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#last life smp
underground-monarch · 2 days ago
have yall heard that thing about how a lot of dogs in action films and stuff have to have cgi tails bc they're supposed to be aggressive or whatever but they're just wagging bc they're excited to be doing a good job?
that's ren when he's doing rp stuff
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Tumblr media
Grian, GoodTimesWithScar and Scott Smajor from Last Life SMP are all going to super hell together for being elected by Tumblr users as the Biggest Slut, the Biggest Whore and WhoreSlut Supreme respectively!!!
requested by: Anonymous
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jspills · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
After the events of last life, there were a lot of hugs dished out once everyone was home
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khimkito · 12 hours ago
deashboard is asleep time to post furry magical mountain
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they look like cute stuffed animals when they are not on red lifeeefedfffaggfbvnnvnvm *explodes*
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an-minecraft-adhd · a day ago
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Make a mercy out of me
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Just thinking about that scene in session 7 and how it really played out: "Etho doesn't care about you, he's just immediately teamed up with the next guy that's come along" but that "next guy" is Cleo and "Yeah, he's a survivor, that's what he does." / "You and me, we're survivors, Cleo." / and "Etho loves me." ... "Just kidding, I love you Bdubs"
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purgaytoryss · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
mutuals & viewers of my main have seen i recently got into hermitcraft/third life/last life so here are a couple o boys :))
[ for clarification, bdubs is crouching, not 3ft tall ]
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psihawaii · 2 days ago
ASTONISHED with the lack of bdubs fancams set to stupid horse. Had to rectify this.
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skyduothinker · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I'm obsessed with making these
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beebadoobeebap · a day ago
whenever mumbo does something he does it at like 1000%. red name? go fucking beserk thats what red names do! potato boy? make your entire being into a potato and make a huge automatic potato farm! shapeshifter theories? turn into a pig and convince your best friend to give you his soul! moons big? create a cult and moon centric lore! the man is HINGED BUT UNHINGED
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target-tek · a day ago
Tumblr media
my favourite moment of last life. the one where tango goes apeshit
cant do digital drawings as i can't charge anything due to the power cut
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beacon-lamp · 2 days ago
[Everybody wants to rule the world] | Last Life Animatic by Everen
everyone needs to watch this Immediately
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insanitydog25 · a day ago
I wanted to complete the big eyes crew [Bdubs, Tango, keralis] and so I finally did the last member!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[SOME ANGST. CAUSE Keralis is the only one who didn't go to Last Life out of the Trio. And as Dad friend, he gotta be worried sick about them]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I hope Hermitblr appreciate the big eye boi! And enjoy!!!
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incorrectlastlifesmp · 2 days ago
Bdubs: Griiiaaaann... Grrrriiiiaaaaannnn...
Bdubs: I am the ghost of Bdubs and I've come back with a waaaarrrniiiinnng...
Joel: You're not Bdubs. Bdubs had a moss coat
Bdubs: Dude, shut up, man! I'm a freaking ghost. Have you ever seen a mossy ghost before?
Grian: Yeah, that's definitely him.
Bdubs: Fine. Ok, here's the deal. I've come back from the dead to give you a warning about Etho. Don't let-
Joel: What's the warning?
Bdubs: Shut up for one second and I'll tell you!
Joel: Oh, sorry.
Bdubs: Seriously, man! I mean, I'm coming back from the Great Beyond here! Do you think this is easy? It's not! It's not like just... you know pop in and out whenever I feel like it, it takes a lot of concentration!
Joel: Sorry.
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purplemoon153 · a day ago
Grian: *pitches 3rd Life/Last Life*
3rd/Last Lifers: Huh, there might be something here!
Xisuma: *under his breath* Yes, a lawsuit.
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