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Late Night with Seth Meyers : Charlize Theron and Seth Exchange Stories About Drinking with Rihanna

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I truly feel like I’m just sitting and watching time pass right before my eyes, it’s not slowing down but it’s not speeding up either. everything is just… still. I can’t hear myself breathe I can’t hear the fan blowing everything is just still, but then my heart beats and suddenly I could feel my blood rushing thru every millimeter of my body, I can feel all the feels and I’m back up, waiting for it to all end.

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-sighs- the things I thought I wanted didn’t work out things I wanted to happen fell through. And I realized I actuary don’t have any dreams for ambition for them. Like what do I even want? I’m like just going through the motions of life without actually living.

What are dreams?

What’s ambition?

What does it mean to actually live?

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Late Night with Seth Meyers : Trump and His Allies Want You to “Adapt” to the Coronavirus Crisis: A Closer Look

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