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ellalovesvettel · a day ago
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Sebastian and Lance - Monaco GP 22
Photos by: Zak Mauger
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f1incorrects · 2 days ago
Lance: *speaking in French* Have I ever told you how much I love your eyes?
Max: What?…
Lance: *still speaking in French* They remind my of a warm sunny day. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
Max: Seriously Lance, I have no idea what you’re saying.
Esteban: Oh for the love of-! He’s saying you’re gorgeous!!
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ferrarisbulls · 15 hours ago
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what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck WHAT THE FUCKKKKKK
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mikeyybrown · a day ago
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cutie pies!!!
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asstonne-martin · 16 hours ago
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Them 💙💚
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whatismylife3 · 2 days ago
When I first started here, I made the decision to block accounts that just posted hate about any drivers because I’d rather not waste time looking at those accounts and wanted to actually enjoy good content. The hateful posts are often pointless and just a waste of time to read tbh. I honestly thought I blocked them all but every so often an account shows up or an account I thought was fine shows their true colours and they get swiftly added to my blocked list….
This site is so much nicer without those accounts appearing on any tag or feed. It’s probably a lot quieter because of it, but at least I only see content from people who don’t waste their time spreading hate on someone who will never know who they are 😬
(This doesn’t include the egg that was unfortunately part of the grid last year. Did not care what people had to say about him)
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formulawah · a day ago
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he was having a Day today
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one-way-to-do-it · a day ago
Sky pls stop showing me crusty spice I don't want to see him every fucking weekend get someone else for once u nonces
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fox-1655 · 5 hours ago
Now, whilst I’m not a lance super fan, I must say, he always has this energy, and that energy is disgust… and I live for it.
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Also peep checo continuing to be confused
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free-practice · 2 days ago
LOADING: the 2022 driver's grid.
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cinnamonstroll · 13 hours ago
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This is so cute tho 💚🥰
Aston hosted Starlight Uk this weekend to give kids and their families an unforgettable experience
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naomisschiff · a day ago
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Lance Stroll
Monte-Carlo, Monaco - May 27, 2022
📸: Joe Portlock
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f1incorrects · a day ago
*Lance and Seb looking at a locked gate into a park*
Lance: Aw. Shucks.
Seb: You know what they say.
Lance: Please don’t-
Seb: BE GAY DO CRIME! *hops gate*
Lance: Frick-
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niamh90 · a day ago
I’ve often wondered why I always had a soft spot for Lance Stroll and then I worked it out. This mf has the exact same disgusted/confused energy that Nico is always giving
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mikeyybrown · a day ago
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get you someone who looks at you the way lance looks at seb
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asstonne-martin · 2 days ago
This man simply refuses to stand up straight and all I can say is mood
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suckmyballshoney · 2 days ago
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Lance and his boyfriends 🥰
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ricciardosass · 14 hours ago
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champagnepodiums · 10 hours ago
Monaco GP IG Gains: Post-Quali Update
Once again, back with an update!
If you'd like to catch up, you can find the Pre-FP1 update here, the Post-FP1 update here, the Post-FP2 update here and the Post-FP3 update is here.
As a reminder, the first number is the whole weekend total while the number in the parentheses is the number gained/lost since FP3!
Charles Leclerc: +27,027 (+5,105) followers
Valtteri Bottas: +16,046 (+802) followers
Sergio Perez: +10,936 (+1,394) followers
Max Verstappen: +8,648 (+1,463) followers
George Russell: +6,232 (+1,175) followers
Daniel Ricciardo: +5,437 (+2,013) followers
Carlos Sainz: +5,405 (+1,078) followers
Fernando Alonso: +4,836 (+1,144) followers
Pierre Gasly: +4,741 (+732) followers
Lewis Hamilton: +4,146 (+19,109) followers
Lando Norris: +3,119 (+738) followers
Yuki Tsunoda: +2,892 (+246) followers
Mick Schumacher: +2,247 (+467) followers
Esteban Ocon: +1,912 (+273) followers
Kevin Magnussen: +1,550 (+178) followers
Zhou Guanyu: +1,441 (+158) followers
Alex Albon: +1,051 (+194) followers
Nicholas Latifi: +496 (+92) followers
Sebastian Vettel: +0 (+0) followers
Lance Stroll: -44 (+49) followers
Re: Lewis' weird number fluctuations, I think it's maybe IG pulls accounts to review and make sure they aren't bots? Or it's a glitch but it's not a new thing, it's just easier to spot with frequent number pulls.
But let me know your observations and predictions for the rest of the race weekend!
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landhoe-norris · 11 hours ago
stroll and vettel on opposite sides of the emotion spectrum this saturday
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