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#laszlo x nadja
the-swift-tricker · a month ago
i'm getting real sappy over the realization that laszlo said "fuck you" to the entirety of england after a classist club of douchebags mocked nadja and called her a peasant and now in the present day laszlo almost exclusively introduces and refers to her as "my lady wife"
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literatigeek · a month ago
If the Queen dies during the hiatus Nadja did it for Laszlo.
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mondlers · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
favorite wwdits moments ✦ 1/??
i know who you are. outward appearance may have changed, the pattern remains the same: you get reborn, you try and find her, and i cut your head off.
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dont-offend-the-bees · 2 months ago
One thing I love about s3 is they've fully embraced laszlo and nadja being poly/having an open relationship. Like obvs in the first two seasons they both had storylines/throwaway lines about hooking up with other people but it was always a bit foggy whether they were both on board with that in general because a lot of the examples were sort of emotionally fraught/contentious so it was played as more of a cheating plot line (Lilith and the witches, Gregor etc.), but now we've had laszlo straight up saying nadja is The One but they both fuck other people, we've had her happily on board with his outside seductions and him totally happy with her charming the rat pack that she probably fucked back in the day and idk I just love seeing an unhinged poly vampire duo thriving ^^
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lesbian-in-leather · 2 months ago
I know I say this all the time but I am obsessed with Nadja and Laszlo's relationship
Laszlo gets drunk as shit and all he wants is to see his wife
Nadja, mad with power, argues to overturn her own sentence just so her husband can win a case
They're so in love and for such an unwholesome pair, their love is genuinely so soft and pure and I'm never going to be over it
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tanis-drawings-2point0 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: Four drawings of Laszlo Cravensworth with different people against a red background, each with a title in all caps at the top. The first one is Laszlo holding Nadja's face with a hand and kissing her cheek with a smile as she laughs in delight, above them reading "Laszlo's wonderful dearest wife ♥". The second is Laszlo, Sean, Nandor and Colin Robinson with "Laszlo's men" at the top, both Sean and Laszlo with big smiles and laughing as the first has an arm around the other's back and a hand resting on his shoulder, and Laszlo is holding Nandor's face with a hand and Colin's shoulder with the other. Nandor is awkwardly doing thumbs up with both hands, mouth stuck between a smile and a grimace, while Colin is shrugging with half a smile, both of them looking at the camera. The third image is Laszlo standing behind Guillermo as he's sharpening a wooden stake with a knife, Laszlo raising a hand to his shoulder without touching him and with a nervous expression while Guillermo is looking back at him, shown with red glowing eyes but with a question mark at his side. Above them reads "Laszlo's uuuuhh...". And the final drawing is just Laszlo looking at the camera with his chest puffed and his hands up in demonstration and smiling big, written behind him in big letters: "¡Laszlo!". //End ID]
the original intention was to draw laszlo w/ nandor and colin in each arm but got embarrassed and drew an entire comic instead u_u
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teenagedevil666 · 14 days ago
More than 300 years in the past: "Haha, your wife's a peasant girl"
Every day since then: "Have you met my Good Lady wife, Nadja?"
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destroyedparadise234 · a month ago
Ok Laszlo was the king of romantic wording tonight but my god the way Nandor described how he would turn Guillermo into a vampire??
On the banks of the Tigris in his homeland under the moonlight?? You don’t just come up with that shit on the fly, Nandor was actually fantasizing/planning the most romantic way possible of turning Guillermo because it’s such an important moment for him—
And the Baron and Sire coming over from their cottage for the portrait and the Baron talking to the Sire about how much his English is improving I’m 🥺🥺🥺 This episode was peak Romance™️ I’m going to eat a bouquet of roses
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vampiresdontdodishes · 25 days ago
Laszlo, drunk: I have to say, you know, getting married is the bravest, most wonderful thing you can do. Because every day you come home and you’re just, like, “What? It’s you! I love you! You’re my sexy roommate and we love each other!”
Nadja, also drunk: Laszlo's talking about me!
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