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#lan zhan
buwang2018 · 21 hours ago
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Tumblr media
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symeona · 16 hours ago
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Image description: it's a drawing of Lan Wangji from Mo Dao Zu Shi. It's the scene where he burns his chest with the Wen brand after getting drunk and thinking of Wei Wuxian. End of i.d.
Don't Touch Me I'm Feeling.
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orangejuicex3-mieoi · a day ago
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wei wuxian and lan wangji in some outfits I designed<3!
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hazyhoola · 2 days ago
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A Quick Guide for MXTX-verse main couples!
I’ll probably add this on my shopee store as a sticker set (the kiss cut type!!) by November 🤞🏼 and will be up on my redbubble next week!
For anyone that’s interested for the single png format on any character, just dm for my ko-fi! 😊
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chaos2go0 · 2 days ago
Some of the best quotes of my friend and I starting “The untamed” pt. 2
Me: I´´m sorry, did the just find fucking loch ness?
Me: That ain´t a turquoise honey, that’s a mistake
Me: Chen after losing his gold core: Due to personal reasons i will be passing away
Soph: yeah, fucking wimp
Me: Suiban is a classy bitch, she aint opening that sheath for no man exept hers
Me: Wei Ying? whos that? I only know shadow man
[17:37, 18/10/2021] Darling❤: How do you deal with that angst?
[17:37, 18/10/2021] Chaos: I don't
[17:37, 18/10/2021] Chaos: That simple
[17:38, 18/10/2021] Chaos: Or I come here (Groupchat) and make funny comments no one seems to appreciate
Soph: I would just like to bitch about how Jiang Fengmiang has a fucking dramatic entrance in coming to his wife's aid and dies within seconds
Soph: That's something I needed to say
Me: Wei Ying: badly playing the flute
Lan Zhan: badly playing the harp or whatever the fuck it is
Me: I want to say the CGI is bad but then I think about how we both unironically enjoy Star Trek TOS
Wei Ying: letting people help you❌
Wei Ying: committing suicide just to be resurrected 16 years later and having to deal with you problems anyway✅
Soph: Lan zhan really said taking my husband straight home after finding him
[20:59, 20/10/2021] Darling❤: I'm still impressed how they managed to kill off all the female leads in the flashbacks
[21:00, 20/10/2021] Chaos: Right?
[21:00, 20/10/2021] Darling❤: Probably to enhance that everyone is gay and screw biological children or something
Me: Oh, right would you like a side of pain along your suffering?
Soph: I hate you
Me: good
First part:
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chemical-abcess · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 20 - "Longing"
It's called WangXian
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fluff-crt · a day ago
MDZS Donghua: " Preview of the character song of Lan Wangji 《与君同尘》"
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