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I made a note for myself and also for my students, next morning. I’m teaching a group of notaries to prepare for their English tests. They’re planning to take the doctoral degree as soon as possible.

I’m so inspired by their high motivation to understand and speak English better. One of interesting reasons comes from a young lady who wants to teach her future kids to speak English, besides her education target. It’s such a sweet and sincere, I’d say.

And I keep telling everyone who learns English with me… that learning languages always opens the door where we can get into the world of make believe.

Don’t you think so?

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Are you practicing your target language now?

Yup… tie your hair, grab your brunch then start gaming haha…

I like learning language through games, but not gamification. I mean, language learning apps such duolingo, drops, etc. could help me get used to my target language.

I read an article about habitual and repetitive learning, I feel it’s true since I experience it myself. Frankly, I don’t devote too much time on my language learning but I plan to do it everyday. Maybe 20-30 minutes is quite enough for me then I’ll choose different materials on each session. You know, I’m kinda easily getting bored of everything *lol ^^V

I’m practicing Spanish and Japanese by making them as habits. I speak in Spanish and Japanese in every opportunity (even when I’m talking to myself) and use any phrases that I’ve known in fit situations… like saying “buenas diás” to myself when I wake up. As simple as it is… or is it way too simple? Haha…

Do you make your target language as a habit, too?

How do you practicing?

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Language Instagram

Hi frens!

Unfortunately I’ve been posting less and less on tumblr, I’ve grown to kind of dislike the site. I won’t be deleting my blog but I decided to create another Instagram profile (a finsta, if u will) where I’ll share stories and (hopefully) more regular updates on my language learning. If anyone is interested the account is kindofapolyglot , of course! :)

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thanks for the ask @trashpiou 💚

I’m sorry for the late response…

So, let’s check it… five things I like about myself:

1. “Me myself is a multitude”, I got this point when taking a psychology test several months ago hehe. It really reflects me, I mean… it’s all right for me to do many things all by myself. Even if sometimes I get overwhelmed, on the other hands, I learn more valuable lessons ^^

2. I tend to finish what I’ve started.

3. I’ve got many ideas, but… I need to manage my time better to make those dreams happen!

4. I’m eager in learning everything, especially languages and film production ^^/

5. I’m understanding of others, at least people around me hehe

I want to know your answer as well! ^^💚💎💎

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Deutsch 🇩🇪 (105 Tag) - Modalverben

Today I reviewed all the modal verbs through YT videos and I already knew those words but I can’t recall them when I’m writing a sentence. So I tried to study them again but I still need to write more sentences on my own to practice. I also tried to use different colour markers to take notes and I’m liking it.

Have a great Montag! 🌻🌻

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Lektion 8 - Teil 5 🇩🇪 (80/100 days of productivity)

Today I learned more things about food, their prices at a supermarket, some units, the food pyramid, how much a year Germans eat each aliment, etc. I enjoy these kind of lessons because I can add some colour to my notebook.

Have a nice Dienstag! 🐝🐝

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Deutsch 🇩🇪 (78/100 days of productivity)

Today is a special day, we adopted for the first time a kitty and we’re so happy. As a coincidence or not, I studied again on Duolingo the animal vocabulary because I keep forgetting it, although now I won’t forget that my new family member ist eine Katze 😍🐾

Have a very relaxing Sonntag! 🍂🍂

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“Be like the sun, you’re new and passionate everyday” - I take it from Hwarang scene ^^

Let’s start new language!
To tell you the truth, I’ve learned Arabic before but put it off until I gain a “miracle” to consider it again lol…
It’s a simple thing to start speaking Arabic, the subject matter (pronoun).
ان، نحن، انت، انتم، هو، هم…
Ana, nahnu, anta, antum, hhuwa, hhum…
(I, we, you, you all, he, they…)
Let’s not put something off anymore ^^

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