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#lando norris
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well if you have a thing for hands this is the unboxed for you
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thicciardo · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
| lando with the jokes 🔥🔥
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geooooooorge · 2 days ago
Mclaren defying both, the special livery curse and the netflix curse all in one year?? King shit
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nordschleife · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
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talk your talk, gorgeous
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loving-ricciardo · 2 days ago
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Mom said it’s my turn to use the XBOX
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Lando: I got him a little hard I think. I think I really hit him too hard.
Carlos: You hit me hard.
Lando: I know.
Carlos: Too hard for a race weekend.
Lando: One down, one to go. (meaning Carlos' cojones here)
And no, this is NOT an incorrect quote.
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luvth0t · a day ago
Tumblr media
in which he’s consistently there to pick up the pieces whenever you get your heartbroken, more so by fucking the pain away despite his feelings for you.
warnings; angst ofc, smut smut smut, toxic reader oOps, oral sex, unprotected sex, degrading? kinda?, rough smut idk the usual. uNedited because i’m lazy :)
the sight was all too familiar to the british lad, and while you found yourself thinking you looked and appeared composed; he knew all to well what had happened and more so, why you were here.
“again?” was all that left his lips, almost in disappointment as he raised his eyebrows. you couldn’t help but scoff at his question, while he was right; he didn’t need to be cocky about it.
“i don’t know what you’re talking about,” you rolled your eyes before swiftly sliding pass him and entering his apartment without another word. your childhood best friend turned fuck buddy, turned back into just friends and now back into fuck buddy just knew you too well unfortunately.
lando just shook his head as he shut the door and locked it behind him, more than used to what was unfolding. it’s why you showing up at 2am had not even surprised him in the slightest.
nor displeased him, despite you throwing yourself at guy after guy, lando was very much in love with you. his best friend who only valued him as a friend and a good time every once and a while. while you to him were much, much more. hence having no issue with you waking him up at ridiculous times for reasons that shouldn’t involve him.
“he thinks i’m stupid. as if i can’t see his ass deleting messages right next to me.” you began to ramble while opening his fridge, grabbing a bottle of water out quickly; knowing his place like the back of your hand. while you would much rather something with more effect, stealing his alcohol could wait for another night.
“this is what, the third time he’s done this?” lando couldn’t help but ask the obvious question; his tone questioning as if to say you should know better, because well you should. but the second your eyes snapped to him in a small glare, he was quick to put his hands up in defence.
you much rather would have had him just listen to your rambling or join in, not move the questioning onto you. you were not in the wrong here. not morally anyways.
“i’m done with him, he’s dead to me the fucking asshole.” you huffed in conclusion, lando watching you carefully as you paced from the kitchen to the living room; flopping onto the couch as he followed you.
so desperately wanting to believe you, but he had heard it too many times before. by the time he’s at his next race you’ll either be back with the same low life who you swore to never see again, or would have replaced him with another lowlife holding all the same traits and characteristics. he didn’t get it, but didn’t dare question it in fear of upsetting you.
upsetting you was something he wouldn’t dare do, not because he was scared of you. but because he couldn’t stand seeing you upset, even though at this point it was no fault but your own; he couldn’t bring himself to be the one to have that conversation.
however the brunette was beginning to grow sick of being the one to make you feel good and better about yourself for a night, then be left to his own misery until you next need him.
that’s how he saw it anyways, and it hurt more and more every time he’d wake up in the morning to and empty bed and a lame excuse of an explanation via text.
yet a little bit of you was better than nothing, that’s what he kept telling himself.
“you need a better taste in guys,” lando muttered as he took a seat next to you; eyes focusing on the tv which was playing reruns of a show lando had never heard of, but it was filling the silence while he awaited your arrival since the text he received from you half an hour ago.
“yeah ever since i met you, it’s been down hill in the men department.” you scoffed with a small smirk, resting the side of your head on the pillow behind you to focus on him; his eyes glancing over towards you.
he was trying not to read into your words too much, yet always did and got his hopes up. he knew you never meant it how he wanted you to. it was always a light hearted joke, or in a loving friend way. never more.
“set your standards too high,” lando half heartedly joked; his hand running through his curls lightly out of habit as he dragged his eyes back to the tv, his foot tapping the ground lightly.
you were quick to hum out in agreement as a small laugh fell from your lips as well, staring at him intently; he looked good.
he always looked good, that wasn’t a secret. but his messy bed hair alongside his white shirt and grey sweats, it was even more noticeable than usual. especially when you’re in a dire need of distraction.
“exactly. have to keep faking orgasms too,” you chimed, playfully yet suggestive; it now being your turn to look at the tv as his eyes drifted to you once again, an eyebrow raising in question despite not being surprised by your words. again.
he saw it coming; always did. he knew how tonight was going to end. “no one can compare, i’ve told you this.” he smirked cockily; fake confidence oozing from the driver as you gave a small eye roll.
he was right however. there was a reason you kept coming back to him, he knew every inch of your body and could make you a squirming and moaning mess within seconds. he knew it to.
and he was proud of it, clung onto the fact sometimes. that he could make you scream and only him. if only that was enough to have you hooked onto him like he is to you.
after the few moments of silence, staring back at one and other; you eventually made the move to lean in and press your lips against his. and like everything else that had happened tonight, lando was not surprised. you were quite predictable at this point.
the kiss became heated quickly, filled with lust and eagerness immediately; no passion or love much to his dismay, the passionate kisses between you two never lasted. and tonight was no exception as you quickly moved to straddle the driver, lips synchronising with him.
his large hands quickly found your waist once you were on top of him, while his head was telling him to do himself a favour and end this before it started, his body betrayed him like it always does as he pushed his finger tips up and underneath your shirt, pushing the material up to rest on your bare skin.
it sent shivers down your spine as small goosebumps arose on your skin, humming against his lips as your hands tangled within his hair. desperate to feel as much of him as possible; because who knows when you’ll next be unavailable or he’ll be in a different country.
“are you sure you want to do this, it’s late and you just-?” the brit couldn’t help but ask in a hushed tone when you removed your lips from his so you could pull his shirt over his head, staring down at him while you both caught your breath.
“i’m sure.” you were quick to cut him off, a small grin on your face as you pressed a few light kisses to his jaw which had his breath hitching in his throat, especially since you were sure to grind your hips against his at the same time. “you?” you were quick to add on, pursing your lips and stilling your actions.
lando only nodded his head with a small hum, his hand coming up to cup your jaw and bring your lips back to his in response. because if he hadn’t of acted soon he may of done what he probably should’ve done and cut this short.
but he still hadn’t figured out a way to resist you, not when every part of his body was yearning to touch, feel and please you in all the right ways. no matter how hard it tears his heart out the morning afterwards.
many minutes of making out later, the two of you having felt every inch of skin possible; your shirt also having been discarded next to his throughout it all, leaving you in your black bra. your lips left his to move to his jawline, peppering light kisses on his skin and down his neck.
lando’s breath hitched in his throat as his head fell back from the feeling of your lips on his skin, his hard on growing in anticipation as you made your way down his neck, to his chest, to his torso.
it didn’t take long for you to slide off the couch and settle on your knees between his legs; fingers finding the waistband of his sweats which caused his eyes to focus back on you.
the sight was one he could never get sick of, watching you intently as he leaned back and got comfortable while you set his hard on free, moving his sweats and underwear down his legs enough to be out of the way.
“you even think about being a tease and i’ll happily spend the rest of the night edging you,” lando breathed out in warning when your hand began to jerk him off; looking up at him with innocent eyes, a small giggle leaving your lips.
“i’ll do what i want thank you very much,” you hummed before licking a stripe up from his base to his tip, keeping your eyes up on him. before he could say anything else however you were quick to take him in your mouth, hollowing your cheeks as you began to bob your head up and down.
he had parted his lips to speak back but all that came out was a small groan, another breath leaving his lips as his hand gathered your hair up into a make shift pony tail to ensure it didn’t get in your way. “fuck y/n,” he stuttered out.
his eyes were watching you intently, seeing you suck his cock got him off as much as the feeling itself. see right now it was all worth it, pathetic? maybe. but you were too good at this to try resist it.
you knew it too, pushing your head down until his tip hit the back of your throat, not wasting any time in deep throating him especially with the sounds he was making and the subtle yet noticeable tugs on your hair. more often than not with him it was rushed and straight to the point, because it always has been so long since you had last done it.
“look so good like this, taking me so well,” he groaned out his usual praise; causing you to squeeze your thighs together as you held onto his thighs for support. releasing his cock from your mouth for a few moments, spitting onto his length and pumping him a few times while you caught your breath before taking him in again.
his hand remained a tight grip on your hair as his head fell back, relishing in the pleasure as his other hand rested behind his head; his eyes screwing shut whenever his tip hit the back of your throat.
you choked and gagged around him when his hips bucked up a few times, yet it didn’t stop you. only encouraging you as you continued to quickly suck him off, eyes still looking up at him through your lashes.
you were eager to please, get him off. not only was it something you always enjoyed watching; which was obvious by the growing wetness between your legs. but you felt as if you owed it for him putting up with you. what better way to say thanks?
“i wanna fuck you, been too long.” he managed to speak; gathering some self control as he used your hair to pull your mouth off his cock. he had felt that familiar feeling building in his stomach, and after going without being able to please you for so long he doesn’t think he could wait any longer.
a pout tugged on your lips when he stopped you and your actions, your hand moving up to wipe the corner of your lips which was currently coated in his pre cum and your saliva, not that neither of you cared. he loved seeing you like this.
“don’t pout princess, rather me not touch you at all?” he spoke in a low voice with raised eyebrows when he noticed the frown on your lips, tugging you forwards and towards him by your hair. your hands quickly gripping onto his thighs so you didn’t fall on top of him.
it caught you off guard, and it showed on your face and he loved it. he knew damn well the effect he had on you with his words. “wanted you in my mouth,” you spoke simply in reply with a small smile; eyes twitching between his eyes and lips, which were now so close to yours since he had tugged you towards him.
“i want to remind you who this pussy belongs to,” he mimicked your tone as he replied, his blue eyes staring into yours as his hand left your hair and swiftly slid between your legs, under the waistband of your sweats and lace underwear. “been a bit too long don’t you think?”
you were going to respond although his fingers sliding through your wetness and finding your clit with ease had a small moan escaping your lips instead, quickly nodding instead as your thighs squeezed around his hand. “yeah,” you breathed out; he had a way with his fingers, and you had a thing for his fingers.
hence the large smirk on his face as he teased your clit and entrance lazily for a few moments, enjoying having you at his mercy on your knees, between his legs; just for him. already worked up and he had barley started.
and it was all for him. tonight. until you find someone else to waste your time with for a few weeks. but tonight you were his, and he would make sure you knew it like he always does.
“p-please lando,” you struggled to keep composed as his fingers went everywhere but inside you; it was driving you crazy quickly. his fingers playing with your clit, his cock right below you and his lips so close to yours. yet nothing was happening. stuck on the floor, waiting for his next move.
“always so needy,” he hummed with a breathless chuckle, as if he wasn’t the needy one out of the two of you, but that was beside the point at this moment. sliding his hand away from you, causing a small whine; he was quick to instruct you to get up.
lifting to your feet, his hands made work to rid you of your sweats and panties; stepping out of them to help him before his hands found your waist; swiftly guiding you to lay down on the couch. not so gentle with his actions but that didn’t matter one bit as you laid there and watched as he stood up for a few moments to rid himself of his remaining clothing.
“need you now,” you couldn’t help but whine out as you laid there; hands moving to unclip your bra and throw it aside, watching as lando settled between your legs on his knees; his hands pushing your thighs wider apart. a smirk was still resting on his lips. “fuck sake lando please,” you mumbled when he still made no move to fuck you or touch you were you needed him.
he was simply enjoying the view, his hands gripping your thighs to ensure they stayed apart, eyes taking in the sight of your naked body. “patience love,” he spoke in his thick british accent, moving to press a few kisses along your inner thigh, moving towards where you needed him most.
a small content sigh left your lips when you finally felt his lips on your skin, watching him to prepare yourself for whatever he was going to do.
pushing your right thigh back and towards you, your knee almost beside your face as he licked a stripe up your entrance, a moan leaving your lips as your fingers found his curls; tangling in them immediately.
while he wanted to tease you, make you squirm and shake; the sounds leaving your lips meant he couldn’t hold himself back as he prepped you, using his tongue to move between your folds then finding your clit to suck on for a few moments.
the soft moans continued to fall as you tugged on his hair; which caused his hands to squeeze your thighs lightly. there would definitely be marks in the morning but you weren’t complaining. he’d always leave you looking and feeling fucked out.
your eyes having shut and your head resting back from the pleasure finally starting to arrive as he ate you out, you were completely caught off guard when his tongue left you and was quickly replaced by his cock; thrusting into you suddenly.
a louder moan leaving your lips alongside a whimper, his groan being heard throughout as well as he gave you a few moments to adjust. his hand still holding your leg up for better access, making the angle all that better.
“oh fuck,” you moaned out as began to thrust in and out of you. and he didn’t waste any time finding speed, his thrusts hard and deep as he used his grip on your thighs to move your body in sync with his, watching the way your face contorted in response to his actions.
“please-please lando oh my god,” you whimpered out as he pounded in and out of you relentlessly, having no idea what you were saying please for yet he somehow seemed to know as one of his hands left your thigh to find your clit, rubbing circles quickly which had your back arching off the couch.
“tell me who’s making you feel this good baby,” lando spoke through his own moans, there being a softness in his voice despite the harshness of his actions. “can anyone else fuck you as good me? hm?” he questioned, his ego growing like it always does when he has you underneath him and shaking on his cock.
and you couldn’t call him out for it because right now you were feeling pure ecstasy, his fingers alongside the rough thrusts got you off like nothing else could, the whines and moans filling his apartment making that quite clear.
“you-fuck, you, only you.” you stumbled over your words as you shook your head, forcing your eyes open to watch him as he thrusted in and out of you. he looked so good above you, his flushed cheeks and clenched jaw; so focused on making you feel good while so clearly enjoying the feeling of you around him.
your words had him deepening his thrusts, which you didn’t think was possible until he began hitting that spot inside of you that had you seeing stars, and had you starting to lose control. “i’m close- oh my god," you warned him; legs beginning to shake as you struggled to stay still.
he didn't get phased though, his fingers still rubbing at your clit as he repetitively hit your g-spot. “cum for me then, all over my cock baby.” he encouraged you; and that was all you needed to hit your high, cumming as you practically screamed his name. losing any regard for his neighbours.
despite you reaching your high, he didn’t even slow down his actions. his fingers still playing with your clit as he kept his thrusts up; chasing his own orgasm, which was inching closer with how you clenched around him.
“i know you got another one in you, especially when you’re taking me so well. feel so fucking good,” he groaned out; gripping onto your thigh once again. when realising he was not going to ease up on you, your legs began to shake heavily from being over stimulated.
“mhm, i cant━ lando, too much,” you moaned out; unsure if you were making sense from the overwhelming pleasure, your breathing picking up as your hips bucked up, legs shaking as the one he didn’t have a grip on moved to wrap around his waist.
“tell me to stop then,” he grunted out; knowing damn well you could take it, he’d given you three in a row once. and you knew he was right, because telling him to stop wasn’t an option, the pleasure too much to give up on.
“no. no, don’t stop,” you quickly whimpered out; contradicting what you had just said. you were a shaking and moaning mess, one of your hands gripping onto his arm that was holding your thigh; nails digging into his skin as whimpers left your lips. his stamina was not surprising but difficult to keep up with as he continued to fuck you relentlessly as if he had only just started, having to screw your eyes shut to try deal with it. yet it felt so good, your body reacting to his every move.
“wish you could see yourself, such a slut for my cock yeah?” he asked; his breathing rapid as well, his hand finally letting your leg go as he quickly wrapped his hand around your neck so you would look at him.
you barely made out his words, but his fingers around your throat caught your attention; forcing your eyes open as you nodded. “yes, yes, yes,” you whimpered out; the pleasure too much as you suddenly came again without any warning.
lando groaned as he soon reached his orgasm too, you clenching around him once again practically milking him dry as small pants and grunts left his lips. his hand around your neck loosening as his fingers left your clit.
after coming down from your high you were practically limp beneath him, chest raising up and down as you tried to catch your breath; beads of sweat appearing on your forehead.
“always so good for me,” he breathed out as he moved to push some of your hair out of your face after a few moments of silence, your eyes opening to give him a small lazy smile and hum; which had him smiling back as a small chuckle left his lips.
it had taken about half an hour for you both to calm down, clean up and get settled in his bed. he had to carry you; which wasn’t unusual. your legs weak and still shaking from your very quick and back to back orgasms.
lando always took care of you afterwards, enjoyed it too. because these few rare moments was when you seemed to open up. you would cuddle up to him, rest your head on his chest and fall asleep in his arms.
it was as if he could pretend just for those few minuets before he fell asleep that things between you were different, that it was more than just sex.
yet when he felt the sunlight hitting his room the following morning, his arm was quick to cover his eyes; yawning as he rubbed them open.
taking a few moments to adjust, it was quickly noticeable the bed was now empty beside him. the usual disappointment filling his chest, almost as if he could feel his heart cracking once more.
sitting up, your clothes nor shoes were no where to be seen; confirming his suspicions, you’d done a runner. like always.
always falling asleep with you in his arms and awaking to being alone. his hand patting his bedside table a few times to find his phone, already expecting some shitty excuse as to why you had to go.
‘sister called didn’t want to wake you, see you soon. thanks for last night <33’
he couldn’t help but roll his eyes, a huff falling from his lips as he liked your message; falling back into his bed, closing his eyes as his head hit the pillow. he was trapped in this never ending cycle. the highs so high, yet the lows so damn low.
and no matter how many times this happened, he couldn’t get used to it. and always found himself getting his hopes up; only to be let down again.
a/n oOp i think i want to make this a series so pls let me know what you think and if you’d want part 2 !!!
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f1incorrects · 8 hours ago
Lando: Do you have a self-care routine?
Daniel: "Keep going bitch" said to myself in different accents.
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formulalex · a day ago
Hi! I have a request for you! Can you do one where reader and lando have been dating for about a year and a half and she’s one of the only f1 female drivers and she gets into a bad crash and lando is all worried and nobody knows what’s going on and he says he loves her and he can’t lose her and she ends up being okay?
squeeze / lando norris
Tumblr media
(not my gif! creds to the owner)
warnings: mentions of car crashes, annoyingly soft AGAIN
a/n: hiii i'm so sorry writing this took so long! it was fun writing so i hope you like it :3 would also just like to let everyone that has dropped a request to know that i'm just dealing with some uni stuff right now and will get to writing in a bit :3 also this was not proofread. please forgive me lol anyway in the mean time, enjoy this one :3 HAPPY MCLAREN 1-2!
One minute you’re flying and cutting through the air, the next you feel as if the world has crashed onto you. Literally. The impact of going through the tyre barriers is enough to disorient you but you know you have to get out of the car as quickly as possible to assure the team and everyone else that you’re okay. “Y/N? Are you okay? Are you okay?” You hear your engineer speak into your earpiece. You groan as a reply. You were trying to overtake to get into 4th place when suddenly the car had massively oversteered and sooner than later, you had become a passenger to the accident that had happened. It was no one’s fault — you were simply pushing too hard and the car had given in. Even in the face of an accident, you manage to blame yourself for not being patient enough to pull off a better overtake.
The safety car pulls up beside you and you force yourself to get out of your car. You are okay, you don’t think you have any serious injuries aside from bruises and a seriously bruised ego. This overtake was supposed to help you get into the podium. With only 15 laps to go, you were absolutely flying and the pace you had made the data predict you were going to be able to make a move on Valtteri, who was in third before the checkered flag. The doctor on-call ushers you into the safety car, quickly assessing you for immediate injuries and checking your vital signs. “I’m honestly okay, just shaken up.” You say, but looking at your car, you can tell the crash was bad. From the dizziness in your head and the soreness of your sides, you know the crash was worse than you think it was.
The medical center is bright and it makes you feel like you’re in an actual hospital. You’ve never been in here before but you have been in a hospital and it feels exactly the same. The doctors have found that you are extremely dehydrated, extremely bruised, and on the cusp of passing out the moment the adrenaline from the race and the crash fades away. “Please don’t go to sleep right now, we need to make sure your vital signs are okay.” They tell you. You still feel okay, even more stable than you felt a couple of minutes ago but you listen to them. You want so badly to sleep away the pain, though. It feels terrible.
Your crash was bad enough to call for a red flag. You had gone through the tyre barriers and tons of debris had fallen onto the track from your crash. You knew that the race was going to restart though. This was just another crash. Time flies as you continue to watch the coverage of the race on the tv when suddenly a team member from another team comes into the medical center. You would not mistake that orange papaya color for anything. “Is she okay?” You see her nervously tap her hand against the counter, her body language clearly tensed. The doctor on-call nods his head and nods towards you. “She’s doing okay. Just keeping her here to monitor her vital signs.” Charlotte turns around and looks around before her eyes make contact with you, taking you in. You can see that she has visibly relaxed and she makes her way towards you. She stops by your bed and grabs your hand, you can feel the intensity of her feelings in her grip. “Oh, Y/N, I was so worried. Lando is so worried. He can’t stop pacing around. He wanted to come here himself but he wasn’t allowed to so he sent me. I’m so sorry this has happened to you. Are you okay?” You smile at Charlotte, Lando’s right hand from the team. Lando trusts her more than anything. You nod at her. “I’m okay, Charlotte. Don’t worry about me. Just a stupid mistake on my part.” You squeeze her hand to assure her you feel better, but even she can tell you feel like shit. “He can’t stop pacing around.” As she says this, the television coverage of the race switches to the guy you are both talking about. His hair is a tangled mess of curls and he is nervously fidgeting with his foot as he sits down on a chair. He is staring off into the distance, clearly not himself. You think back to the time you both realized how much you meant to each other.
“No, you do it first.” You roll your eyes at Lando, who is clearly waiting for you to bite into the spicy chicken wings he has ordered for you both. “Lando, I don’t understand why I have to taste something you ordered first.” “Because you are my scapegoat to see if the wings are spicier than I expect them to be.” You bite into a wing, the spiciness of the sauce coating your lips. “This isn’t going to help you because I have an extremely high spice tolerance. I love spicy food.” You say, taking another bite off of the chicken wing. Lando just watches you, smiling at your ability to eat spicy food since he sucks at it. You finish off the wing, setting aside the bones. Lando has not taken a single bite from your joint order. “It’s not too bad,” you say, trying to coax him into trying the room service he’s ordered. Most of the rendezvous you both find yourself in involve sneaking into each others’ hotel rooms and donning hidden accessories on the track. You don’t want to publicize your relationship. You are in love with the intimacy that comes with sharing something so special with just the both of you.
“You lie.” He says, glancing down to your lips and probably noticing how red they have become. In all honesty, the chicken wings are on the spicier side but you are okay with it. Lando would probably find it spicy, but you want to trick him into trying them out. You love the way the spice heightens your sense of taste. “You’ll have to figure that out yourself.” You say, holding eye contact with him. “Oh yeah?” He says-almost whispers-as his head moves closer to yours. “Yeah.” You reply, inching your head closer to his. “I guess I’ll have to try it out myself then.” Lando’s lips are so much closer to yours than they had been a couple of seconds ago. They are so close that you could eliminate the distance by simply lifting your head forward. You smile at Lando, so intoxicated by the pull he has on you. You have loved Lando for a couple of months now but only now you are realizing how much you actually do. “I love you.” You whisper. It has only been a couple of months since you started dating each other. You don’t care if it is too soon or if Lando won’t reciprocate your feelings. You just know, that in this moment, you are in love. All of the air has somehow evaporated and it feels as if it is only the two of you existing in this world. “I love you more.” He says back, his green eyes brightening by a couple of shades. It is light. It is bright. It is everything you have ever wanted to see in anyone’s eyes. He closes the gap between you both and suddenly you are both fighting for dominance, his lips connected to yours. His tongue swipes across your bottom lip, asking for access and you let him in. It is a fierce battle but it is full of passion and you could stay here forever if the universe permitted you to do so.
“So that chicken is really spicy.” Lando says as he pulls away from you after a while. You laugh, breathless from the makeout session that has just happened. “It’s not too bad.” You tease. Lando plants a quick kiss on your lips again. “Nope, that is definitely too spicy. Good thing you love me enough to warn me.” You giggle at Lando’s deductions of the situation. “That I do, Lando. That I do.”
You have drifted off to sleep. You didn’t realize you had fallen asleep holding Charlotte’s hand until you realize someone else’s hand is in place of hers. The last thing you remember is watching the television show what various drivers were doing to pass the time of a red flag. The texture of the hand gripping yours is a bit rougher, but you know it like it is second nature. It is the hand you have secretly held underneath tables and has squeezed yours every time you were nervous. It is the hand that has promised to never stop holding yours. You keep your eyes closed and steady your breath, already feeling better knowing he is here beside you.
“I don’t really care if the doctor has just told me you are simply asleep and that you are fine. I don’t really care that you won’t hear this,” Lando’s voice starts. “I didn’t want to continue racing after I found out that it was you in the crash. I didn’t want to and I know you would be annoyed at the thought of me willing to stop racing for you. But I was, I really was. When Will had told me it was you behind the red flags, I could not, for the life of me, calm down. Not when I said I was going to box, not when I tried to calmly ask if you were okay, and not when everyone else around me continued to do what they were supposed to do in case of a red flag. I could not think of anyone else but you. I asked if I could go to the medical center the moment I got out of the car but they did not let me. You have no idea how much I wanted to just fuck the directives and go here anyway. I am thankful for Charlotte. She promised me she would make sure you were okay. She came back after a while and said you had fallen asleep — that you were going to be okay. I got back into that car, terrified out of my mind, knowing that I couldn’t be by your side even if I wanted to. Why can’t we? Why can’t we just be? Why can’t we include the rest of the world in our incredible love story?” Lando’s voice cracks and you can tell he is trying to hold back his tears. You want to open your eyes and squeeze his hand back letting him know that you are okay. You want to let him know that everything will be okay. You are sorry that he was that worried. Before you can do anything, he continues talking.
“I want to be able to run to you and kiss you when you make history as the most successful woman in formula one history. I want to be able to celebrate the wins and podiums I get with you. I want to be able to do the stupid small things like hold your hand as we enter the paddock and get our IDs checked. I want to be able to kiss your cheek. Wherever we are. Whoever we are with. But you know what? I don’t care if we can’t do that right now. I don’t care because I love you too much to be pressed over such trivial matters and all I can really think about is how I don’t ever want to lose you. I don’t think I would ever be able to walk the paddock without knowing you are close. I don’t think I would ever be able to put on my helmet, knowing that even if we are competitors on track, I would not mind seeing you succeed. I don’t ever want to lose you. And I wish you would wake up because I just want to look into your eyes and hear you say something incredibly sarcastic and laugh at whatever cheesy thing I have said. I would learn an immense number of corny jokes for you if that meant making sure you were okay. I hate that I’m rambling. You would have probably cut me off a couple of minutes ago if you were awake.”
“I honestly would have.”
Lando’s eyes quickly rush to your face, his green eyes bearing into yours. His cheeks have suddenly turned a shade pinker and you can tell he’s quite shy that you’ve probably heard what he’s just said in the last few minutes. He’s not wrong in that sense — you have heard what he’s just said. You almost want to cry over what he’s just said but you stop yourself because you don’t want him to worry more. “But you were just being too cute for me to want to cut in.” You squeeze Lando’s hand three times. Code for I-love-you. “I’m okay, if you meant to ask.” You offer, trying to lighten up the mood. He simply smiles at you. “That’s good. I was worried.” “Seems like you were.” His cheeks turn just a tinge pinker. “Oh, shut up, you.”
He squeezes your hand three times. You smile at him. “I love you.” You say, verbalizing your appreciation for the person sitting beside you. The smile he returns is even bigger and his grip on your hand is even tighter than it was before.
“I love you more.”
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deadinsidegal · a day ago
Just seen the proposed schedule for next year and wow, 23 races in 8 months with most of the races are double or triple headers, especially in the latter half of the season and the 7 proposed sprint races is just too much. I really hope that the team and drivers will keep themselves safe.
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loving-ricciardo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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whewchilly · a day ago
the real competition between McLaren and Ferrari this year is for Carlos’ attention
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