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whatwhirlswithinmymind · 6 months ago
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lindsey-laufeyson · 9 months ago
Texts from Loki
My apologies in advance. I’m feeling angsty and sappy, so I decided to do some of Loki’s inner monologue. Short and sweet.
Warnings: Angst and language. You get the gist.
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privatelypublicized · 4 months ago
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1. don’t pick up the phone
2. don’t let him in
3. don’t be his friend
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peachfiire · 7 days ago
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any simps wanna make this happen lol
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smoll-stace · 3 months ago
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I did these this morning in the span of 3 hours because I couldn’t fall back asleep after waking up at five in the morning lol 
so i don’t know how to draw bed head for Donovan  I tried my best lol 
I really love the one of Ciel 
can you guess who he’s texting? :3
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padfoot-and-prongsie · a year ago
Late Night Conversations || Fred Weasley
Pairing: Fred Weasley x fem!reader
Word Count: 2.7k
Requested: No, but requests are open!
Summary: Fred fluff! You spend time with Fred late one night in the common room.
Warnings: Swearing, reference to sex, mentions of serial killers (I promise it’s relevant!), slight graphic description of a murder (the character is reading a book, I promise it’s only one line)
Disclaimer: I did not make this gif, credit to the wonderful person who did <3
A/N: This fic was, believe it or not, inspired by a text sequence of mine at 1 in the morning. You can interpret that how you wish lol. It’s just major Fred fluff, so I hope ya’ll enjoy!!!
Tumblr media
You couldn’t sleep. It was one of those nights where a thousand thoughts filled your head and all you could do was stare at the ceiling, your eyes drooped in fatigue yet unable to fully drift off. 
Angelina wasn’t helping either. She had a cold again and you had been forced to endure the several long nights of her nasally snoring as you lay awake. Tonight was no different.
Sighing, you gave up the hopeless task of waiting for sleep to overtake you and gently rolled out of bed, your feet hitting the ground softly. After years worth of practice, you wove your way through the dorm, stepping over the creaky floorboard by Alicia’s bed and avoiding the closet door you knew was open.
You slipped down the stairs, a book in hand, carefully making your way to the common room. It was silent at this hour, with only the dull glow of the dying fire to light it.
Flicking on a lamp, you fell into the plush couch, opening up your book. The object in hand combined with insomnia was one of the main reasons you couldn’t sleep most nights, though you knew you weren’t smart enough to put it down.
Two years ago Hermione, another muggleborn who had become one of your closest friends, had gifted you your first ever mystery book, one following the story of a Scotland Yard detective hunting down a notorious serial killer. You had read it in eighteen hours.
You never read any other genre again, finding yourself enthralled in catching the murderer before the detective. At night you had to pry your fingers away from flipping another page, but the thoughts of what would happen next always consumed your mind and left you up for hours.
Now, with a slight feeling of glee, you opened to where you had left off, following Eleanor Wright as she hunted through the latest victim’s home for clues.
You were in your own little world now, eyes glued to the pages as you turned them faster and faster, your heart racing as Eleanor found the shard of glass beneath the bed.
“What are you doing up this late, love?”
You let out a slight shriek, jumping a mile as the book flew from your fingers.
You could hear the boy behind you snicker slightly as a long arm reached over the back of the couch to pick up the fallen book.
“The Night Watcher,” he read curiously, stepping around the couch to fall onto the cushion beside you.
You turned to glare at Fred Weasley. “Bloody hell don’t do that to me!” you hissed, your heart rate finally returning to normal.
Fred raised his eyebrows in amusement. “You’re the one reading the murder book love.”
Your lips pursed and Fred grinned, knowing he had won that battle. 
“What are you doing up this late, love?” he repeated.
“Couldn’t sleep,” you replied.
Fred looked down at the book he was still holding. “I wonder why.”
“Stick a sock in it Weasley,” you scoffed, reaching to grab your book back.
Fred held it out of your reach. “If I was the one reading some freaky book about a crazy serial killer who stabs his victims and collects their fingers I would be a little jumpy too.”
You stopped your measly attempt at getting your book back to instead lean away in surprise.
“Merlin Fred that’s not what it’s about at all,” you said, now trying to get the image of what he described out of your head. “Should I be scared to be alone with you right now?”
“Well I’m not the one who reads these things for fun,” he responded, before adding with a wink, “finally noticed we’re alone darling?”
You ignored his last comment. “It’s about a guy who stalks his victims and stuffs them in their trunk,” you corrected.
“Hmm,” Fred mussed, flipping through your book. “Sounds interesting, I might have to read it sometime, though I doubt I could actually handle a full book,” he looked up at you, smirking, “I’m not as sick and twisted as you are, love.”
“I can’t handle them either,” you admitted, “so I don’t know if running up to the dorm at night when the lights are off count as ‘sick and twisted’.”
Fred let out a laugh. “Monsters are everywhere,” he teased, “is the one under your bed still around?”
“Oh I’ve gotten used to the bed monster, it’s the one in the closet I’m worried about,” you said, a grin playing at your lips.
Fred shook his head in amusement. “Quick question.”
You looked up, shooting him an odd look. 
“Could I fit in your muggle car’s trunk?”
You smirked. “We should definitely check. I think the one in your dad’s flying car could be the right measurements.”
“Or we could do anything but that,” Fred added, “I don’t trust your nefarious motives for wanting me in your trunk.”
You placed a hand on your chest in mock shock. “Me? Bad motives?” you asked innocently, “never. It’s merrily just a convenient form of transportation when the back seat is full.”
“Oh, I didn’t realize the back seats would be full,” Fred said, almost in disappointment.
“Wanted me all for yourself did you?” you asked playfully.
Fred smirked, scooching closer to you on the couch. “What if I did?”
“Then you’ll be pleased to know the back seat is for my other victims,” you said, adding a dark edge to your voice.
Fred’s eyes widened in surprise causing you to let out a loud snort of laughter.
“You looked so terrified right there Freddie,” you laughed.
“You’re the terrifying one,” he replied. “Who knows what would happen if we were in a car together and completely alone in the forest.”
You’re cheeks turned red as you instantly thought of what you would do if you were alone with Fred. You ducked your head, hoping the blush wouldn’t show.
Fred smirked, catching on to where your mind was going and winked, “Well after that of course, love.”
If possible your face turned even redder and you said in a quick attempt to redeem yourself, “Should we do that before or after the trunk?”
Fred’s smirk widened, and he nudged you with his shoulder. “Who says we have to wait for a car love?”
You let out a light gasp, quickly trying to hide it with a cough.
Fred chuckled, casually slipping an arm across your shoulders.
He leaned in close to your ear, his lips brushing your skin as he whispered, “They don’t do much of this in those murder books of yours do they now.”
You gulped. “Not unless they’re going to strangle someone.”
You could feel the breath of air hit your cheek as he laughed. “I highly doubt I’ll do that.”
You were hyperly aware of his left hand now, which was tracing small circles across your shoulder. You tried your best to keep your heart calm, this time not because Fred had scared the shit out of you, but because his close proximity was currently making your heart leap wildly in your chest.
“Nervous love?” he teased, another breath of hot air washing over your skin.
You shook your head ever so slightly. “Of course not.”
Fred lightly brushed his lips across your skin, determined to see how long you could keep yourself poised. “Don’t worry, I understand. If I were around muggles all summer I too would get a little flustered when faced with this much hotness,” he motioned to himself.
Whatever trance Fred had put you in before instantly broke and you let out a snort. “Muggle boys could whoop your arse,” you said picking up his arm and removing it from around your shoulders.
Fred let out an over exaggerated gasp. “How dare you.” He leaned closer. “You take that back, L/N.”
You snorted. “Never.”
Fred grinned wickedly, his fingers landing at your sides as he began tickling you.
“Don’t make me do this, love,” he said as you burst into giggles.
“I will not concede,” you managed to breath out between laughs.
Fred’s grin widened as you burst into another round of laughter, trying to pry his fingers from your sides.
“Fine, fine,” you said, momentarily forgetting that you should keep your voice down. You two were the only ones up at this hour.
Fred stopped, a triumphant smirk on his face. “Say it.”
“I’m not saying it,” you scoffed.
Fred attacked you with another round of tickling until you finally managed to get out, “Fine Weasley, you’re fucking hot.”
Fred settled back onto the couch looking rather pleased with himself. “Hotter than those muggle boys?”
You pursed your lips. “You’re in the top twenty of the hot list.”
Fred raised an eyebrow. “Can I get a copy of this coveted hot list?”
“I am not giving you my hot list,” you snorted. “Not that there is a hot list of course,” you quickly added.
“Sure,” Fred smirked. “Now really, how high up am I?”
“I am not telling you that.”
“Come on please?”
“How about this, above or below Diggory?” 
You couldn’t stop yourself. “Above,” you muttered.
You cursed yourself as Fred’s smile widened.
“There’s no official list Fred,” you tried to tell him. “It’s just something that exists in every girl’s mind.”
“Do you think most are similar?” Fred asked curiously.
You thought for a moment. “I think it varies per person,” you said. “Which means that from now on every time you walk by a girl, you will wonder, how high are you on their list?” you finished ominously.
“Of course except when I walk by you,” Fred added smugly. “I already know I’m above Diggory which must make me pretty damn high in your mind.”
As if on cue you felt your cheeks heat up in a blush. 
Fred smirked. “I’ll take that as a yes.”
“Shut up,” you muttered, turning to glare the other way.
“Unfortunately shutting up is not one of my many talents, love,” Fred replied.
You raised an eyebrow. “Do enlighten me on those many talents you possess.” 
“Endless confidence, sarcasm, witty humor, unbeatable quidditch playing skills, and being able to talk my way out of anything,” Fred quickly rattled off as if he had rehearsed it. “To name just a few.”
“Confidence, really? Who would have thought,” you said in mock surprise.
“I know I know,” Fred said good naturally, “It’s just all part of my magnet to draw the ladies in,” he winked. 
“I think that magnet’s flipped the wrong way,” you said, “I seem to be getting slowly pushed away every time you open your mouth.”
Fred quirked an eyebrow, leaning closer to you. “On the contrary you seem to be inching closer,” he said, sending your heart into a flutter. A smug smile filled his lips. “And by how red your face has just become I take it you have noticed that too.”
Your eyes narrowed and you scooted away, refusing to give him the satisfaction of looking at him.
“You know love, I just have this uncanny ability to read people,” Fred said, you could feel the heat from his body as his left hand came to rest around your shoulders again. “And right now, I am reading that you are trying to look annoyed, but really are rather flustered. But I will let you rest assured knowing that it happens to most girls I grace with my presence.”
You yawned. “I think you’ve stayed up a bit too late Weasley because that was a hundred percent wrong. Definitely add that to your bag of first date conversation starters though, ladies love it when you tell them you can read minds or whatever that was.”
Fred snorted. “I think you’re the one who’s staying up too late love. But yes, I will add that in. That list is close to endless now.”
“More like endlessly boring,” you muttered.
Fred gasped. “That is uncalled for. So many people in this world don’t get enough sleep.”
You were silent for a moment as you tried to process what he had said before you doubled over in laughter.
Fred watched you in amusement, the way you bit your lip to prevent yourself from fully cracking up caused him to let out a few chuckles of his own.
“These so called boring stories of mine might be my secret weapon,” Fred said mysteriously as you managed to regain your composure.
“How so?” you asked, amusement dancing in your eyes.
“If I were to put people to sleep it wouldn’t show up on a drug test,” Fred reasoned, “and a sleeping person is much easier to put in a trunk.”
For some reason the way he managed to cycle back to your previous conversation sent you into another round of giggles.
“You know humor is third on the list of fine qualities for a first date,” Fred said smartly as you cracked up beside him.
“I’m so sleep deprived and delirious, anything is funny,” you pointed out. “But out of curiosity, what are the first too?”
Fred grinned. “Sleep deprived you is rather endearing, I should keep you up more often.”
You leaned against his side, yawning. “You won’t want to when you see how sleep deprived me tries to function tomorrow.”
“I will certainly pay attention to you in Transfiguration then.”
You could feel him playing with your hair, but for once you didn’t snap at him for it. Instead you closed your eyes, enjoying the feeling.
“What were those other two qualities?” you asked sleepily.
Fred looked down at you, at the serene expression on your face. “My award winning smile and my wonderful personality.”
You grinned sleepily. “So even if you showed up an hour late, your smile, humor and personality will still manage to win her over?”
“I personally have never tried being an hour late to a first date,” Fred said, rolling his eyes, “but I’m sure it would work.”
“When was your last first date?” you asked.
Fred thought for a moment. “Several months ago,” then added with a smile, “The single life has its perks though love.”
A memory of a muggle phrase floated into your mind and you sang softly under your breath. “Single pringle cause all the others were taken.”
Fred looked down at you, amusement in his eyes.
“What?” you asked innocently.
“Not all-” he paused to let out a yawn “-the others are taken, love, I’m still free.”
“Correction, good ones are taken,” you said.
Fred quirked an eyebrow. “Last time I checked I was a ‘good one’ on your hot list.”
“Merlin I should have never told you that,” you muttered, hiding your face in his shoulder as another blush filled your cheeks. “I’m too tired to think straight anymore.”
Fred laughed as you curled against him, your eyes closed. He was far more awake than he should have been at this hour, and the small detail that he could smell your strawberry shampoo wasn’t helping. 
There was a sweet smile on his face as he looked down at you, your lips parted ever so slightly as you breathed. He could look at you for hours, memorizing your face, from the tip of your nose to every little mole on your cheeks.
“We should get t-shirts,” you muttered softly, your lips quirking up in a grin as the thought occurred to you.
“T-shirts?” Fred asked.
Your smile widened as you let out a light laugh. “Yeah, with ‘single pringle’ across the front.”
Fred shook his head and grinned. “If we stay up much later one of us might actually end up making t-shirts while the other gets in the trunk.”
You laughed, fatigue causing you to yawn at the same time and make a noise that more resembled a snort.
Fred chuckled, playing with your hair as you snuggled against his chest.
“Good night Fred,” you whispered softly, closing your eyes as you breathed in his scent. You would never get tired of that pine and gunpowder smell.
“Good night love,” he replied.
After your breath had slowed enough that Fred deemed you asleep, he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. “Good night love,” he repeated quietly.
It was dark enough though, that he didn’t see the small smile that filled your lips.
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ctrlheartdel · 2 months ago
He told me I was like an antique grandfather clock. Intricate and beautiful. He wants to see me work forever but just doesn’t have the tools.
I don’t want to be a fucking intricate anything. I only want to be simple to love. I want to hear him say ‘it is most pleasing to love and be loved by you’. I’d rather be plain than beautiful if it meant you could enter me fully equipped to stay.
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spymeister · a month ago
¢ ((For any of my muses!))
¢ for a late night text
[LINE // CONNECTING→ [ZZZZZZZ][SECURED]                        [J422] → [09-R1M3] [ CONNECTED\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\]
┐Jazz└ → [ OP ]: Hey, mech. ┐Jazz└ → [ OP ]: Jus’ lettin’ ya know that i dunno if I can keep on like this. ┐Jazz└ → [ OP ]: I’m tired, OP.  ┐Jazz└ → [ OP ]: I’m tired, and I’m hurtin’. ┐Jazz└ → [ OP ]: does that make me a bad autobot, boss?
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tyfniii · 9 months ago
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at times I think about be in this headspace.... long distance was hard but I was simply in love...
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that-gamer-person · 6 months ago
All I’m saying is that the best conversations with my boyfriend happen at 1:30-2am 🥰
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halaenoor · a year ago
Just because I had to
✨Cas doing the Jenny Darling trend with Dean ✨
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whatwhirlswithinmymind · 4 months ago
“I don’t think we should do this anymore because I think i’m falling in love with you.”
~ words from a girl that needs to stand df up
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lindsey-laufeyson · 9 months ago
Texts from Loki
Note: The second conversation includes Reader’s inner monologue.
Warnings: Angsty as fuck
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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larrybelievermb · 5 months ago
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creatingnikki · a year ago
When I wake up to your text after days of silence, I first check the time. The time at which you reached out to me. If it’s after 1 am I know to not take it seriously. Your feelings at night are not consistent with your actions during the day. And I’ve lost all patience for you to figure out how to reconcile the two.
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padfoot-and-prongsie · a year ago
James: Help! What do I say to Lily on our first date?
Sirius: Don't worry Prongs, I got an endless list of conversation starters
Remus: More like endlessly boring
Sirius: Ok that is uncalled for
Sirius: So many people in this world don't get enough sleep
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ohwell00 · 8 months ago
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bloodthirsty-hero · a year ago
ø (from eva)
- Late night text -
Hey... you up? I can’t fucking sleep, I’ve been up all night thinking of you. Was wondering if I could come over? Or I can pick you up and you stay over?
Shit, actually I just realised it’s 3:00am so forget I said anything, it’s fine.
- Roman
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scienceandshitpostsdaily · a year ago
I’m starting a post with a collection of things me and my roommate/best friend text each other completely out of context. The only context I will provide is that my cats names are Julien and Kiwi. Here’s just a couple to start.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Also she is on tumblr @theperksofbeingafluteplayer
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efavs · a year ago
Tumblr media
i tried.
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