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#late stage capitalism
bpdnchill4 hours ago
Work is not the only measure of a life, that's just internalised capitalism. A life is better to be measured in loved ones, in smiles, in tears, in joy, in grief.
The things that actually matter in life are the quiet moments, the moments of pure love and gratitude. The experiences along the way.
You are far more than how much money you earn, and how many hours you spend working for someone else's benefit.
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Dear anti-socialism dumbasses that REALLY like to say 馃槫 "I guess you just want all those people working in the fields to pick your food for free? How about you grow and pick your own food, ya commie?"
Okay. Since you care SO DAMN MUCH about the workers growing and picking our food, working in the fields for long hours in 100掳F weather.
Why don't we talk about how this anti-Hispanic racism, anti-immigration policy, and "build the wall" narrative is creating food waste?
Because the immigration process takes so long for the employer and worker to complete, by the time it's done they don't have time to pick the food before it goes bad.
And most of our workers picking the food are illegal immigrants, creating a system of exploitation including below minimum wage pay, which they can't protest otherwise they risk being deported.
Come on.
I thought you fucking cared about the people working in the fields, picking the produce, and wanted them to be properly compensated for their work? Then we should talk about how the broken system is preventing them from working. I thought you cared about the people that owned the land and wanted them to be compensated for the food they produce? Then we should talk about how the broken system prevents them from hiring workers, causing their food to go bad before they can hire people to pick it.
Come on, if you love capitalism so damn much, then we should talk about how our broken immigration policy caused by racism is literally preventing capitalism.
Come on. What's wrong? You only like using these people as pawns in your political agenda, but you don't actually care about them living a decent life and being adequately compensated for their labor?
Let's talk about it.
(Watch, the dumbasses are going to keep arguing with me on my socialism post even though I've stopped interacting with them, but they aren't going to interact here where I address the very issue they claim to be SO concerned with.)
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bugs-are-buddiesa day ago
When your boss texts on your day off, saying 3 people are out sick tonight
Tumblr media
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aquariancevichea day ago
One of the guys who quit and sealed my fate at my 1st job wanted a PH.D in fuckin Economics and it toke all of my will to not ask why he would want a PH.D in something that isn鈥檛 going to exist in the future
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aegipan-omnicorna day ago
I鈥檝e got an ad-blocker running, right now, so
Why am I seeing ads on my Tumblr dashboard?!
Is this happening to anyone else?
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anarchy-baby2 days ago
AntiCapitalist May Day Montreal!
Tumblr media
Please show up and show your support. Copy/Paste from the CLAC Montreal website (Translated from French):
The pandemic we are mired in precarizes everyone and highlights serious injustices. The stimulus passed by the leaders is an economic stimulus which is not addressed to us. It is not addressed to the artists and other people who don鈥檛 make enough profit to merit the right to exist. It does not concern sex workers, whose existence itself is still criminalized. This stimulus ignores handicapped people, the marginalized, those with mental health issues. The stimulus they talk about, it is for the oil companies, the Bombardier corporations, the party friends like Guzzo, but it is not for us. To let the governments save us from the crisis they created themselves through the constant cuts to healthcare and through their "snowbird" lives, would be to accept death. What we need to stimulate is not the economy, but the struggles for our rights and the end of capitalist exploitation.
Show your support at Jarry Park on May 1st at 4pm! Wear a mask!
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aegipan-omnicorn4 days ago
鈥淭hought Slime鈥 is another YouTuber that often does longer video essays. and at twelve-ish minutes, this is rather short for them.聽 The actual content of the main video ends at around 10 minutes, followed by a signal boost of a small, leftist, YouTuber with a video that deserves more views (a regular feature)
Auto-generated captions; accurate except for one word (鈥漝 growth鈥 instead of 鈥渄egrowth鈥).
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awed-frog4 days ago
Tumblr media
Babadook Spinoza telling it like it is.
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vexingcosmos4 days ago
I love asking myself if I should post something but deciding against it, so I won't be added to a list.
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star-sweepers4 days ago
April 7, 2021
i am not made for this
i am meant to be in a cabin with my lover
i should be able to do what i want
plant a garden and paint
i should be in a meadow with flowers, making a crown for my partner
i am dragging myself away from their warmth before the sun has woken up
i am going off to a building to work for someone i do not even know
becoming someone i know even less
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carchasm5 days ago
markets are rational you guys i swear capitalism isn鈥檛 just a plaything for the rich you guys i promise
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sataniccapitalist5 days ago
Why There Are So Many Mass Shootings & Everyone Is Single
Published on 24 Mar 2021
In sociology, anomie is a societal condition defined by an uprooting or breakdown of any moral values, standards or guidance for individuals to follow. Anomie may evolve from conflict of belief systems and causes breakdown of social bonds between an individual and the community.
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welcomefortune8 days ago
...josh sawyer (lead designer of fallout new vegas, director of pillars of eternity) apparently doesn鈥檛 make enough to own a house or retire ever. how fucked are we as a country that an insanely successful game dev can鈥檛 own a home or retire ever? i鈥檓 so angry right now
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glitterandorgloom8 days ago
Applied for another communications nonprof job in DC. They wanted a website/portfolio and a linked in page and I was like....ohhh right, I dont have those anymore bc I dont actually want a job. Lol. 馃憣 Nor do I want to go to grad school. Nor do I want to....anything? 馃拃
I just want everything to be less disappointing (hooooo #reflectorlife maybe I want to do human design analysis? ) and I don't want any superiors and I don't really even want money except to make things less disappointing with.
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