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I really had to block a high school friend off my Twitter because I defended Lana. She helps me through the suicide of my only sibling, that’s something I can never repay her for. She already took down the post where people’s faces were shown, and no matter what she’s gonna be canabalized by the BLM movement over the PETTIEST shit you can imagine. Don’t fucking ask me to support a movement that doesn’t affect me personally, and then tell me I can’t be open about my hell of losing my fucking brother. What happened to George Floyd isn’t right, and if you wanna see positive change come from this, attacking people and invalidating their pain but expecting support from them IS NOT the way to do it. I love Lana Del Rey with every fiber of my being and will support her, even if the rest of the world wants to paint her in their own fucked up light.

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Lana Del Rey is not on my go-to playlists, but over the summer I lived in a cosy warm sharehouse in a suss neighburhood where her music permeated the walls. We would talk about her aesthetic and her songs over sweet sangrias made of cheap wine and frozen raspberries. 

I still don’t listen much to her songs, but I can’t ignore that she relates to a large portion of women that are shoved aside for trying to be positive about relationships that don’t have much positivity in them to start with. Toxic relationships bring forth feelings of regret, yet finding beauty in imperfect relationships is a way of moving forward and doing better in future. 

Years spent working on someone who doesn’t work for you are not wasted, They are formative and a testament to the intrinsic strength in us as human beings.

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I’ve been following the news in America the past few days and I was listening to this song while watching clips of the Minneapolis riots and it’s just heartbreaking that it’s 2020 and this is the world we live in. I’m from Ireland but it’s true that the whole world is watching. May George Floyd’s (and so many others just like him) family get justice for the attrocities that Trump and the american justice system have let happen time and time again. The malicious actions for those who should ‘Protect and Serve’ will NOT be forgotten and will NOT be forgiven.

I’m not black but I see you,

I’m not black but I hear you,

I’m not black but I’ll mourn for you,

I’m not black but I’ll stand with you,

I’m not black but I’ll defend you,

I’m not black but I value you.

Maybe some day we can live in a world where equality is actually possible. EVERYONE is human, EVERYONE is equal.

Why should we treat someone different just because of the colour of their skin? What gives people the right to say their race is superior? Why does it take so many innocent black lives to be lost for people to acknowledge there’s a serious problem? Why are innocent black people being called ‘thugs’ when all they want is justice? Why is it 2020 and nothing has changed in the last 50+ years?

Treat others with the respect you wish to receive.

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