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#late night
rainbowstodiamond · 38 minutes ago
What did you wanna be when you grew up?
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beautyarchive · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Evangeline Lilly on Craig Ferguson.
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in-the-mid · 3 hours ago
I won't leave you if you hurt me
I just will smile at you a little less.
I will stare at you a little less.
I will care for you a little less.
I will yearn for you a little less.
I will love you a little less.
I will feel everything; just a little less.
The world will still be beautiful
Yet a little less.
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warriorqueenvqh666 · 3 hours ago
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meekona · 3 hours ago
A poem
I know you don’t love me, but I’m here if you need a shoulder to cry on.
I know you could care less if I fall apart, but I’ll be here to help put yo back together.
I’ll die a little every day, slowly let myself drift away.
Lose the bonds I had, kill the trust I grew.
But I’ll never be able to actually hate you.
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in-the-mid · 4 hours ago
What is it that shapes you?
Is it alive? Does it move?
What is it that makes you?
Is it robust? Is it true?
What is it that breaks you?
Is it cruel? Is it crude?
Now, I know the reason why
You are beautiful,
You are the Light.
Why you are the Cosmos,
You are divine.
Then, why is it that
You are scared?
Why do you cry?
Why is it that
You are guilty?
Why do you lie?
Why is it that you are sleeping
But pretend to die?
Now,I know the reason why
You are embarrassed,
You are rude
When you are vulnerable
And I intrude.
Then, why is it that
You hold secrets?
Why do you hide?
Why is it that you are hurting,
You never cried?
I know now,
What it is that shapes you.
It is alive. It does move.
What it is that makes you.
It is robust. It is true.
What it is that breaks you.
It is cruel. It is crude.
Therefore, now I am certain
Though I always knew.
It is You.
It is You.
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unmeiha · 4 hours ago
every time i see @virtuti on my dash i'm just 😍 at the worldbuilding and headcanons for zeph but i'm also constantly reminded of how koharu probably wouldn't ever forgive him
drk/5.3/ishgard restoration spoilers
drk 70 (which she does at the end of 4.3) makes you fight him -- or at least a simulacrum of him, and then you fight another simulacrum of him in the duty in 5.3 and being forced to relive that at points when she's maybe beginning to move past it just reopens the wound and never really lets her heal from it
i think, if they actually bring attention to that one npc in the firmament who is identical to zephirin in every way except the hairstyle and it does end up actually being zephirin himself, she's really going to struggle with him still being alive
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messed-up-gal · 4 hours ago
My serotonin tag finna make me nostalgic for the second to last week of February, when I'd be excited to finish all my homework by 2 AM because that would mean that I could just eat some Cheetos or Sun Chips while watching a Karl alt stream and vibing along with whatever music he was bopping to
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sailor-lapis · 4 hours ago
I read so many fanfics that my heart aches. Am I loved?
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ypnarou · 5 hours ago
Songs to get you in the mood🥵
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ashizinwinter · 5 hours ago
You hold your breath, afraid that the smallest breath will break your castle of lost promises, too nervous to move to hold each broken piece together in fear that the very ground you stand upon will crumble and fall away
I'm sorry that you fight against Life day after wretched day hoping that the sun would come out to shoo away the monsters that hold onto your limbs like shackles and chains
I wish I could hold your hand or just hold you as the night falls and all of the bad memories and throught rush back to your head like a broken dam to a field of fragile flowers
Even through the nightmares, awake or asleep, you have people here to fight for snd alongside you. To bring some support to your walls, a light to the night, as well as a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen. Do not think must defend your kingdom alone while your knights lay waiting for your call.
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chr4m-v3nt5-666 · 5 hours ago
Our room is carpeted so if an open can of soda were to fall we wouldn’t be able to hear it great now I have a new fear
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rjrempires · 6 hours ago
Late Night Celebrates Earth Day
Late Night Celebrates Earth Day
“There are so many amazing things from Earth. I mean, we have oceans and mountains, and shaving cream, and pine cones and the iPhone. We’ve got monkeys; we’ve got chocolate-covered raisins. Ryan Gosling, we’ve got Ryan Reynolds. We’ve got the Aurora Borealis. Pens are good. ‘Property Brothers,’ Magic Johnson, tennis rackets, yoga pants, poodles, tacos, yarn, marshmallows and Mr. T. I mean, that…
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dreadfutures · 6 hours ago
Going through my notes app and found a rough poem.
A year ago, I was in such a different place. It's always shocking to me to think back on my depressive episodes and the intensity of those feelings. And I know it's thanks to my antidepressants that it's possible to get out of those ditches. And I'm good enough at maintaining perspective to know that I will get out of them, eventually, so far out of them in fact that those dark feelings seem alien.
when I talk about Ixchel feeling detached, it's this feeling. that I have low lows, where the deepest depths of emotion are possible. and then I stabilize and there are no high highs.
I don't think that depression and tragedy are necessary to create art. and I'd much rather never have a depressive episode again and be stuck in this stable neutral blur of life, rather than the alternative. But sometimes I look at happiness and vibrant positive emotions and just go. Huh. just would be nice to feel them. .__.
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hotsauceonabiscuit · 7 hours ago
I want a rice krispie to shred up my mouth rn.
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