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“The exact phrase the wars of the roses does not appear before the nineteenth century but the image is there virtually from the 1480s clear in the Tudor Rose (this red and white rose) that’s supposed to show York and Lancaster united. Is there in the front piece of books in the royal library, it’s there at Elizabeth I’s coronation where she turns to Penchant Street during her procession from the Tower to Westminster Abbey. The first pageant she sees are rosebushes with the red and white roses united, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn and the rest of the Tudors as the ones that fixed the wounds of the sixteenth century. So the idea is there ‘the wars of the roses’.” Dan Jones in 2015 BBC Podcast interview

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DISTRITO 4 | Alexander & Dione Lancaster.-

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Ruby: Cheer up Jaune you have your whole life ahead of you!

Jaune: *crying* Oh my God no.

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Ruby: The usual?

Jaune: You know it.

Ruby: *kisses Jaune on the forehead*

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Jaune: fuck!



Jaune: aaaah!

Weiss: WHHHHY!?


Jaune: *dying*

Elm: come on rookie its not that hot.

Jaune: FUUUCK!

Robyn: ha. Wimp.


May: hahahahahahah!

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Ruby: hes not wrong.

Fiona: he got that cake.

May: and that ass is all mine

Robyn: accurate.

Elm: mmmm!

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May: *takes pics*


Nora: aw i want cuddles.

Weiss: *happy mom noises*

Blake: *blush* this is too cute

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Ruby: cute rose noises*

Weiss: oh no.

Blake: *oh no. Im catchinh feelings

Yang: screams into a pillow

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He Ded

Ruby: “Oh Jaune!” *holds her blushing face* “We couldn’t possibly do that before marriage.”

Jaune, hanging from a ledge: “RUBY JUST TAKE MY HAND I’M GONNA-”

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Yang: RUBY WHERE ARE YOU?! Gah! How can I lose my only sister?!

Weiss: Huh, I think I was suppose to tell her something, but what.

Blake: I’m sure it’s nothing too important.


Ruby: *throws a skee ball* Yes! I can already smell those tickets!

Jaune: Told you hanging at the Funland was the best idea ever instead of Yang’s board game night. *walks to the ticket booth*

Ruby: Hehehe yeah, wait Yang! I forgot to tell her where I was! I better call her!

Jaune: Hey Rubes check it out! *holding two hover boards* Look what I got thanks to the tickets!

Ruby:….I’m sure she doesn’t miss me.

Jaune: What?

Ruby: I said hand me a board noodle boy! I’ll race you to the pizza joint!

Jaune: You’re on Rose!

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Ruby: Cute Rose Noises!!!

Weiss: Cute Tsundere Noises

Blake: Smile

Yang: Happy Ugly Crying

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Hey, this is one of the things that I was telling you guys about! This is a Lancaster one, with more parts coming eventually!

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Ruby: im glad you’re okay jaune

Jaune: thanks ruby


Jaune: ruby you can let go of my ass now

Ruby: just a couple more seconds

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Ruby: Jaune is afraid to ask the waiter for ranch but will body slam a cop.

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