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“Okay but there needs to be AT LEAST one thing with the name Louis in it or I’m not doing it… could be a shoe, a hat, a dog, a place.. I dont care.. but it HAS to be there… oh! also, There needs to be Louis blue SOMEWHERE in the video as well.. preferably a lot of it”

Probably an actual conversation that has happened 😂

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Hiya! Yes I have a few!! I do love a good jealous Louis fic! :) I hope you like these!

don’t let nobody touch it (unless that somebody’s me) by stylescantstop for allthelovelou

written for this prompt:

“louis knows Harry gets handsy when he’s drunk, but that doesn’t stop him from showing harry who he belongs to.”

or the one where harry dances with other men and a jealous louis reminds him he’s the only one who can make him come completely apart.

You Like Playing Games by orphan_account

Louis knows Harry likes to flirt and tease. Louis knows that he doesn’t particularly like when Harry flirts and teases. Louis knows that Harry knows that Louis doesn’t particularly like it.

But what Louis doesn’t quite know is why, despite that, Harry’s decided to grind against 5 Seconds of Summer’s Luke Hemmings during “Teenage Dirtbag” in the last show in Melbourne.

Basically pure smut.

Right From the Start (You Know I Got You) by FallingLikeThis

Louis grows up protecting Harry. Harry loves him for it.

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me But Divine Intervention by kikikryslee

“So… what’s next on the soul mate search?” Louis asked.
“I don’t know,” Harry answered. “Whatever I’m doing isn’t working. I’m not finding him anywhere.”
“He’ll get here. I know it.“
“Yeah. I know he’s out there somewhere; I just have to figure out where.”

Or, the soul mate AU where Harry overthinks everything having to do with finding the love of his life, and Louis doesn’t think there’s a Mr. Right for him at all. It takes them a while to realize that their soul mate is the person they want it to be: each other.

you’re ripped at every edge, but you’re a masterpiece by Valentia

Harry Styles knows he’s weird. He likes girly things like flowers and the colour pink and painting his nails and he doesn’t have any friends. But he understands that because how could someone like him if he doesn’t even like himself? It’s his first semester at uni and really, he just hopes the horrors of his past won’t repeat themselves.
Louis Tomlinson has been a uni student for a while now with a rule of not dating new students. He still helps Harry find his way to his first class, though. He’s also really sweet and really hot and Harry knows it won’t end well, but it doesn’t keep him from falling for Louis anyway.

Or: The one where Harry is soft and pretty but doesn’t see it and Louis just wants to love him the way he deserves.

The Undone and The Divine by haztobegood

Thirty seven love bites might be their new record, but then again, last night’s game had gone exceptionally well. Harry presses the pad of his thumb into one of the more prominent bruises along his collarbone, the pain grounding him as he recalls the events of the previous night.

Or the one where Harry flirts and Louis gets jealous, but it’s all part of their game.

Let Me Give You My Life by midnightskies

Gemma has one rule for Louis while he stays with her family at Christmas; not to hook up with her little brother, so of course that’s the one thing Louis does.

Be Mine, For Always by zams

Louis is happy when Harry is happy. That’s what Louis wants, and so when Louis starts feeling weird when Harry cuddles with Liam, Zayn, or Niall instead of him, he keeps quiet. But the burning, uncomfortable feeling Louis gets deep in his stomach when he sees Harry contentedly nuzzling Liam’s neck, or Harry’s arms and legs tangled around Niall like an octopus, or Harry’s face smushed in Zayn’s stomach as Zayn plays with his hair only gets worse as the days go by.

Step into the Light by Smolbeanandhisqween

Harry is on the set of his new music video "Lights Up”. His husband, Louis, is watching him film the video. He gets jealous of all of the people touching Harry and teaches him a lesson.

Destroy Me, King by stylinsexualxo

After SNL, jealous Louis has a little surprise for Harry when he arrives home.

With a Bow On Top by MoreThanTonight

Mate, Louis’ gonna lose his shit over this,” Zayn muttered under his breath.
“That’s the plan,” Harry said smugly.

Or where Harry surprises Louis with corset piercings and panties.

i can feel your heart inside of mine (i feel it) by cabinbythesea

They’re more drunk on each other than the actual alcohol coursing through their veins. Niall has always thrown the best parties.

As always loves, please stay safe and read the tags carefully! ❤

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Re reading Young & beautiful, I noticed how these scene in particular reference to how the media portaited Harry in 2012/ 13 /14 referring to even paying to for example fake date K. or in general stunting and bearding, and how he must have felt kissing / having to prentend physical contact with people that he was not comfortable with, for money. It makes me sick honestly.

He’s there, right there across the room, barely conscious and being held up by a string of socialites in sweaty, hanging clothes that look far too expensive and bland. They grip him from all sides, rubbing their hands over him like he’s shiny (Louis suspects Ecstasy at the very least), turning his barely opened eyes towards them, and pressing cold, flushed lips against his slack face.

Something alarming burns in the bottom of Louis’ stomach as he watches, and before he quite knows what he’s doing, he’s marching towards the slew of leeches.

“I want him,” a pretty redhead slurs, eyes wide and glassy as she slides a hand beneath Harry’s jacket. A young boy, probably no more than sixteen, glares at her, shoving her hand away as he grips Harry’s hand tightly. “I want him!”

“C’mon mate, you’ve already had him,” another boy complains, and begins tugging at Harry’s jacket in a way that makes Louis sick.

He stares at the scene before him in horror, barely comprehending the fact these people are currently tugging on Harry Styles like he’s a ragdoll, pulling at him from all sides and touching every bit of him without an ounce of respect. And it’s even more horrifying that Harry isn’t even really there, too intoxicated in whatever it is he’s flooded himself with that night as his weight passes from person to person, his eyes blearily peering into space and intermittently closing, mouth lightly hanging open, and sweat covering his skin.

“All right, people, all right,” Louis thunders, plowing into the sweaty mass of harpies. “Hands off, hands off.” He swats them away, one by one, as they mewl their protests and send cutting looks his way. The one boy barrels up to him, chest squared and seeming on the verge of violence. “Who says you can have him?” he grumbles, voice low and rich with stale vodka. Louis scrunches his nose in disgust at the odor—as well as his face—and rolls his eyes as he wraps Harry’s arm around his neck, gripping his waist with the other.

“I’ve already paid for him,” he says in his most sarcastic of tones, and offers forth such sass that he expects a full blown fight right there and then. But, to his complete horror, the boy’s eyes fill with comprehension. “Oh. Sorry, mate, I didn’t know.” And Louis wants to fucking puke at the fact that he was taken seriously.

Gritting his teeth against all the things he wants to say (because that won’t help right now, he just needs to get Harry out of here) he sends one last filthy glare in their direction, allowing himself only a, “Fucking parasites,” as he stumbles away.

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Hi love! It really does seem like L is not in London, and is most likely in LA with H. The fact that they have el placed in London the day after everyone was speculating she was with L has me like 👀 but I feel like they may just try and phase her out/distance her from L. BUAs are not necessarily required, it would actually be kinda weird if they had a rep tell the media about the BU with no reason to (that’s why we had the girl in the pool incident during BU 1.0, to give them a reason to tell the media about the BU). Theres so much happening with both H and L it feels like A LOT atm. Im living for it… I think things are deffs changing, but I do think it will be a slow progress…

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