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Found some mosquito larvae in an old (no longer used) bowl in my back yard!

Very cool! I love the way they wiggle around to swim. Hope they live nice mosquito lives and preferably don’t spread any harmful pathogens. They are just doing their best and we can’t blame them for that :)

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hello! i found these little guys while i was gardening a couple days ago. the white spider looks a bit like a wolf but it’s white (can wolf spiders be white? idk) and the lil larva was not the only one around! (massachusetts)

It doesn’t really look like a wolf to me but I can’t see it clearly enough in this photo to say what it could be, so who knows! And grubs of course are hard to ID other than saying probably some kind of scarab beetle :)

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My mom videoed a trash bug today! It’s also called a junk bug, and my dad bumped it in this video but don’t worry it wasn’t hurt and we put it in our garden to keep it safe!

I love these lil dudes. If I were a bug I think I’d pile trash onto my back as camouflage too. These dudes are actually lacewing larvae! Excellent. Thank you for sharing :)

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accidentally opened up an ant colony under some bark the other day! I’ve never actually seen ant larva before :O (we put the bark back after this)

Found some future ant children!! Cool. You ever just sit and watch ants work? It’s super interesting! Love you, ants…you’re doing amazing 🖤

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Sorry, I’ve been sending a lot of pics recently, but I haven’t been able to ID this fella on my own. I really like how the coloring on the underside kinda goes from pink to white, as well as the odd fibrous thing on their back end. It kinda gets sucked up when they move but comes back out once they’re done? found New England USA.

It’s a firefly larva! Likely Lucidota atra, the black firefly. I’m afraid I don’t know enough about them to know what’s coming out its back end, though. Anyone else know? Reminds me of hair pencils or coremata on moths!

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