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#language learning

A common tip you’ll see for language learning is to change your phone’s language. In the past, I was overwhelmed by all the new characters, so I didn’t feel that I was learning much, and I got frustrated easily when I couldn’t figure how to do something. Now that I’m finally at the point where I can very comfortably navigate my phone (iPhone) in Chinese, I thought I’d share some useful vocab.



  • Contacts = 通讯录 tōngxùnlù - address book, directory
  • Notes = 备忘录 bèiwànglù - memorandum, memorandum book
  • Facetime = Facetime通话 tōnghuà - to talk over the phone, phone call
  • Calendar = 日历 rìlì - calendar
  • Calculator = 计算器 jìsuànqì - calculator
  • Reminders = 提醒事项 tíxǐng shìxiàng
    提醒 tíxǐng - to remind
    事项 shìxiàng - matter, item
  • Podcasts = 播客 bōkè - radio broadcast, podcast
  • Photos = 照片 zhàopiàn = photograph, picture
  • Music = 音乐 yīnyuè - music
  • Clock = 时钟 shízhōng - clock
  • Google Docs = 文档 wéndàng - file
  • Google Drive =  云端硬盘 yúnduān yìngpán
    云端 yúnduān - cloud
    硬盘 yìngpán - hard disk
  • Camera = 相机 xiàngjī - camera
  • Google Translate = 翻译 fānyì - to translate, translator, translation
  • Settings = 设置 shèzhì - to set up, to install
  • Messages = 信息 xìnxī - message, news, information

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I was thinking this might be more motivating for some people who like games, challenges, and statistics to let them look back on their own progress. You would track these for each language that you’re studying, so each language you know might have a different level.

Just to make it very simple we’ll just start from level 0
- when you get 100 points you get to level 1
- at 200 points you get to level 2
- at 300 points you get to level 3
- so on and so on…

5 – discovered a new word to add to your vocabulary/flashcards
10 – listened to music in your target language today
20 – watched an episode of TV in your target language
30 – watched a movie in your target language
30 – did your duolingo/drops/memrise/anki/etc for the day
40 – wrote a post to social media in your target language
40 – listened to a podcast in your target language
50 – studied or reviewed from a language course
50 – did shadowing or talked out loud to yourself in your TL
60 – passed a standardized language test
70 – read a book chapter in your target language
70 – wrote a journal entry in your target language
80 – had a conversation with a native speaker
100 – writing a story, fanfic, essay, etc in your target language
110 – gave a speech or presentation in your target language

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W10 Thu - What do you think is the best sounding lanuage? 

As I said in my previous post, I really like the way Mandarin Chinese sounds with its different tones, so it sounds very lyrical and just hearing it makes me want to learn it.

Como he dicho en mi publicación previa, me gusta mucho el sonido de chino con sus tonos, y cada vez de lo escucho, quiero aprenderlo!


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5월 28일 🇰🇷 한국어.

Today was the time for reading practice! Since last time I studied a short child story, this time was the time for webtoons and I couldn’t be happier because I’m a huge fan of them. The one that I’ll be reading these days is called 자취로운 생활. Today I read part of the epilogue which is broke down in three parts so I don’t get tired because it’s long.

So let me tell you my process: Fist thing I did was reading the whole story out loud, even if I didn’t understand it. Then, I wrote down all the lines on my notebook. Third step was again reading the 만화 while underlining the words in different colors for verbs, grammar points, nouns or expressions I didn’t know. After that, I read the 웹툰 again without looking at my notes so I could force my mind to remember the words I just translated. I really recommend reading webtoons, it makes me laugh along the way and I’m really looking forward to my next reading practice.

Have a beautiful 목요일! 🍂🍂

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if anyone who speaks/is learning french or dutch wants to be friends/language partners pls hmu!! i need someone to chat with.

i also speak finnish swedish italian and spanish if anyone is interested in learning those or doing a language exchange

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Learning a new language is such a fantastic and indescribable experience. It´s like a whole another world is opening its doors for you. Your very first steps will be small and careful, staggering in this unknown and unusual reality — but the more steps you take and the more you immerse yourself into this foreign yet inexplicably attractive world, the more you fall in love with it. Not once have you tried to climb the branching tree of conjugation — falling down, looking at it from below thinking you will never achieve that milestone. But a few more tries, a few more hours of practice and there — you´ve reached the treetop! The whole world looks so beautiful from atop, you breathe in the cool air, smiling. The sun is rising, the whole day is ahead, waiting for you. You feel like you can move mountains, that one of the case system, for instance. Slowly getting closer and closer to you, and the more you conquer, the more you start to appreciate the beauty of the world around you.

You feel yourself falling in love completely, irreversibly, despite all the challenges.

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100 days of Italian: day 4/100!

today was a really productive day! I had a lot to do for my art business but I managed to study a lot of Italian as well.

I’m progressing fairly quickly with the vocabulary which is great! I’ve never really struggled with vocabulary in any language so that’s a win for me :)

on that note, I’m gonna make a post on how I study vocabulary as soon as I find the time to do so!

so today I revised the vocabulary I had already learned, added the topic of “I luogi” (locations) and did my, daily duolingo ! I also watched some Italian videos on YouTube, I’m surprised at how much I can actually understand just from context and knowing some Spanish and French x

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What is a kalas?


Originally posted by butteryplanet

Hej allihopa!🇸🇪 Today I answered a question on HiNative regarding the word kalas and I realised that other people might be interested too so I decided to make a post on it.

The question was: What is a kalas?

Short answer: A kalas is a birthday party.

Extended answer: A typical kalas would be inviting friends/family over for a fika to celebrate a birthday. Normally people put on some nicer clothes, come with a gift, and talk with each other over the fika. A kalas for children commonly includes fun activities and games as well as fika and snacks, and some parents even make dinner for the guests. It is generally 1–3 hours long, depending on whose kalas it is, and it never goes on for more than a few hours.

You may encounter the word kalas where it doesn’t mean a birthday celebration. In this case, it means something like a party similar to the one I’ve described above (except not a birthday celebration of course). People sometimes like to use this word when talking about a celebration because the word has this feeling of being fun and enjoyable. However, you may never refer to a party where the main focus is drinking/partying as a kalas unless it is a birthday party. That’s a fest (which is the general word for a party btw). A kalas is always, 98% of the time, appropriate for people of all ages, children in particular, and it rarely includes activities other than talking and having fika.

Glosor [Vocabulary]

Ett kalas = A birthday party

En fest = A party

Fika = A swedish concept of eating some sweets and drinking coffee with other people.

{May 2020}

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여러분 안녕하세요!

저는 오늘에 제 한국어 공책을 긑냈어요!!

저는 그 공책을 12월 2017년부터 4월 2020까지 있어요 (4년!!). 아 ㅏ 시간이 오래 걸렸어요 ㅠㅠㅠ

암튼 아직 기뻐요! 저는 지금에 새로운 한국어 공책을 있오요. 그리고 한국어를 더 배우고 싶어요!!


(제 실수를 교정해주세요!! 저는 아직 배우고 있어요…)

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The thing people don’t realize about being fluent on a different language is that, no matter how well you communicate, there’s a very good chance your vocabulary will be smaller than that of a native speaker. 

You might be in the middle of this perfect, grammatically correct, life affirming, perfect fucking speech, and all of a sudden you hit a wall because you realize you don’t know the word for a particular action/flower/animal/kitchen utensil, etc. 

Or you’re getting directions, and you understand 99% of what you’re being told, but the person helping you uses a word you’ve never heard of and then you’re lost, so so lost, literally and figuratively, just because you have no idea what a “butte” is. 

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Learning a second language while Autistic:

  1. Already slow processing time compounded by adding in translation
  2. Speaking out loud! In class!
  3. Is that the right word? Fuck what’s the right word? Why is everybody staring at me?!?
  4. Can’t remember the word in Spanish so I sign it
  5. Language quirks are now Errors. No, I actually meant to say “very social distance”. Yes, I know I said the dress looked delicious.
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I got a feeling I might have lit the very fuse / Tengo la sensación de que podría haber prendido la mecha

I was listening to Knee Socks by the Arctic Monkeys when I heard that lyric. Idiom of the week!!!

Definition: if someone lights the fuse, they do something which starts something dangerous or exciting

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French Practice, 5/27/2020

Today I worked on my months and days as well as translating a nursery rhyme to help teach myself some new words. My favorite word I learned today was fermiere. The pronunciation makes me feel nice and the word itself feeds into my cottagecore guilty pleasure.

(Sorry that the notes are messy I’m still learning how to make them pretty.)

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Vocab de Harry Potter à L’École des Sorciers


Note: these are all words I didn’t know while reading, not vocab relating to the theme of the chapter.

Quiconque - Anyone

Les sornettes (nf) - Poppycock, Twaddle, Balderdash

Diriger - to direct, to steer

Les perceuses (nf) - drills

Craindre - to be afraid of

Convaincre - to convince

S’éveiller - to awaken

Les poumons (nm) - lungs

Le trottoir - pavement, sidewalk

Parvenir - to reach

Envahir - to invade

Grommeler - to mumble

Les Moldus - muggles, non magic folk

Ouste! - Scram!!

Un témoignage - a testimony

Oser - to dare

Raide - rigid, stiff

La jugeote - common sense

Le bambin - toddler

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