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#last year was so fun 😭😭😭😭😭
buccarati · 2 months ago
gna relive spring/summer last year listen to racine carrée put on the led lights read tgcf
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Developping on @enigmaticmaki 's au in this time of heavy rain looking from my 4th floor shitty appartment hoping Baal doesn't strike me down 💀
I imagine Baal here would be Scaramouche's.. teacher? Sponsor? Caretaker? Mother?
Some kind of superior figure that's close to him to a point where he freely tells her to fuck off and they just
I'd imagine she's the strict motherly type that's trying to keep Scaramouche's chaotic dwarf energy in check
But also they're both eerily violent and it's strangely wholesome
"Where are you going??" "Uh. To WORK? Not like it's any of your BUSINESS" "you bring a taser at least in case you get jumped" "um. ALWAYS." "My boy 😭"
Okay thought-
Fun fact i myself do photography professionally occasionally, my father's job so i come in some times.
And i know for a fact Scaramouche, like me, is getting up on every surface he can find around set to get high angle photos 💀💀
ahem. I'd imagine Mona gets lightly concerned watching him fcking zooming around almost like he has no regards for his own safety
You do not understand it Mona plz let the man do his shit ❤️
If Scaramouche is the type to go out chasing thunderstorms (probably holding a kite hoping to die) then you bet he's doing the moves i do on set 💀
Aka, rarely tell the model what to do, let them act natural and take the pictures when they're doing a pose whitout even realizing it so it's as natural as possible and doesn't feel forced or fake
Usually those photos come out looking the most expressive or genuine and the thing is those perfect natural shots can last like seconds, and you have that second to move into the perfect position and get Le perfect shot™️
I usually work around helping take photos at those mall santas events. But i strongly believe Scaramouche would never agree to such a contract on the off chance he ever needs to interact with children
Like- i myself had to motivate myself with the "but Money. But children 😭" And Scaramouche is much more stubborn than me
When i do participate in it, i bring along my best friend who is, admiteddly, absolutely smitten with kids, finds them adorable and is genuinely happy coming along to help me with the interactions WHITOUT GETTING PAID LIKE WOW SHE IS A SAINT and i believe the equivalent of that would be Tartaglia
Tartaglia loves kids, you kidding? Get my situation but shove Photographer Scaramouche and santa elf Tartaglia in!
Woww actually be so cute to see Tartaglia so excited to interact with so many kids 😭 reminds him of his big family
Convinced by the end of that event he'd be practically beginning Lumine for kids
Mona and Scaramouche watching silently
Mona: about you? Want any kids??
Scaramouche:......... Megistus. Look at me. Just for a second. And just- TRY to realize how STUPID what you just said is.
Anyway Lumine throws a christmas/new year event for her employees that's facts.
Treat them to some drinks at Diluc's bar why not. Scaramouche is complaining the whole time because they don't serve Sake here, Tartaglia snuggled in his own shit, Lumine is responsively not drinking and Mona is chugging alcohol because she never gets the luxury.
Scaramouche is a lightweight i do not take criticism
Meanwhile Tartaglia is a fcking tank that bitch ain't moving. Tartaglia and Kaeya are like immovable objects when faced with alcohol meanwhile.
Cue Tartaglia mocking drunk asf Scaramouche
Mona and Scaramouche are two drunk bastards, and are drastically different types of drunk.
Scaramouche is the silent, "i'm having a crisis and i wanna die" type, meanwhile Mona is having an emotional breakdown and sobbing in Lumine's arms about everything and everyone
Scaramouche is too dead to even comprehend anythin she's saying,he defaults to japanese mumbling and just. What is even happening anymore.
Also: halloween events!
Halloween is fcking different in japan
Scaramouche treats it as it's viewed where he's from : a bombass day for adults to dress creepy and not get judged™️
And not a child's holiday to get diabetes
Aka he's bringing out his SFX makeup certificate
Everyone and everything in the studio is getting a gorey ass makeover
"Lumine, so help me god if you refuse to celebrate this i will SFX-makeup a godamn dick on your forehead 💀"
Mona is dressing up as a witch i refuse to accept any other turnabout
Scaramouche is her black cat
Scaramouche just likes flexing the fact he did so many different mediums
Scaramouche studied graphic art and has PTSD whenever someone asks "wow you're really good! Can you draw me??"
He hides his art a lot because he's self conscious about his gorey-creepy-horror manga work. In the scaramouche way of hiding it when he feels someone trying to look and goes " uh- not any of your business bitch 👁👄👁"
He sometimes sketches ideas for shots, helps him visualize something better
The lighter strands at the back of his head like in-game? Natural! No dye or bleach! Unlike Kaeya! Unlike Kaeya he also doesn't like people pointing it out and often angles hats or hoods to hide the bck of his head. He just doesn't like people staring intensely at the back of his head •_•
Kaeya's has to be fake/bleached/dyed because it has a fade. Scaramouche'd are solid and run all the way to the roots so it makes it possibly natural in a non-fantasy world. And if you think something like that's not possible- look again to my friend i spoke of earlier, who actually has herself a natural silver-white streak amidst her brown hair! If she dyes it, it regrows white! Super interesting stuff. It's usually hidden behind her hair. It's on the side much like kaeya's actually. Geneticd are wild y'all
Why doesn't Scars dye them? Too much effort. Dyes out really fast, too bothersome and costly and just not worth it for two lil strands
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torontoschampions · 15 hours ago
CONGRATS DOCTOR🎊🎉🥳 whoop whoop whoop‼️ i hope you spent the day celebrating as you deserve🗣🗣 now that you're a doctor it is officially illegal for any of your teams to disappoint and if they continue to do so then you're legally allowed to beat them up it's a fact dont look it up
last nights playoff game may have been nasty but today was better thank goodness! and euros today, idk what happened to austria i think they had 0 shots on goal in the first half?😳 and rip north macedonia but they looked they were having fun in warmups so good for them. i feel bad for denmark they worked hard but belgium just pulled through🥺
rip the jays why are they being so rude to you😭 i bet once you can go to a game they'll start winning😤 they just need a doctor in the house for sure
walter usually just hangs out in the spots he's claimed around our house lol and once we come around he leaves. i think he just likes that we're one of the few houses without children running around to bother him👀
today was busy with all the football and we pulled out the pool again but this time we got our dog in a little life jacket and got her swimming😄 she hated it but we loved it so that's what counts🤷🏽‍♀️ we ate outside and watched the copa america match so it was a nice chill day for us.
i hope today was lovely and tonight is great especially now that you're a doctor!
Thank you sm bestie I love u 😭🗣 I appreciate u for letting me yell @ u abt various existential crises over the last few months, u deserve the world 🗣 KDJDKDK now that I’m a doctöre it’s legal for me to send ppl to the hospital 😼 l*afs watch out 🧐
I just spilled cappuccino all over my bedspread bestie I am KILLIN it today 😻
Fk yeah tampa pulled thru yesterday 🗣 And omggg I know the early goal gave us all hope but it would’ve been really tough for Denmark to win I guess so it was a good effort anyway 🥺 the tribute to eriksen was super nice, and I saw he’s been released from hospital so that’s wonderful ‼️
I’m excited for the Scotland-england game today lol I have a bunch of family in Scotland and they all hate engnt with a passion so this’ll be fun to see what happens 😩
Bestie I don’t think I can go to a jays game til next season prob cuz we’re just playing in buffalo rn so 🥲🥲🥲 guess we’ll just have to suffer ! 3 days 3 games 3 losses bestie now that’s a mf hattrick ❣️
Aw omg Walter said let’s just peacefully coexist 💗 Don’t come near me but also don’t go too far. Just a nice cordial acquaintance. Oh my gosh literally same for us LMAOO my neighbourhood has so many little children and then there’s my house w 3 grown kids kshdjdk sometimes I wonder what our neighbours think of us (they’re all caucasian u kno) and if they’re judging us bc they prob don’t know this is normal in our culture KDJDKDK but like fk it man living alone is expensive and lonely 😳✋🏽
JHSJSKS HAHA OMG NOO poor baby 😭😭😭 maybe she just needs to get used to it and she’ll like it after a couple times 🧐 in any case you are teaching her an Important Life Skill 🗣
I’m glad you had a nice day :)) I had so much sushi yesterday and then knocked out for like 2 hours after it was great 😩 I just went driving this morning and am watching the football (what a sh*t pen call that was against Croatia lol I don’t even like them but still 🗣) now !! baseball and hockey and basketball on again tonight truly it’s the most wonderful time of the year (what’s christmas idk her)
btw have you seen the new bo burnham special on Netflix ?? I watched it yesterday it was really good 😭 his stuff makes me go a lil insane hes too good
Hope you’re having a wonderful day! 💗💗💗
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thesecretwriter · 22 hours ago
I was trying to shift but OH MY GOD I HAVE AN IDEA AND I JUST HAD TO STOP AND ASK! What about a roller skating date with loki? You go and buy them together and go to a nice place but to your surprise he is amazing at roller skating even tho he's never tried it before and he ends up being the one helping you instead of the other way around. Maybe by the time you're done its sunset so you grab something to drink and enjoy the view 😭
-All the love, el
Roller skate dates
Disclaimer: I write content that is for an 18+ audience. Should you be younger than this, please do not interact with this blog as there is adult content apart of it.
Pairing: Loki x female reader
Warning: absolutely nothing - enjoy the fluff
Side note: I LOVE this request, it's so cute.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Okay, I know you don’t like the idea of this, but I haven’t been roller skating for a long time.” You said to Loki as you sat in a bench and started to put the roller skates on.
“This is a bit ridiculous, wheels on shoes? Its not normal.” He said sitting down next to you. All you did was roll you eyes in response and continued to put on your roller skates.
After a moment of struggling, Loki looks to you – with his skates still on. “Do you need help?” He asked chuckled as he see’s you struggling.
“If it wasn’t obvious enough.” You laughed and sat back so that he could help you.
He effortlessly put it on and looked to you with a smug look. “How long has it been since you last roller skated?” He said waking up and balancing on his own skates.
“I was 9 years old, but it was fun and I wanna live my childhood again.” You stuck your tongue out and put your hand in his as he offered help for you to wake up.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.” He said and put his hand on your waist as he tried to make sure you didn’t misbalance.
“C’mon let’s try and get the basics done.” He laughed as you grabbed his hands.
“How do you even know what the basics are?” You ask rhetorically.
For 5 minutes you were trying your best to skate without misbalancing and falling.
“Loki?...” You call out loud not seeing him around since your eyes were mainly on thr ground making sure you didn’t trip over anything.
“Babe?...” You call out again looking around the pier where you both decided to skate. Loki was effortlessly skating his way through the cleared area.
“What’s wrong?” He asked roller skating towards you.
“How can you… you said you never roller skated before.” You said with furrowed brows.
“Its easy, just find your balance start from there.” He said it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“Easy you say? I’m trying not to… whoa.” And there you were… on the ground.
The only thing you can hear is Loki’s laughter. You stayed on the ground watching him with a scowl.
“Do you need help waking up?” He asked sarcastically.
“No, I think I’m just going to stay down here… of course I need help.” You said annoyed, to which Loki laughed even more.
“Up you go.” He said putting his hands under your arms and hoisting you up.
“Thank you.” You said gratefully and held Loki’s hand for balance.
For the rest of the afternoon, you and Loki laughed and skated around the pier. There was barely anyone there, so it was nice with it being the two of you. It also saved you the embarrassment of not having anyone see you badly roller skate.
Although once you got the hang of it, you and Loki were in each others arms.
“Lets go see the sunset, then we can grab something to eat and go home?” Loki asked, to which you nodded and skated with him to a bench that had a nice view of the sun above the horizon.
“Today was fun, besides me falling down.” You laughed and rested you head on Loki’s shoulder.
“It was a good day; we should do it again. Once you can assure yourself of not falling, but I have no problem helping you.” He put his arms around your shoulders and pulled you closer to him.
You’re both silent for a moment, just watching the sunset and enjoying a free day before your responsibilities would come back again.
“I like days like this, where we can have a sense of normality.” You whisper and glance up at him.
“I like it too; I get to spend more time with you.” He whispered back and closed his eyes for a moment.
“I love you.” In that moment he looked so peaceful and stress free. He had lived a hard life before you and he deserved every bit of love that came to him, and you were going to remind him of how loved and wanted he is. No matter what.
“I love you.” He opened his eyes and smiled at you, he placed a kiss on your forehead and in that moment you knew this would be your forever, he would be your forever.
Tumblr media
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yioh · a day ago
ok but i miss june last year so much it was so fun 😭😭😭😭
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undyingsunshine · a day ago
Oh FUCK yes I was really hoping you would reblog this!!! Happy Softness Saturday let’s GOOOO
2. What is your favorite color?
18. Do you believe dreams have meaning or are they completely random?
29. Do you collect anything? What are your hobbies? Other than making me cry about Li Cu? 😭
2. What's your favourite colour?
Blue!!! It's a lovely lovely colour! Most of my favourite clothing is blue and it goes well with many other colours like brown, pink or yellow! Just overall a very good colour.
18. Do you believe dreams have meaning?
On a sciency side? Yes! I definitely think dreams can be influenced by worries and stress and so they end up being somewhat of an insight into that!
But of course, my more ahhhh 'spiritual'? Side also likes to think they have some more divine meaning!
Funny story actually, when Uranus and Mars were in conjunction I had no idea it was happening. But around the same time I had a dream where I was... essentially transported into space and I was looking at two planets, one large and one much smaller, with the smaller one looking like it was almost touching the bigger one. The day after, my dad told me about the conjuction and out of curiosity I looked up the size difference of Uranus and Mars; and they were pretty much the same as the planets I saw in my dream, which is super weird and funny to me xD Though, that dream also had Sha Hai Wu Xie telling me something about the end of the world so o-o that was a little weird!
I have whacky dreams like that a lot! Some are scarier than others. I've also had quite a handful of planet dreams over the last few years where they're super big in the sky. And while it's super cool, they also give me really uneasy feelings o~o It's those dreams that make me hope that they don't mean anything xD
29. Do you collect anything? What are your hobbies?
((Making you cry about Li Cu is my favourite hobby XD))
Interesting question! I don't so much collect as I... just... accumulate? Like the ocean I just sort of just end up with whatever rather than seek it out in particular xD I don't have any impressive collections of anything, at least I don't think so! Though, a few years ago I made a joke goal that I was gonna collect marbles from around the world. They wouldn't look different - they'd all be the same, but they'd just be bought from different places. I guess it was some sort of satirical based thing? Not too sure xD
As for hobbies I... am not sure? I think most of my days are spent thinking about my OCs and stories and such! I also like to roleplay, so I guess my hobby is storytelling? I do sometimes draw (as I have shown you xD) and I've been doing so for about 9-ish years, but I wouldn't consider myself all that much of an artist really? Oh and I also like to voice act!!! It's super fun xD
I really need to get more hobbies. Maybe I'll actually start streaming for real o-o And maybe I'll get back into playing instruments! I just need the energy and motivation to do so really xD I also need to get back into writing fics again!
thank you for asking!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
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bratty-longbottom · a day ago
not great bc today is my last day of school:( but glad that this year is finally over still kinda scared for what’s next
I understand what that's like! Last days of school used to be my favorite so maybe this story of one of my last days will cheer you up a bit!
Okay so I believe this took place during my freshman year. It was one of the roughest of my life. All my friends had dropped me besides the two I hold dearest to my heart. And it had been rough for all of us and so we thought why not go bowling?
There was a bowling alley a few blocks away from my school so of course we took advantage of it and you know what happened when we went bowling? We all sucked! But that's what made it funny and fun, gutterball after gutterball and to make it funnier there were a bunch of professional bowling teams in that day😭
After that we ate food there and then had a walk back to my friends place during the sunset.
I guess the point of this story was sometimes the worst situations can turn into the best of times with the right people and that sadness isn't permanent! You're gonna kill next school year and I hope you have an even better summer!
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pinkhyojin · 2 days ago
tagged by: @bumblebeeyeongkwan (thanks sea, i actually really wanted to do this one💘)
rules: answer the questions (if you want to skip one, feel free to do that too of course!). tag 3 people (or more or less, you choose really). tag your post with #CHOICE_tag so we can find each others’ posts! have fun!!
1. introduce yourself. you choose how much or how little!
hi y’all! my name is haley, i’m 23, and i got into kpop about 2 years ago:)
2. how and when did you become a CHOICE?
so i don’t super remember how/when… maybe close to when savage came out?? but i know i’d seen them around and had listened to and enjoyed some of their music, but i feel like i really became a fan after i listened to some of their vocal covers bc i am all about vocals in a group and a.c.e has 5 main vocals let’s be real😤 and then i just kinda fell down the rabbit hole!
3. what is your favorite part if being a CHOICE?
it’s so fun to talk w everyone else about a.c.e bc i feel like CHOICE are just so chill and just love the boys and the music and also love clowning the members for everything which is great😅
4. what is your favorite a.c.e song? do you prefer their title tracks or b-sides more?
tough q! but my fave is savage, with take me higher and under cover being close seconds! and i literally like ALL of their title tracks but their b-sides are sometimes hit or miss w me (but that’s pretty typical w any artist for me)
5. who’s your bias? what do you like about them?
for the longest time i didn’t have an a.c.e bias bc i love them all a lot, but it’s definitely solidified as chan recently💘 i love his voice and his stage presence, but also offstage he has a great energy and is just such a chill but fun person (also his laugh is so cute i-😭)
6. what is your favorite thing about a.c.e?
a.c.e is a group that is just so likable, they are incredibly talented and hardworking and create a space with their content that feels so comfortable to come back to again and again. they also continue to try new concepts and you can literally never predict anything that they’re gonna do (except provide amazing teaser images and music)
7. which concept has been your favorite? what kind of concept do you want them to try?
undercover my beloved💖 like looks for days and the kind of rock genre w lots of guitar was right up my alley! and i’d love them to do another bright, lighthearted concept bc they’ve been doing a lot of darker concepts recently, also music wise i just want something more vocal heavy, cuz we know they would deliver😌
8. which a.c.e friendship is your favorite? which one do you want to see more of?
i love junchan and dongchan, bc the older brother/little brother vibes are v sweet💖 i’d love to see more bk/chan just bc i really enjoyed their eric nam podcast together where they talked abt their friendship and how they’ve known each other for a really long time:))
9. if you could tell a.c.e one thing, what would it be?
i’d thank them for all the work and care they put into their music/performances! and that their talent is recognized by so many people and that i appreciate their vocals so much and also that donghun should have been meaner to yg when they were on mixnine:) (that’s a joke… but also is it?🤔)
10. which a.c.e member would die first in a horror movie?
bro… park junhee wouldn’t last a day😔 he would scream once and it would be done. we’ve seen him react to so much horror at this point that it’s too predictable, sorry jun💞
11. leave a small message for your fellow CHOICE!
hiiiii💖 shout out to everyone who makes content for these cool dudes!! y’all amaze me💞 also i hope everyone is enjoying the cb so far, and that the teaser photos aren’t taking too much out of y’all, be sure to stay hydrated🤪
i’m tagging: @minhyukmagritte / @lineegrace (no pressure tho ofc!)
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rahleeyah · 2 days ago
Thanks to you (😂) I now can’t stop thinking about Olivia and Peter doing the do. In my head it’s like four months after he’s left and they run into each other and one thing leads to another. It’s very causal and just something fun they come back to for a month or so. But I also firmly believe it’s the best sex of her adult life. Like cmon, who’s giving it to her better? Cassidy? Haden? Tucker? I have nothing against those guys and I love Tucker/Liv but I don’t see them matching Olivia’s energy and worshiping her the way she deserves. So I imagine Peter is just the best dick she’s had…until Elliot eventually whips his out.
And I can also imagine Elliot would ask her a dumb question about the guys she’s been seeing and how he compares and Olivia having some fun with him to rile him up 😂 cause don’t ask if you don’t want an honest answer.
ANON I am wheezing 🤣🤣🤣 ok look thanks to some uh intrepid investigators we have fully seen Cassidy's dick and Liv does say the sex was great when they were young and she does impulsively hook up with him again the second she sees him thirteen years later so like I feel like mayhem can probably throw down BUT
You're so right. Mister "I'm a former pro ball player and I have threesomes to cope with trauma" probably is a pretty good lay and Olivia deserves this. And Peter's face every time he sees her is just 🥺 this man wants to rock her world and I feel like he could. And if they run into each other after they're no longer working together? God please. He fully caught feelings for her and she has been so closed off for so long and he's not off limits any more and he just wants to take care of her...please bring him home, baby girl. You deserve this and he's already great with Noah 😭
And oh my godddddd I love this last bit lmao Elliot fully brought that on himself and these two have always loved winding each other up and I think Liv fully knows if she pushes hard enough she's gonna be rewarded with the full unhinged Elliot experience 🙌
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clanlessrebel · 3 days ago
Hello, rc anon 2 again! What playlist are you listening to right now?
The SOS freeplay event is done and I— 😳😭😔👋💖
I'm on the caution + feeding inner demon path and AHHHH i wasn't able to finish s3 last night 😩😩😩 (my eyes goes dark for a second and I couldn't read straight 😐😔) (i'll play s3 again but next time it'll be starving inner demon)
But I had fun with the clothes 👗. I like most of them and the leather outfit (esp the free one cuz it's all black 🖤) GORGEOUS!
I was kinda dumb when I restarted everything (cause I still haven't played the courage path + feeding inner demon) but I guess it'll be easier now since I bought a lot of diamond scenes 🤔🤔
Anyway, that's all. I hope you had good days 💜
part 2 of rc anon 2 message (maybe?) in case i haven't asked, how was your day today?
I'm almost done with my caution + feeding your inner demon path and the caution path was different from the courage path. But I love how they're both equally terrifying.
(I tried to explain the scenes earlier but the tab refreshed and i lost all the words 😭😭) basically, it was in S3, Ch6 where ⚠ MC and Mom looked at each other before attacking MM (Masked Man) ⚠
But I love how each scene played out. And it angered me so much like WTF. I LOVE SOS 😍💖
part 3 of rc anon 2 message because this is hilarious and I laughed so hard I'm coughing now.
My brain still can't sink in how there are consequences if you romance different LIs at the same time. (i saw this part in wave patrol wherein you get a cg if you cheat on jake/kayla and like hwat? RC wants to haunt us with their shocked, hurt, heartbroken faces)
Ugh but the LIs are so gorgeous tho (esp when they're good to MC, I'm like "yes, come to me")
Derek just looked at me with judgment in his eyes and I'm like, "I'M SO SORRY I DID THIS TO YOU 😭😭😭" guess he won't be my endgame then (but he was my endgame on my first playthrough)
Hey! I’m so sorry for the late reply 🙈. My mind went completely blank after the event and I had tingling fingers for 2 days (probably due to the incessant tapping 🥴). I’m listening to Two Steps from Hell atm 🥰
I won't replay SOS anytime soon (seen enough of Pisadeira at NIGHT over the weekend 😵) I’ve played almost all of the endings except for rejecting the Masked Man in caution + feeding inner demon path (you probably already got this ending). I think my fave has to be the so-called bad ending of courage + feeding inner demon path where the quartet went berserk at MM and his minions. They were like: we defeated Pisadeira & the Faun, you'll be the next ☠️🔥 and the MC gagged MM with her sock!! 😂🤣🤣 (will post the screenshots later)
Oh yes, I love how that scene differs based on the path – one is 🔪 , another is 🍳. I've only been called out once for romancing different LIs at the same time (Dino & Lucifer in HS), but the consequences in SOS were a lot worse lol. Gosh, I winced (and cringed) so hard every time they said "I know you're fooling around with X too" and gave me the judgemental look... I can't even look at the screen when Derek found out the MC was still with Michael after all those years. Yikes. The funniest one was the cheating scene at the end. They were doing it on the stairway and Michael saw it all 😭😭😂🙈 *BONK* sent to horny jail for eternity. Cherry's reaction was gold 😆
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(yes, I replayed that chapter many times with different LIs out of curiosity 👀) sorry not sorry, Michael
Have a great day! 🌞
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hizentadahiro · 3 days ago
aight so last anon here. Its omen. HDJDJDHDH. AND IVE COME TO JUST. ANNOUNCE. THAT IVE BEEN PLAYING GRANBLUE VS AGAIN and ohhhhhh I've got it bad for belial djdbzhshhsbshshhssbbdn. I played for it as him and kept almost getting beat bc I was distracted just looking at him 😭. DESPITE BEING INNUENDO-RIDDLED I DO RLY LIKE HIS INTROS AND WIN SCREEN VOICELINES LIKE. GOD. and whenever I played through the game mode as anyone else I always fought him first and he's just such a fun characterrrr ANDDD he's super handsome. Ik he's literally the archangel of cunning but GOD his. Way with words. Incredibly. I'm swooning. I am enchanted. I am enraptured I am enamored and I am in-love. I think my favorite intro is the one with charlotta bc omg this man is not past short jokes and its rly funny to me djjdjdjd. LIKE OVERALL I CANT CALL HIM MEAN BUT HE CLEARLY LIKES PUSHING PEOPLE'S BUTTONS AND IDK HE'S JUST. RLY LOVEABLE. Dare I say I like him a lot 😳😔 - @gentle-horrors
YEAAAA!!!! i hope u have the dlc where u can play as him bc omg hes so fun to play!! Tbh I have a bias for his JP voice actor bc his voice is like melted butter on the ears but tbh his english voice actor is not only a cool dude but he did a fantastic job on bringing him to life!!! God he is SUCH a riot. Everything he does is so. It's just so him. This man has never told a truth in his life and were clapping like yaaas king give us lies <3 <3 KSDJHFSDKJ IDK if you've seen any footage from any GBFES streams but last year iirc they had Belial come in for a hot minute and just. TEASE.. DIDNT PERFORM OR ANYTHING JUST ARRIVED AND EVERYONE WENT NUTS. he literally just has that effect on ppl. sdkgjhdfskjg @gentle-horrors
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another-confused-ace · 3 days ago
So I graduated today and I wanted to thank you for making my year better. Obviously it was a tough year what with a pandemic and it strained everyone's mental health, but whenever you posted it made my day that much better. It put a smile on my face and made it so I was able to do that one last assignment, that one last zoom class, hit that one last "turn in" button. Your art means a lot to me and hearing about what you did that day or what you want to eat in the tags is so fun. The way you interact with the various repeat anons (most notable being hotness inspector, 🍋, and if memory serves 🛸). You sharing a small slice of your life with us is such a cool thing and thank you for doing it, thank you so much for just posting your art and being you
Anon im literally crying, first of I'm proud of you for graduating that's awesome! Second, I don't think I can put in words what I feel right now reading this, I'm constantly struggling to find meaning in what I do but this just ....... I can't even talk! Like wow! I can't think my brain is full with warmth and bees I just want to give you the biggest hug 😭 know that I have saved this ask in my phone and will most likely come back to it often 💖💖💖 have the best of day anon
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I swear to god I have short term memory loos or something but I can’t remember if I already sent in this request or not and if I have please feel free to ignore and delete this:
May I request hcs of Riddle, Malleus, Azul, Vil and Idia with a down to earth s/o that has really good advice no matter the circumstance and the patience of a monk (Kind of like Uncle Iroh from ATLA) and at random times they’ll say something really profound and deep? Thank you! I’m so happy whenever I get a notification that you posted!
Leaves from the vine, falling so slow... Like fragile, tiny shells, drifting in the foam... 😭😭😭
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
He appreciates that you have a good head on your shoulders! Riddle usually has to put up with the wacky shenanigans his dorm members get into, so having a down-to-earth person to confide in puts his heart at ease.
Your patience and understanding are godsends to your peers (particularly Ace, who gets collared or sentenced to extra chores quite often). Whenever Riddle’s close to losing his temper on someone, you’re able to easily placate him with your sound advice.
There are times when your ideals and Riddle’s clash. For example, maybe he’s used to following a nonsensical rule imposed by the Queen of Hearts, but you might see no reason to do such a thing. When disagreements happen, you’ll settle in for a spot of tea and discuss your differing views together. That way, you can both get your thoughts out there and better understand how the other is thinking.
You patiently wait outside his classroom, or his meeting rooms, for him to finish up with his responsibilities, before you walk home together. Riddle’s involved in so many activities, and those activities sometimes go into overtime, meaning you’ll be in the hallway for many hours at a time. When he’s freed from his duties and he’s able to see you at long last, his face just lights up.
Tumblr media
Malleus is pleasantly surprised that you are wise beyond your years. It’s rare for him to come across such a human--much less court one of such wisdom. Truly, it fascinates him.
He likes to push your buttons, though not in the same way that a common schoolyard tease would. Rather, Malleus enjoys challenging your intellect by posing tough hypotheticals and seeing how to respond to them, then giving his own thoughts in return.
As future king to the Valley of Thorns, it goes without saying that Malleus has to make many tough decisions. He occasionally asks for your input when he is considering certain moves, as he deems an outsider’s perspective to be valuable, given the right circumstances.
Malleus has a habit of showing up late to dates, and responding to your text messages tardy. It’s hard for a creature that has lived as long as he has to grasp a proper sense of time, and it’s even harder for him to figure out this gadget! He’s deeply appreciative that you’re so patient and forgiving with him--though he’s always sure to apologize with a little peck on your cheek or the back of your hand.
Tumblr media
Azul thinks of himself and you as kindred spirits! You’re both intelligent and well-spoken individuals, who just so happen to also be dating another intelligent, well-spoken individual--and that makes you perfect for one another, doesn’t it?
While Azul chooses to dedicate his smarts to entrepreneurship, it seems that you’ve dedicated yours to philosophy. You point out how... sketchy his terms of service are, or how morally wrong it might be to operate as he does--and with you serving as Azul’s conscience, he may find it in himself to lessen the amount he demands as payment.
He has his bad days, when his low self esteem rises to the surface of his charming businessman persona. Your comfort and words of encouragement serve to soothe him when he’s at his lowest points.
You pay visits to the Mostro Lounge near closing time. Sometimes, there are unexpected delays (aka Floyd decided to do something “fun” again), but those never seem to shake your patience--though you do fall asleep at your table. Azul will just tut at you, drape his jacket over your shoulders, and carry you off to bed himself.
Tumblr media
Vil’s a strong-willed and self-sufficient person, so he’s not often in need of your words of wisdom. In fact, he’s often imparting critique and advice of his own upon his dorm members--and any other potatoes that don’t quite meet his standards. (Others have started calling you and Vil “NRC’s parents” because of this.)
He prefers your brand of advice to Rook’sm though he takes both into consideration. While the huntsman is who Vil would consider his “right hand man”, he has a careless way of phrasing himself, and fails to see the bad in the world. Your perspective is more nuanced, and remains constructive without being too kind.
Vil doesn’t believe in just talking the talk. If you’re going to say such profound things, you’d better be ready to walk the talk, too. If you’re having trouble, then he’s willing to support you, just as you’ve supported him, so you can keep true to your own word, and be your best self.
Vil likes to look good, and sometimes that means you having to sit and wait for him to go through his skincare routine, or trying on a handful of outfits before he finds the one that’s suitable for the day’s outing. It doesn’t bore you when you get to see all the fancy bottles of product Vil slaps on his face, or the impromptu fashion shows he puts on for you.
Tumblr media
Idia’s crippling social anxiety gets the best of him in public situations. Because of that, he’s always hiding in his hood or otherwise making himself scarce. He worries that he’s being a burden to you, but he’s thankful when you stroke his hand and tell him to take as long as he likes to adjust. 
He points out characters in games and anime that remind him of you (usually when you’re playing or watching something together). They tend to be the wise old man or mentor characters, so Idia sometimes calls you a grandpa, or “Sage-shi” as a joke.
When you say something deep, sometimes Idia will respond with something that also sounds deep (... though when you ask how he came up with it, he’ll shyly confess that he just borrowed it from an inspirational shounen anime). If he’s feeling more sassy, he might quote a post that sounds like it came straight out of r/im14andthisisdeep.
He considers himself a master of gaming, but every so often, he does find himself getting stumped on a puzzle or boss battle. Your intuition tends to guide him toward the right answer or finding the boss’s secret weakness--and when Idia finally overcomes the challenge, he cheers and instinctively embraces you to celebrate his victory!
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sokkagatekeeper · 3 days ago
ty lee for the character asks :)
first impression: azula friend ... ? oh she’s lying to azula. fun (somebody tell me why my eight-year-old self could tell ty lee was faking it but not the bunch of 20yo in this entire fandom pls)
impression now: a whole genius!!! invented lying pink and gymnastics. the way her body and femininity is a weapon rather than a part of her identity is so interesting to me because she knows how to read zuko and mai and azula so well without them even realizing and i get the feeling that she doesn’t know that much about herself. the way she purposefully makes herself underestimated not only by her enemies but by azula herself by giving her fake compliments to stay on her good side — she uses the misogynistic beliefs of the fire nation on femininity to make herself seem stupid and shallow and palatable and harmless, she molds herself into the person she’s playing a role for, but she’s clever, she’s adaptable, she’s perceptive and she’s able to switch directions at any given moment if u get my drift
favorite moment: when she betrays azula for mai of course!! it tells so much about her character and her respective relationships with both mai and azula. that was genuinely the last thing i expected to happen but afterwards i was just like “yeah tho.....” because with ty lee it’s a matter of looking for it. all the clues are there, and when you realize she’s always teasing mai and listening to her contrasted with the way she plays azula like a fiddle with compliments and seemingly unwavering loyalty it comes off as natural that when it’s time to make a choice she doesn’t even hesitate (and she does not lmfaooo if u just look at her face in that scene she’s like “oopsie... u had it coming bestie......” god bless i adore her)
idea for a story: this thing i apparently will never finish, and i would also like a sort-of ty lee redemption once she’s with the kyoshi warriors and actively seeing the damage the fn did. # fun times. i would also like to explore her perspective of the beach but that’s more of a concept i have around my head than a story
unpopular opinion: i think she’s bi 😭 and i think none of you understand ty lee!! she has a complex relationship with azula and she must care about her in a certain way but ultimately she doesn’t love azula or actually believes azula is “the most perfect girl in the world”. it’s all lies!! there are few moments of ty lee lowering her mask and those are 1) most of her conversations with mai 2) when zuko says ty lee doesn’t understand and ty lee says that she does understand 3) the betrayal at the boiling rock 4) when she tells azula how to flirt (manipulate) because the instructions she gives azula are exactly. how she treats azula lol like every time i see ty lee being characterized as dumb or clueless or pining after azula i lose a year of my life </3
favorite relationship: i literally don’t have a favorite mai zuko and azula are all on top of the list. it’s the way mai and ty lee are the only ones who see each other as they are rather than a flawed perception of society (mai) or a role they play in order to survive (ty lee). but also the way azula cares for ty lee a great deal and how ty lee probably knows this but ultimately azula treats her rlly badly lmao and therefore ty lee uses the means she has to protect herself which happens to be manipulate azula right back and it’s sososo interesting 2 me. and with zuko i feel like. ty lee is one of the only ppl who truly understands zuko as he is and as he was raised to be (better than iroh perhaps??? up to debate) and i feel like with zuko being unable to be anything but himself and ty lee hiding her own personhood so much (sokkacore????) they could benefit from a shared friendship. i feel zuko specifically could learn a lot from ty lee. the last one i enjoy more the idea of a friendship between them rather than their actual dynamic in the show but the canon stages of their dynamic are also compelling. see i literally cannot choose!!!!!!!!!!!!!
favorite headcanon: i guess ty lee being bi can be a headcanon as much as an interpretation of the text 🤔 she literally had no reason to lie to mai about how sokka was cute. what was the reason ty lee what! was! the! reason!!!!!!!!!! other than that i think she could beat iroh at pai sho
ask game
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demxnscous · 3 days ago
YEASSSSYEAASSSSSSS when do the similarities between us ever run out 😩😩 i’m already so burnt out from highschool which is a joke but i quite literally cannot picture myself doing anything anymore and i’m only 17 😭😭 LMAO and this is why i’m thinking of changing majors PURELY bc i don’t want to take another year of calculus but. i also don’t know anything else i want to do 😆✌️ ok but yea. I WANT TO MAJOR IN GENETICS!! genetic counseling sounds so sexy and hopefully i can avoid med school that way LOLOL
ALSO GOING TO DISNEY AND RACES SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH FUNN AAAA HAVE FUN BABE ❤️❤️❤️ you deserve a break!! and i TOTALLY GET the writers/art block, i haven’t been able to come up with something nice and creative in so so so long. dw itll come to us eventually!! also UGH i’ve been wanting the new ipadpro since LAST DECEMBER!! i’ve been eyeing it for so long and it kept getting pushed back, and when it finally released the version i wanted was sold out so it’s either i wait 4-6 weeks for it to deliver or i can wait until the apple store restocks them (which could take any amount of time, they don’t know how long it could take 💀💀) so i can’t even drool over procreate and BOOO. life sucks 😔
ALSO ALSO i’m not into marvel bc i never really grew up watching those types of movies but I GET THE HYPE !! MAYBE A MARVEL AU WILL COME TO U AND GIVE U INSPO…. HMMM…
but yea so glad to know you’re good and summer school free!! have fun babe you totally deserve it 💖💖💖💖
MAN I KNOW,, being 17 and knowing you’ll eventually turn 18 but you’re just not there yet is,, idek,, unnerving ?? like when my mom calls me an adult and tells me about the things I should be doing as an adult I’m just like “well technically I’m still 17”
I’ve been trying to avoid burnout and I think I have but I have been going from one major to the other. Like my first major I wanted to do was vet medicine, then english, then government intelligence/fbi, and THEN pre med. which is funny considering I only recently chose pre med all bc I was randomly talking about women’s health w my bsf and we got to gynecology
BUT MED SCHOOL?? OOOHHH I CAN SMELL THE STUDENT DEBT FROM HERE JESUS CHRIST. It’s not even the school I’m worried about it’s the DAMN MONEY,, THAT SHITS EXPENSIVE. also u gotta tell me more about genetic counseling bc I’ve heard of it but idk the in-depth info 😳😳
OKAY SO,, the races were a lot of fun !!!! We got back last night at like 11 so that’s why I’m responding so late bc I showered and then fell asleep when we got back to the hotel 😅 BUT,, CRISPY,, there was this realllll cute race car driver and he was in the first round of races but he didn’t get to move forward to the final race (which is a 100 laps like damn) shame you can’t see their faces before or after the races
BUT THANK YOU GKDHDKDHJSHD we’ll be going to disney w some family friends and I can’t wait to see them !! We rarely ever get to see them since they live so far away in our state and our state is,, not small sadly 😀 so anytime you wanna go to another city WITHIN the state,, it’s like a trip within itself it’s ridiculous
but yes we WILL overcome this block in our creativity 😌☝️ and you gotta lmk when u get procreate bc that shit is a lifesaver,, I used to never color my art bc I was also so scared I would fuck it up and now all I wanna do is color my art since I’ve never had the balls to in the past 😪😪
anywwaaayyss so sorry for the late response I started this response and then I had to draft it bc we had to leave to go to the race track and now that I’m home I finally have the downtime to finish my response 😅
but u better promise me to take some time for yourself and have fun as well 🤨🤨 can’t have u burning yourself out even MORE,,
you know I love ya crispy MWAH
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ruin-17 · 3 days ago
omg. can u do cockwarming haechan for a game until one of u give in n he just brings u to heaven😭🤤🤤🤤🤤
Uugghhh Lee Haechan melts my heart all the time.
That man is going to tease you 24/7 and all year round irrespective of seasons...........
But (idk if you saw the hot sauce dance practice behind) that man is sooooooo touchy~~~~~
He will show his affections by whispering 'I love you'-s and back hugging you all the time, placing his head in the crook of your neck and kissing you occasionally. He would just stick to without you he won't be able to walk or something.......(he so damn cute)
Then one evening he comes back from practice tired af. He immediately sinks into the bed beside you, while you're working on your laptop.
You lovingly (and quite innocently) put one of your hands into his t-shirt and caress the tired man's back.
For quite some time he doesn't move and you think he had fallen asleep. You sigh to yourself making a mental note to remind him to wash-up the next thing in the morning. You take your hand out of his t-shirt and start typing with both of your hands.
A little moment later Haechan turns to you, 'Why did you stop, I almost fell asleep.... and now I can't sleep anymore.' 'Why can't you sleep anymore, turn over I'll do it again.'
'No....... I hadn't realized that my baby looked so delicious and now I want to eat her.......nom nom.' 'Oh god Hyuck you're so tired that you can't move properly.....sleep now and we can have fun later.' 'No not later.....can't my baby help me out today a bit.....daddy's needy.' 'Huhh...when did I ever call you that (not that you didn't want to, just that you hadn't told him about that kink) and.....I do want to help you out but I have ton of work left to do, so if don't sleep now I'm never going to get this done.'
You cup his cheeks and kiss his nose, 'Please understand......daddy.' 'Fine.....then lets try something. You're gonna sleep now right.' 'It's 12.30 am now of course I'm gonna sleep I have an early schedule.' 'Sure......that's okay come here my baby.' Haechan coo-s while patting the bed.
You arrange your laptop, books and copies on the table and switch off the lights. Sinking into the bed with Haechan everything dark nothing but his breath and touch could be felt. You turn your back to him and he spoons you. Haechan slowly kisses your ear lobe and goes down leaving soft kisses on your neck, while his hands enter your t-shirt and roams about your back.
Well you missed him, you missed his touch and so when he passionately kissed your shoulder you let out a very beautiful moan that made Haechan nothing but happy. 'Haechan-ahh~~ I told you I have an early schedule tomorrow baby please ....I really need to get up early.' 'But I'm doing nothing love, I'm just kissing you.' And then he again starts kissing but this time your back. He had almost pulled off your entire shirt and was kissing like he hadn't kissed you before.
Then he did something you hadn't thought he would. He picked up one of your legs, slid your panties out in a swift motion and put his hard member in your core. And he didn't move.
Firstly you were irritated because Haechan didn't listen to you and now he wasn't even going to move. Then what was the point of this build-up. You slightly turn your head and you're met with his lips. He pulls you into a deep, sensual kiss. His lips moving against yours perfectly as ever. But even then he wasn't moving. Since when did cockwarming become a thing for him. You break the kiss and ask, 'Babe are you not going to move, should I do it if you're too tired?' 'No you have an early schedule tomorrow, you're going to be tired in the morning then.' 'Wait so none of us are gonna move.......are you going to be able to handle that honey.' 'I'm your daddy, so I think I'll be able to take it but if my baby moves first're gonna be punished.' The last word was quite a whisper.
Well you weren't going to move, you were dead serious, but suddenly you felt Haechan twitching inside. He was getting impatient and he was needy since the beginning. You wanted to wait before he couldn't take it anymore but that came along pretty early than you supposed it too. His breathing got much faster and he moved quite a bit as well, to be in a more comfortable position.
You felt really bad for being kindda mean to him, so you turned around and pinned him flat on the mattress and got on top of him.
He looked at you with surprised googly eyes, thinking what you were trying to do. You leaned in and whispered, 'I'm sorry daddy, I didn't realize you were so needy, so please let me make you feel good.' Haechan groaned and smirked at this. With the nod of his head, you slowly started to move in circular motions and Haechan's head fell back into the pillow as he tried to suppress a moan. Continuing the motion you kissed his earlobe while asking him to moan. He moaned, 'Baby you feel so damn good....oh.. uhhh....god I think I'm close......Y/n-----ahhhh.' And he came into you. You took all of his cum mixed with your juices on your fingers and licked them clean.
Haechan found that so hot, seeing you enjoy his cum as well as yours, just made him tense up all over again. And well you realized you were just as needy as him.........
I had not intended to make it so soft forgive me for doing so. Hope you liked it anonnie. I know I write the build-up part a lot just to feel the situation ig.......I'm trying to get better in writing smut as much as possible, so if y'all have any feedbacks or requests or questions do send them. I'm always eager to read them.
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