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Okay so I just finished watching Merlin. I’m not- no. I can’t I-

Let me explain I started watching merlin when I was six but I only had the first three seasons on dvd so that’s all I watched, until now.





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La relation de confident de Lancelot et Bohort dans “Le Temps des Secrets”… ça aurait pu être touchant si l'attention de Lancelot quand on lui promet un secret ne puait pas la sournoiserie intéressée

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Calogrenant (à Arthur) : “Sire, y’a Lancelot qu’avance plus !”

Arthur : “Mais qu’est-ce qu'i’ fout, ce con ! On va pas passer la nuit là !”

Calogrenant (à Lancelot) : “Le roi demande pourquoi on s’arrête ?”

Qui a dit que Calogrenant était un connard ? Regardez comme il est diplomate !

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i do joke about him being dumb and illiterate but i do actually think hes smart.

He makes some odd and pretty reckless decisions (following random animals into danger, going back to prison bc he promised he would, crossing the sword bridge Like That then trying to fight a duel to the death while bleeding out…) but that’s less stupidity and more a disregard for his physical safety, which is like, his thing. Hes actually quite sly, especially in the vulgate.

For instance, he uses a loophole to get knighted by guinevere by getting her to gift him a sword. He also leverages galehauts promise to him to stop the war, saving arthurs kindgom from certain destruction. In knight of the cart, he gets out of a promise to “lie with” a lady by literally lying down next to her, technically fulfilling his promise. in the roman van walewein, hes the only member of court to correctly deduce how gringolet came to return with a stranger.

it is kind of implied in knight of the cart that he cant read? but in all fairness thats not a measure of innate intelligence. by the fall of camelot he can at least because he reads gawains letter.

hes not very outspoken or good socially but he does have a quiet intelligence and trickyness that people underestimate

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I admit that

I watch Cursed only for the sake of Daniel😍, I admit that I try to focus diligently on the dialogues and on the plot, but my mind cries out :

when the weeping monk appears?

When the weeping monk appears?

When the weeping monk appears?

I cannot focus ..


I admit that there are 4 people and two ships that make me patient and bear this nonsense😖😗🙂💖


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Merlin fanfiction



(Couldn’t find a gif so here is a picture, not mine if you’re wondering) 

Saying goodbye to Lancelot

Lancelot x female reader (y/n)


(Heads up: I haven’t seen Merlin in a while, so don’t get angry with me if some of the details are wrong)


It was all just the same again.

Another goodbye. You didn’t expect that you would have to do this again. No one has to say goodbye to the same person twice.

He looked so peaceful. Laying in the boat. The last time you weren’t capable of seeing his body because he walked into the mist.

The sadness hit you. It was even harder than before.

It felt as if you lost him for good now.

Merlin stood next to you, holding your hand.

You just helped him decorate the boat. He deserved a good barrial this time.

You both loved him. He was your friend. He meant even more to you than just that.

Merlin let go of your hand. He walked over to the boat.

You had no idea what he was doing but it was some kind of spell.

Lancelot slowly opened his eyes, as if he just woke up from his sleep.

You almost fell back out of shock.


“preservation spell. So he could remember the last moments of his life as a good memory.”

You patted Merlin on the back. Merlin knew what to do, he left you and Lancelot alone.

You kneeled down next to him.

“(y/n)” He said softly.

You missed that voice, you missed the way how he said your name.

“Hello you.”

Tears filled your eyes

“Thank you” he said, looking at you and then Merlin.

The way how he looked at you felt different this time. It was really him, not Morgana’s creation but Lancelot himself. You could feel his love.

“Don’t leave us”

Lancelot gave you a soft smile. You grabbed his hands and squizzed them. He probably didn’t feel that, his body might have been paralyzed but you never know.

“We had a great time together, you and I, didn’t we? Don’t you worry. I will remember you.”

His eyes started to close again. You went in for a hug. You had to.

Your eyes were flooding with tears, they started rolling down your cheeks.

You could hold yourself back anymore, all your emotions were on the brink on collapse. You couldn’t stand sending him to his grave again without him knowing how you felt about him.

“I love you”

There was no sound coming from him. He was too quiet. You pulled back from your hug.


It was too late, his last breath had left him.

He looked so peaceful, he was even smiling.

Did he hear you?

You didn’t know. He might’ve passed before you told him.

You walked back and kneeled down crying.  

Merlin walked forward, pushing Lancelot away. He waited until he was up a head, then he burned his remains.

He kneeled down next to you, sobbing just as much as you are. You both were a sobbing mess.

Hugging one another, you sat there.

“He knew” Merlin said.

“He knew you loved him”

The moment you thought you were finished crying it started all over again.

“I just wish he could’ve heard it from me”

Merlin pulled you in tighter.

“He will always be with us.”

“Thank you, Merlin”

Merlin seemed puzzled

“Thank you for all of this. I would not know how to repay you.”

“You’re my friend. You don’t have to do anything. The only thing we have to do is to keep his story alive.”

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Firebird Recap:

This is a recap of the last few chapters. This concludes the recaps and this arc. For those who chose to stick with the story but did not want to read about the sickness arc, you can now rejoin and it will be mentioned in a ‘we’re slowly recovering’ and ‘this happened but we’re ok’ sense. 

Keep reading

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Lancelot : “Alors j’ai dis heu « Le roi j’l’emmerde » euh… mais c’était dit sans méchanceté.”

Arthur : “Ah bah quand même moi ça m’a l’air un peu fort vu d’là !”

Lancelot : “Nan mais ils m’chambraient tous aussi depuis l’début d’la séance parce que j’étais assis sur votre trône.”

Arthur : “Vous… étiez assis sur mon trône ? Eh bah nan mais d’accord, faut pas vous gêner !”

Lancelot : “Bah oui, vous étiez pas là, j’présidais.”

Arthur : “Et vous pouvez pas présider d’votre place ?”

Lancelot : “Bah, du coup j’me suis énervé, j’en ai mis deux au cachot !”

Arthur : “Quoi ? Nan mais vous êtes complètement dingue ! Vous les avez fait libérer ?”

Lancelot : “Mais oui, j’suis pas con non plus.”

Il lève un doigt

Lancelot : “ ‘fin non. Sauf Gauvain, Bohort et Karadoc, parce que ceux-là, ils m’ont vraiment gonflé !”

Parfaite continuité avec l’épisode “L’Absent” + magnifique foreshadowing de la façon de gouverner de Lancelot 👌

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Bohort : “23% de la population estime que le Seigneur Léodagan devrait prendre la place du Roi.”

Arthur : “Quoi ?!”

Léodagan : “Quoi ?!”

Lancelot : “Ben… Et moi ?”

How to progressively push someone to consider making a putsch : Hurt his ego. Repeatedly.

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