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okay so i was thinking and listening to fearless because its my favourite song on walls and i was trying desperately to remember the lyrics because i’m bad at doing those kinda things, but then boom i had a thought and now i’m here. 

as we all know, fearless is about remembering being young and i assume not having money or everything they wanted etc etc, and too young is about being too young to “know we had everything, i can’t believe i gave in to the pressure”. both songs have a nostalgic vibe to them in which they both remember the times where they were young. however, fearless addresses more about after growing up compared to too young where it focuses more about the relationship as a whole. in a simple dynamic, fearless would be “too late”, and too young would be “too early.” 

if you can’t tell already, i was thinking that fearless and too young probably do have a correlation where they focus around the same general subject and feelings, sort of like a prequel and a sequel. 

fearless firstly talks about earning money [cash in your weekend treasures], following with “do you still remember feeling young, strong enough to get it wrong in front of all these people”. “just for tonight, look inside and spark that memory of [us together] you”. the second verse talks about how happiness ≠ money. 

too young firstly talks about they were too young to know how to properly be in love and handle everything. it describes a bond so special between the two people- that they were so, so in love at 18. it continues to talk about how they gave in to the pressure, when people told them the love would never last, but they never gave up. in too young it elaborates on how they finally have a conversation talking about how they have to handle everything. “face to face at the kitchen table…now we can finally have a conversation” refers to how they have been, in reference to defenceless: “We’re sleepin’ on our problems like we’ll solve them in our dreams, We wake up early morning and they’re still under the sheets.” now we all know this song is probably about … okay. 

when louis was 18, its true, he had barely any money, coming from this small town of doncaster down to participate in x factor. barely making it in, he met the love of his life. 1D was skyrocketing into the charts and they got more famous as time passed by. fast forward to years later, they’re rich. paps everywhere, no privacy. “do you remember feeling young, strong enough to get it wrong in front of all these people” having the space to make mistakes without it being headline on the sun the next day. “just for tonight, look inside and spark that memory of you” from when they were younger, when they had more freedom. “we were too young to know we had everything”, they never knew it was going to be this hard going down that path of fame and love. “i cant believe i gave into the pressure, when they said a love like this would never last.” about them being separated, about them having difficulties in their relationship because of their newfound fame. you see how the context fits in? and i think that louis told it beautifully through these two songs, regardless of who it is about.

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All I’m saying is that for five straight lads with the main two writers in public relationships they sure sang a lot about forbidden love and wanting to tell the world about your relationship..

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Liam: All you do is eat, sleep, and complain about life.

Louis: That’s not true. There’s something I do more often.

Liam: Oh yeah? And what’s that?

Harry, without looking up: Me.

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Louis: I’m gay


Harry: LMAO I’m not actually gay my boyfriend took my phone and tweeted that.

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Liam: it looks like someone wants Louis as his boyfrien-

Harry: i don’t wanna be his boyfriend, Liam

Liam: then what do you want

Harry: i don’t know, *sits down at couch and pouts* i just wanna be with him. all the time. i wanna hear about his day and tell him about mine. i wanna hold his hand and smell his hair. but i don’t wanna be his stuPID BOYFRIEND!


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so sure this has been said before but here goes nothing:

louis is the oldest sibling out of seven children and he’s seven years older than the second eldest child (lottie), so he grew up not just as the regular elder sibling, he was older by a considerable amount and had so many siblings to take care of so he’s really great at taking care of little kids. he also said in an interview that since jay was a midwife, he used to go to her work to look at the babies and is “massively broody” around babies (which is so freaking CUTE). harry, on the other hand, is the younger sibling and if you go by the stereotypical younger sibling, he would have been babied a bit and didn’t really have to take care of people like louis did. 

both louis and harry are playful and goofy and dorky of course, but when it comes to taking care/playing with children, fans have often said that louis is the “responsible parent” while harry is the “fun parent”, i think their upbringing (especially louis’ since it was a bit unconventional) affected that, and if they were ever to become parents it would be the perfect match! not just parenting, though, i think that the way one grew up as a responsible elder sibling and the other grew up as a younger sibling is one of the reasons why they have such a good dynamic and are such a good match, because their personalities compliment each other so well.

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Does anyone find it ironically beautiful that prince Harry is next in line after little baby Louis, the son of prince William (Louis’s second name). I mean…. the universe is as always a dark Larry.


Originally posted by sassysmollouie

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Abso-fucking-lutely !! God how iconic is this song?? It ALWAYS hits and now it’s a larry song. Evolution at it’s best.

also not to be cringe but H is strawberries and L is cigarettes :-)

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Lloyd Daniels, actor and singer.

He auditioned for The X Factor in 2009, came out as gay.

He said he was not allowed to come out during the time he was on the show.

That was a year before 1D were put together as a band on The X Factor. 1 YEAR BEFORE. Believe me, if someone was closeted while being on the show a season before 1D’s- there’s nothing that stopped them from doing the same thing a year later.

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Harry wasn’t kidding when he said a carrot wouldn’t cover it.


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What is your favorite Larry moment or ur favorite picture of them? 💙💚

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Husbands subtly looking at one another…. They thought they can get away with that…

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I was so innocently nodding to myself thinking of fans clapping in sync to Rock Me then it suddenly dawned on me

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L and H: *cuddling*

H: “Lou? ”

L: “Yess”

H: “did u know that your ass is your weapon? ”

L: “wut? ”

H: “your ass is amazing, you can get whatever you want with that ass”

L: “well thanks I think”

H: “no problem”

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