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#larry stylinson
fandomsandmess · 2 days ago
Does anyone just think that 1D LIVEs are better than the actual songs(except perhaps the Night Changes music video!!)? I mean aren't they more real!!???
The way Niall Horan smiles cutely when they were singing 'Steal My Girl' in the line 'But I know, I know, I know for sure' (Video below)
Or Harry Styles goofiness in the 'What Makes you beautiful' LIVE (actually everyone was goofy in this video!)
Key Moments:-
1:21 -: why u so shy??!!
2:34-: Harry forgets to stand in the pyramid and the boys scooting 😅
2:46-: Harry missed the step
And Liam Payne's mic flips still own my heart 💖💖🥺 especially in the 'Best Song Ever' LIVE and also his vocals in the line- 'can i take u home with me, she says never in your wildest dreams'
And i have admired Louis for his unique voice like forever and i love his part in Night Changes especially the line 'hides behind a cigarette'
Zayn is always the silent killer in each live of theirs and I wont be doing justice to his mysteriousness by including just a single video!!!
Well i guess its clear i miss them too much....
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strawberrysos · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the b99 writers watch larry videos pass it on
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mychampagne-mybubbles · 2 days ago
Love on tour WASHINGTON D.C. Sept 18th
Tumblr media
What is the bet this time?!??
✔️ Color: Gonna go again with PURPLE
✔️Holivia & all the initial deception this brings to our hearts 🖤
✔️Song list - my head doesn’t believe this will happen, but my heart tells me he will include 1 different song
✔️Would we sense a Louis hint? We are playing games, so Yes, we will get Louis’ hints (and I mean additional to the bluegreening 💙💚). Wouldn’t it be nice to point out the roses?!
Remember 🚨 You can always use this technique to get in the venue for FREE 😜
Tumblr media
Here a shout out to the previous gamblers but please feel free to spread it out & join ✨
@bluewinnerangel @larrysballetslippers @theyareloudandproud @ibelieveyouitsnotyourfault @ibelieve @ibelieveinolives @my-love-my-wonderwall @awesomefringey @skepticalarrie @twopoppies @28nachos
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tiffthebrave · a day ago
Hey, I'm Tiff and I'm a Larrie...
There are some things in life which are simply undeniable, like gravity, the sun setting in the west, and the fact that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have been in love with each other for the better part of eleven years.
I wasn't a One Direction fan when the band was together. I was 20 when they were on X-Factor and I wasn't part of their target market when they rocketed to fame in 2011. I liked their music, though, and I remember the day that Zayn left because it was all over social media and the radio. I didn't know which one he was, but March 2015 brought the number of members I knew by name to two (because it was hard not to know Harry Styles).
It was during quarantine in 2020 that I found out about Larry Stylinson. I was on YouTube, and a video was recommended to me, "the dark side of one direction" by hey angel and I figured I had nothing better to do, so I clicked on it. Within the first two minutes, Jasmine said that the video would have nothing to do with Larry Stylinson and I was like... who?
Because I didn't know the names of three of the boys, and I wasn't exactly sure which one Zayn was, but I knew that none of them were called Larry (could you imagine?). So naturally, I Googled. And fell down a fucking rabbit hole. I was consumed with the need to find more information about Harry and Louis (who at first I struggled to tell apart from Liam - sue me) and the way they had been kept apart.
It was clear to me while watching the video diaries and early interviews that they were more than friends. I've been a high school teacher for more than five years and I've spent a lot of that time learning how teenagers interact, when they're joking around, and how they brush off potentially "gay" moments.
This was clearly not what was going on between Harry and Louis. Sure, some of it could be brushed off as banter and just a couple of lads doing lad things... but then there are moments which I find to be undeniable proof. For example, the small touches for no reason.
Like this moment that solidified my belief in Larry Stylinson:
Tumblr media
Over the past year I've fallen in love with all of One Direction's discography, as well as their solo stuff. I've read hundreds of fics, and discussed theories with my students - one of my students also drew me the final Larry hug in charcoal and I am going to hang it in my house.
And while I love my students, and talking to them about Larry Stylinson, I'd also love to talk to people my own age. So here I am, finally getting Tumblr for the sole purpose of making friends in the fandom, discussing theories, sharing fic recs, and maybe dabbling in some writing of my own.
- Tiff xx
P.S: Special shout out to @larrygoldfinch for giving me the push I needed to get here!
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bravecreature · a day ago
Did Harry eat Louis' ass like literally?
I didn't expect to live in a world where Louis loses his ass while Harry grows one, I'm mourning!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hisfearlesshaz · a day ago
Picnic and nap 💤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I can't draw feet ok? This was a self imposed challenge
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strawberrysos · a day ago
it's cigarette in his left hand and the whole world in his right hand even though he smokes with his right hand because on his right arm it's where all the complimentary tattoos are and they align with his whole world left arm tattoos so when they hold hands they match and sighs
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Top moment of the last days:
Tumblr media
1. Love on tour•Harry randomly ended up as Elton John
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2. Harry being free on stage and taking us all to this emotional and joyful place
3. Louis being spotted at LA with that SUPER CUTE SMILE despite #loveisnottourism
Follow the chain and share your top moment of the week 🔝
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