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#lance mcclain

Okay okay okay wait. But what if.  What if, they were all modern Galran Princes…anyone?  No? Just me? 

SHKLANCE: as fucking KINGS.  

Rediscovering my love for these bois in the form of endless AUs.  

Thank you fashion ads for your references 

@boscribbles - you’ve got, like, ENDLESS time, right?!  (*knows full well that you’re a literal boss ass bitch with zero free time*) - there’s a fic here…

((Song I listened to on repeat the ENTIRE time I drew this: “Doubt” by Twenty One Pilots)) 

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We have a shipping date!!

Thank you all so incredibly much for your patience. With over 400 orders, it has taken lots of effort on the part of our mods to get the zines packed and sent out (all while trying to be mindful of the current shipping restrictions and the safety of our customers).

That being said, zines will officially and definitely be sent out on JUNE 1ST. Every order will come with a tracking number which you will receive via email to keep an eye on your order. We will let everyone know again when all of our orders have been sent out. ❤️💙

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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She-ra characters that remind me of the characters from that one Gay space patrol show (part 1)

This isn’t a serious post. I just miss these two shows

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Catra - Keith

  • Their color schemes and the fact that the both of them have animal sidekicks
  • Catra remains with the horde ; Keith joins the blade of marmora (the marmora ppl weren’t evil tho)
  • Amgery
  • Kl*nce / Catradora

Adora - Lance

  • Both have swords and a love/hate relationship with one of the characters of their respective shows (big stretch idk) (catra and keith)
  • They also have this magical kissing moment in their finales (lmao atleast catra didn’t die💀)
  • Dumb bitch energy

Glimmer - Allura

  • Both are princesses and have magical powers (teleportation and portal summoning are kinda similar i guess??)
  • Both have dead parents ( or in glimmer’s case, presumed to be dead)
  • Color scheme and design
  • Glimmadora / Allurance

Bow - Coran

  • Accompanies the magical princess chatacter
  • Both are tech dudes
  • Best bois

Throw in a bit of sea hawk in there too

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Any new sketches today?


Did you write the new chapter?

Yes, and it’s all done.

When will you post it?

Mother fuck—FRIDAY! I’m so sorry, I will post Friday so I can fall back into routine.

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