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#lapis lazuli

My entry for starclod_ (insta)

DTIYS. This was a really fun one to draw. Hope ya like it😊.

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Holding hands can be with 3 people. 😌

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Lately been trying to figure out fresh new styles to make for my little business. I been making stretchy bracelets for years and then few months back I learned to make shambala bracelets using the square knot technique. Now I just recently done my first Mala 📿!

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Working on an animation of zuli using her semblance

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Lapis lazuli


Originally posted by buttonheart

OK I know that I haven'tposted anything for sometime now. So let Lapis gid you and find your perfect friend.

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Me on the phone with my dad:

My dad:We’re going to your Uncles house in an hour. Your on speaker phone so don’t say anything rude.

Me:When am I ever rude on the phone?

My dad:Well not rude but no snark. I don’t know where you got that from.

Me:*looks at all the pictures of my favorite charcters on my walls* yeah I wonder where.

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She’s fun to drawwww ft her emblem on her buttons

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Originally posted by pearl-likes-pi


Originally posted by skyconic88

I already posted something like this, but it didn’t have any accompanying images. These should do the trick. The song is still too perfect for this ship!

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