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I am still here, hi hello! I hope everyone is doing okay, that all of you are safe and well and that you are all staying inside and following the regulations put up by your national government ☀️🌿

Spring is approaching, the weather is getting better and the trees are getting greener. I am technically speaking a high school graduate now, but I will be retaking my mathematics preliminary exam to secure my cum laude title. It is scheduled next week and I am somewhat terrified, there is loads of work left to do.

For my English individual oral activity for IB, I received an extract from Macbeth, where Lady Macbeth receives the letter of Macbeth telling her that he has become thane of Cawdor. I absolutely loved talking about it! My teacher gave me a near to perfect mark for it as well! ☀️

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And quarantine has been enforced since Monday, meaning no more preliminary exams for now and a doubtful final exam in May.

Try to stay positive. Go out as far as possible, even if it is just down the road and back. Read the books you have been meaning to read or catch up on school work you have missed. And most importantly, be safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

We live in crazy times at the moment, almost apocalyptic if you were to believe the media completely. It is scary and uncertain. Please be safe everyone, take care, wash your hands often and keep your distance from people outside of your home.

Feel free to add to the list of tips that will be following up this line by reblogging, let’s help each other out.

  • Keep in touch with friends through apps like Zoom or Skype or FaceTime. Even if you cannot physically meet up with your friends, try to still stay in contact.
  • Re-read your favourite novel, fall in love with the writing, the characters, the story once again and remember how and why you love this novel so much.
  • Bake or cook, if you have access to flour or baking supplies in general (Everything has been sold out here so homemade oat flour it is…)
  • Catch up on topics you do not understand in your course work, try watching videos and doing past papers/questions. It will be beneficial in the long run.
  • Learn a new skill, had a language you have always wanted to learn, try doing so! I am going to be starting Russian today :). Or learn how to draw in a certain style you enjoy, or how to write a play or anything that interests you!
  • Do light exercise, it is not necessary to do your full workouts at home like you do them in the gym, keep it simple and keep it enjoyable. I have seen several workout/yoga apps being fully free at the moment due to this situation.
  • Go on a walk outside, with the nearby forest being basically empty in the early mornings, I enjoy going out there for either a walk or a run to get my day going.
  • Make a plan, write up what you want to do in a day, a little to do list really, with not just school work but things like going out side, gardening etc. as well. Structure your days, it works for me :)
  • Gardening, as mentioned before. Spring is coming up, clean out your garden, any weeds and such, clean them out if you want to. Make your garden ready for pretty flowers and delicious veggies and fruits! :)
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Current read: If we were villains by M. L. Rio

Five preliminary exams down, three to go. Art history, English IB and Latin. I have had history and my oral examination of French today, both went quite well. Some questions of the history exam were actually extremely interesting.

Tomorrow’s exam is art history with a focus on postmodernism and institutional art theory. I am currently revising for said exam whilst drinking tea, I cannot wait to get back to reading again.

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[082/100 d. o. p.]

Translated and studied Seneca the Younger’s Epistula 47 from te Epistulae Morales ad Lucilium and some selected passages from his De Brevitate Vitae for an oral test. I thankfully find Seneca quite easy to translate, so it’s been a long but enjoyable study session.

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02022020 Day thirty six of the 100 days of productivity challenge 🍓

Today wasn’t all too productive, I am exhausted to such a point that I can no longer function. I managed to translate a Latin text and read two acts of Macbeth. I hope to get an early night today.

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31012020 Day thirty four of the 100 days of productivity challenge 🍓

Because of the recent teacher demonstrations, I did not have any classes besides English language and literature today, thus I spent most of my day at home. I managed to finish up both some Latin and some history work, and I decided which preliminaries I will be retaking as well: Mathematics from Preliminary week 2, Latin from week 1 and most likely, still a little dubious on this one, geography from week 1 as well.

I began reading Oliver Twist today as well, I am really looking forward to the story!

My art teacher has displayed my work, as visible on the second picture, I couldn’t be More proud and grateful!

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a group of latin students:

A̴R̷M̵A̶ ̶V̸I̷R̴U̴M̶Q̴U̴E̶ ̸C̸A̶N̷Ō̷,̴ ̶T̸R̴Ō̴I̷A̶E̴ ̵Q̴U̶Ī̸ ̵P̴R̷Ī̶M̵U̴S̷ ̷A̷B̷ ̸Ō̴R̵Ī̸S̵
̶Ī̶T̸A̴L̷I̵A̴M̷ ̴F̷Ā̸T̶Ō̴ ̵P̶R̵O̷F̴U̴G̷U̷S̷ ̶L̵Ā̶V̸Ī̴N̷I̵A̶Q̶U̴E̶ ̵V̵Ē̶N̶I̷T̵
̶L̸Ī̷T̷O̶R̶A̸,̴ ̴M̶U̸L̸T̶U̷M̵ ̵I̵L̸L̸E̵ ̵E̴T̶ ̵T̷E̷R̷R̸Ī̵S̸ ̴I̴A̶C̶T̶Ā̷T̵U̵S̴ ̷E̶T̴ ̶A̸L̶T̶Ō̸
̵V̵Ī̴ ̸S̷U̴P̶E̴R̶U̷M̷,̵ ̵S̸A̷E̵V̶A̸E̵ ̴M̷E̸M̵O̸R̵E̷M̷ ̷I̶Ū̷N̵Ō̵N̴I̷S̷ ̴O̸B̸ ̵Ī̶R̴A̴M̵,

Publius Vergilius Maro himself materializes and continues:

M̸U̸L̵T̴A̴ ̴Q̶U̴O̵Q̴U̸E̸ ̷E̴T̵ ̴B̷E̷L̷L̸Ō̸ ̸P̴A̷S̸S̵U̴S̶,̵ ̸D̵U̷M̵ ̶C̶O̶N̷D̵E̵R̵E̴T̷ ̴U̵R̴B̸E̸M̶
̶Ī̶N̵F̷E̷R̷R̷E̶T̴Q̴U̷E̵ ̴D̷E̸Ō̴S̶ ̴L̵A̷T̵I̵Ō̷,̴ ̸G̶E̸N̵U̶S̷ ̴U̵N̵D̶E̷ ̵L̶A̷T̴Ī̴N̵U̷M̷
̴A̵L̴B̶Ā̵N̸Ī̵Q̶U̷E̵ ̷P̸A̶T̷R̸Ē̷S̶ ̷A̵T̷Q̶U̸E̴ ̷A̵L̷T̴A̶E̴ ̷M̴O̴E̴N̷I̸A̶ ̷R̶Ō̷M̸A̸E̷.̵

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saturday. november 30th. 2:53pm.

“weekend reads. two cups of tea down, waiting on a grocery run for more oat milk and maybe a salad. today’s to-do list consisted of translating capitulum IX for latin, read experprts from an ancient philosophers notes to discuss on tuesday. it’s cold outside, but the sun is trying to shine.”

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“ἡδυς” means ‘sweet’ or 'pleasant’.

“Sweet” and “cute” are the same word in German.

In a german translation Kriton says on the first page to Socrates that he sleeps “sweetly”. The translator probably meant “without any worry”, even added an annotation to explain it, but half of my latin group was shipping it already… ;)

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Classics (Mostly Latin) Student Culture

Learning all the verbs for murder in Ancient Greek and Latin instead of things like “May I use the bathroom?” (My fave is interfecere btw)

Reading about petty™️ gods and how fabulously extra they are.

Attempting to identify ancient objects, giving up, and just calling it “religious”

Latin teachers saying things like “The Romans do a great job of taking ideas and making them better!” while we all know y’all mean stole

  • Ft “well it’s not stealing…”
  • “Did the Romans in any way work with the native peoples who created the ideas/architecture or any point give credit ?”
  • “Well no”
  • “Ok well that sounds like stealing”

Reading the whole “eating tables” part of the Aenied and being SOOO confused


Finfing out what they actually “eating tables” is and being very disappointed

Being sad about Argos death in the Odysey but literally not caring if any other character lives or dies

Going back and forth between Greek and Roman names of gods

That one kid (cough cough me) who was obsessed with Percy Jackson and made the whole class talk about that instead of participles

Last two brain cells™️ upon seeing a future passive participle and a form of sum, esse together


That one teacher who is hellbent on calling every historical figure by their full names (pls next time just call him Augustus I know who we are talking about)

Those kids that are into Greek Cultute more than Roman Culture accusing the Romans of being knockoffs while the Egyptian Students just sit there waiting for someone to bring up how important Egypt was in developing the Hellenistic Era bc that laid out the framework for the Mediteraninan Civilizations to come

And here are some fresh Latin memes just for the hell of it

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