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#larry is literally real

I decided to start learning how to cook if I really to live on my own so I searched a list of food that I can add on my “To cook bucket list” when this larry shit appeared again out of nowhere. Srsly my larents can’t keep their chill, they are all over me 24/7 I luv it

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It’s 2020, and people still think Larry is real and that Freds isn’t Louis’ son? Really? Have you SEEN the boy? He’s Louis’s mini-me. There’s no #Babygate and it WON’T end because that is his child no matter how much you carry on like tantrum throwing toddlers.

It’s 2020, and people actually think Louis doesn’t hate your guts for the harassment and hate you’ve sent his family?

Shriek about proof and post all the decade old GIFs you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s never going to happen. Who knows, they might admit somewhere down the line that at one time they DID have something more than friendship but if they did, it ended a long time ago. Yell and holler about #Winning and try to make every single one of their achievements about #Larry all you want but it doesn’t change the fact that they probably only speak twice a year.

Are you still gonna harass them when Louis gets married? Or when Harry has his own kids? Because it’s truly pathetic how utterly delusional Larries are. Larries sound like those nut bars on Reddit who think birds are spy drones at this point.

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este fue el highlight de mi día


personalmente no creo que vaya a durar mucho con su cuenta así, sabemos que es una “influencer” (de alguna manera u otra) y también sabemos que casi todo lo que hace, lo hace por atención.

también con esto de alguna manera u otra pudimos ver una vez más cómo no es la persona que aparenta ser “una excelente mamá”, de mamá no tiene nada y de excelente muchísimo menos

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