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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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She’s honestly so beautiful, it’s not anything I can pinpoint to her physical. It’s the way she glows when she’s in nature, like she sets herself free. Seeing her playful, innocent, and mystified wide eyes light up with pure bliss makes me smile just because I can feel her happiness. When were adventuring I find it so difficult to stop staring at her constantly. I instinctively want to take all the photos of her even though she dislikes it. I’m finding it impossible not to fall in love with all these parts of her I come to know. Watching the fierce, independence she embodies gives me such a rush of energy. Her freedom to ‘just be’ leaves me speechless. Everyday I am reminded of the deep appreciation she brings me because I am able to witness these moments in snippets. Sure I’d love to be there for all of it, but if I can’t be I’d still want her out there, exploring everything in this world that brings her joy. She is poetry, purely in the way she exists, she carries herself with a gracefulness words can never replicate. Ugh. My whole heart.

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