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What is Temauke? | Why am I running the challenge?

This week (Oct 26 - Nov 1) the theme is Festivals, celebrations and observances.

What are the names for different festivals, celebrations and observances in your target language? What different festivals, celebrations and observances are there in your home country or the country/countries where your target languages are spoken? How are they celebrated? What is your favourite festival, celebration or observance? What is your favourite memory of a festival, celebration or observance?

Good luck and happy learning! ♥

Feel free to tag me in your posts (@languagessi/ #languagessi) if you want me to see them, or you can use the tags #temauke (/ #temauke18) and #langblrweeklytheme.

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Learning Log: 19 October - 25 October

So I gave this learning log thing I’ve seen other langblrs doing a try and here are the results! 

I actually really liked tracking my productivity this way, it really does give you a sense of accomplishment and motivates you to more just to get to color more spaces. I’ll definitely do this next week too!

More details under the cut!

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指摘 [してき] -  pointing out, identification
土台 [どだい] -  foundation, base, basis
自ずと [おのずと] - naturally, in due course, by itself
視野 [しや] -  field of vision, view; one’s outlook (e.g. on life), one’s horizons
好奇心 [こうきしん] -  curiosity, inquisitiveness
なおさら - still more, even more, all the more;  still less, even less​
錯覚 [さっかく] - illusion, hallucination, delusion
文脈 [ぶんみゃく] - context
機能 [きのう] - function, facility, faculty, feature
無限 [むげん] -  infinity, infinitude, eternity; infinite, limitless
いかに - how, in what way; how (much), to what extent​;  however (much), no matter how​
前置詞 [ぜんちし] - preposition

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Arabic (العربية) is a Semitic language. With over 310 million native speakers and over 422 million speakers in total, it is the fifth most spoken language in the world. It is the official language of 26 states and one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Arabic is also the liturgical language of 1.8 billion Muslims. Want to learn more? Follow @arabic-langblr

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here’s a tea related vocab list for all of you tea lovers out there (mostly to satisfy my dark academia desires because #coffeeforlife)


Originally posted by ofallingstar

- tea

찻잔- teacup (with handle)

찻잔 받침- saucer

찻주전자- teapot

티백- teabag

찻잎- tea leaf

찻종- tea cup (without handle)

다례- Korean tea ceremony

다식- sweet biscuits eaten with tea (usually made of grains, nuts, honey, etc)

다방- coffee/tea house

녹차- green tea

홍차- black tea

동굴레 차- Solomon’s seal tea (my all time favourite tea its SO good)

옥수수 수염차- corn silk tea

도라지차- Bellflower tea

우롱차- oolong tea

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This Is Halloween (Finnish)

Aika - time
Tarina - story
Uni - dream
Mielikuvitus - imagination
Raja - limit
Juhla - party, feast, celebration
Poika - boy
Tyttö - girl
Kylä - village
Nimi - name
Halloween - Halloween
Kurpitsa - pumpkin
- night
Koti - home
Sänky - bed
Silmä - eye
Rappu - stairstep
Ötökkä - bug
Hiukset - hair
Laulu - song
Yllätys, ylläri - surprise
Valo - light
Lyhty - lantern
Varjo - shadow
Maa - ground
Luuta - broom
Naama - face
Välähdys - flash
Tuuli - wind
Tie - road, way, path
Kuu - moon
Kauhu - horror
Raaja - limb
Pelko - fear
Sätky - jump, twitch
Työ - work, job
Kaveri - friend, mate, buddy
Huuto - shout
Kuningas - king
Kulua - to pass (of time)
Arvata - to guess
Tulla - to come
Olla - to be; to have
Kertoa - to tell
Taitaa - to probably (do)
Olla aavistus - to have an idea, to have a hunch
Näyttää - to show
Tulla mukaan - to come along
Kiljua - to scream
Säikyttää - to scare
Painua pehkuihin - to go to bed
Hehkua - to gleam
Vaania - to prowl
Vipeltää - to scurry
Hoilata - to sing badly
Odottaa - to wait
Häilyä - to hover, to waver
Väijyä - to lurk, to ambush
Vapista - to shiver, to shudder, to quiver, to tremble
Sanoa - to say
Kulkea - to go, to walk, to move
Lentää - to fly
Kirkua - to shriek
Lähteä - to leave
Kysyä - to ask
Täyttää - to fill
Vätkyä - to twitch
Tarvita - to need
Tehdä - to do
Huutaa - to shout
Veisata - to sign, to psalm
Hiljaa - quietly
Nopea - fast, quick
Erikoinen, erikois- - special
Outo - weird
Kumma - odd
Kaukaa - from far away
Karmiva - creepy
Rohkea - brave
Oma - own
Rauhaton - restless
Hyvä - good
Kauhuissaan - horrified, terrified, frightened
Ykskaks - suddenly, all of sudden, just like that
Autio - desolate
Öinen - nocturnal
Kunnon - proper, real
Luinen - bony
Suurisuinen - bigmouthed
Hurja - fierce, terrific
Kurja - miserable
Yllättävä - surprising
Vaan, vain - just, only
Kuin - than; like
Joka - that
Tämä, tää - this
Mistä - from where
Mahtaa - I wonder (in this context)
Ei - no, not
Sinä, sä - you
Siellä - (over) there
Nyt - now
Jotain - something
Niin - so
Muu - other
Henkihieveriin - into a very bad or half-dead condition
Kun - when
Alla - under
Meidän - our
Kaikki - everyone, everybody; everything
Todella - really, very
Jokin - something
Iik! - Eek!
Siis - therefore
Kerran - once
Taas - again
Me - we
Siinä - there
Pois - away
Ja - and
Muualla - elsewhere
Kuka - who
Se - it
Poissa - gone
Täältä - from here
Hurraa! - Hurrah!

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So I was feeling anxious so I took a walk outside and on my way back there was a group of Arabic speaking men walking on the other side of the road and one of them yelled what sounded like أين, أين which I think meant “where where?” at a car slowly driving past them and then he jumped on the car and the car drove off. Happy to get some unexpected listening practice and understand something! 

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Hello! It’s time for a new langblr challenge! This time the challenge is called Langblr Picture Describing Challenge and the purpose of it is to improve your language skills by describing pictures in your target language!

To participate in this challenge you must pick a random picture from Flickr, Pinterest, We♥It or other website and then describe it in your target language! You can either make a vocabulary list of the things you find in the picture or write full sentences. If you want, you can post about your progress and show which pictures you chose and how you described them. If you do, please tag your post as #picturedescribingchallenge so that I and others can see what you’re working on and learn something new as well!

You can choose to participate in this challenge for 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, or 30/31 days - it’s up to you!

Enjoy your studies!

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~ W E L C O M E ~


Hi everybody, this is my first languageblr!

So i am gonna start with a little introduction in my TL ~♡ (correct me if i say something wrong))




母国語はスペイン語、フランス語と英語 もはなしまあう。


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