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#lan xichen

he’s heavier than you. the carefully trained muscle, the long bones that carry it, boatlike in their sweep, dense as a sword.

he’s over you like a roof. architecturally suspended. lowering down.

fully twice as heavy but only lets you know the weight is there through his skin. he doesn’t give it to you to hold, doesn’t demand of your lungs that they give up their air for his. the bellows of his chest, that great container, only pushing down as much as a cautious hand on a kitten. but you feel it. the power is there, banked in the arms that bracket you. he just lets it kiss you for a moment.

the rest (which is only a beginning) is here on ao3; a string of suspended moments between jin guangyao and lan xichen, as long as they will let me

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Lan Xichen, pulling his brother aside: Hey, sooo, if you keep ignoring the bathhouse-like steam surrounding you and Wei Wuxian, you could find yourself in permanent friendzone. So, are you gonna, as they say…[Xichen smiles as the theme of “Kiss the Girl” starts]…Kiss de boy? Huh?

Lan Wangji, sits and lets out a groan of frustration: Urgh, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, Xichen. This thing with him is just so big. I feel like a kiss with Wei Ying could just…go on forever.

Lan Xichen, staring: …What has happened to you?

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I got completely sidetracked by this post and thought of a wee little headcanon that I’d thought I’d share with you all.

Lan Xichen and Nie Mingjue met at Cloud Recesses, officially, after years of only seeing each other occasionally at whatever meetings they were required to attend, and they hit it off right away.

Nie Mingjue did not meet Lan Xichen’s didi, Lan Wangji, until later in the year, when he stumbled across a small boy hiding in the back hills, robes less pristine than the usual disciples and a knee scrapped bloody. He had thought, for a second, that Lan Xichen had somehow shrunk, until the boy looked up at him. Nie Mingjue froze, feeling very much like a mouse caught in a snakes gaze.

He was broken out of his inertia when the mini-Xichen bowed politely (were all little Lan’s this perfect?) and addressed him.

“This one greets Sect Heir Nie.” 

It was a closely guarded secret that Nie Mingjue, despite his abrasive personality and menacing looks, had a large weakness for small and cute things. Currently, this only included his brother (when Huaisang wasn’t being a little shit and avoiding saber practise), but to his horror, the list had just expanded to Xichen’s younger brother.

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fic rec friday 05.29.2020

another friday, another roundup of my weekly reads/recs with a one sentence summary (and content rating in parentheses for ease). otherwise, it will be bare-bones on the info, so please be diligent in checking tags/notes/warnings and keeping yourself safe.

happy reading, my friends!

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This has probably been said before but i’m real emo about how in the yunmeng “attempt the impossible” jiang clan the way you most truly express your affection is by saying no; “no don’t be rash”, “no dont play the hero”, “no don’t hurt him any more”, “no you may not treat my family that way”

and in the gusu “4000 rules” lan it’s by saying yes; “yes i’ll help you”, “yes you can leave”, “yes i’ll stand with you”, “yes i see what you’re going through”

and thinking about how when you cannot say one safely you cannot say the other and the immense selfless power in a Jiang decision to say NO and a Lan decision to say YES

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Thinking about Nielan being switches because all that love and trust is very sexy of them

Lan XiChen calming Nie MingJue’s qi through music and through touch. Nie MingJue is a man burning with fire but as he’s swept into the tide of gentle arms, into breathing in what Lan XiChen breaths out, his flames die down and his thoughts grow calm. Known as a fortress of iron, respected and feared, he let’s down his defenses at the sight of white cloth. Lan XiChen comes with bare hands and a song on his lips, on his fingertips. But under those hands, hardened walls crumble into soil, easily turned, and made into places where flowers can grow. Hands conducting an orchestra of limbs and muscle and flesh, a cacophony of desire is soothed, not silenced, into a careful arrangement with a single caress.


Nie MingJue sweeping Lan XiChen off his feet, off of the the pedestal Nie MingJue is tall enough to reach. Lan XiChen is coaxed and urged to speak and share, to say what he wants, to yell what he needs. He finds himself stripped bare, not left stranded in the open but handled with care. Nie MingJue is the fortress that blocks out the world, the responsibilities, the discipline wall and it’s 3,000 lines. Lan XiChen won’t be asked to break a single rule yet if it competes with his heart’s desire, he won’t be denied. Those blank walls between Nie MingJue’s arms are where Lan XiChen can paint, where he can let his colors show, his petals bloom without restraint. In the heat of such a warm embrace, fire catches, not to burn but to shine, to glow, to not leave a shadow behind.

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On a rewatch of the untamed, I fully sympathize with Lan Xichen on the issue of getting his younger brother laid. Like I’m sorry he has to deal with these whole ass emotionally constipated idiots but he’s a trooper.

bonus: I love the scene on the carp tower stairs where we can pinpoint the exact moment Lan Xichen starts planning on how to make sure his brother doesn’t do something stupid bc he’s back on his bulkshit again

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