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#lan xichen

Xichen’s first Ribbon

(Tw: canonical character death, suicide)

Mother doesn’t have a ribbon. Xichen doesn’t know why, because she’s a Lan too. Even Shushu says so, she’s Lan Ziyao, but she doesn’t get a ribbon.

She likes them though, she says it makes Xichen look handsome, she likes tugging on the trailing ends of the ribbons. Particularly Wangji’s, because it makes him huff and scowl, and then sit beside mother silently demanding comfort for her slight to him.

“It’s okay, see? Mother can touch the ribbons,” says Xichen and unties his own, dropping it in his mother’s lap.

He doesn’t even look at her when she does it. It’s Wangji he’s watching, whose eyes grow round as he tries to understand that mother meant close enough to do that.

When Wangji pulls off his own and offers it to their mother, Xichen coos at him and pats his head, earning another ferocious scowl while mother laughs at them both.

He does remember that laugh, the way her hands curl into the ribbons.

He forgets to take it back, is the thing. He helps Wangji tie his back on, smooth out his hair, and doesn’t reach for his own.

Or not. Not forget, but.

If he leaves it here… and she does seem to like the ribbons! They’re pretty, with clouds embroidered on them, but they mean more than that. When his mother carefully traces the silver embroidery, he thinks she knows that.

And he would like an excuse to run back tomorrow morning, to fetch his ribbon back.


(They never return the ribbon, and Xichen never sees her again. He hadn’t known how strong the silk, reinforced with qi truly was. Apparently, for his mother’s purposes… it was strong enough)

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ok actually it’s thursday here since it’s past midnight but WHATEVER wip wednesday TAKE IT:

It is peaceful, then. A’Ling is quiet, and Lan Xichen is quiet, and the pond is quiet, save for the dragonflies that flitter their wings like paper snapping in the wind, the bubbles of golden fish coming to the surface and darting back underneath.

“A’Ling,” Lan Xichen says finally. “How do you feel?”

A’Ling shrugs without looking at him. “Fine.”

“Do you know what happened to your younger cousin?” Lan Xichen asks, as gentle as he can make it without pity.

At this, A’Ling does look at him—head-on, eyes clear: “He was murdered,” he says.

Lan Xichen holds his unblinking gaze and understands that he is being appraised. He nods. He does not look away.

After a moment, A’Ling turns back to the pond. “You’re the only one who didn’t lie to me today,” he says, kicking his feet back and forth. He snorts, a little huff of breath through his nose. “As if I don’t know what death is.”

For a breadth of a blink, Lan Xichen hears the haughty boy he knows, a little annoyed, a little arrogant. He finds himself wanting to smile, just the slightest tug at the corner of his lips. “Yes, I suppose you do.”

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author’s note: please reblog, since that’s how we get prompts for future chapters!

(we’re doing just lwj’s side here, because wwx’s side is going to be fleshed out during the wedding arc of Twelve Moons and a Fortnight!)

“There is no need to be afraid,” his brother murmurs, pinning their mother’s old gentian pin into his hair beneath the new gold bridegroom’s headpiece. “You love him, and he loves you, even if he doesn’t seem to know it just yet.”

“I–I cannot help it, Xiongzhang!” Lan Wangji hears himself gasp, thinking of Wei Ying preparing for their wedding on the other side of Lotus Pier with Jiang Wanyin and Yu Zhenhong, and what advice Yu Zhenhong might be giving him for his first weeks as a married man. “I was not enough, before–I could not stand beside him, or let him know that I cared, all because I was–”

“Then you will have to let him know,” Lan Xichen says sternly, taking Lan Wangji’s face between his soft white hands and looking him in the eyes. “Let him never doubt that you care, you understand? You are not a child, A-Zhan, and the time for fear is over and gone–Young Master Wei will be your husband in less than an hour and a half, and we will be on our way to the Cloud Recesses tonight. You must attend to his every need from this moment on, and explain yourself while doing so. Make it clear that everything you do for his sake is the fruit of love and privilege, not duty, because I cannot bear to see your heart broken again!”

“But, Xiongzhang–”

“Where is the Hanguang-jun who served as our hope in battle?” his brother scolds. “You have me, and Uncle, and every other cultivator in our clan behind you! If I must hold your hand every step of the way to help you woo your husband, I will do it! You are going to be happy, Wangji, if I must burn the Cloud Recesses down again to make it so, but you must not falter, or all this will have been for naught!

“Fall on your knees and beg forgiveness when you think you wrong your beloved, and speak plainly when he does wrong to you! Pay attention to everything he does, and everything he says, and listen when he wishes to speak. Hear what lies unspoken between his words, even, since I suspect he has not truly recovered from all he suffered in his first life, and will not be wholly honest with you for a few more years yet–but you must never judge him, never, or even let him believe that you do, since that was what drove you apart before he died.

“When you are married, there is the family you will build with him, and then there is the rest of the world–he should never have cause to doubt that he is the most precious to you, no matter what else you do, and no matter what lengths you must go to to prove it, because all your efforts will mean nothing unless you can make him understand how dear he is to you! Do I make myself clear, didi?”

Lan Wangji blinks at him, speechless, and then nods.

“Xiongzhang, where did–”

“I have deep feelings on the subject, you know. And I could scold you for a little while longer, if I thought it would do any good,” his brother says primly, stabbing another lotus ornament into his hair. “There, A-Zhan. You’re ready.”

He steps back and kisses Lan Wangji’s forehead, right under the silver cloud in his ribbon, and tugs him out of his chair just as the gong in the Jiang ancestral hall strikes the hour of midday.

“Now, come on, or you’ll be late to your own wedding!”

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Wanyin looked so pretty that Xichen thought that he could write a song for his soon to be mate.

N/A: Thanks to my bro that give me this lovely prompt, I love you dude. Fluff Xicheng Omegaverse AU bc I’m tired to read angst and I wanted to read a nice Yu Grandma.

For the #CultivaTober2020, sorry if my English sucks.

Day 28: Pearl


At first, Lan Xichen didn’t knew how to please his soon to be spouse’s family and Omega.

So the day that Lan Xichen present the first courting gift he feels a little bit nervous, craving that his soon to be mate would see his feelings for him and all the emotions that he put in this handmade work. Perhaps it could be a gift too traditional for an omega like Jiang Wanyin, but a part of him still hopes that his Omega would wear the gift that shows at everyone that he’s already engaged.

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Oh. My. God. Oh my GOOOOOOOD!! Yes! He would, he so would! God I love writing sappy stuff, especially if it comes right after angsty stuff!

Lan Xichen standing up for his S/O like a Proper Gentleman!

Lan Xichen is, in general, a very peaceful man. He is calm, genial, kind, and always greets people with a smile that never seems forced. All in all, a good man. A peaceful man.

That man is not here right now.

Lan Xichen can bear many things. The weight of his responsibilities, the burdens of his sect, the struggles of being a public figure under scrutiny. He can bear these things, he was raised to do so, as he has been raised to bear many things with a smile.

This is not one of those things.

While his smile is a veneer of calm, under the table, his hands are shaking. How dare they? How DARE they? His partner sits at his side, her head bowed and her hair covering her face as Jin Guangshan unsubtly goes on about how he is loathe to serve her, given she is from a clan of cultivators only twenty in number, with little wealth or influence to raise their names. How he finds her unworthy to grace Koi Tower.

Lan Xichen is usually a peaceful man. But here, now… he is angry beyond words. The more the Jin sect leader speaks, the greater his desire to silence him by magic, or- more satisfyingly- by physical force.

Even kind, peaceful men like Lan Xichen have limits.

Another moment, and his patience runs dry. He stands in one fluid movement, the white of his robes drawing eyes from all over the room as he challenges the Chief Cultivator with a barely concealed glare. “Excuse me, but do you think I do not have the sense to find a worthy match for myself, Sect Leader Jin?”

He can see his uncle stiffen at the table next to his as Jin Guangshan tries to manipulate the conversation. Lan Xichen, rather rudely, interrupts.

“Are you implying that we are not equal? Or do you mean to imply that I, and subsequently the Lan Sect, are not fit to join you here?”

“Of course it is an honor to host you, but… She is of no circumstance, Zewu-Jun,” the older man attempts to placate. “She has no place here. She’s the daughter of a commoner. And we all know how that worked out for your father.”

Oh. Oh no, he did NOT.

Lan Xichen steels his heart and drops his ever-present smile. “Bold words coming from a man with no shame. At the very least, ignoring her many talents and merits, she is still honest and loyal, which is a far cry more than can be said of you, Chief Cultivator.”

Jin Guangshan can’t even deny it, on the arms of his dais sit no less than three women for hire, plain as day! But few ever have the nerve to call him on it. There is a murmur through the crowd, as the gossip wheel begins to turn, but Lan Xichen is not finished yet. “In the interest of our alliances, which we have fought so hard to build, I must insist that you treat her and the rest of my sect with respect, or you will not treat with us at all.”

And for once, the cultivation world experiences what it is like to receive the brunt of Zewu-Jun’s displeasure. Apologies are quickly made, although he can tell the other leader is still offended when A-Yao feels the need to step forward and expound on the brief and clipped expression of “regret”.

“You did not have to do that,” she tells him later, when they are alone. “He is right. I am of no circumstance.”

“Then we are fortunate that I do not seek circumstance,” Lan Xichen answers simply. “I chose you for who you are, not what you could give to me. And I won’t stand by and let others speak of you in such a manner.”


“I love you, my heart. In every sense of the word. And I should like to be so bold as to think you feel the same. That’s all that matters to me.”

She takes his hand and smiles, and they go for a turn around the gardens, uncaring for the drama of the banquet wrapping up inside.

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cant believe i watched this sad and gay little show. fifty episodes. 50 episodes. AND FOR WHAT?

now i scroll through tumblr and twitter, check the mingcheng tag three times a day, cry about wangxian and their soft little turnip kid, then smile when i see nie huaisang, then cry when i see jiang cheng. like wtf?? i did not sign up for all of these feeings and emotions im now having constantly. like…???? I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH ALL OF THAT!!

and dont even get me started on lan xichen, certified Himbo and obvlivious idiot. like dude. let me hug you and then smack the back of your head, you have a fucking braincell, fucking use it!!!

and no i wont ever be talking about nie mingjue, everyones da-ge in public because i will break down and cry and then we will all be very embarrassed.

before i leave this mess here, proud to say purple has now moved up the list of my fave colors.

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for the about 8 million people in the tags and notes of this post saying that jiang cheng was Actually referring to nie mingjue and/or jin zixuan, instead of lan xichen - Using Context Clues, which I learned how to do in goddamn middle school, I concluded that he was talking about lan xichen, due to the fact that, as he says, “sect leader jin, isn’t being your shixiong even harder?” (episode 47, aprox. minute 34:05), and in the moments following, he looks directly as lan xichen, who turns away, looking uncomfortable/horrified. he could have also been implying nie mingjue, but my initial statement is not incorrect

as for jin zixuan, I don’t speak chinese so obviously I’m not the authority on this, and correct me if I’m wrong here, but if you took about five seconds on a search engine of your choice, you would find many chinese languages websites telling you that ‘shixiong’ refers to a martial elder brother, not a familial one, and considering the fact that jin guangyao and jin zixuan are related to each other by blood via their father, jin guangshan, jiang cheng could not have been referring to jin zixuan

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