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bluegreenpurple · 3 months ago
Playing through a game with a friend and they don’t check every container and square inch of the map:
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lunaserenade · 11 months ago
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seriesymovies · 11 months ago
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‘The Last of Us’ HBO Series Casts Pedro Pascal as Joel, ‘Game of Thrones’ Bella Ramsey as Ellie
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cadenceofhyrule · 4 months ago
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hattersarts · 2 months ago
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finally played last of us pt2 so i can post these comms i drew over a year ago. :')
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looperhq · 11 months ago
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In case you missed it, Pedro Pascal has been cast as Joel Miller in the upcoming The Last of Us HBO series! (art by mizuriau on IG)
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hope-fenrys · 12 days ago
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New Arthur Morgan drawing✨
Check out my work here🌿
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queerofzaun · a month ago
𝒓𝒂𝒊𝒏 & 𝒘𝒉𝒊𝒔𝒌𝒆𝒚
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𝒑𝒂𝒊𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈 : abby x fem!reader
𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔 : smut, alcohol consumption, oral, fingering, thigh riding
𝒔𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚 : abby and reader get rained in on the way to one of their jobs, and decide to share a few drinks before things get a little heated
𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅 𝒄𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒕 : 1.7K
𝒏𝒐𝒕𝒆𝒔 : my first last of us fic! i’m gonna do ellie next, because.. yes. anyways, I hope you guys enjoy!! 
Tumblr media
The rain was pounding against the roof of the building you and your partner were currently taking shelter in. Isaac had paired the two of you together to do a job. It had been going alright until the weather took a turn out of nowhere. It would probably be a few hours until the rain eased. Being from Seattle, this weather wasn’t new to you and there had been plenty of times you been stuck in the middle of it. But the job wasn’t of upmost importance, and you didn’t feel like being soaked.
Abby set her bag on the floor, before taking a seat on the worn down couch. It was ripped, and looked like it had been untouched for many years. You followed her actions, dropping your bag next to hers. You unzipped it, pulling out the flask you brought. It was something you usually brought with you, especially in case of injuries. But, this was the perfect time to get a little buzz since the rain was relentless.
You walked over to the blonde, plopping down beside her before opening the flask and taking sip of the whiskey. It burned the back of your throat, but you savored the taste. You held it out to her, “Want some?”
Her blue eyes dropped to the metallic flask, taking it from you. “Fuck it, why not?”
She brought it up to her lips, taking a swig. You observed the way her muscles faintly flexed as she did so. Her hair was braided, as she normally kept it. There was a strand falling in her face, which you thought looked cute. You had always been attracted to her, but the two you had only ever been just friends. Then there was Owen, you weren’t sure she could notice you in that way since he had been a part of her past. 
“I’m glad we can relax for a bit, Isaac has been working my ass off the past week.” She groaned, passing the flask back to you.
You chuckled as you took it from her, “Doesn’t surprise me. Scars have been out of control recently.” 
You took another swig of the alcohol before leaning back against the sofa. It felt nice to just relax with her. There was no telling what kind of trouble the two of you would run into later. Between the infected, scars, and whoever the hell had been killing other WLF members. Getting into a fight of some sort almost guaranteed. The alcohol was slowly starting to kick in, making your head feel dizzy. You passed the whiskey to Abby.
She glanced over your flushed state, “Damn, y/n. You’re such a light weight.”
You frowned, “I am only buzzed, I’ll have you know.”
 She chuckled at your response, shaking her head as she took another swig before closing it and setting it on the coffee table in front of the two of you. Your eyes trailed from her broad shoulders, to her muscled arms that were covered in freckles. You always found that appealing, you wanted to kiss each little speck on her skin.
“You’re staring, gorgeous.” Abby teased, crossing her arms.
Your eyes widened, shifting your gaze to hers. “W-What? No, I wasn’t” You tried playing it off, but you were a terrible liar.
Abby scooted closer to you, making the blush on your cheeks deepen. Her hand grabbed your jaw, leaning closer to your face. You felt your breath get stuck in your throat as she smirked at you. Her thumb rubbed your jawline softly, “Don’t think I haven’t noticed all the staring the past few months.”
You felt embarrassed, and had no idea how to respond to her. You just hummed out, avoiding eye contact with her. This was the first time she had done anything like this, and the liquor in your system only made your nerves worse. She tilted your head until you were forced to meet her gaze again.
“So shy all of a sudden.. What’s the matter? Do I make you nervous?” She purred, her lips grazing over yours.
“I’m not nervous.” You breathed, staring at her lips.
They looked so soft.. You wanted to close the space between you both. She noticed your eyes on her lips. It was all she needed to finally kiss you. It was something you had been craving for years, and it was better than you had expected. Her lips felt soft against yours, she tasted like mint and whiskey. You moved your hand to the back of her neck, pulling her closer as you deepened the kiss.
Her hands moved to the back of your thighs, picking you up and setting you on her lap without breaking the kiss. She kept her hands on your ass, squeezing it gently. Your hands slid down her breasts, to her stomach. Her skin felt so warm against the fabric on her tank top. You slid your hands under the shirt, fingers tracing the outline of her abs. 
She broke the kiss, tugging on the hem of your tshirt. You lifted your arms, letting her slide it over your arms and head. She threw it on the opposite end of the couch. You felt nervous, your chest now fully exposed to her. “You’re gorgeous, you know?” She praised, her hands roaming your torso.
You sighed against her touch, fluttering your eyes shut as you took in how good it felt to have her hands against your bare flesh. Once you felt her hands leave your body, you opened your eyes with pout. It faded though as you watched as she pulled her shirt off, leaving the two of you both half nude. Before you could admire her, she was quick to lean in and start leaving trails of kisses from your neck to above your breasts.
Abby took one of your nipples in her mouth, using a free hand to massage the other. She flicked the sensitive with her tongue, before sucking on it. You hadn’t been touched like this in a long time, so you were sensitive to everything she was doing. You whimpered softly, resting your hands on her freckled shoulders. She pulled away, moving her lips back to yours. The kiss was full of need and desperation. It made your head go hazy. She shifted positions until she was hovering above you. 
She slid a thigh between your legs, “I want you to ride it.”
You grinded against her leg as she kissed your neck. It felt good, but you needed more. You wanted to feel her fingers inside of you. The thought of it only added to your arousal. Your hips rolled against her thigh with more pressure, wanting more friction. It still wasn’t enough, earning a pout on your lips. She lifted her head and chuckled at your expression.
“Tell me what you want.” Abby told you, her fingers tracing just above the hem of your jeans.
“I want you to fuck me.” You admitted.
You watched as she took off your boots, throwing them to the floor. She moved to your jeans, unbuttoning them before sliding them down your legs. The cool air nipped your skin, making you shiver. She brought hand to your clothed cunt, her fingers running up and down the slit slowly. You moaned at the sudden contact, bucking your hips to get more friction.
“So desperate to be fucked, hm?” She teased, pressing her fingers against you with more pressure.
You nodded, her dirty words making your head spin. She pulled your underwear down, before taking a moment to admire your nude body. You noticed her roaming eyes on you, spreading your legs open for her. She leaned down, pressing kisses to your thighs. “I want you to beg for it.” 
This was the first time you had seen this side of her, and god, it was attractive. She stopped her movements, her blue eyes on you as she waited for you to do as she asked. 
“Please, Abby.. I want you to fuck me already.” You whined out.
“Such a good girl for me.” She praised, moving her mouth to where you needed her most.
She took your clit in her mouth, sucking on it. Her tongue flicked the sensitive bud, her gaze on you. The eye contact made you feel weak, but you couldn’t seem to break her gaze. “Fuck, Abby.” You moaned, tugging on her hair gently.
She hummed against your clit, the vibrations making your pussy ache. You bucked your hips against her mouth, but she moved a hand to your stomach to keep you still. Her free hand moved to your entrance, her fingers teasing it by rubbing circles against it.
“Please.. I want your fingers.” You begged, desperate for her to fuck you.
She slid two fingers, fucking you with a slow but steady pace. All the attention she was giving your pussy felt like pure ecstasy. You moved your fingers to your breast, fondling it as she played with you. She took pleasure in the fact she was making you feel this good. Your moans were music to her ears, enjoying each sound that came from those pretty lips. The way your chest rose and he’ll with each deep breath, how your hair fell over your shoulders messily. The sweat that began to bead on your forehead and chest. It was all adding to arousal she felt between her legs.
Your walls tightened around her fingers, showing her you were close. She added another finger, fucking you harder as she quickened her pace. Her tongue lapped against your clit, the lower half of her face now slicked with her saliva and your juices. You tried bucking your hips again, but her hand prevented you from doing so.
It wasn’t long until you came against her mouth and fingers, her hand pulling from your stomach. Your hips finally rolled against her mouth a few times to ride out your high. Once she felt you wince against her, she pulled back with a smirk. You looked up at her through hooded lids, watching as she sucked her fingers clean.
You tried to remove her pants, but her hand stopped you. “Later, gorgeous.” She smirked, pointing to the window.
You furrowed your brows, shifting your gaze to where she pointing. The rain had died down, now just sprinkling. You frowned, not noticing the change in weather and the fact that it meant you had to get back to work. Abby watched the pour form on your lips, leaning down to kiss it briefly.
“If you’re good, I’ll let you fuck me tonight. Okay?” She said, sending you a wink.
You sighed but nodded your head, “Okay.”
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edogie · 7 months ago
Happy father’s days
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critter-of-habit · a year ago
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Some more TLOU2 sketches <3
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bornwithawarriorheart · a year ago
Cascina Caradonna (The Face Model for Dina) playing around with a TLOU Filter on Instagram (Part 2)
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aventina · a year ago
The Last Of Us Part 2 Actors (face models)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lunaserenade · 11 months ago
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Where is the lie?
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killingboredomwithsex · 3 months ago
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I'm Just A Girl. Not A Threat
Oh Ellie...they should be terrified!
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b-r-o-w-n-o · a month ago
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sirvenusass · 3 months ago
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new ink, sry I’ve been vvvv inactive! 😅
more active on IG: kira.merilees
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lucemoverme · 6 months ago
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Coffee contemplation
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Ellie, the Threat
Abby, the Wolf - Abby, the Firefly
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queerofzaun · a month ago
the urge to write ellie williams fics.. would anyone be interested?? can’t get that lesbian out of my head
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captainmarkone · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
beginning of the end. character(s): joel miller x reader. warning(s): sadness, loss of someone and death. a/n: did you think i wasn't gonna do joel miller? writing joel miller is a must if you write arthur morgan. i love joel with all my heart and i know a lot of you love him too. he was my first crush in a video game. if you see mistakes, ya didn't. i hope you enjoy. <3
September 26, 2013
Arriving home with Sarah, you unlocked the front door and let the little girl go in first. She walked to the kitchen, a pep to her step and a smile bright on her face.
“I’m gonna stay up late until dad gets home!” Sarah said, and that made you laugh softly.
“That’s if you can stay awake,” you teased, nudging the little girl with your elbow. You gave the top of her head a kiss and patted her back. “Watch some tv before dad gets home?” You asked, looking down at the 12 year old.
“Yeah! That’ll help me stay up. Dad should be home soon,” Sarah said with excitement, walking to the living room and turning on the tv. You fixed up the kitchen, setting out the containers of Chinese food you two made a run for. It was all Joel requested for his birthday dinner.
But time continued to tick on. Sitting comfortably on the couch with Sarah’s head on your lap. You had both fallen asleep. It was the sound of the front door opening that you woke up to, looking up and seeing Joel walk through the door. A smile tugging at your lips.
“Happy birthday, handsome,” you said. He leaned down, giving you a soft kiss on your lips as a ‘thank you’. He then kissed Sarah’s head, which stirred her awake.
“Dad! Happy birthday!” She exclaimed, now fully awake and hugging her father tightly. She soon darted toward her room, telling you both to stay there.
Joel sat beside you, a smile on both your faces. His hand rested on your thigh, your own hand resting over his.
“You look absolutely beat,” you said, leaning over and giving him another kiss on his lips. Your hand moving from his hand to rest at the side of his neck, your thumb caressing his jawline that was covered with his beard.
“Overtime is…” he started, but was soon interrupted by the sounds of Sarah’s running steps. You kissed him one last time before pulling back. His eyes locked on you when you pulled away, wishing you hadn’t moved from him.
“I saved up a bunch of money for this! And of course, she helped me cover the rest,” Sarah said, referring to you when buying his gift. “I hope you like it, dad.”
Watching as Joel unwrapped the gift, a smile plastered on his lips as he held up the black watch.
“Just to replaced the way you broke a few months back,” she explained and Joel gave her a big hug.
“Thanks baby girl,” he said, immediately putting it on. Scooting down the couch, you let Sarah sit between the two of you and continued to watch tv.
“Happy birthday, again, cowboy,” you said, your hand moving behind his head. You played with the hairs at the nape of his neck, already hearing his snoring mixing with Sarah’s soft breathing as she too fell back asleep. You followed soon after.
It wasn’t long until the couch moved slightly, Joel standing and lifting Sarah in his arms. You yawned softly and looked at the time on the clock. You sighed softly and saw the TV had gone to static.
“Take her to bed, cowboy,” you said, standing up and walked with him up the stairs. He placed Sarah in her bed, giving a goodnight kiss and you stood in the doorway. You kissed him softly when he approached you and rubbed his arms.
“Now take me to bed,” you teased, taking his hand after closing Sarah’s door. Making it to your room, drowsiness consumed you both before you could give Joel his present.
Deep in sleep, you hummed softly and felt someone shake you from your slumber. You slowly rolled over, seeing Sarah. A worried look on her face. You turned to see the bed empty beside you.
“Where’s your dad?” You asked, soon standing and walking toward the door. It was quiet in the house. Too quiet.
“Joel?” You called out, walking down the stairs with Sarah and into the living room. Joel barreling into the house and shutting the sliding door.
“Wha-what’s going on?” You asked, walking to him and he stared out the glass door.
“It’s the Coopers. Something ain’t right with them,” he said, looking for something in his desk drawer. You knew what he was looking for, you could hear the clinking of the bullets being pushed into place in the revolver he held.
“You’re gonna shoot them?!” You exclaimed, looking at the door when you heard someone slam on it. “Jimmy?!”
Joel moved in front of you, and you grab Sarah and held her in your arms. Keeping her close to you as Joel warned Jimmy.
It was the sound of the gun going off that made you scream, the body thudding to the floor as your hand gripped the back of Joel’s shirt to steady yourself.
Seeing the lights of a car seep through the window, you sighed in relief when Joel said “Tommy”.
You all rushed out the house, and seeing Tommy made your fears slowly disappear. The two Miller boys together were unstoppable in your eyes and they would make sure you and Sarah were safe. You got in the car, sitting in the back with Sarah and keeping your arms protectively around her and she leaned into you. You knew she was scared and you wanted to make sure she knew she was safe with the three of you.
“What’s going on Tommy?” You asked, and Tommy gave you all the run down. Only, the car soon flipped over, causing you to go with it and blacking out for a split second.
Hearing Joel call out to you, you opened your eyes, and groaned. Feeling a throbbing pain on the side of your head. You were bleeding.
You crawled out with the help of Joel, seeing Sarah scared and looking around.
“It’s okay baby,” you said to her, holding her close to you as you all ran down the road. People screaming in all directions, Sarah gripping you tight as she winced.
“What’s wrong, baby?” You asked the girl, she said her leg was hurting and you looked at Joel. He lifted her up in his arms, handing Tommy the gun and started to run. You followed Joel, looking back at Tommy and making sure he was okay too.
An explosion to the left made you scream, gripping Joel's shirt as you ran with Joel to the right and down the street. Others following aimlessly.
Going through the alleyway, you followed behind, making sure Joel and Sarah were okay as you went forward to make sure it was clear, only to be attacked by a random man. Screaming as you lifted your arm up and guarded yourself, you shoved him off and Tommy shot him in the head.
“It’s dead!” he yelled, and you caught your breath before moving on. Cutting into a building, you went in first as Tommy was last and holding the door closed. He instructed you all get to the highway, Joel being adamant on leaving his brother.
“Baby, come on!” you yelled, Tommy telling you to go and that he could outrun them. You believed Tommy would. You ran out the door, a man falling to the ground and getting attacked. You continued on, cutting through an opening in the side of a barrier.
Running up the road, you were stopped by a soldier. You stay in front of Joel, hands up as a surrender. As a way to show you weren't a threat. You felt a small sense of relief. Like you were all going to be saved.
“Stop right there!” the soldier yelled. Talking into his radio. You watched in disbelief as he spoke to the person on the other line. “But sir… there’s a little girl… but… yes sir.”
He raised his gun, Joel trying his best to reason. But it didn’t stop the male from pulling the trigger. You turned, tumbling down the incline with Joel and Sarah. Sarah yelling as she hit the ground, you groaning as your head throbbed. You saw the solider standing over Joel, only to watch his body this to the ground and Tommy coming from the shadows.
You took a deep breath, sitting up and hearing the gasping breaths from Sarah. You soon scrambled with Joel toward her, tears stinging your eyes as you looked down at the blonde girl. She was clutching her stomach, crying, in pain. It caused your heart to break as you knew from that moment she wasn’t gonna make it.
Joel replaced her hands with his, her cries becoming louder. He tried to pick her up, only for her sounds to become silent. The earth stood still in that moment. Sarah Miller was gone. Joel held her, begging and pleading for her to not go. You held them both, crying with him as he held her tight to his chest.
You woke with a start. Gasping as the dream felt real. Like you were reliving it. You sat in your bed, breathing deeply as you tried your best to not let the tears spill from your eyes. You looked down at your hands, jaw clenching as you fought it all back. All the emotions.
You and Joel managed to find safety. But as for your relationship, it didn’t last. He was too heartbroken. Too overcome with grief. And you knew that he needed the time to heal, if he ever did. You sighed softly as you stood from the bed, bare feet on the hardwood floor of your apartment building in the Military Section you were in.
You lived with Joel for a good five years in the same apartment, before calling it quits. That was when you moved out to another section, same military compound.
You two speak every now and then. But it hurts too much to talk for more than ten minutes. You were still in love with him.
You heard a knock on your door and you let your legs lurch forward. You unlocked the deadbolt and cracked the door open.
“What?” you asked, not seeing who it was. Nor actually caring. When they didn’t talk, you smirked. “What the fuck do you want?” When there was no answer, you started to close the door and a hand landed on the door.
“Wait…” the voice started. You knew who it was and you sighed when you opened the door to find Tess. You smiled softly at the female, your friend for many years. You stepped aside and let her walk in.
“I have news for you,” she said, and you walked to the fridge and smirked softly. Always news with Tess. You pulled out the juice in a recycled bottle and opened it up, drinking it. You handed her a rag for the cut on her cheek, shaking your head.
“Didn’t you have a drop to make with…. Joel?” you asked, that very name stinging your throat. A small pang of pain ran through your chest. She noticed and shrugged her shoulders.
“Did it myself. Hence the cut,” she said, smirking softly as she cleaned it up. You handed her a glass of orange juice and shook your head again.
“Don’t give me a lecture. Listen. Robert sent these two goons after me,” she continued and you sighed. Not sure what to say to that.
“Yeah? Our Robert?” you asked, tilting your head as you watched her. “What? Gonna go after him? Finally kill the little shit?” You probed, closing back up the juice and tossing it inside the fridge.
“Yeah… but I’ll need your help. You and Joel’s,” she stated, and you scoffed.
“Hell if I am,” you said and walked to Tess. You helped clean the scratch and shook your head. “I can’t…. Be near him. Right now. Okay?”
Tess let out a sigh, moving from the table she was leaning against to the front door.
“If you change your mind, we’re going to Area 5… hope to see you there,” she said, and left.
It had been 20 years since losing Sarah. Been 15 years since you and Joel ended a seven year relationship. You closed and locked the door up, walking to the window to see Tess walking out and meeting with Joel.
He looked up, making eye contact with you and you turned away. Not wanting them both to see you in such a state.
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