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#last week of college

Today is Thursday, and it’s (hopefully) my last day of college. 

That social science paper I was writing turned out okay, if I can say so myself. I did some research on it, yes, but I definitely could have done more (except I really do not have the time to put all my energy on one single thing amidst finals week). Anyway, no feedback yet but I’m looking forward to that.

I don’t feel much of a difference right now. I can’t really celebrate? yet because there’s no official list of graduates yet. It might come in a couple months, so right now I’m suspended between student and university graduate. I suddenly have too much time on my hands and not enough money. 

Speaking of, I haven’t heard back from the company I applied to last month. I was hoping I’d get hired as soon as possible after this semester because I wanna earn money as early as I can. Not that I have a lot of things I want to buy, just that I want to take some of the burden off my mother’s shoulders because god knows she really needs the help. 

I’ve been working on my online resume/portfolio the past few days and so far it is going well. It’s not as fancy or extravagant as other online portfolios but I think it’ll do for a fresh university graduate. Besides, I didn’t really want to spend my time building a complicated website when I’m 99% sure nobody’s going to see it anyway. But hey, at least the website is responsive? (I mean, kind of. I’m working on it still.)

Anyway, I’m going to a year-end party a few hours from now and I’m hoping to spend some good time with friends. 



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today is so emotional. pls send help.

My head of year/psych/sociology teacher sat down next to me and told me that he’s so proud of me and he remembers chasing after me in year 12 in the pouring rain while we were screaming at each other and he wasn’t sure if i was going to make it but i have and he said he’s so proud of that and how far I have come and how hard I always try. 

He is so cute and lovely and just adhgsjasdgikaukshdoidpfj. Im going to miss him so much. 

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There should be one of those outlandishly specific German words for the confusing frustration/nonfrustration of making out/sexy dancing with a lady all night and then going to bed with a man. 

It’s like your body goes yes, this is an awesome place to end up, but we are a bit confused over here because all of the road signs were pointing towards a different destination yet somehow we did not go there, and this shouldery, scruffy place is also great but it is not the soft and curvaceous place we thought we were going??

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  • Student Teaching (Full Day) 
  • Student Teaching Exit Interviews (4:30-7:30 pm) 
  • Last 2 Student Teaching Papers Due 
  • Senior Research Project Corrections 
  • Senior Research Project PowerPoint Presentation Creation 


  • Student Teaching (Full Day) 
  • Final Touches on Senior Research 
  • Finalize PowerPoint Presentation
  • Make NoteCards for Presentation 


  • ISCAP Presentation (Senior Thesis Defense) –>Totally freaking out about this
  • Senior Research Paper and Project Due 
  • Student Teaching (Half Day)
  • Preparation for ST Party 


  • Last Day of Student Teaching =( 
  • ST Seminar BBQ 


  • Student Teaching Mandatory Wrap-Up Seminar (10-2:30) 


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  • good bye junk food
  • 7 AM runs with my neighbor Jelena
  • picking up my little sisters from school
  • working out at the gym (mannnnn…..-___-)
  • surprising my little brother at his 10th bday
  • seeing my big sis and bro
  • saying bye to my moms roommate
  • saying bye to Maya
  • fathers day brunch, a week early
  • picking my sisters up from their last day of school
  • finding a nanny job
  • going to Fraiche
  • finding any job
  • watching Psych
  • going to a club with Jelena
  • hang out with Amee
  • hang out with Sarah
  • see Trisha and Roshnee
  • Go to Disneyland!

its gonna be a great week!

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