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I had my session on Friday! I pushed myself to speak a little bit more, answer a greater number of my tutor’s questions questions in Farsi. My tutor also spoke more in Farsi; I  had a harder time with longer sentences but found that I could get the gist of her tangents if they were shorter and simpler. Aside from my session where I worked mostly on listening and speaking, I studied on Mango for a little bit. I usually do more but I was exhausted after work.

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Learn Korean with BTS quicknotes


Book 1








Book 2








Book 3








Book 4








Disclaimer: These are my own notes on the Learn Korean with BTS books.

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давно я не брал в руки шашек. это непорядок

давно я не брал в руки шашек. это непорядок

новость номер один: я все-таки побывал в японии!! правда, если учесть наши сегодняшние реалии – виртуально. жена подарила мне на свой день рождения виртуальный тур по 京都, а вернее по району 東山区 (хигашияма-ку).
для тура мы воспользовались платформой amazon explore. интересно, что общение с экскурсоводом устроено в полуторастороннем порядке: мы его видим и слышим, он нас только слышит. под это…


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What are you waiting for?
Start speaking Bahraini from the first day in a simple approach using Latin Alphabets.
It is conversational and not conventional class.
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My brain is sometimes just:

Yeah, I know, we just read a text in Japanese, and the questions about the text are also in Japanese, but I want to answer them in French please.

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Todos representan lo mismo, pero todos son diferentes. Estos son alfabetos Braille, Morse, fonético, náutico y cirílico.

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Duolingo: listen and repeat

Duolingo: Ich bin der Pinguin


Me: wait

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A quick shout-out to every single Bangla speaker (Bengali or not) that has ever said something kind and supportive or offered corrections and enlightening bits of information to me, no matter how big or small.

I want you guys to know that learning Bangla and connecting with Bangla speakers on here has been nothing but a positive experience for me. I’ve read that some people learning other languages have had to deal with negativity from speakers at times and I honestly have never had to face that. In fact I’ve come to learn that Bangla speakers are as sweet as the language itself and are a joy to be around.

Every message, comment and ask I have ever received from you guys has been filled with nothing but warmth, gentle guidance and respectful curiosity, and I feel welcomed and supported. So I just wanted to say thank you to all of you because learning a language is never easy for anyone. And it makes the world of a difference to be exposed to friendly people and helpful teachers. Idk I’m just proud of the community on here I love you guys and I am grateful to you. I never would’ve learned as much as I know now without your help and encouragement. I can confidently say that Bangla learners are in good hands and are well watched over.

That’s all! I hope you’re staying safe and that you and your families are doing well 😌💕

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Describing weather evens - part 1 (vocabulary list)

à â ç è é ê ë î ï ô ù û ü

Le soleil a percé entre les nuages. - The sun shone through the clouds.
une rafale du vent - a gust of wind
Le thermomètre indique une remontée de la température. - The thermometer indicates a rise in temperature.
le ciel dégagé en alternace avec le ciel couvert -  clear sky alternating with overcast sky
Le temps sera comme à l'accoutumée pour la saison. - The weather is going to be like it usually is at this time of the year
Le temps sera conséquent toute la semaine. - The weather is going to be consistent all week.
Quel temps fera-t-il ? - What is the weather going to be like?
Je vais mettre una chaîne avec les prévisions météo. - I’ll turn on a channel with a weather forecast.
Ce site web montre les previsions pour les deux semaines prochaines. - This website shows projections for the next two weeks.
Il semble qu'on devra rester à la tentation de partir parce que la météo n'est pas favorable pour faire une escapade comme ça. - It seems like we’re going to have to resist the temptation to get away as the weather isn’t suitable for a  getaway like this.

le ciel voilé - a slightly hazy sky
Le temps est médiocre. - The weather is shit.
Mets ton ciré avant de sortir, il va plevoir des cordes. - Put on your waterproof jacket before you go out, it’s going to be raining cats and dogs.
le temps printanier - spring weather
le temps estival - summer weather
le temps automnal - fall weather
le temps hivernal - winter weather
J'aime faire des promenades au bord de la fleuve le matin lorsqu'il fait frais. - I like going on walks by the river in the morning while it’s chilly.
On crève de chaud. - It’s boiling hot.
Le brouillard de pollution entraîne une dégradation de la qualité de l'air. - The smog causes a declining quality of the air.
obscourcir le ciel - to cover the sky
Un froid polaire enveloppe la contrée. - A deep freeze covers the region.
J'aimerais vivre dans une région où je pourrais m'habituer à des températures douces pendant toute l'année. - I wish I could live in a region where I could get used to there being mild temperatures all year long.
une température polaire = une température glaciale - freezing temperature
la clue = l'inondation - flood
La ville est sous la neige. - The city is snowed under.

Il y a des giboulées. - There is a sleet.
Il y a des rafales. - There’s a strong wind.
un buletin météo - weather forecast
un orage supercelullaire - supercell thunderstorm (that causes tornadoes)
le cisaillement des vents - wind shear
le grêlon - hailstone

Follow me for more! I’ll post a part two of this post soon.


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Salut tout le monde!

J’ai voulu améliorer mon français en écoutant ou en lisant plus en français. Eh bien, jusqu’à présent, je l’ai fait en regardant Brooklyn 99 en français sur Netflix. Et en regardant les youtubeurs français jouer à des jeux vidéo. C’était amusant de voir des joueurs français jouer au jeu Phasmaphobia.


Hi everyone!

I’ve wanted to improve my french by listening and reading more in french. Well so far I’ve been doing it by watching Brooklyn 99 in french on Netflix. And by watching french youtubers play video games. It was fun watching players play the game Phasmaphobia.

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Watch “Dr Louise Newson and ‘The Truth About the Menopause and ’” on YouTube

Watch “Dr Louise Newson and ‘The Truth About the Menopause and ‘” on YouTube

For anyone who is curious about what is the menopause.

What are the kinds of symptoms that women experience and the health risks effected by low hormones?

Louise answers those questions and more….

Louise is a UK Based GP and a doctor that specialises in the menopause. She also has a YouTube channel called My Menopause Doctor.

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Your Travel Guide to Paris: Culture, History, Languages, Lifestyle & Things to do

Your Travel Guide to Paris: Culture, History, Languages, Lifestyle & Things to do

Paris, the capital city of France and also known as the city of love. A perfect tourist destination for a newly wed couples, celebrating your anniversary, proposing to someone as well as a safe haven for the hopeless romantics. This blog is going to be a roller coaster of, history, culture and things to do in the city, so try and keep up with me. But first, let’s know a basic overview of the…


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Teaching myself Japanese & I feel like I will never get there. I want to understand it all within a few hours & I know it doesn’t work that way. Reading it has gotten easier though, I will admit that. I suck at writing kanji (that’s an understatement) & sometimes I become tongue tied. I wish I could just pack up everything and move there that way I’d be forced to understand it daily. Tasukete kamisama XD Any one out there have any tips on learning languages? I am open for some tips. Along with Japanese, I am brushing up on my Spanish and have picked up some Latin & Chinese. Also, just a LITTLE bit of Korean and Arabic. I want to keep my mind busy, obviously lol

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Three Hundred and Thirty Five Years’ War

One of the longest wars in the human history was actually a bloodless war where no single shot was fired from any of the warring sides. This theoretical state of war existed between Netherlands and Isles of Scilly for three hundred and thirty five years. Isles of Scilly are a small archipelago off the Cornish Peninsula of England. During Second English Civil War (1648-1649), when Britain was in turmoil due to infighting between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists, Britain lost control of the islands. Taking advantage of the Civil war, the islands started to harbour pirate ships. The pirate ships used to launch menacing attacks on Dutch merchant vessels which was the lifeline of Dutch economy at that time. In 1651, the Netherlands declared war on the Islands and Dutch Navy despatched a fleet of 28 battleships against the Islands to capture the ports occupied by the pirates.

However, before any shot was fired, British government took control of the Isles and promised to resolve the pirate crisis. Dutch Navy recalled its fleet; nonetheless, the Netherlands technically remained at war with the Isles of Scilly. It has been claimed that due to obscurity of how a nation could declare war against a small part of another nation, Dutch politicians never took initiative to declare peace officially. In 1985, Roy Duncan, historian and Chairman of Isles of Scilly wrote to the Dutch Embassy in London and revealed the myth that the Islands are still at war with Netherlands as no peace treaty was signed after the declaration of the war. Diplomats scrutinised the historical records and found the myth correct. In 1986, the then Dutch Ambassador visited the islands and signed a peace treaty. The peace was officially declared on April 17, 1986 three hundred and thirty five years after the war was declared.

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