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sunday 12.04.2020 // ugh

Is anyone else struggling with being productive atm? I’ve finished all my courses a while ago and got finally got my last grade (1,0 which is the equivalent of an A+)

Next week I’m going to start my job at the landscape architecture office. I’m super excited for that, but to be honest my master thesis is killing me. I have so many ideas but I’m really struggling to figure out a clear topic and space to design. I’m just brainstorming atm and hoping I’ll get in the flow and finally be able to start actually really working on it. 

Also it’s my 25th birthday in 5 days yeaaah. At least I’ll be able to pick up some cake at my parents place :) 

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Tuesday 31.03.2020 // work it

Spend most of my days on doing some exercises in Vectorworks, which i will need for my master thesis. I worked with it before but since i usually do the visuals in our designs my vectorworks skills are a bit rusted. 

Last week i applied to a new landscape architecture office and i had an interview there. Someone else applied too, so I’ll have to wait till friday, That’s when the boss will let me know if i can start working there. 

Meanwhile my ideas for my Master thesis basically got wrecked by the corona virus. Can’t really do a design with a social focus when people aren’t even allowed to go outside (unless they’re going to work, the store of actively doing sports) Hope I’ll find a new idea, that i’m passionate about, soon. Wish me luck :D 

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Thursday 27.02.2020 // getting there
sooo I’ve spend the last weeks with reorganizing and decorating my room. Getting it cozy and productiv. Also I feel like i’m finally getting closer to what i want to work on in my master thesis. Haven’t talked to my prof yet, but i think she’ll like the topic.. stay tuneddd :) 

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Thursday 13.02.2020 // done

Hey guys! We finished our model for „green technologies - Living architecture“ today! Im so so happy about how it turned out! Now we just need to do our presentation next Friday. Since we’re seven people only two of us will present, everything else would be too much. Obviously I’m going to present, because I actually really like to do it.

This is my last course and project before, hopefully soon, starting my master thesis and finishing my landscape architecture master :)

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Wednesday 22.10.2019 // ups i did it again

Again, I haven’t posted in forever. I basically just started my 3rd semester of my landscape architecture master. I’m probably going to take a course in „Green Technologies - Living Architecture“ which is why I had to finish an assignment. I’m quite satisfied with it (I worked the whole night on this, because I’ve been at work a lot so I didn’t get to do it earlier). Might take a nap and reread and check everything later before I hand it in :)

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Tuesday 06.08.2019 // Done

As always I still suck at keeping you guys updated. We had our landscape architecture design presentation about 1,5 weeks ago. There were only four groups and all of us were seriously great! We got a 1,3!! 1,0 is the best, 4,0 the worst. If you’re worse than a 4,0 you fail.

This was my last landscape architecture design project before I start my master thesis 🎉

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Saturday 14.06.2019 // Throwback to Thursday

The work for our studio design continues. We’re going to have a presentation in two weeks so we’re trying to finish as many things as possible to get more feedback

Oh and also that’s my dog, who I take to university with me all the time

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