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Ugh, this shit don’t bang like it used to. I’m confused. Sometimes I miss you, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I wanna be with you, sometimes I don’t. I always used to smile when I saw your name flash across my screen, but now it drains me. Can we truly recover or will we end like this?

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Most often, we see things differently. What may be valuable to one might not be of much value to another. Therefore, there’s no reason for that nonsense insecurity of yours. So what if they don’t like you– you’re not pleasing to their eyes, your presence is not welcome, you always get a cold shoulder, so & so? They’re not your maker anyway; it’s not for them to decide how valuable you truly are. How they treat you and/or see you doesn’t really determine your worth. Look to the One who made you, values you and loves you so much. He whose heart delights in you, always. -MACCayas (4/4/2020)

What’s in your mind? Mine’s flooded with these thoughts lately and yes it’s late already. 😴

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Day 3 quarentined with my mother

2:18 AM

Mom: *wakes up randomly & walks out to kitchen for water*

“Are you seriously eating right now? Its 2AM!!”

Me: *slowly turns head with mouth full of spaghetti*

“No, of course not, you’re still dreaming. Go back to bed” 😂

I’ve been out of state & going to college for the last 2 years. Decided to come back home, since my classes are now online. If I want to eat left over spaghetti at 2AM I will!


Originally posted by mystery--box

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and please love yourself,

through the missed happy birthdays,

and i miss yous.

love yourself,

through the sunken eyes

and broken-like bones within you.

love yourself,

even when you have to sit down,

when the world around you keeps


love yourself,

with the complications of your heart,

and why they don’t add up to others.

love yourself.

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