” Nie Huaisang remarks, crossing their arms on their chest. “I think he’d be very upset, actually. How would you feel if you could only be happy because he has to hide parts of himself?”
Lan Xichen laughs joylessly. “It’s different. I’m the eldest. I have to protect him.”
“And who’ll protect this pretty jiejie then?” Nie Huaisang asks, the word ‘jiejie’ causing Lan Xichen to shiver once more. “Hm?”
“I can take care of myself. It’s fine. I’m probably not really… it’s just silly things I think about. I’m not miserable about… I’ve read up, you know. About gender and...I don’t think I have dysphoria or anything. I’m not miserable.”
Nie Huaisang grimaces, and grabs a brush on the sink, trying to put some order to their hair. They have very longer hair, and that makes Lan Xichen envious. He wonders if he could grow it. Maybe that wpuld feel right, the wqy the lipstick didn't quite manage to change the way he looks. 
Lan Xichen watches Nie Huaisang braid their hair and wishes he too were allowed to play like this, to try things out. 
“So you're not miserable," Nie Huaisang says after a while." But you’re not really happy either, are you?”
It’s a question Lan Xichen doesn’t ask himself often, because the answer is always either a lie, or unpleasant.
“I’m tolerably satisfied with my life. It’s more than a lot of people can say. And it doesn’t fill me with dread to live the kind of life that’s expected of me.”
“Doesn’t it, jiejie?”
Lan Xichen shivers again. He wants to ask Nie Huaisang to stop calling him that. He wants Nie Huaisang to never stop. He wants to go back half an hour into the past and not have come here at all, because half an hour ago the future didn’t bother him as much.
“It’s a manageable amount of dread,” he eventually decides. “It makes things easier for Wangji, and for shufu. I have to think of them. It’s all so silly, anyway. It’s not like I’m…” he sighs, suddenly so drained that he has to sit on the edge of the bathtub again. “I’m not like you. Just because I sometimes think… it’s very silly, and I shouldn’t think I’m something I’m not..”
“Hm. You know, the first sign of being a girl is wanting to be a girl,” Nie Huaisang points out.
“I can’t want that,” Lan Xichen replies, which isn’t the same as saying he doesn’t want it, and they both know it. 
What he wants… what he wants is secondary. He has to take care of Lan Wangji, and of Lan Qiren. That’s what he really wants, anyway. He wants them to love him and be happy more than he wants anything else.
If their love comes at a price… nothing is free in life. He can pay that price.
“I think I should go,” Lan Xichen says, though he doesn’t move yet. “I’d just come to drop that notebook, I’ve already stayed too long, and I’ve bothered you with such odd things…”
He tries to get up, but Nie Huaisang forces him to sit down again.
“Lipstick,” they just say, grabbing some cotton pads and a bottle of clear liquid to remove the makeup they used on Lan Xichen.
It’s funny. Seeing himself with that lipstick felt like it didn’t change anything, but having it removed definitely leaves Lan Xichen a little sadder than before.
“It’s up to you what you do with your life,” Nie Huaisang quietly says as they wipe Lan Xichen’s lips clean. “I won’t force you to make choices, and of course I won’t tell anyone what you told me today. But if you want, when we’re alone… I can call you jiejie.”
They’re rarely ever alone, only meeting when Lan Wangji or Nie Mingjue are around, so it’s a rather pointless offer. But something about this still pleases Lan Xichen. There’s something liberating about having shared his secret with someone, and to be accepted not only in what he wishes he could be, but also in his current choice to remain hidden. He’s always thought that when it comes to the closet one could only be in or out, but he suddenly feels like even while in the closet, it’s possible to open the door to varying degrees and share a little of what’s inside, just with the right people.
“I’d like it if you did that,” Lan Xichen replies. “It’s nice when you call me that.”
“As jiejie wishes,” Nie Huaisang says with a smile. “Our little secret!”
Lan Xichen smiles back.
Nie Huaisang isn’t a bad person to share a secret with.
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dinosaurscreechsound · 2 days ago
MDZS modern au jobs (via me)
Wei Wuxian- Medical examiner
I just think wwx in a lab coat makes sense.
Lan Wangji - Pianist
Large string instrument. Fancy.
Nie Huasang- Tattoo artist
He's fully tatted under his clothes but they're normally not visible
Jiang Cheng- Police chief
Big J Jonah Jameson energy. But as a cop. But like a fantasy not racist cop.
Jiang Yanli- Pastry chef
She is the first in the family to not work in anything relating to catching crime
Wen Qing - Doctor
Duh. She works with wwx alot
Wen Ning - Nurse
He works in pediatrics
Lan Xichen- Music store owner
Run by the Lan family for generations. Hes got the best customer service smile, banished lan wangji from the shop cause he does not.
Lan Qiren - Retired
He hangs out at the music store being grumpy about kids and their electric guitars. He teaches classes part time
Nie Mingjue- Bakery shop owner
Is also fully tatted, Nie Huasang did em all
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suibianjie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The Untamed | Gusu Lan
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cephalopodish · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
in the future when everyone has more friends
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evilhasnever · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The ponytail that JGY is sporting in the HobbyRangers tea figurine changed my life for the better.
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featherfur · a day ago
Thinking about Nie Mingjue being incredibly offended when one of his boyfriends imply that he’s too big to be the little spoon (Meng Yao is very confused by the idea that he can get his arms around Mingjue’s bulk) and storming out to go crash at Nie Huaisang’s apartment for the day to complain to his baby brother about how horrible his boyfriends are and NHS is 100% on board.
How dare they not say his big, oversized, way too tall brother isn’t perfect for being the little spoon?!? They’re so mean, the absolute worst! Oh hey look someone’s at the door, oh Xichen brought cookies, Meng Yao has a dog! How could they ever have known where Mingjue was hiding? Wow. Oh looks like they’re all crashing at Huaisang’s place move the fuck over Da-ge, Huaisang’s getting cuddled too.
Mingjue can’t believe his brother is a fucking traitor. Huaisang can’t believe Mingjue forgot that he’s huge. Xichen says he’ll be the big spoon but they all know he kicks too much because he likes his legs out so Mingjue quickly says he’s sorry and says he’s fine being the big spoon. Xichen is now pouting but he’s not dramatic enough to storm off.
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viperfizz · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
only like three whole ppl might understand this but they kin each other
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wangxianficrecs · 2 days ago
set my soul alight by Skadiseven
Tumblr media
set my soul alight
by Skadiseven
E, 22k, wangxixian (lan wangji/lan xicheng/wei wuxian), 2 works
Summary: Or five times Wei Wuxian accidentally groped Lan Xichen and one time he didn’t.
➤ ➤ ➤
“I kind of, uh, touched your brother’s ass inappropriately,” Wei Wuxian mumbles, shoving the words out in a swift burst to see if they're less embarrassing that way.
They aren't.
Lan Zhan chokes on his sip of water, and Wei Wuxian is aggrieved.
“Stop laughing,” he tells Lan Zhan’s twinkling eyes and twitching mouth. “Why do you guys always have the same costume anyway?”
“We are brothers,” Lan Zhan says, as though that explains everything, when, in fact, it explains exactly nothing.
➤ ➤ ➤
Every year Lan Zhan and Lan Xichen dress alike for Halloween and every year, Wei Wuxian makes a catastrophic mistake. it a mistake? Or does he want something he's just afraid to ask for.
My comments: Awww, my first Jades/wwx threesome. It delivered! 😉
*There is now a Part 2, from POV lxc, which has more porn (with FEELINGS) and the most perfect tag ever, "jade xianwich"
modern au, pwp, threesome, jade xianwich, lan zhan FUCKS, they all do really, oblivious wei wuxian, dom/sub undertones, married wangxian, porn with feelings, POV wei wuxian (part 1), POV lan xichen (part 2), jadecest, sibling incest, set in toronto canada, halloween costumes, mistaken identity, lan xichen is wooed, @needtherapy
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ibijau · a day ago
Ok, let’s do this! 31 days of fluff, if I can manage!
prompt list
1. “I’ll get the usual”
“Oh shit,” Nie Huaisang said, grasping Wei Wuxian’s arm tight enough to bruise. “It’s him. It’s him!”
Wei Wuxian tried to free himself and get a look at the same time, all while doing his best not to attract the attention of their manager. When he finally managed to push Nie Huaisang away, Wei Wuxian’s eyes fell on the world’s most beautiful man, tall, pale, with wide shoulders and eyes that could best be described as colder than a winter morning in Antartic.
“Uh, he looks in a bad mood today,” Nie Huaisang lamented while already starting to work on the handsome stranger’s order. A drink that could only be called a coffee on a technicality, when it was a good 95% hot chocolate, whipped cream, sugar, and funny little coloured sprinkles in seasonal colours. Not really the drink Wei Wuxian would have envisioned for that tall and brooding stranger. He looked more the sort to have…
“Chai tea,” the handsome man ordered without so much as a glance toward Nie Huaisang who looked utterly devastated by that deviance from what Wei Wuxian understood to be a practice routine between him and his crush.
Right, that was Nie Huaisang’s crush, Wei Wuxian sheepishly remembered as he ringed the stranger’s order. There was probably something in the bro code that said it was in bad taste to start lusting about your friend’s crush. And probably Wei Wuxian should have cared about that, except the man was very, very handsome, and not nearly as interested in Nie Huaisang as Nie Huaisang had been telling everyone for the past two weeks, so surely it’d be fine to flirt a little.
Before Wei Wuxian could set out to do just that, another man entered the café. He was also tall, pale, and with wide shoulders, but his expression was as warm as the first stranger’s was cold, which made for a very funny contrast because the two looked otherwise nearly identical.
“Wangji, have you ordered yet?” The warm man asked. “Here, let me pay for you. And if you could add something else on that order for me? I’ll get the usual,” he said toward Nie Huaisang, his smile somehow getting even warmer, before turning back to his cold almost-twin. “That’s the boy I’ve been telling you about. The drink!” he hurriedly corrected. “The drink I’ve told you about.”
Cold-and-Handsome threw Warm-and-Smiling a scathing look, as if he couldn’t believe that he had to be there to witness a slip up of that sort. Warm-and-Smiling’s smile wavered a little, and he glanced anxiously at Nie Huaisang who had turned a very bright shade of crimson, and who made a big show of adding extra sprinkles on that sugary monstrosity of a drink. 
Just the thought of drinking something that sweet made Wei Wuxian almost sick, but he still managed to finish ringing that order, and even managed to write his number on Cold-and-Handsome’s cardboard cup. It was worth a shot, right?
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setsailtomorrow · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
can’t stop thinking about this, someone link me the author’s note
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