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f1incorrects · 16 hours ago
Andreas: *watching Lando and Daniel* Where is those idiots handler?
Andreas: Wait it's me! I'm those idiots handler!
Andreas: Lando! No, DROP IT!
Andreas: Daniel don't touch that goose.
Daniel: *screams*
Andreas: I said DON'T touch it Daniel.
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nozurchesinthewild · 12 hours ago
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Golfing 101 with Lando 
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incorrectlestappen · 15 hours ago
Charles: *hands Max a water bottle*
Max: *taking a sip* Thank you, but what's this for?
Charles: Oh, Lando said that you get thirsty around me.
Max: *spits out his water*
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Mini Norris | Lando Norris
Request: Can I ask for one where you and Lando have a child that the public don't know of, and you are seen in the paddock with your child. And it's one of Lando’s big wins with McLaren and he celebrated with you both publicly. If you get what I am going for.
A/N: This was written before the 2023 British Grand Prix.
Tumblr media
You didn’t plan to nor expected to get pregnant being so young, both Lando and you still not having turned 20, his Formula 1 career was just beginning and you were still in school; to say you were terrified was an understatement. At first you didn’t have to make much of an effort to hide it since you had gotten pregnant a few months before the end of the 2019 season, both Lando and you getting pretty concerned about maintaining your little one’s existence a secret for as long as you could, you had only told both of your families and some very close friends. However, you soon found that it wasn’t that bad when COVID hit. Sure, it was terrible that the F1 season had to be canceled and the situation around the world was terrifying not knowing when the pandemic would end, but at the same time you and Lando got to spend your whole pregnancy as well as your baby’s first few months completely to yourselves, enjoying it to the max. Now it was finally the time little Liam would get to walk around the paddock, the garage, and most importantly get to see his daddy in action on track.
You make it to the circuit through an entrance that wasn’t very crowded with photographers, Charlotte meeting you there and letting you in without anyone noticing, holding little Liam’s hand in yours as you walked towards the motorhomes. You walked into Lando’s driver room, letting out a sigh of relief as you were finally behind closed doors “You made it!” Lando says as he rushes to you, pecking your lips before thanking Charlotte as she closes the door and leaves “Daddy, Daddy! When do you race?” Liam asks Lando desperately as Lando started getting ready for the race “In a bit bud, I still have to get ready and do a few things with Jon before we go to the garage!” Lando answers as he changes into his race wear. You hear a knock on the door “It’s me!” Jon calls out before the door opens “Hey little man! You’ve finally come to a race! (Y/N), always good to see you.” he says as he quickly hugs you and ruffles Liam’s hair a bit. You figured it would be best to leave Lando and Jon to do what they had to do before the race so Lando would be in the right headspace and warmed up in time for the race without distractions “Okay baby, come on, let’s go see if we can find aunt Isa to say hi before the race.” You tell Liam before walking over to Lando “Leave him here with us! It’ll be perfect to avoid the photographers for a while longer and you can also hang out with Isa without having to look out for him.” Lando tells you, wrapping his arms around your waist and you place your hands on his chest “Are you sure? He might be a distraction with how excited he is.” You ask “Really love, it’s fine. I’ll call you before we leave for the garage and we’ll meet you here, go.” He says and you sigh, smiling and nodding as you place one last kiss on his lips before muttering a quick “Okay.” You walk over to Liam who was sitting on the couch “Now, you be a good boy, okay? You’re staying here with Daddy and Jon for a bit and I’ll see you later.” You tell Liam “Yes, mummy.” He says and you peck his forehead before getting your purse and leaving.
You walk into the Ferrari hospitality “(Y/N)!” You see Isa wave at you from one of the tables and you quickly make your way to her, hugging her “Ugh I missed you so much!” you say “I missed you too. So, did you guys decide on bringing Liam?” She asks as you both sit down “Yeah! He’s back at the room with Lando and Jon, we wanted to wait a bit before he’s completely exposed to the cameras and stuff.” You say as she nods understandingly. You catch up with her for a while longer until you get a call from Lando saying it’s almost time to go to the garage and that you should go to them, you say goodbye to Isa, making plans to see her later and you walk away to get to your boys.
You walk to the garage, one hand in Lando’s, his other occupied by Liam’s. He already knew everyone in the garage but had never actually been in it, seeing the action of it all; Lando had taken him along sometimes when he had to go to the factory. You took some pictures of Liam in Lando’s car, Lando making sure Liam didn’t touch anything he wasn’t supposed to and you felt your heart flutter like it never had before while looking at both of your boys finally enjoying what they both loved most and the love in Lando’s eyes as he saw his little boy in his car. Soon it was race time, you held Liam in your lap so he could see the screens and everything going around clearly.
The race starts with Lando in P4 and he quickly overtakes Max in the first corners, leaving Lewis and George in front of him. A while later there were only 7 laps left, he was two seconds behind Lewis and four behind George, it was all going to come down to the last laps. Lando was quick to catch up to Lewis, both of them fighting for P2 through a few turns until Lewis finally makes a mistake and Lando wins the position quickly speeding away to get to George. 2 laps to go, he’s a second behind George and you feel like your heart is going to explode in your chest at any moment. During the last lap Lando is just behind George as they approach Copse corner, Lando taking the outside right at the last chance and is amazingly able to overtake George, making the whole garage burst in cheers and screams, Liam getting slightly scared by the commotion until you quickly explained what happened and he starts cheering as well.
Lando crosses the line and everyone cheers for him, Zak motions for you to go over to the pit wall, he hands you a pair of headphones and tells you Lando can hear you “You did it Lando! You won! You freaking won! We are so so proud of you, we love you!” you yell at him, barely holding in your tears “I love you both so much! This is for both of you, we did it baby!” He yells through screams and giggles of excitement. He arrives at parc fermé and jumps out of the car, going straight towards you and Liam, hugging you both with so much force you thought your back was going to break but you really couldn’t care less at the moment “I love you I love you I love you both so much! I would have never been able to do this without you!” You hear Lando yell through his helmet and you can only smile back as he holds Liam in his arms for a bit before jumping into the team’s arms.
Just as the podium ceremony was about to start you see Lando run back towards you, his helmet off so you could actually see his smile now, he quickly gestures for you to hand Liam over to him and you do, he runs back to the podium entrance just as they are about to announce him as the race winner and he walks on to the podium proudly with his little boy in his arms. That was the moment you could no longer hold in your tears, looking up at the love of your life and your baby standing on the podium at Lando’s home race; you couldn’t ask for more.
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“Taking name suggestions for @/LandoNorris' signature move.⛳️👇”
via @/McLarenF1 on Twitter
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LANDO NORRIS for Tumi Travel
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f1incorrects · 11 hours ago
Andreas: have you seen Lando?
Daniel: I have not.
Andreas: MARCO!
*from another aisle*
Lando: POLO!
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palalabu · 15 hours ago
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Tom Holland who?
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chilwell-stan · 11 hours ago
Rome. Part 13 - Lando Norris
Another day another part. I hope you like it x
Tumblr media
The next morning you woke up slowly and felt like a train had hit you. Your head hurt and you pushed your hands over your eyes as you saw the sunlight shining through the curtains. Lando was watching you the whole time and got up for a second to close the blinds again. He laid down next to you again and carefully pushed his fingertips over your hip. “I made it dark again” he whispered and you nodded slightly but still didn’t move. He was watching you with worried eyes and pushed the blanket back up over your shoulder. “Do you need some pain killers?” he asked and you nodded again. He was quick in running to the bathroom before he kneeled down next to you and pushed your hair from your face. “Sit up for me?” he asked and you took a deep breath before you slowly did. “There you go” he whispered and gave you a glass of water and the pill before he pressed a kiss to your head.
After the glass of water your throat felt less dry and you carefully looked up to Lando. He was slightly smiling at you and took your head between your hands. “Do you want some breakfast?” he asked and you cleared your throat before you nodded again. “Yeah” you said quietly and held onto his arms while you slowly got up and onto your feet. With light steps you walked downstairs with him and leaned your back against the counter as Lando looked through the cabinets. “I can make you a bowl” he suggested and you watched him while you nodded slightly. “Sounds good” you said quietly and rubbed along your temples while Lando did his best to decorate your bowl. “Not as pretty as yours” he mumbled to himself and you walked up to him and shook your head. “Looks good” you said quietly and followed him outside and onto the sun chair again.
You kept your eyes on your bowl the whole time and slowly ate it while your mind went back into your own bubble. And Lando saw it. You swirled the spoon around in your bowl and closed your eyes again while Lando carefully traced his fingers along your neck. “Look at me” he whispered and you slowly did. “Talk to me” he whispered again and you closed your eyes. “I am so tired. And I don’t know what to do” you said quietly and Lando slowly pulled you closer. “I am not pushing you to anything. I wasn’t thinking. I just saw you with me and that was it” he rambled and you sniffled. “You can go. It’s all good” you whispered and Lando shook his head. “Not without you. This is our time” he said while playing with your hair and you shook your head. “You deserve to get some time away. Just because I am weird you don’t have to be stuck with me” you whispered and he leaned his head against yours. “You are not weird. Stop saying this. I don’t want you to ever say this again. I should have done it different. It’s not you. I want you to know this” he said and you leaned against the back of the chair. “I don’t know what to say” you whispered and he carefully pushed his fingertips under yours. “Just get that smile back” he said and pressed his lips to your temple. “Give me some time” you said quietly and he nodded slowly while holding onto you.
After some time you were still sitting outside in your PJs while Lando quickly ran upstairs to grab some things. You glared at your phone as it started ringing and slowly pressed it against your ear after a moment. “Hey” you said quietly and your friend hummed. “Hey you. How are you?” she asked quietly and you leaned back. “My head hurts. A lot. We uhm. Yeah he talked about it and he says it’s okay but I also feel bad” you whispered and Sasha sighed. “You don’t need to feel bad. Hey stop saying this” she said and you closed your eyes. “He wants to go away. And I am ruining it” you whispered and she shook her head for herself. “Stop it. He wants to be with you. That’s all he wants, okay? If it’s in a hotel or in his home. All he wants to have around is you, silly. You are not holding him back. Yeah his friends would have been there but I don’t think he saw that, you know” she said and you bit down on your lip. “I just don’t know what to do” you told her and she hummed. “What do you want to do? If you could do anything” she asked and you stayed silent for a moment. “Be alone with him” you said quietly and Sasha smiled. “Then do that. I mean you can fly away alone as well” she said and you lifted your eyes as you saw Lando coming back. “It’s not what he wants” you told her and she sighed. “It is. You can trust me” she said and you locked eyes with Lando. “I will go now” you quickly told her before you mumbled a quiet thank you and goodbye.
Lando was sitting down next to you and held his hand out for you, which you carefully took. “Sasha?” he asked and you nodded slightly. “Yeah” you said quietly and watched how he pushed his fingers between yours. “Anything you need?” he asked and you shook your head. “No. All okay” you said and squeezed his fingers before your head repeated Sashas words in your head over and over. You saw how Lando was talking but you barely heard the words he was saying.
You wanted to go away with him. Your heart said yes but your mind was blocking you. “Hey” he said after a moment and you jumped slightly. “Sorry” you whispered and saw the small smile on his lips. “Your head is somewhere else” he said and you nodded slowly. “I am overstrained” you told him and watched how he got up and held his hands out for you. “Come here” he said quietly and you nodded slightly before you took his hands and got up. Lando slowly pulled you closer to him and wrapped his arms around you tighter. “Tell me whatever you want to do today. Whatever” he said and you looked at him. “I don’t know” you whispered and he smiled slightly again. “You do. I can see it in your eyes” he said and you closed them for a second. “Everything?” you asked carefully and he nodded with a smile. “Just drive somewhere. Maybe the beach?” you said carefully and Landos smile got a little wider. “Somewhere specific?” he asked and you shook your head. “No. But we can also stay here” you said quickly and he pressed a kiss to your head. “Come on. We just get going” he told you and carefully pulled you inside with a smile.
You were still hesitant as you were upstairs with him and watched how he pulled a bag from his wardrobe. “Just pack a bit. I think or don’t if you want to wear my things” he said and you smiled for a second before you went to your things and packed some of them in your own bag. You knew he was trying to distract you and you were happy about it.
Lando was leaning against the doorframe as he watched you with a smile. “All done?” he asked and you turned to him. “Yeah. I think so” you told him and he reached his hand out for you. “Then come on” he said and you took his hand before you followed him downstairs again. He quickly packed some of the things from his fridge into the bag and turned around. “That should be enough” he mumbled and you looked at him. “If you want to leave for a week, yeah” you said quietly and Lando smiled at you before he threw your bags into the trunk.
Once you were in the car, you turned to Lando and leaned your head against the seat. “Where are we even going?” you asked and Lando smiled a bit. “I have an idea. Just wait and see” he said and you lifted your eyebrows a bit before you hesitantly pushed your fingertips underneath his. “Should I be scared?” you asked and he drew a circle on your hand. “Not one second”.
But you were confused. You weren’t in the direction where you thought you would go but Lando didn’t tell you where you would be going. You held onto his hand the whole time and when you saw the euro tunnel coming closer, you pushed yourself tighter against the seat. “Lando what the hell” you whispered and he smiled at you. “You said beach” he simply said and you snorted. “But like the one where we were the last time. Not a freaking different country” you whispered and Lando chuckled. “Nah I think it is a good idea” he said and winked at you before the drive through the tunnel began.
Since Lando didn’t need to drive, he was turning to you and wiggled slightly to the music. “Have you ever been inside this thing?” he asked and you shook your head. “No. It was always either ship or flight” you said and Lando hummed. “Yeah. I mean why should you then” he chuckled and played with the hair on your shoulder. “You are a bit crazy don’t you think?” you asked him and he shrugged his shoulders. “I just want to make you smile again” he said and you played with his hand. “My head just felt heavy” you whispered and he nodded slightly. “I know. And I want to get you away from it a bit” he said and leaned over to you. “It is working” you whispered and Lando leaned his forehead against yours. “Good”.
Only twenty minutes later you were back outside and saw how the sun was already getting a bit lower. You bit down on your lips as you looked around and shook your head slightly. “This is crazy for only a day” you whispered and Lando smiled. “You know we don’t have to go back today” he said and you turned your head to him quickly. “What?” you asked and he smiled. “Yeah we can stay. We can do whatever we want” he said and you took a deep breath. “You are crazy” you whispered and he shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t mind it if it makes you happy” he said and played with your fingers as he drove again.
“I only know Calais from the ship” you said after a moment and Lando squeezed your hand. “The way you speak French sounds so good” he said and you chuckled slightly. “It is only a city name” you said and Lando shrugged his shoulders. “Still sounds good. Bonjour. Ca va. That’s all I know” he told you and leaned against his shoulder. “That should be enough for here”.
After a moment, Lando parked his car on the side and jumped out before you even undid your seatbelt. You joined his side and looked up to the sky that already started to turn a little orange. “It’s so warm here” you said and Lando hummed. “Yeah thank god” he said and reached for your hand. “Should we just sit down there and see what we will do?” he added and you nodded. “Yeah sounds good” you said and grabbed your bag before you joined him.
As soon as your feet touched the sand you got rid of your shoes and walked to a spot close to the water with him. Lando spread the blanket out all over the sand and you sat down with him before you laid down completely. He was looking at you with a smile and when you looked up to him, you opened your arm slightly as a silent invitation. Lando was quick in laying his head down on your shoulder and tickling your cheek with his curls. “Hey” he smiled at you and you chuckled while pushing your fingertips into his hair. “Hey” you whispered and felt Landos hand on your leg. “This is nice” you whispered and Lando hummed. “Yeah it is. Nice and warm” he said and lifted his head slightly. “You know what?” he asked and you opened your eyes again. “What?” you asked back and Lando pouted slightly. “We haven’t kissed today” he said and you smiled slightly. “Yeah true” you said and Lando pushed his nose against yours. “We should change that” he whispered and leaned down to press a kiss to your lips. You pushed your fingertips slightly into his hair and pressed another kiss to his lips. “That’s better” he said and you chuckled slightly before you nodded.
After some walks through the water and some ice cream, Lando was watching you with a smile and you turned you head to him as you pushed yourself more into the hoodie he had given you. “What’s so interesting?” you asked and Lando pushed his hand onto your back. “Are you better?” he asked and you nodded slightly. “Yeah” you whispered and felt how he pressed a kiss to your head. “Perfect”.
He insisted on doing some photos with you and the longer it took you, the sillier they got. Only when your stomach began to rumble, you stopped and walked into a small restaurant on the side. While you ate with him, Lando looked through some hotels he had found and you leaned your head against his arm. “That one looks good” he said and you hummed. “I am fine with them all” you told him and stole some of his fries. “I’ll just book it” he mumbled and laid his phone to the side after some clicks.
Once you left the little restaurant, it was already dark outside and Lando pulled you closer to his side before he looked around. “I think we can leave the car here. It’s only two minutes away” he said and you nodded before you grabbed the small bags with him. As you arrived in the hotel, Lando tried his best to work with his tiny amount of French words and you chuckled as he said “Merci” quietly and ran up the stairs with you. “Well that was awkward” he laughed and you held back your laugh. “I think she appreciated your effort” you told him and walked into the room with him. “Oh this is so cute” you mumbled as you saw the mix of modern and old pattern and looked around. “But that bed is small” Lando said and you snorted slightly. “Oh god yeah” you said as you sat down on it. “It’s not like we need more” he told you with a wink and you leaned back down on the soft sheets. “Hmm. True”.
You decided to take a quick shower and when you stepped back into the room in shorts and an old t-shirt, Lando was on the balcony and talked on his phone. Carefully you walked up behind him and listened to him. “Yeah. Yeah. No we drove away today for a bit. Yeah it’s really nice. The sun is even warmer here” he said and you bit down on your lip slightly. “No, Oli. I gladly stay back if she’s with me. Yeah. See. I just want to spend my days off with her” continued and your heart was beating loud. “Oh shut up” he said after a moment and chuckled slightly. “Yeah I will send you some pictures. We can talk tomorrow. Okay. Yeah. Bye” he mumbled and ended the call before he turned around. When he saw you standing in the door, looking at him. “Hey” he said and you hummed slightly. “You look like you saw a ghost” he added and you pushed your hair back. “Do you really want to be here rather somewhere with your friends? You can be honest” you whispered and he laid his hands on your cheeks. “Yes” he simply said and pressed a kiss to your lips. “I can’t kiss them, can I?” he asked and you smiled slightly. “I mean you can” you told him and he chuckled before pulling you to the little bed with him. “Stop making this weird” he said and pulled you on top of him which made you squeal for a second. “Sorry” you whispered and felt his hand on the side of your neck. “Don’t break your pretty head about this. I want to be here with you” he said and you nodded slightly. “Okay”.
As you laid there almost on top of him, Lando switched through the channels to find something in English, you watched his face and how concentrated he was on understanding. You let your finger wander over his cheek and got so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t see his eyes turning to you. “I think you already got a little sunburn” you mumbled quietly and Lando wiggled his eyebrows against your finger. “Yeah no sunscreen huh” he said and you nodded slightly. “Should I stop?” you asked after a moment when he sighed but all he did was shake his head. “Nah. It feels good” he said and you chuckled slightly as his face relaxed. “Thanks for taking me here” you whispered and Lando pushed his hand under your shirt on your back. “I just want to show you as much as I can” he said and you smiled slightly. “But I am also happy about being on the couch” you said and he chuckled. “I know. But I want to make our time special. Just with us” he told you and your cheeks turned red slightly. “Yeah. I like that”.
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Lando: *yawns for the 5th time in 10 minutes*
Sebastian: You know, I read something on the Internet about this new thing called sleep, you should try it sometime
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thinking… 👁👄👁
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formulaoneisajoke · 19 hours ago
can someone please tell lando golf is not training, this isn’t funny anymore
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this-is-my-f1-blog · 22 hours ago
Alright anyone wanna reveal to me what texture Lando’s hair is?? Some pictures it looks straight and some it looks quite curly
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High performance athlete
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Waiting for F1
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What I just realised is everyone talks so much shit. In real life, on social media, fucking everywhere. Okay, someone is a celebrity, but do you really have to comment on everything? There’s a reason why celebrities try to keep some things under wraps because they also want to have some privacy. Someone maybe makes a mistake, but they are probably young and if something really happens they will probably learn from their mistakes in due course. And you don’t need to comment and spread rumours before the celebrity in question has confirmed, it probably stresses them out to hear so many rumours. I literally opened this app and after 5 min I could already feel my stress increase because of a few things I read hear. And please, if you really really need to say it, please don’t say it as an anon 😊🤍
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he-wins-in-monza · 12 hours ago
I can’t believe they were in the media men and there is still no video of this moment
Tumblr media
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landogrf · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
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gaslybutton · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
mcboys doin it yo !!
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