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gxtitobxby · a day ago
Tumblr media
latina!reader who tries to recreate her family's recipes from back home because she's feeling homesick but keeps repeatedly burning everything and setting off the fire alarm so boyfriend firefighter!james has to keep coming to the rescue <333 all the comfort he gives her because she misses her family and feels disconnected from her culture </3333
Tumblr media
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loveontourlove · a month ago
Opal— A Love on Tour ♡ Extra
A/N: Here's a little something for you while you wait for the next chapter. Hope you like this tiny bit of Emi and Harry! Love -Vee
Tumblr media
Story Masterlist // 685 words // Ask me anything
October 13, 2021
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
“I really like this ring,” Harry says, staring at my hands. We are sitting at an indoor table in a small cozy café in Pittsburgh, close to our hotel. We decided to venture outside together on our free day, as Harry doesn’t have a show until tomorrow. So far we’ve had luck in going unrecognized. Our table is in a far away corner, giving us a little more privacy.
I’m writing in my journal, something that I love doing but have lately found myself not having enough time to just sit and write, so today I brought my notebook with me. Harry’s sitting across from me, sipping on his coffee and staring at me with a pensive expression. His gaze shifts from my hand, working rapidly with my writing, to my face. It feels like he’s trying to burn in his mind how I look right now.
I stop mid writing and look up at him.
“Yeah, my grandma has great taste” I finally reply, looking down at my opal and golf ring on my finger as well. He hums in response.
“I also like that it’s your birthstone. What’s my birthstone?” He asks. I drop my pencil, deciding to take a break from writing so that I can answer all his questions.
“Amethyst” I reply with no hesitation.
Amethyst is purple quartz and is a beautiful blend of violet and red that can be found in every corner of the world. Known for emotional and spiritual protection, amethyst can break anxious or addictive thought patterns and help you move into your higher consciousness. Its high vibration blocks negative, stressful energies and stimulates serenity of the mind.
“Interesting” He says and falls deep in thought again. I chuckle under my breath. I love watching Harry get lost in his thoughts. He doesn’t say anything else so I resume my writing.
“Maybe I should get myself an Amethyst ring too” Harry says two minutes later. I drop my pen again.
“You could ask Alessandro to find you something” I smile at him and he nods “Though you know, the tradition actually says you should wear the birthstone of someone you love so that it keeps them protected”
“Really?” He asks, perking up, like this new bit of information really caught his attention.
“Yeah, my grandma gave me this so that someday I can pass it down to my daughter” I explain “If I have one, I mean”
“I like that,” He says, staring at my ring again..
“Yeah it is cute. But, you can also wear your birthstone if you want. This is all just random stuff my Nonna says” I tell him. He nods, taking a sip of his coffee and getting lost in his thoughts again. I see him take out his phone from the corner of my eye, and start typing quickly.
“I’m asking Lambert to find me a new ring” He explains, concentrating on his screen. Harry L is probably already sending him options.
I shrug and resume my writing.
October 14, 2021
“So handsome” I tell Harry, staring him up and down. He’s checking himself out in the mirror to make sure his whole outfit is in place, and I’m checking him out as well, loving how the gold and black clothes look on him.
Finally he’s wearing something other than red.
“Okay I’m ready” He says, walking to the vanity where he’s set up his small jewelry box. I see him put on his dreams and when he walks past me on his way to the door a sparkle I haven’t noticed before catches my eye.
“Wait, is that a new ring?” I ask him and he stops right under the doorframe and turns back to me.
“Yeah, it’s opal” He smiles and gives me a wink. He doesn’t say anything else, turning back around and leaving.
I stay here, frozen in my place, my heart thumping so fast and loud I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone in the arena can hear it.
You should wear the birthstone of someone you love so that it keeps them protected.
taglist: @annesauriol @countingthestarsinfinitely @harrysfolklore @sunflowervolume66 @obsssedwithjustaboutanything @f-vasquezp @acidicbloody @caitscraps @evanjh @handsomerry @mrsstylesthings @pratsxx @happyeverafterjunkie @harreii @collectiveuniverses @everyscarisahealingplace @whatiamnow @lollypopsx @msolbesg @camflowervol6​ @allmylove-hxx​ @goldenhoax @familyshow-orisit @4hazza @alienorknight @futuristicpalacegardenpsychic @hazziestyles @giveyourheartabreak-xx @call1800coochie @mariamuses @marlananicole17 @multiplums @rivercran @hannahnikohl @itsmycorneroftheinternet @brittychelle @happycupcakeenthusiast @hrrysonlysunflower
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whiskeyglass · a month ago
The salesman (Gong yoo) with a Latina s/o
Tumblr media
Gong Yoo is a true gentleman,he's willing to do anything for the people he loves and cares most about ,especially you
Upon your first time coming to Korea everything was amusing to you,the food,the clothing,the art,the architecture of the buildings,the people
Everything was so new to you and Gong Yoo would always be there to guide you throughout your experience
He'd talk to you in his native language and only inorder to help you practice your Korean
He'd teach you about the local dishes and how to cook some of the easiest ones out there
Although after realising his liking towards you he'd take classes to study more about your mother tongue
Speaking broken Spanish for the first few months
Constantly openly flirting with you
Asking you out by taking you to a traditional restaurant with Latin cuisine
Never forgeting to buy you expensive gifts
Showing you his love with acts of service and affectionate words
He'd hold you like you were so fragile you could break any moment,kiss you as if your lips tasted as sweet as honey
Beacuse to his dedication towards you Gong Yoo learned how to cook some of your country's best dishes
Due to some of the racist beliefs that exist in South Korea he would always be prepared to fight anyone who makes any hateful comments
Even with your ability to defend yourself against any stupidity he's always protective
Showering you with kisses every single day
Always being by your side no matter
@mochacake2016 thank you for the wonderful request :)!
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marvelousmermaid · 26 days ago
"Yo te prometo"
Pairing: Marcus Moreno x Latina!Reader + Missy Moreno
Rating: Teen+
WC: 2376 (2530 with translations)
Warnings: mention and talk of dead spouse/mom
A/N: please read! - This is labeled as “Latina!Reader” solely because the reader is a fluent Spanish speaker that is coded female/fem (but also it’s super self-indulgent). I do not get into specifics on background or body type, however I’m Puerto Rican/Mexican so if you are hispanic or latine as well but of different descent, then some of the wording may be different to you. This is readable with immediate (English) translations, so that general readers can follow along. It’s been scary writing this, as I know how the internet can sometimes be towards minority writers but I’m thankful to @acedameron for helping beta, edit, encourage me through this and making sure I didn’t delete it...because it was a lot..I don’t know what I would do without her patience.
Tumblr media
Quietly dating Marcus over the last six months has been wonderful and after a delicate conversation between the two of you, Marcus feels that it’s finally time to take things to the next level...have you meet his daughter. From what he’s told you, she’s aware that the two of you are dating but there’s an unknown to how she may actually feel about it or how she’ll act towards you and that’s a little - very - terrifying.
Marcus planned a backyard picnic at his house to keep things comfortable, and you liked the idea, pointing out that Missy would have an easy escape if she didn’t feel comfortable.
Although you hope that won’t be the case.
He’d smiled kindly and said, “I love that you’re thinking of her like that. I don’t think she’ll need it, but you’re right, that’s a great idea.”
Now the two of you have been setting up for the last hour and half, and the only task left is to cut up some fruits to snack on.
“My mom called a little bit ago. They should be here any second now.” Marcus broke the silence that had built up while you were thinking.
“Ay! Marcus should we still be cutting? Do I leave and come back? What should I do?”
Marcus’ face is soft and understanding. “Just keep doing what you’re doing. Be natural, she’s going to love you I’m sure of it.”
There is no way a teenage girl with a widowed dad is going to “love” her dad’s new girlfriend but you appreciate his enthusiasm and like clockwork, you hear the front door open and Anita Moreno calls into the house. “Knock knock! Coming in!”
“In the kitchen mom.” Marcus calls back while wiping his hands then looks to you. “Ready?”
“I hope so.” You say trying not to sound as nervous as you feel.
Missy rounds the corner first. She smiles politely at you and continues toward her dad. You look to Anita for some guidance, she slowly blinks and gestures for you to take a deep breath. Marcus has Missy tugged into his side and he’s walking closer to you with her in tow and exhales, looking at you. “All right time for the official introductions, yeah?”
She looks just like her mother. In the photos Marcus has shown you, she looked like a perfect mix but up close, she is her mothers twin. Beautiful.
You reach your hand out to her and introduce yourself. “Hi Missy, I’ve heard so much about you and then some!” you laugh, “I’m happy we can finally meet.”
God was that cheesy? It felt like it. Shit she’s going to hate you.
“Ditto, my dad’s been telling me all about you and I’ve been begging to meet you!”
“Oh yeah?” you smirk up at Marcus and he shrugs, smiling.
“Oh yeah.” she says with a chuckle.
With the ice officially broken, Marcus tells Missy to go wash up and to meet you guys in the backyard for a surprise. As soon as she’s gone, a breath you didn’t know you were holding fumbles out of you. Anita and Marcus look over to you and both smile.
“Hiciste bien mija, ahora te puedes relajar.”[You did well mija, now you can relax.] Anita tries comforting you before clapping her hands. “Okay! My abuela duties are done for the day. You all have fun. Adiós! Y adiós Missy!” she calls out into the space.
Marcus leaves you alone to walk his mom out. You can hear Missy upstairs, making you painfully aware of how real this moment is. Marcus is the first man you’ve ever dated with a child, and as if dating isn’t already complicated enough, then including the feelings of said person's kid is like walking on thin ice with sharp boots. You know that the decision for you to meet Missy wasn’t taken lightly but you can’t help but think... why you?
Marcus comes back and finds you fiddling with your shirt, clearly deep in thought, and decides to bring you in for a hug. Already knowing what you need and most likely already knowing what’s going through your head.
“It’s going to be great.”
Outside, your mind is still racing, your thoughts slip into your native tongue and next thing you know you're speaking out loud.
“Marcus... estoy nerviosa todavía?”[I’m still nervous]You blurt out to Marcus while setting the plates down.
“Yo te dije mi amor, ella te va a amar.” [I told you my love, she’s going to love you.]
“Amar es una gran palabra Marcus. Tú sabes eso. Solo quiero respetar a tu hija y a su mamá.” [Love is a big word Marcus. You know that. I just want to respect your daughter and her mom.]
“Y te amo por eso pero confía en mí. Por favor cariño.”[And I love you for it but trust me. Please hon.]
“Ok cariño,” you copy, “Te confío… Pero no quiero que ella piense que estoy reemplazando a nadie.” [Ok honey, I trust you…but I don’t want her to think I’m replacing anyone.]
You try to keep quiet since Missy could walk out any second but your attempt failed seeing as she’s standing right behind you now.
“Whoa! I didn’t know you spoke Spanish.”
You nearly fall out of your shoes with how fast you turn.
“Sweetie, hey!” But your recovery attempt can’t hide how flustered you are.
“My dad didn’t tell me you spoke Spanish too.”
Missy’s eyes stay on you. She’s impossible to read. You can’t tell if she’s upset, disappointed or just genuinely confused.
“Uh yeah I do, it was my first language actually.”
“Mine too!” suddenly her smile spreads across her entire face. “My mom used to talk to me everyday in Spanish to make sure I kept it but-”
“I haven’t been keeping that up.” Marcus interrupts and comes around to stand between you and Missy.
“Y por qué no?” You tease.[And why not?]
“Porque no sabía ella lo quería”[Because I didn’t know she wanted to] He retorts and lunges to tickle Missy but she dodges him.
Marcus straightens and raises a brow and gestures between you and Missy. “Why do I get the feeling this is going to become a problem for me?”
“You wanted us to meet so badly.” You respond laughing. “Ladies gotta stick together right Miss? Is it okay if I call you that?”
“We sure do and please. I like nicknames.” She answers, ready to run if Marcus has plans for further attack.
The picnic goes even better than you could have ever imagined. Missy may be her mother's twin but her mannerisms are all Marcus. She’s animated when she tells you about her friends and what she likes to do in her free time when she isn’t at school or being a mini Heroic. It also doesn’t go unnoticed how Marcus’s behavior shifts -- at first, he’s quick to talk but as the conversation goes on he becomes a mere spectator. You let Missy ask you anything and she does: she asks where you’re from, what you like to do during the summer time, favorite games… Really anything that came to her mind, and you answer. More than once, you look at Marcus, and each time, he's smiling at the sight of you. Why were you so worried?
After some time, Marcus leaves to get more drinks and there’s a moment of comfortable silence between you and Missy.
“Um-” Missy breaks the silence. “Do you speak Spanish often?”
You carefully look at her before answering. “Yeah I do. My parents don’t really speak English so it’s pretty easy to just stay in it. And when I’m with your dad, it kind of slips in every now and then.” You end with a chuckle and notice she’s no longer looking at you but fidgeting with her shirt. Huh. She has the same nervous tick as you.
“Is- is that okay with you?”
Missy looks back at you. “I love it actually. I was just wondering if you could keep speaking Spanish with me and my dad. Or even just around? I miss hearing it all the time.” She pauses and thinks about her next words. “It was cool hearing my dad in conversation again.”
She looks away from you and to her hands now in her lap. It takes you by surprise but your heart swells.
“I can do that. No problem.” You match your volume to hers, catching on that it wasn’t something she wanted Marcus to hear.
“Thank you.”
Eventually Missy moves to the hammock and leaves you and Marcus to the patio chairs. She falls asleep there, looking at the stars and telling you guys about constellations. Her dreams about being an astronaut sprinkled in around facts about the different stars and her favorite constellations.
You and Marcus notice an overwhelming silence after you ask if she could find a certain planet. It turns out she was so worked up in entertaining the two of you with fun facts that you didn’t catch her words drifting and how her hands had settled against her stomach - Instead of the reaching and pointing she was doing so much of before.
Although you soak in the quiet for a little while, the wind chill eventually becomes too much for you that even with a blanket wrapped around you, a few shivers escape. Taking the hint Marcus takes it upon himself to carry Missy to bed while you gather the remaining food and bring it back to the kitchen.
“She’s getting way too big for me to keep doing that. She’s sleeping where she drops next time.”
You hardly process his joke as he joins you in the kitchen. Instead, you decide to bring up something that’s been in the back of your mind since she fell asleep. “Marcus, she asked me if I could speak Spanish around her and in general when I’m around.”
He stops.
“She did?” his voice trembles.
“Um yeah. She said she missed it.”
Marcus takes a deep breath to keep himself together and leans over the counter. “Her mom used to speak to her in Spanish all the time and with me too and it became this thing for them but after she passed... I didn’t even think to keep that up with her. Or maybe I did and I selfishly didn’t want to.”
You take this moment to walk around the island to meet him face to face. Without saying anything, you grab his wrist to pull him towards the nearby couch. His eyes are misty and he’s holding back tears, but he doesn’t seem self-conscious; he only looks away from you to cuddle into your shoulder when you settle him down next to you.  This isn’t the first time Marcus has gotten emotional with you about his wife, but it is the first time he’s cried about his widowed parenting.
“Would you also be okay with that, baby?” Your hand comes up to stroke the side of his face.
His eyes meet yours and he nods.
“So you don’t mind?” Still genuinely wanting to respect boundaries.
“Cariño, of course I don’t mind.”
Marcus takes your hand in his, and you pull away as he leans forward.
“I should go.” You say quickly in an attempt to stop the inevitable. You haven’t kissed Marcus  since your arrival and you do miss his touch, but now is not the time.
“Stay here tonight.” Marcus whispers while continuing his pursuit of your mouth. His nose brushes yours, and you can practically taste the dessert you guys had not too long ago with how close his mouth is to yours. His top lip grazes your bottom lip and you know you have to stop this.
“I’m not sure that would be a good idea.”
Marcus has his eyes closed, and you can feel him getting hotter. The tears that were in his eyes are long gone and all that’s left is tension. He wants to kiss you but he’s waiting for you to initiate it because if he starts, there’s no stopping him. You do contemplate it for a second but decide against it, even though his lips are so soft and tempting.
“Quédate…” [stay here.] He repeats.
“Nuh uh Marcus, me besas y no podemos parar. También, no quiero presionar mi suerte con Missy. Si sigo aquí cuando ella despierta… eso es un obstáculo no estoy preparada por.” [you kiss me and we can’t stop. Also, I don’t want to push my luck with Missy. If I'm still here when she wakes up… that’s an obstacle I’m not ready for.]
Marcus opens his eyes and smiles, instead just leaning his forehead on yours. “Tienes razón mi amor.” [You’re right, my love.]
“Siempre.” [always] You say before taking him by surprise with a quick kiss to his cheek. “We’ll plan for a sleep over soon. Yo te prometo.[I promise you] Walk me out?”
He doesn’t pressure you any more and instead settles for dancing his fingertips along your spine while he walks with you to his door. There have been many nights where a goodbye makeout session occurred in this very doorway, but there’s a mutual understanding that the two of you may not even kiss at all tonight. You’re about to turn away but you feel Marcus reach for you and you take a pause to prepare for what he wants to say.
“I know today was a lot for you but I need you to know how thankful I am and how happy Missy was tonight.”
You don’t really know what to say so you stay silent to let him finish.
“When I got her to her room she said she was really glad I found someone who loved me as much as her mom did. I know you have your fears and I have some of the same ones but I believe in what this is and whatever you two talked about when I was gone, really did a number on her.”
As your eyes get watery, you remember how close Marcus had come to crying, and you can’t help but smile as a few tears fall down your own face. It’s on instinct that you lean in and kiss him, but you stop short.
“Please...besame?” [kiss me?] Marcus pleads -- not in a way that begs, but hoping.
And with his simple request, you do. The kiss is intentional - his tongue gently licks behind your top lip and while he pulls away the soft drag leaves you wanting more but you both know it’s the only one you’ll get today. He doesn’t beg or push for more, and it’s, again, a mutual understanding.
“Claro que te amo Marcus. Te amo mucho y yo se que voy a amar a Missy con todo, un día. No sé porqué estaba tan asustada.... Ella eres tu.” [Of course I love you Marcus. I love you so much and I know I’m going to love Missy with everything too, one day. I don’t know why I was so scared... She’s you.]
taglist: @shadowolf993, @petersunderoos96, @readsalot73, @littlemisspascal, @salome-c, @jedi-mando, @time-is-a-lake, @kesskirata, @green-socks, @lorecraft,@princessxkenobi
Inclusion is hard..even when it's for yourself <3
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astrohnova · 3 months ago
𝐀𝐫𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐟𝐢𝐥𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬?
Tumblr media
𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆 ransom hugh drysdale thrombey x latina!camgirl!reader
𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘 Ransom and you have a complicated relationship. But his fucking makes it simple.
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 +18 ONLY. IF YOU’RE A MINOR, i’ll kick your ass and also block u. insults, explicit language, smut (sex toy use, filmed sex, filmed masturbation, dumbification, breeding kink, squirting mention, spit play, blowjob, rough sex (all consented tho) creampie, daddy kink, "bitch", "whore", "cumslut", "slut"), use of spanish phrases without translation. WHEN IN DOUBT, DON’T READ. THAT’S IT.
I’m new at writing so if I should add more tags let me know. Also, english is not my first language so it might be a little weirdly worded so just let me know and i’ll change whatever’s wrong. I’m sorry
If you reblog and leave me some feedback I’ll kiss your mouth. With tongue.
The new lingerie set you’d bought made you feel savage. You knew it was something that your followers would enjoy. You decided to appear soft and delicate today, a good girl. So you turned your camera on, and while you were waiting for your payers to come in, you were sucking a lollipop endearingly, to gradually rile up the people watching you.
The candles you had lit along with the perfume you had spread in the room, with the soft music sounding in the background set the ambient, and your hand was gloved sending goosebumps through every part of skin you caressed. You were just fueling every sense, aislating yourself from the real world. You put the lollipop down and laided your back onto the headboard of your bed, with the computer at your feet, your clothed pussy in the first plane for your followers to admire and the clothed hand making it’s way there.
You’ve bought this glove recently, it was a sex toy. Made of black latex and a different head on each of your fingers, along with different textures that would let you see the stars. You even put a vibrator inside the middle one, just touching the point of your middle finger. Every head was different and enticing. And the vibrations between your thighs, so close to you sensible cunt left you gasping. Your lips and eyes stand out from the mask that you had on your face, sensual and with the same color as your underwear.
You looked straight to the camera when you grazed the vibrator contained by the latex over your pussy, while you gasped and then moaned, laying your head back. You could hear the sound of subscriptions coming in, and you suggestively moaned before pulling your panties to the side with your uncovered hand and brushing the vibrator on your clit, whining lightly. Then you put one of your fingers inside of you, and moaned directly to the camera, while you rubbed soft circles on your clit with your thumb, your belly contracting gently, your nipples hardening.
You took your finger off and brought it to your lips. And before you kept the show going, you said “Thank you for the gift, I’m enjoying myself so much. I hope you get off too”. You inserted two fingers in your pussy and moaned out loud.
He was watching you going down the street, completely mesmerized. Just like the other men and women seeing you. He was smoking, but the smoke got into his eyes, for not being careful; his whole attention was on you. He threw the cigarette on the floor and stepped on it.
“Que hermosa, mamita.” A cute man complimented you, and you smiled and winked.
“Gracias mi amor. So pretty yourself.” You complemented and left him with his mouth open. But compliments were responded to, and he was a beautiful man.
You were walking with so much confidence and all eyes were naturally attracted to your presence, in that dress that hugged you perfectly, in those heels that took you some time to accustom to but now you walked like on a runway. And those striking stockings that you were wearing. You really were feeling yourself, that’s what a good night of orgasms and money gets you, really. You had earned so much, just had a few video requests that you had to fulfill and this month's cuota would be filled. And with this new job you had landed, things were starting to get off for you and your family
He was about to kill all the tigers that were stomping in your way, looking at you the way he did. Thinking the same things that he did, incited by that fucking dress, that gracefullness of your soul, and the barm coat that flew with the wind as you ate the wole street up. He was meeting you on this old cozy bar, after seeing that video of you yesterday he was riled up and just needed to be inside your warm pussy this cold afternoon, maybe with the coffee that you were gonna drink while you argued still stained on your mouth, that he was going to pry from your willing mouth as you gasped against him, with your mixed spit going down your chin from the sloppy kisses that he loves, and your breathy whines that had him rubbing his crotch against your stomach. And he couldn’t wait to see if you were wearing the lingerie that he had bought you, with that color that highlighted your skin undertone and got his dick leaking precum. Last night you were glorious, and today you were a walking goddess.
“Hola, imbécil.”
“Now that’s not very nice, especially after all the money I gave you last night.”
“Mhhm. Others gave me more, papito.”
“That so?”
“It is.”
“I got something more that they can’t give you. And you’re driving me feral, walking like that towards me, flirting with other guys. I thought I made it clear that you were mine.”
“And I thought I made it clear that I was my own. Especially after last night, did you see me get myself off that hard? And after the video endend I got so fucking happy, so fucking horny with all the comments, the views, the pictures that I got that I went to sleep humping my pillow.”
“Oh yes, I got so many pictures of so many pretty cocks daddy”
“You were thinking of other cocks, slut?” He questioned, grabbing you by your arm and putting you against a wall as you laughed.
“Not only thinking, papi, I found this hot guy that was just drooling for me, and he made me drool for him so much. The sheets were so messy that I had to change them after he left.” He gripped your throat harder, just growling furiously.
“Fucking bitch, I’m gonna stuff my cock so deep than your throat to make you regret everything you just said.”
“But daddy, I haven’t told you the best part yet!” You bite your lip, seeing his predatory eyes that wanted to devour you entirely. And you kept going without remorse. “The mattress was so wet too. You never reached that, did you? You want me to think that I’m yours but I got others treating me better.” You pouted, all that you were saying was true and seeing this look in his eyes was such a sight. You almost whined from his look alone.
He grabbed you by the arm and took you to his car, getting on it just right before you on the driver’s side. Wildly driving back to his place to get you fucking stuffed
“You’re driving me insane, bitch. Did you fucking curse me?”
“I did, every dick that enters this sweet pussy, plastic or meat, gets obsessed.”
“Don’t talk like that, making me more horny.”
“I’m sure your hand can help you, guapo.”
“My hand? Are you kidding me? You put that dress on, that looks more like a fucking t-shirt, to come see me and then you leave me with my hand? No, fucking whore You’re giving me your mouth. I have to wipe that smug smile and that boy’s taste off your lips. So suck, vicious little bitch.” So you did, with the loudest and a porn-like moan you quickly undid his briefs pulling his cock out, sucking the tip first.
“Daddy, the lollipop yesterday got me thinking so much about your cock. I couldn’t wait to taste you like this again.” He grabbed you by the hair at the red light, roughly pulling you up to met his face, yours pleasure filled, with drool over your chin, the same that had dirtied his pants.
“You fucking slut, were you just drilling me up to make me get rough on you?”
“No daddy, I did fuck the boy. That was yesterday morning, and then yesterday night I found a little time to think about you.”
“Yeah? Now all you're gonna have in your head and your mouth is me.” He shoved his cock deep into you, and when you gagged he pushed himself further and kept you there. “”Breathe, make this nice for me. I know you can do it.” You could, you enjoyed this so much, your paties were drenched. And what would he do when he notices you weren't wearing the pair he bought for you. Hopefully, break you. You started moving your hips, moving some friction in your pussy, and tastefully wiggling your ass for Ransom to admire.
“That’s right, cumslut. I'll make your ass fire up later too.”
You screamed sensually when he hit your ass. You were on all fours, head down ass up, exposed to Ransom. He was filming your glistening pussy and your delicious ass that bounced on his torso asking for more pain. Delicious pain.
“I’m gonna break you with my cock baby. But after you ask nicely. Your followers want to know what a whore you are.”
“Such a whore! I want your dick papi, you fuck me so good. I want you to leave me braindead, drooling, filled. Please, please, please papi. Cogeme, fuck me. Te tengo muchas ganas.” You whined so hard, so annoyingly empty and desperate.
“What a good girl, making daddy so happy. Here you go, cunt.” He put one hand on your ass and thrusted into you aggressively. He positioned the camera to capture your joy filled face and his hips slamming in you. He didn’t stop nor slowed down, and started rubbing your clit to make you man loader, and you started to move back against him.
“You’re such a greedy little girl, you want all of me. ‘Cmon, give it to me now.”
“Ah!” You opened your mouth in a silent scream when you came, wetting him with your fluids.
And he quickly turned you around, on your back with your legs spread to search for his own high. But you were so sensible you started to close your legs and tried to squirm away from him. But he grabbed your face and spit on your cheek.
“Don’t you fucking dare pushe me away. You take it. Open your fucking legs. Open them wide.” You did, and he used you like a doll, with your mind swimming in pleasure, in his gorans in your ears and his hair caressing your face. He came, pushing himself against you and spilling into the condom. He moved away from you and grabbed the camera, turning it off. Then you were gonna edit the video a little bit, cropping some parts to upload to twitter and the full part you were gonna send it to your special subscribers. You gathered yourself, going to the bathroom to wash yourself a little bit, and coming with a cigarette in your mouth, already lit. You threw yourself on the bed.
“We… We have to stop doing this.” Ransom turned himself to you, taking the cigarette out of your hand and smoking it.
“Baby, you say that everytime. And then you do shit like today.”
“I know. But it’s different now, Hugh.”
“What the fuck you calling me that for?”
“‘Cause I got a new job. Lisa’s personal assistant. And I don’t intend to be higher than all the employees you ask to call you that and then go ahead and disrespect them.”
“You don’t have to work for shit, baby. I’ll pay everything for you. You just keep making those videos and the rest is on me”
“What? Like a sugar daddy? No jodás.” You grabbed another cigarette for yourself, so this dipshit wouldn’t take it away from you
“I mean it baby, I can give you the world, just let me”
“I already have the world papito, and I got it all on my own.” He hummed, and his eyes lit up when you called him ‘daddy’ in spanish, in this intimacy. With your body still displayed for him, through which he roamed his eyes in.
“Papito?” He repeated with an accent. “Maybe I can make a mama out of you....” He burned the cigarette out and took yours off too.
“What the hell are you talking about?” You complained in a moan when he turned you around, on your belly with your hands by your head and his entire muscular, heavy and warm body sprayed out on you. He then pushed deep into you.
“Get off me, Ransom.” You complained in a gasp.
“But I’m so deep ‘side you... I just have to get this shit off me to fill you up.“ He still had his condom on, but he hurriedly got it off and dived inside you again.
“What?! Don’t you dare. Get. The hell. Off.”
“Don’t lie to me princess, you want me to fill this pussy. You’ll be a fucking queen, in my arms, being spoiled with my money. I’ll take care of you and all the kids you’re gonna give me.”
“Ransom…” Your accent was spilling, and your resistance was getting away from you, his words and promises stained in your brain. “Fucking dick.”
“Nobody takes me like you, gripping me like that. You’re just a whore for me, ain’t you? Want all of me.”
“Ah, Ransom, you’re so deep.” You whined, your belly contracting.
“What do you want, honey? I wanna hear you beg for it”
“I-- Please Ransom. Please, please, please llename. Por favor, papi!” You moaned when he started pushing into you again. Last round had been intense and you had little break, so naturally you didn’t last long. You came screaming Ransom’s name, free to do so without a camera in front of you. And he was so close too, his mind winded up with getting you pregnant, with images of your belly full, your tasty breasts with all the milk he was gonna drink. He was goraning so much, your pussy grabbing him so hard, pushing him farther inside of you.
“Are you gonna be a good mama for me?”
“The best, daddy! Just please, please fill me.” And he did, with the loudest groan. To then turn you around and start admiring your tits, your body, getting inside your head with compliments of the mommy you were gonna be. And all the videos you were gonna make with your horniness, with your huge titis and that round belly. How he wanted to cover you in cum and get it on camera to show that you were his, cause getting you pregnant just wasn’t enough. And after that, he went down to eat his leaking cum out of you and prepared you for the next round.
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blossominglark · 3 months ago
One-Shot: “ Bonita” Pro-Hero Miruko x Personal Assistant Chubby Fem! Latine! Reader
Tumblr media
Written by: blossominglark on tumblr
Warnings: AGED UP!, SFW, Fluff, Latine! Reader, Mentions of Chubby Fem! Reader ( Chubby Face, Broad Shoulders, Love Handles, Tummy, Stretch marks, Cellulite, etc.) Suggestive! ( Making-Out, Caressing, Kissing, that type of vibe).
Tagging: @letstalkaboutfandomsbaby @littlemisskeigo
Discussing Inclusivity with a Chubby Woman Reader
I added a ‘key’ in order for the reader to feel included and place their own unique characteristics in the storyline. Because not all Latine/ Hispanic people look the same, for instance I have a fair skin tone and long curly brown hair, while others may have, or be the complete opposite of me.
Key: Y/N ( Your Name), L/N ( Last Name), Significant Other (S/O), h/t ( hair texture), h/c ( hair color), e/c ( eye color), h/l ( hair length), s/c ( skin color).
A/N: I was thinking about how much Miruko would absolutely adore having a Chubby S/O, and then BAM! This idea came to exist. Enjoy! Also, Miruko in a suit…. sí (yes). Also the Chubby Fem! Reader is Latine and Speaks Spanish, so heads up! I rarely see Miruko content related to a Chubby Fem! Reader, so I decided to write one and added in a little ✨spice✨ and included a Chubby Fem! Latine! Reader into the mix.
© 2021 All Rights Reserved to blossominglark on tumblr please refrain from plagiarism, reposting, translating, or using any of my writing for asmr purposes without my permission and character credits to the Creator of MHA/ BNHA Kohei Horikoshi
Pro-Hero Miruko is indeed the strongest woman out of the whole Pro-Hero Industry. She has proven in countless occasions she isn’t one for people to get on her bad side. She doesn’t hesitate to throw hands or talk back at whoever dares to make others feel uncomfortable, unsafe, and those who feel vulnerable. When people see her, they feel safe and protected, with their fears slowly escaping their system.
As more people started to fond/ admire her, so did her work began to pile up on her, along with her responsibilities in both her work and personal life. It got to the point she was a total disaster, it was shown in her mood, along with how chaotic her office was. Piles of papers, contracts, files, and all the mayhem she has to sort out. Sticky notes all over her office in random places since she has a difficult time being organized and has grown to be forgetful about her duties, causing her to do them last minute.
She sighed to herself, bringing her strong hands to run through her long white hair, coming to the conclusion that she needed to hire a personal assistant to help her organize her life.
After a few days of her looking at the resumes of the potential applicants, none grabbed her attention, until she saw one that made her eyebrow raise up. The resume and application had good reviews and the person is someone who is responsible, organized, along with other great qualities, the only thing is that she had no clue how they looked like, but she had a gut feeling That they are the right person for the job. She then told her sidekick to contact the assistant she wanted, with them rushing over to the phone to complete their orders.
The next day, Miruko was filled with relief, finally finding someone to help her sort out her work life, and grew curious how her new personal assistant would look like. She then heard a soft knock on the door which made her ears perk up to the sound, as she called for them to come in.
You walked in your assigned work attire, holding your work bag in your hand. “ Hola (Hello) Miruko! I’m L/N, Y/N, please to meet you and I’m honored that you hired me to be your personal assistant. ¡Yo no te voy a defraudar! (I won’t let you down!)” You then bowed down to her respectfully, and raised yourself up to look at her.
Miruko’s eyes began to widen up, her nose twitching eagerly, with her chest beginning to grow a warm, comforting feeling inside. She saw you as the most beautiful woman that her crimson red eyes have ever laid down upon. She took in your white blouse how it molded and outlined your plumped figure, how your pencil skirt made you only look even more voluminous in her eyes. She then took in your soft expression, along with adding in all of your other physical attributes, into the full imagine into her head, as she saw you open and close your mouth towards her, in which she had no clue what you were say, purely zoning out at the sight of your beauty.
You got a bit annoyed she wasn’t responding back to you, so you decided to approach her, curious of why she wasn’t replying back to you. You then stood from the other side of her desk, moving your hand in front of her dazed face, with a flustered chuckle escaping her. “ Miruko? ¿Estas bien? Are you alright?” You asked her and she replied softly, “ Never better beauty- I MEAN, *clears throat*.” She then stood up from her seat and extended her hand out to you. “ Welcome L/N to my agency! S-sorry for ignoring you there, I just had a lot in my head and feeling overwhelmed is all! But I’m glad you are here now to help me and stuff, yeah!” She spoke rather quickly while shacking your hand. You smiled softly at her, in which she loved that curve on your face more. “ Gracias (Thank you) Miruko, now let’s begin on what you need my assistance on.” You suggested as she then pulled you along with her to the files on the other desk, as your first day as her assistant began.
You now have worked with Miruko for over three months, and throughout that time, you have indeed helped her structure her responsibilities in her work life, along with her learning more about you. Thanks to you, she is able to have breaks throughout the day and have a schedule that works out with her the best. Miruko also ended up having one or two days off a week thanks to your help, however she personally didn’t like that.
Miruko is the type of person that always has to do something to keep herself busy and feel useful. She felt uncomfortable not doing anything, and decided to try out a few things to keep her busy. She decided to go work out, but she thought to herself she already works out plenty through out her work days, so she scratched that from her list. She decided to try cooking, however she had no clue what she was doing in her kitchen. She then looked through the cupboards to see what instant food she can make that at the same time is healthy, but she didn’t have any. She then had a lightbulb moment, discovering what she should do on her day off, go grocery shopping.
She made her way to the local grocery store, with her shopping cart filled with carrot related items, ranging from carrot soup, carrot juice, to carrot cake. She then rounded into the section of the bread aisle, and observed you placing a loaf of bread into your shopping basket.
Miruko began to grow flustered at the sight of you only a few feet away, not knowing what to do or say. Even though you both work together at the agency, and talk like two old friends, this was a different setting for her. Does she go up and say hello? Yeah that would be the most polite way to approach someone, but then what? What does she talk about? She knows she should avoid the topic of work since you both deal with it equally, but maybe ask what you are shopping for? No no, then you would think she is being nosey and doesn’t want you to believe she is a gossiper.
She sighed with her ears slightly drooping, then you turned to looked at her, “ Miruko?” You asked as you began to walk up to her, and confirmed it was indeed your boss. “ Hola (Hello) Miruko! How are you?” You kindly asked as you saw her ears raise up and she cleared her throat. She then leaned forward on the cart and smirked at you. “ Hey Y/N! Just doing some shopping and what not, since I discovered this morning I ran out of my food.” You hummed and replied, “ Nice! I came to buy a few things I was running out on. Afterwards I’m going back home to make myself something to eat. Would you like to come over?” You could see her grow flustered, with her stuttering out a yes, in which made you smile and you both walked alongside one another to finish the shopping trip, then afterwards go to your place.
You both arrived at your place with shopping bags in hand, as you proceeded to put your groceries away and offered to store her stuff while she was at your place, in which she thanked you. You proceeded to make your traditional breakfast, with her standing next to you, observing your every movement and learning how to both cook for herself, and cook for you in the future. Breakfast went by smoothly, with conversations flow smoothly in the atmosphere of the two of you. After the meals, he helped you clean up, then she asked if you would like to watch a show she enjoys, in which you happily agreed. You both sat in your living room, and began playing the show and sat on either side of the couch.
Miruko wanted to make a move, so she decided to move a bit closer to you and made subtle pauses to not make it obvious. She then moved a bit more and tilted her head to see if you caught her, and you were distracted watching the show. She let out a sigh, and was now only an arm distance from you. She tried her best to stay relaxed, and knew she should make the final move by putting her strong arm around your shoulders, but the nerves got the best of her. You then side eyed her, already aware of what she was trying to do. You helped her out by letting out a fake yawn, and leaned your figure towards hers, resting your head on her shoulder.
“ I hope you don’t mind Miruko.” You spoke softly and she was now questioning if you could hear her heart beat running a marathon. “ N-no Y/N! I’m fine with it! Promise!” She assured you, and you nodded your head as you grew comfortable in your resting position. Miruko then placed her arm around your shoulder, with her head resting on top of yours. A small smile growing on her face, equal to the one on yours.
It was now getting late, with her thanking you again for having her over. You assured her it was no problem at all, and that she is welcomed to visit again. Miruko was over the moon by the moment you both shared, with her making it her personal mission to make you hers, with an idea coming to her mind. Miruko wanted to impress you in some manner, so she decided to teach herself Spanish, so when she sees you again at the Agency, to show off her Spanish Speaking skills to you.
The next day, she want back to the Agency and waited for you to clock in her office to start off your work day, you walked in a few minutes later, with Miruko turning at the sound of you opening the door and she smiled at you, “ Buenos Días ( Good Morning) L/N!” She greeted you happily, in which you replied back, “ Buenos Días (Good Morning) Miruko-“ you then paused and realized what she said, making you smile and your heart flutter. You then complimented on her spanish, in which she rubbed the back of her head with a lopsided smile, telling you she taught herself a few Spanish words to make you feel comfortable in the work place. You thanked her, and offered to teach her yourself your mother language.
Miruko looked at you with happiness glittering in her eyes, internally screaming for being able to be around you more, and for the relationship of the two of you to strengthen. “ YEAH OF COURSE! I-I mean, Yeah sure, that’s cool.” She cleared her throat and gave you a bashful smile. You giggled at her little outburst, as you then proceeded to ask what your task for work was today, as she happily talked to you about it, with her heart fluttering at the sound of your giggle playing in her head on repeat.
A few more months have passed, nearing the year anniversary of you working alongside Miruko. In which she didn’t forget about your first day on the job, and wanted to do something special for you, but intimate and personal for the both of you.
That was when Miruko invited you out to eat at a fancy restaurant, and told you she would pick you up and drop you off. You smiled and accepted the dinner invitation, in which you could see her nose twitch in excitement in scoring an unofficial date with you.
The night of the dinner arrived, as Miruko dressed in one of her finest suits to impress you in. She also pulled her hair up in a bun to give you a different perspective about her, in which was Aizawa’s advice and saw people swooning when he pulled his hair up, hoping it had the same affect on you.
She decided to get out of the car and walk her way to the passenger side of the car, hands in her pocket while her back rested on the door of the car. She let out a sigh, thinking that you might of forgotten, until she heard the sound of your shoes tapping the concrete, the sound coming closer to her.
“ Hola Miruko! I’m sorry for keeping you waiting, I was struggling a bit on doing my hair but I am ready to go!” You said while regaining your breath, and she nodded her head slowly, with her ruby red eyes taking in the sight in front of her.
She saw the elegant yet simple dress you wore, with it matching with your foot wear, then she lifted her vision up and saw how you kept your makeup simple, along with trying a new hair style yourself in a undo manner.
You grew flustered at also getting a view of what the Pro-Hero wore, with her biceps ready to tear through the fabric of the long sleeve coat, wishing she went with a vest instead, but either way she looked divine.
After a while of admiring one another, Miruko opened the passenger door for you and offered her hand to helped you inside the car, with a gentle smile on her face. You smiled softly with a Muchas Gracias escaping you, as you went inside the car and she closed the door gently behind you, as she proceeded to walk towards her side of the car and drive off to the restaurant.
Once you arrived there, Miruko helped you out the car, and made her arm into a hook, as you slid your arm through and you both walked alongside one another inside the establishment.
You both checked in the front desk, as the waiter escorted you both to the rooftop of the restaurant. The fairy lights twinkling softly like the stars in the night sky, with the vines complimenting the area along with the various colorful flowers surrounding the eating area.
She pulled out your seat, as you sat and down and she helped push in your seat, as she walked towards her seat across from yours.
You both began talking to one another, as she asked for you to call her by her first name, that caused you to stutter out softly by how much your relationship with her grew over the last few months.
Throughout the dinner, Miruko knew this was the moment to say what she was holding on to for the longest time, she then let out a sigh, and spoke,
“ Hey Y/N, you know how I invited you out to eat at a fancy restaurant to celebrate the time you have worked alongside me?” You then raised your vision and nodded your head.
“ There… there is also another reason of why I invited you. I hope you understand from where I’m coming from.” She then clenched her hands on the pants of her suit, nervous to say the following,
“ Yo te amo…. I love you so much Y/N. Since the first day you stepped foot at my office I was already captivated by you. The time we had together both as co-workers and friends, I really cherished them, and I want to upgrade our relationship, and call you mío.” She confessed her love for you, as she brought her hands to rest on the table, in which made you bring a hand to cover your mouth by the sudden confession.
“ Look, I get it if you don’t feel the same, but I had to get it off my chest and -“ you then reached your hands out and held hers. You then raised them up and kissed them, which made her mouth open to a gap with her eyes shimmering, and breath hitching.
You then brought her hands down and looked at her with a soft expression, “ Yo te amo también Rumi.” You confessed your feelings back, in which she smiled happily and a tear escaped her by the overwhelming feeling.
You got up to approach your girlfriend on her left side, cupped her face as your thumb swiped to clean off her tear. “ Todo está bien cariño, everything is fine my love. Let’s go home so we could spend the night away in each other’s embrace.” You told her softly, in which her smile widened and nodded her head in approval.
Once you both drive back to her place, you walked hand in hand into the lobby of her complex, as you both made your way to the elevator to her place.
Once on the floor of her apartment, she guided you down the hallway and stood at foot of her home, soon to be shared with yours. She began unlocking the door and pushed it open.
She then lifted you up which made you squeal from surprise, with a laugh beginning to develop, as she swung you around with her own laugh mixing in with yours, as she kicked the front door closed and it locked automatically.
She then placed you down gently on the floor, as she wrapped an arm around the plush of your waist with her hand resting on the softness of your hip, with her other hand cupping your cheek to bring you to her height, as you both shared your first of many kisses.
The lips of the both of you melded together as one, both your eyes began to close, letting the addicting passion and love you both have for each other be expressed by the dance your lips made with one another, the moment you both yearned from the first day you both laid eyes, now finally happened with your lips meeting hers for an intoxicating welcome.
Her callused hand traced your soft jaw firm yet delicately, her thumb reaching to center itself on the middle of your chin, lifting your head a bit, earning a soft sound escaping you, that made her ears twitch at the sound of your voice drunk in her love, as she kept her legs strong before she collapsed by the euphoric moment you are both experiencing now, and will continue on forever.
You both then slowly removed your lips slowly, a string of saliva still connecting you both with both sharing a whipped expression, both regaining your breathes while starting at each other’s glimmering eyes.
She smirked and went in to give you one more peck, “ Come now my baby, didn’t you say something along the lines of being in one another’s embrace? I don’t want to break my promise mi amor~.” She said in a whisper which made your skin grow goosebumps. “ Sí mí amor, led the way.” You signaled in which she lifted you up bridal style and carried you to her master bedroom.
You both began getting for bed, as you laid down in your under garments in the bed, with Miruko following along. She rested her head on the softness of your chest, her strong arms wrapped around your soft self, caressing your figure as she placed gentle kisses on your chest, tummy, and neck area making you hum contently.
“ Cariño, we should get to sleep now, we have work tomorrow.” You said softly and she groaned as she stuffed her face in your breasts. “ Do we have to go to work?” You chuckled and kissed her forehead. “ You are the Boss of the Agency mí amor, it’s up to you.” She then let out a sigh, and kissed your breasts again before lifting her head up to look at you.
“ Only if I get to see that beautiful face tomorrow, then I will go to work.” She teased and lifted her head up to kiss your lips. “ Esta bien, ok I’ll go to work but only if we get to spend our time like this.” She smirked and agreed with you, as you both grew comfortable and fell asleep soundly in each other’s embrace, as she made your promise come true, and in return, you became her one and only.
© 2021 All Rights Reserved to blossominglark on tumblr please refrain from plagiarism, reposting, translating, or using any of my writing for asmr purposes without my permission and character credits to the Creator of MHA/ BNHA Kohei Horikoshi
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cocochannel00 · 8 months ago
“Papi’s Grumpy”
Inspired by the supposed picture of Harry and Niall on a walk... Dad!Harry takes his son for a walk and the lack of ice cream sharing makes Harry sad 
(Spanish/Latina Reader for all my bilingual ladies out there- I put the english too so don’t worry)
Your POV:
“Mi amor (my love) can you grab Lucas’ hat from the dresser? It’s chilly outside” you shouted from the kitchen as the sound of little feet shuffled above you. Harry was determined to take your son for a hike despite Lucas’ less then enthusiastic thoughts on having to leave his new toy dinosaur grandma Anne had bought him last weekend.
“Working on it love” Harry shouted as you heard a shriek followed by the noise of Harry’s feet stomping as he chased after your little rascal.
You shook your head at the antics of your two boys. If this baby was anything like your last, you knew you were in for a handful. 
“Gotch ya” you heard your husband shout as your little boy burst out in fits of giggles. 
The voices got closer as you continued to cut up the cucumbers into rings for Lucas to bring as a snack for their trip. Much like his father, your little boy was an absolute nightmare to be around when he was hungry.
“Mama mama no quiero no querio (don’t want to, don’t want to)” Lucas cried as Harry walked into the kitchen, placing the little boy down so he could run to your side. 
You looked at the little boy who was hiding his face in your dress before looking up at your husband who was rolling his eyes at your son’s antics. Steadying yourself against the kitchen counter, you bent down with a groan before picking up your son and placing him on your hip. 
“Careful Love, doctor said not to pick up weight cause of the baby” Harry stated before you gave him a death stare and placed Lucas on the countertop in front of you. 
“Que no quieres hacer, mi amor (What don’t you want to do, my love)” you asked as you ran your hands through his soft hair. 
“No walking Mama. Is bording” Lucas mumbled, mispronouncing boring as he rubbed his eyes.
“But Papi’s taking you, and Uncle Niall is going too! You guys are going to have so much fun” 
“Uncle Niall?”
“Yeah Uncle Niall is going, and if you’re good they might even take you out for ice cream”
“Ice cream Ice cream Papi” Lucas shouted as he kicked his feet against the counter. 
“But the ice cream is only if you’re good, bub. Now come on, lets go get your shoes on before Uncle Niall gets here” Harry said before grabbing Lucas off the counter and walking to your foyer. 
You placed the bag of cucumbers along with a small water bottle into one of Harry’s various fanny packs just as a honk rang outside. You carefully waddled towards the front door, hoping none of Lucas’ toys would be in your path as you hadn’t been able to see your feet since month 6 of your pregnancy. The commotion of voices and giggles started as you finally made it to your front door, slightly more out of breath then you would care to admit. 
“If it isn’t my favorite pregnant mama. Excited for a little alone time while we’re gone?” Niall shouted as he came up to give you a hug before rubbing his hand on your protruding stomach and handing you a box of your favorite chocolates. 
“Mmm I knew you were always my favorite member of the band. Can’t wait to nap on the couch all afternoon” you chuckled in reply as Harry grunted from the ground where he was finishing tying your son’s shoes. 
“Well we better get a move on if we want to make it back before dark. Can you pass me the fanny pack please, Love” Harry asked as he carefully placed the winter hat on top of Lucas head.
“There’s some snacks for the 3 of you and Lucas’ sippy cup. Try and tire him out a bit but not to much, you know how cranky he gets when he’s over exhausted. Don’t forget the bug spray and the sunscreen that’s in the front- “ you began before getting cut off.
“I know Baby, don’t worry. We’ve got everything taken care of, you just put your feet up and get some rest and I will see both of you later” Harry replied as he gave you a chaste kiss on the lips before crouching down to kiss your stomach.
“Ok ok get on with it then. Adiós mi principito, portate bien para Papi, ok? (Goodbye my little prince, be good for daddy, ok?)” You stated as you placed a kiss on Lucas’ hat covered head before zipping his jacket up properly.
“Ok Mama. Wuv you” Lucas replied as he waved and made his way to the garage, the two adult men following closely behind. 
You waved them off before making your way to the couch to get a bit more comfortable. 
“Alright baby, need you to chill out in there for me so I can get some sleep. Know it’s a bit squished in there but you gotta work with it just a bit longer” you mumbled to the baby having a boxing match with your ribcage today. 
“Ok ok I get it, I get. We’ll put Papi on so you calm down” you stated as you shuffle through Harry’s songs before picking “Golden”, making your baby calm down almost instantly. 
You sighed, grateful for the sudden calm before snuggling deeper into the couch and falling asleep.
Tumblr media
Harry (3rd Person POV?):
“Papi are we there yet?” Lucas shouted from the back of the car as Harry made a right turn onto a dirt road. 
“Yeah bud, were almost there. Just need to park and we can start exploring” he replied as he pulled into an open parking spot towards the back of the lot. 
Niall jumped out of the car and went to take Lucas out as Harry began to grab the supplies for the hike. 
“Alright buddy do you want to hold Niall’s hand or mine while we walk around” he asked Lucas as he jumped around in a puddle nearby.
“Uncle Niall Uncle Niall” Lucas screamed before latching onto Niall’s hand and dragging him towards the trail.
“Guess I’m the favorite today, huh?” Niall said with a smirk as Harry rolled my eyes at him.
“Give him another 20 minutes and he’ll be whining that he’s tired” Harry mumbled as they made their way into the woods.
The three of them walked through the trail with Lucas grabbing sticks and rocks before Harry could grab them from his hand and put them back on the ground. They continued up the trail for another 10 minutes before they made it to an open field full of flowers. Lucas tried to squirm out of Niall’s grasp as soon as he saw a patch of bright purple tulips. 
“flower mama” Lucas whined as he looked up at Harry with puppy eyes, begging to be let go so he could go grab them.
“You can go grab some flowers, but don’t go to far, ok?” he told Lucas as he nodded his head quickly and ran towards the tulips.
“Is he always this... excited?” Niall asked as they watch Lucas run around grabbing all the flowers he could in his tiny pudgy hands. 
“Yeah. Apparently I was just as anxious as a kid but it’s definitely a lot sometimes.” Harry said.
“How is (Y/n) holding up being pregnant and with you two at home? No wonder she wanted the two of you out of the house” Niall laughed as he sat down in the grass.
“She’s doing good. This baby has got her more tired then with Lucas and she’s been having a lot more cravings but otherwise everything has been going well.”
“Can’t believe you’re going to be a dad again in a couple of months, it’s crazy” Niall replied 
“Yeah, I’m almost more nervous with this one. She’s gonna be my princess and I need to protect her from everything, paparazzi, boyfriends, everyone. Can’t have anything happen to her” he mumbled as kept an eye on Lucas from their spot in the grass.
“Have the paparazzi been bad with Lucas?” 
“Not as bad as we thought but with the pregnancy they’ve been bloody pests. (Y/n) can’t even go to Tesco without a camera getting shoved in her face. I’ve had to bring on Gary to escort her when she’s in public because I’m to worried she’s going to get hurt by someone” Harry replied back.
“I’m sure she didn’t like that”  Niall said.
“Fought me on it for nearly a week before I basically told her that if she didn’t take Gary with her then I wasn’t going to be leave her side the entire pregnancy and I think having me around all the time scared her more” he replied with a laugh as Lucas came running towards them with to handfuls of flowers.
“Papi flores (flowers)” Lucas shouted as he crashed straight into Harry’s chest, knocking him down into the grass. 
“They’re very nice flowers Lu, are they for mama?” he asked as his son nodded his head eagerly showing him the slightly wilted tulips in his hand.
“Oi did you get me any flowers?” Niall asked as he grabbed Lucas from behind and began to tickle the little boy.
“Stop stop!” Lucas shouted, “flower flower” he continued as he held his arm up to Niall with a flower. 
“Ok, I guess I’ll give ya a break since you gave me such a nice flower” Niall replied as he placed the flower in his hair. 
“Papi you” Lucas shouted as he handed Harry one of the many flowers he had picked.
“Thank you, bub.” he said as he kissed Lucas’ cheek.
“No papi! no you, mama” he said as he handed him a fistful of flowers.
“I don’t get a flower?” Harry asked with a pout as Lucas shook his head with a giggle before releasing a loud yawn. 
“You getting tired on us already, mate?” Niall asked as the little boy rubbed his eyes and shook his head. 
Harry groaned softly as he got up off of the ground, wiping off the grass from his pants before looking down at Lucas.
“Caminamos (We walk)?” he asked Lucas as the little boy shook his head and stretched his arms out to his father with a whine.
“Alright bud let’s get you back home to take a nap then” Harry said as he picked Lucas up in his arms, tucking Lucas’ head into the crook of his shoulder.
“Guess you were right about the walk” Niall snickered as he carefully grabbed the flowers from Lucas’ hands so they wouldn’t get crushed. 
The three of them slowly made their way back through the trail.  Niall and Harry made light chatter about their recent music endeavors while Lucas dozed off to sleep. They were nearly to the end of the trail when Harry began to hear a soft music play from the parking lot. 
“What’s that noise?” he asked as he shifted Lucas in his arms.
“Think it might be the ice cream truck.” Niall whispered as the catchy song began to get louder.
“Dear god, please no” Harry mumbled as Lucas lifted his head at the sound of his favorite dessert being mentioned.
“Ice ream?” Lucas questioned as he looked around for the sweet treat while Harry gave Niall a death stare.
Lucas squealed as he saw the truck just a mere four spots away from their car, making it virtually impossible for them to avoid a tantrum without stopping. 
“Papi truck” Lucas shouted as he pointed at the large ice cream cone on top of the truck. 
“Yes I see the ice cream truck” Harry mumbled back as Niall let out a laugh.
“Alright you little lad, why don’t you come with you Uncle Niall and we’ll get ice cream. What flavor do you want?” Niall asked as he opened his arms to Lucas.
“Nilla” he said mispronouncing Vanilla as he tried to wiggle out of Harry’s arms and into Niall’s.
“Only one scoop though Niall” Harry stated as he placed Lucas in his arms and watched the two boys go off to the truck. 
Harry decided that it would be best to prep the car for the mess Lucas was about to make, so he head back to car. After unlocking it, he hastily searched for the box of wipes (Y/n) always had in the trunk for emergencies. Harry placed the wipes in the car door next to Lucas’ car seat and scrolled through his emails as he waited for the two of them to return. 
“Papi papi look” Lucas shouted as he ran towards Harry with a giant cup of ice cream in his hand. The cup had to have been at least two or three scoops and covered in sprinkles. 
“I thought I said one scoop?”
Lucas giggled as he quickly ran to hid behind Niall legs.
“Just a little ice cream H, don’t worry” Niall replied as he ate a spoonful of his chocolate ice cream. 
“Can I at least have a bit?” Harry asked Lucas as he crouched down in front of his small frame.
He shook his head quickly and hid his ice cream more, nearly spilling it all over Niall’s pants.
“Why not, bud?”
“Germs papi” Lucas stated as he shoved a spoonful of sprinkles in his mouth
“D-did he just say germs?” Niall asked as he tried to contain his laughter, but failed miserably.
“Yes” Harry sighed, “(Y/n) has been teaching him about hand washing and how we don’t want to share germs and I guess the little rascal figured out how to use it to his advantage”
“That’s absolutely rich. Come on Lucas lets get in the car before daddy tries to get his germs all over ours” Niall shouted as he grabbed Lucas’ hand and ran towards the open car door behind Harry. 
“I really can’t win with you two today” Harry mumbled as he made his way to the driver seat just as Niall finished buckling Lucas in. 
“Alright boys are we ready to head home?” Harry asked as he started the car and began to pull out of the parking lot.
“Si casa casa (Yes, home, home)” Lucas cheered from his car seat, his face already covered in sprinkles again. 
“He’s going to be on such a sugar high when we get home... the misses is going to kill me” he mumbled as they continued on our drive home.
The drive back was mostly silent, the only sound being heard was the soft rock music playing in the background and the slurping noises coming from the two passengers. 
“We’re about to be home so the two of you better finish your ice creams before mama sees them” Harry said as he pulled up to the gate of his house, waiting for it to open.
“You know, might just have you take the brute of the fall for this one mate. I’ve been in (Y/n)’s good graces this long and I’d like to keep it that way” Niall replied as he pulled out his own car keys, ready to make his escape.
“You Irish coward” Harry chuckled as he parked the car in the driveway and got out.
“Listen I might not know what she’s saying when she yells at me in Spanish but the tone in her voice tells me there not nice things and I want to end the day good” Niall stated as he grabbed Lucas out of his carseat and began swinging him around in the air.
“Careful, boy’s got a stomach like is dad. He’ll puke all over you” Harry replied as he grabbed the empty ice cream cups and put them in the trash can outside.
“Well we can’t have that” Niall mumbled as he placed Lucas on the ground and crouched down to his height “Will you say hi to your mama for me? Maybe we can do this again” 
“Yes yes” Lucas squealed as he gave Niall a big hug before running into the house.
“Still up for a round of golf next week” Niall asked as he made his way to his car.
“Yeah, send over sometimes and I’ll fit it into my schedule” Harry replied as the two men said their goodbyes.
Harry made his way into his house, trying to be as quiet as possible in case she was still sleeping but the minute he heard the giggles coming from the living room he knew she were awake.
He carefully pulled off his sneakers and placed his hat and Lucas’ in the laundry basket before making his way to her.
“Mama, papi’s grumpy” he heard his son say to his wife.
“And why do you think that mi amor (my love)?” she asked as Lucas as she brushed away some of the hair from his face.
“I no share ice ream mama” Lucas replied as he played with the now wilted flowers he had picked for his mother. 
“And why didn’t you share baby?” (Y/n) asked, puzzled by her son’s statement.
“Germs” Harry replied from behind his wife as he placed a kiss to her temple softly.
Lucas nodded his head quickly, “mama said no germs”
(Y/n) laughed at the serious expression her two, almost three-year-old son had on his face as he discussed germs.
“Good listening baby. Germs are bad but a little germs are ok so next time daddy asks for a bit of your helado (ice cream) do you think you can give him some?”
“Yes mama” Lucas replied as he wrapped his arms around (Y/n) in a hug. 
(Y/n) placed a gentle kiss to his forehead, “alright Lu, why don’t you go play with your toys for a couple of minutes before bath time that way we can get all the germs off you before bed”
“Not all mama” Lucas shouted as Harry laughed at the mess his wife had caused with his son’s new germ obsession.
“Ok we’ll leave some” she replied as Lucas ran off to the playroom next door to play with his toys.
Harry made his way around the couch and took a seat next to his wife before giving her a quick peck on the lip.
“How was your peace and quiet?” he asked as he ran his hand up and down (Y/n) very large stomach.
“It was good. Was pretty much asleep the whole time till Lucas came running in. How was your walk with Niall?” (Y/n) asked.
“Was nice until the ice cream situation. Niall let him get two big scoops so he’ll probably be on a sugar high all afternoon” 
“He didn’t even share them?” (Y/n) replied with a smirk as Harry groaned and hid his face in the crook of her neck.
“No because mama said germs were bad so we don’t share germs” Harry grumbled as (Y/n) laughed at his antics.
“I’m sorry, love. Maybe if you ask our other baby really nicely she might let you have some of her rocky road that was leftover from a couple of nights ago.” she replied as she rested her hand on top of Harry’s.
“I’m sure my baby girl won’t mind, right princess? You don’t care about germs yet” Harry stated as he leaned down to place a kiss to (Y/n)’s stomach as the baby began to kick more aggressively. 
“Hate to break it to you H but I’m taking these karate kicks as a no to ice cream sharing” (Y/n) mumbled as Harry glared at her. 
“I can’t win in this house anymore” he stated as he slumped back into the couch with a pout. 
(Y/n) laughed again before leaning over to leave a trail of kiss all over his face before connecting with his lips. Just as the two of them had found a good rhythm, they heard their son shout.
“I ready bath. no germs pwease” 
The two of them laughed as Harry carefully untangled himself from his wife, ready to wrangle his son into the bath. He might not have gotten ice cream but he definitely wouldn’t have traded today for the world.   
Tumblr media
@TMZ_TV: Yesterday Harry Styles and his son were spotted out for a walk with former One Direction bandmate Niall Horan. Could a reunion be in the works? Click the link in our bio to find out everything we know.
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lo-frequency · 6 months ago
Shinsou with a Chubby Latina!Reader
This was a request made by @blossominglark for hc of Hitoshi with a Latina reader. The reader had a specific personality: -Confident, compassionate, and outspoken. -Often blends in Spanish with her speech since it's her native language -She's like a motherly figure for Class A, and enjoys encouraging others. Hope you enjoy, as always!
-Shinsou loves your personality, thinks your friendly nature is so attractive because you have characteristics that he doesn’t. You bring out a different side of him that would’ve otherwise stayed hidden. Where he’s rough around the edges, you’re sweet and compassionate. What he lacks, you make up for in a trait of your own. You’re his better half, or in more poetic terms, his media naranja
-Likes your no-nonsense attitude, he’s the same way, so the two of you are already on the same wavelength when it comes to certain conflicts.
-Finds your motherly nature comforting, he feels really fortunate to be able to lean on you when he’s having a hard time...but he would also remind you to take care of yourself as well, and isn’t above telling other people to leave you alone so you can have a break.
-Feels like he won whenever he makes you laugh, and likes to watch your loose curls bounce and sway as your shoulders shake from laughter.
-Doesn’t speak a word of Spanish but loves to hear you speak your native language. Eventually picks up on some of your favorite sayings/phrases, so if you say something he recognizes he may respond depending on what you said. Some people are like “Does Shinsou speak Spanish?” he does not, but will allow them to think so, bc it makes him feel cool lol
-Internally melts whenever you call him terms of endearment in your native tongue. Tried to hide how flustered he got when you told him what “guapo” meant. Definitely starts to learn Spanish in his free time so he can be that much closer to you and your culture.
-Proud of you and your accomplishments. He doesn’t say it often, but he admires your strength and skill, and hopes to be able to fight alongside you in the same class someday soon. One of his guilty pleasures is fantasizing about working in the same agency when you both become pros. He knows he’s probably romanticizing it, but he can’t get the image of you two fighting together out of his head. And then you get in trouble, and then he has to save you, and then you shower him in kisses because he’s your hero- ok he has to stop, he’s making himself blush.
-His favorite thing to do is rest his head on your soft chest while you pet his hair and tell him about your day in a blend of Spanish and Japanese. There’s nothing more soothing than your voice. Hearing you speak calms him down even on the worst of days.
-He could look into your pretty eyes all day, he gets the fondest expression on his face every time he looks at you but denies it whenever you tease him for it.
-Had never met anyone with your figure before, but let it be known that he does not mind at all. Didn’t think he had a type before meeting you, but you are definitely it. Now bring your thicc self over here, his lap is starting to get cold without you
(Ohh it's like that, Hitoshi? 👀) Thanks for tuning in, y'all :)
PS: I have a short fic/drabble on the way for this same prompt coming in like an hour, so stay tuned for that!
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afatbabes-fiction · 4 months ago
5 Times Rebekah Mikaelson Almost Kissed You + 1 Time She Actually Did
Pairing: Rebekah Mikaelson x Lockwood!Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: For @hellotvshowtrash ‘s prompt challenge (and pride month!), I decided to do “Five Times” with a WLW ship!
This time, Reader is not only plus-size, but also specifically a woman and Latina. I made the Lockwoods Latine (an ode to Michael Trevino, a Latino actor who the show whitewashed). Reader is also Tyler’s older sister, so she’s at least 18-19 years old. Because of how specific I made the Reader in this fic, I wrestled with potentially changing it to an OFC. Ultimately, I decided not to because I felt “Reader” could still work for this fic.
Content: Reader and Rebekah are both WLW, but no specific labels are used. Lots of swearing, because that’s who I am as a person. Vague mentions/implications of queerphobia. ✨ Sexual tension ✨ and smut-adjacent content. Mentions of violence, but no explicit details.
Word Count: 5.8k
The first time Rebekah almost kissed you was in that accursed clothing shop. Music played throughout the building, though Rebekah could see there was no band around. It was dreadful music, too; music that was actually more akin to nails dragging down a chalkboard or cutlery scraping against a plate: ear-piercing to the point of actual physical pain.
Yet she could almost block it out entirely because of you. The werewolf girl who regarded Rebekah so warily… but also appreciatively.
Rebekah knew she was a vain woman – and therefore preened under those fleeting lustful glances – but that was far from her fatal flaw. No, her fatal flaw was the fact that she felt too much. Too much, too fast, too deeply. And right then, Rebekah found herself torn between several different emotions.
For one thing, she could barely refrain from cringing in disgust – the cacophony of loud, intrusive sounds and disgusting smells of the city that had changed so much in the ninety years that she had been daggered (but had only felt like a night or two).
At the same time, she had to keep herself from lashing out in fits of jealousy every time you came even close to Stefan. Nik had told her that you and Stefan were friends, which explained the comfortable, familiar way the younger Salvatore regarded you. Besides that, Nik had said that Stefan was currently heartbroken. Elena Gilbert, Stefan’s girlfriend — Rebekah’s lip curled in distaste — had been the latest of the Petrova doppelgängers, and she had died recently in the ritual that unlocked Niklaus’s werewolf heritage. Stefan hardly had it in his mind to flirt with another girl when he was grieving. But that knowledge still did little to assuage the anger prickling Rebekah’s skin.
Yet at the same time as her jealousy, Rebekah felt her insides getting caught up in a whirlwind of pent-up aggression and arousal swirling between her thighs every time she saw you. By the gods, you were beautiful. She’d thought so from the moment she first saw you, soft and full of delicious, generous curves that tempted and teased Rebekah into wanting to press you against the wall her-bloody-self.
The latter of her emotions seemed to have the upper hand.
And it would have all too easy to give in, Rebekah mused to herself. Especially when you helped her find a new wardrobe for the modern day (if those scraps of material could even be called clothes). The two of you were out of sight of Stefan and Nik, her ever-so-watchful and overbearing wretch of a big brother.
It would have been all too easy to raise her hand to your throat – not to harm, only to thrill – and press your bodies flush together where lips could tangle, and fingers could wander, and stars could die in big bursts of light behind closed eyes.
But Rebekah didn’t, as much as she was tempted to. She didn’t even know your name!
It only took a moment of thought — Rebekah resolved herself that the first thing she needed to do next was find out your name.
Tumblr media
The second time Rebekah almost kissed you was after you and your younger brother (Taylor? Or possibly Tyler? Something like that) had been turned by Nik into hybrids.
Nik had just left town, leaving her behind with No-Humanity Stefan, the doppelganger twit, and Damon fucking Salvatore – who was unbearably irreverent and arrogant, but at least he was good-looking with a rather pert behind.
She heard someone knock on the wood door downstairs from where she was in one of the guest bedrooms. She was unpacking her suitcases and making herself comfortable. More as a petty insult to the Salvatore brothers and the doppelganger than out of a genuine desire to adjust to her new environment. Voices murmured down below, but Rebekah hardly cared enough to pay attention. It was only when there was a knock on her door that she looked up. And saw you.
The Lockwood girl.
[Name], she corrected herself mentally.
You stood there at the door; hands tucked in your back pockets. Hair slightly disheveled and warm eyes fixed on Rebekah.
The blonde immortal recognized that look in your eyes. Pity.
Rebekah’s back straightened preemptively. “What are you doing here?” she asked, unnecessarily coldly.
You blinked, seemed to pause in your tracks. “I… I was just wondering if you were okay?”
Rebekah halted, befuddled. Had she heard you correctly?
“I’m sorry?” The question lacked her usual grace as well as her previous coldness, purely because she was just so damn confused.
You stepped forward two steps, seemingly encouraged by the shift in her mood. “Yeah, I was just thinking that if Tyler had left me in this weird-ass town by myself, I’d be pretty pissed. I was just wanting to know if you felt okay here. With the Salvatores,” you added uselessly.
Rebekah scoffed. “I don’t need your pity, darling,” she sneered. “I’m an Original; I can handle myself.”
You rolled your eyes – or started to before you remembered who you were about to roll your eyes at. “I know that, Rebekah. That doesn’t mean I can’t care about how you’re doing. I don’t pity you, I’m just a human being with basic empathy.”
Rebekah squinted at you. “You’re not human,” she pointed out unnecessarily. Clinging to technicalities so she didn’t have to show you how your words affected her.
Your jaw worked as you visibly held back an impatient retort. When the worst of your frustration abated, you spoke through your teeth. “I know you and Klaus are close, Rebekah—”
“Oh, spare me, sweetheart. You owe Klaus because he cured you and your brother of your nasty little werewolf curse. But that does not mean I want you over here kissing my arse—”
“Goddamnit Rebekah, will you please just let me care about you for five fucking seconds?!”
Rebekah stopped, gaped at you. For a good long while, she could only stare at you. Long enough for you to come down from your irritation and feel uncertain – even more so than you did when you first arrived at the boarding house – and reach backward for the doorknob (just in case you needed to make a hasty retreat from an angry Original).
“You….” She paused, shuffling her weight. “You really came here for me?” Her voice was wary, not willing to believe you yet.
Your eyes were still wide and wild, but you took a deep breath. “Yes,” you answered firmly.
Rebekah scanned your face, looking for any hint of deception or a hidden agenda or anything to give away that your kindness was false. Because no one was kind to a Mikaelson for the sake of being kind.
She looked. Watched you as you refused to look away from her. You held her gaze, refusing to break that moment of connection. She looked for a lie in your eyes, but she found only the truth reflected in the words you spoke. Her heart kicked in her chest; once in disbelief. Once in wonder. Once in awe.
Rebekah’s breath trembled. “You…. No one ever does that….” The words were quiet, more to herself than to the other person in the room. But you heard her anyway.
Your lips lifted a little in the corners. She was overcome with a flood of images, the same gods-damned images that had filled her head and buzzed in her ears in Chicago. Her eyes fell to soft, plump lips, and suddenly, she had to curl her fingers to fists to stop herself from kissing them. You stepped forward, a hand coming up halfway between you two.
“I can be your friend, Rebekah,” you said kindly. Softly. “All you have to do is let me.”
A beat of silence passed, then another. Rebekah felt her own mouth curl upward in response.
Tumblr media
The third time Rebekah almost kissed you was over a warmed bag of blood. All three of you were standing the kitchen of the boarding house – you, Tyler, and Rebekah. School was about to start in thirty minutes, and Rebekah was going to hitch a ride with you and your brother. But first—
“You have to try to make these bags last throughout as much of the day as you can,” Rebekah instructed. “The locals will get rather fussy if they think there’s a vampire infestation in town. Which will happen if you can’t keep your hunger under control.”
You looked at her, eyes wide and soft. “Thank you, Rebekah,” you said genuinely. Tyler murmured his own thanks beside you before heading out to the car.
“Don’t thank me yet,” the Original said, a hint of dark humor on her tongue. “Thank me after some time has passed and you still have your heads. Besides,” she added, “it’s in my best interest to help you two. Keeps me from getting a dagger to my heart again.”
You raised one brow, skeptical and playfully teasing. “Is that really the only reason?” Your tone made it known that there was no point in Rebekah trying to pretend it was so; you already saw through her façade.
You two held gazes for a minute. “All right,” Rebekah ceded softly. “Perhaps I am… reluctantly fond of you two whelps. Would be a shame to see you die at the hands of the Council because no one took proper care of you. And so soon after meeting you, too.”
Your lips lifted in a good-natured smile. “I’m so flattered,” you joked. “Good to know we endeared ourselves to you by being weak little babies who can’t look after ourselves.”
“As you should be.”
“And you don’t trust the Salvatores or any of the rest of the Scooby Gang to take care of us?”
“Gods, no.”
A loud laugh broke free from your belly, and Rebekah smiled at you in reply.
“No, but seriously,” you said when your laughter died down. “Thank you for helping. If not for you, I don’t know what I would do, especially with Tyler. Stefan’s off living up his no-humanity life, and even if he wasn’t…. Well, I’m not a big fan of his patented twelve-step shame program, let’s put it like that. And forget about Damon helping! And Caroline will try, but honestly, she’s so new to the vampire thing, too….”
“Hey,” Rebekah murmured, reaching out and taking your hand. “We’re friends now, aren’t we? Friends help each other. Right?”
You nodded, your eyes pulled into the hypnotic swirls of blue of her gaze. Silence passed between you two as you held gazes. Her thumb rubbed circles into the flesh of your hand so gently it almost didn’t register in either of your brains. Your heart thumped in your chest, and Rebekah’s lips twisted in a tiny smirk. Heat swirled between her legs despite herself and suddenly, she wondered what it would be like to step forward to press her lips against yours. Would your lips part in a soft gasp? Would your tongue slip between her lips to touch the wet warmth of her mouth? Would—
“Are we going or what?”
You two jumped apart and looked to see Tyler standing in the front doorway, tapping his foot impatiently. He held up his phone and waved it. “Caroline wants to see me before class starts. Now, unless you two are done making heart-eyes at each other, we’re gonna be late.”
Tumblr media
The fourth time Rebekah almost kissed you was the day of the Mikaelson ball.
She came over to the Lockwood manor, invitation in hand, intent on asking you to be her date to the event that would take place later that night.
Rebekah was feeling rather cheery that morning. Her little excursion late last night to visit the little doppelganger twit had ended poorly, with Elijah riding in like the bloody white knight he was, as per usual, and chastising her. Despite that, there was an undeniable lift in her heart. 
Her mother was back. Esther was back, and her presence filled this hole in Rebekah’s heart that she hadn’t even known was there. And now Esther wanted to reunite their family – a hell of a mission, considering the last thousand years of lies and betrayals, Rebekah figured. Nonetheless, everyone in the Mikaelson family was filled with this newfound energy of hope. And she fully intended to seize this opportunity. As she knocked on the manor’s ornate front door, she couldn’t contain her smile. Gods, she couldn’t wait to see the looks on her brothers’ faces when they saw her date.
Especially Nik.
Rebekah heard your hurried footsteps coming from the upper level in the house, followed by a hushed exchange between you and the mayor.
“Who is it, Mom?”
“Well, how should I know?”
“Well, who the hell would be here at seven in the fucking morning?!”
“Don’t talk to me like that, young lady!”
Rebekah chortled to herself, unable to hold it down.
She heard you gasp quietly to yourself, and then: “No – fucking – way,” she heard you say.
The front door opened only a second later, and Rebekah saw you. Dressed in short shorts and a sleep-wrinkled camisole, your hair adorably rumpled. She couldn’t help but smile at the sight.
Your hand came up to cover your gaping mouth. Silence stood between you two.
Rebekah raised her eyebrows expectantly. “Well?” she teased. “Is this all the greeting I get?”
Without hesitation, you launched yourself at her, squeezing her with every drop of your hybrid strength. Her arms came up in response as she laughed lightly. “Glad to know someone missed me whilst I was gone.”
“[Name]!” Mayor Lockwood called from inside. “Who is it, darling?”
You pulled back abruptly. “S’fine, Mom!” you yelled, reaching back and slamming the door closed. Then suddenly you were tripping over your own tongue as you hurried to say, “Oh my god Rebekah, I’m so sorry, I can’t believe Elena did that to you and Stefan and Damon just went along with it! You have to believe me, I had no idea what they were planning, or I never would have let them go through with it, and on Homecoming night, too—”
“[Name]!” Rebekah interrupted. “Take a breath, love, please!” She squeezed your shoulders gently, reassuringly. “I believe you,” she said, smiling beatifically.
You exhaled sharply, relieved. Your own hands came up, rested on the sides of her neck so lightly that they almost weren’t there. Rebekah’s blood thrummed in her veins at the delicate touch.
“But Homecoming…,” you mourned. “You worked so hard on it and then you didn’t even get to go.”
Her brow arched. “Well, that’s part of why I’m here.” She withdrew slightly, causing your hands to fall away from her skin. Rebekah wilted at the loss. Nonetheless, she extended the invitation to you.
You accepted it gingerly, uncertainly. She watched you as you opened the heavy embossed paper and read its contents quickly.
“A… ball?” you asked, confused. Your eyes came up to meet hers.
She nodded. “A ball,” she repeated. “To celebrate the reunion of my family. It’s only fitting that you’re there to meet my remaining brothers and mother.”
You gaped. “Wait – A-Are you asking me to be your date?!”
Rebekah tilted her head, amused. Perhaps the early social call was impacting your reasoning skills, she reflected. She probably should have come by at a later time, after you’d been able to properly wake up. “Well, yes,” she said simply, still refraining from teasing you too much. “Why else would I invite you to meet my formerly-dead mother and undaggered siblings?”
You blinked thrice in rapid succession. Rebekah held back a snicker. “But— You’re not worried about… y’know, bringing me to the ball?”
This time, Rebekah didn’t bother to suppress her snort of amusement (and derision). “Of course not.” It suddenly occurred to her that it might be a worry for you. “Are you?”
Your gaze ducked down for a moment, almost shyly. “I mean… Tyler already knows. I couldn’t keep it from him,” you added with a little laugh. “And he’s cool about it. Makes fun of me whenever I try to flirt with girls, but I think he would do that regardless, like any annoying little brother would.” You laugh again.
Rebekah’s breath hitched for a fraction of a second as she thought, for the first time in decades, of her own little brother. She couldn’t help but wonder whether little Henrik would have taken a liking to you.
Perhaps she was a bit biased, seeing as she herself was so… attached to you, but Rebekah thought that Henrik would have liked you quite a lot.
“My mom’s okay about it,” you continued, oblivious to her little reverie. “I mean, she’s probably not gonna go to any pride parades any time soon, but she still loves me. My dad, though….” You rolled your jaw, the taste of old, unhealed wounds in your mouth. “He was another story.”
Rebekah’s fists clenched. “Well,” she bit out. “It’s a good thing your father isn’t here, then.” Because I would rip his heart out myself if he were.
Your eyes met hers again. “Part of the reason?”
“You said part of the reason. Part of the reason why you came here was to invite me to the ball—”
“Which you’ve not even answered, by the way.”
“Of course I’ll go,” you answered immediately, assuredly. “But what was the other part?”
Rebekah shook her head. “Isn’t it obvious?” she questioned. “I wanted to see you.”
She heard the catch of your breath in your throat, felt her heart give a stuttering thump in reply. Your eyes darted down to her lips, and you leaned forward.
She pressed her finger against your mouth before you could meet hers. “Not yet, love,” she whispered huskily. “Not while your mother is on the other side of the door.” She leaned in just a little closer, until there were only mere inches between your lips and hers. “But when I do kiss you… I want to take my time.” Her thumb caressed your chin for a fleeting moment before she turned on her heel and began to walk away.
“Oh!” she started, turning back around. “My dress will be green, by the way. If you’re looking to color-coordinate.” With that, she dropped a wink and left you standing on your front porch.
Hopefully breathless.
Tumblr media
The fifth time Rebekah almost kissed you was later that night.
“Uh, if everyone could gather, please.”
The Originals were all positioned along the staircase of Niklaus’s lavish mansion, while the locals were all congregated below. As Elijah charmed the crowd – at least those who were ignorant about what the family really was – Rebekah paid no mind to his words. Her eyes were too busy scanning the crowd hurriedly for you.
She was sure you were coming; you had promised her that you would. Besides, the interaction that morning between you two…. Well, she was sure you would be here. And she couldn’t deny that a part of her was tense with anticipation.
Finally she spotted your face among the crowd. Everyone was focused on Elijah as he talked, but not you. Your focus was solely on her, as if waiting for her to find you. Rebekah caught a glimpse of a suit blazer the color of deep red wine against brown skin and pretty eyes framed with smokey eyeshadow and thick dark lashes and her breath caught in her throat. Gods, she thought you were beautiful the first time she saw you, but now? You were exquisite.
“So if all of you could please find yourselves a partner, please join us in the ballroom.”
Rebekah smiled softly as voices rose in a chorus below and your eyes stayed on her. She moved down the steps as you coaxed your way through the crowd to the bottom of the stairs. You two met there, with her still standing one step above you.
Your eyes flittered around – clearly nervous – to the other Originals moving close by before coming back to meet her gaze again. She took the moment to look you up and down.
She was right, your suit was a deep wine color. The suit blazer and high-waisted trousers were tailored to fit your generous curves. Underneath the blazer was a black lace bodice. The top was a wonderful complement to the rest of your outfit, as well as your skin tone and figure. You wore black heels, which she guessed would make you slightly taller than her if you two stood on equal ground.
“Hmm,” Rebekah said, feigning snobbery. “I suppose you’ll do.”
Your eyes narrowed, caught on to the hint of teasing in the slight curve of her lips. You relaxed, finally cracking a smile.
“What, this old thing?” you played along. “Yeah, s’pose so. I mean, you did give me less than twelve hours to prepare….”
“Yes, well, you still seem to have managed rather well anyway.”
You grinned. Holding out your hand, you bowed (rather dramatically) and asked, “Miss Mikaelson, would you do me the honor of dancing with me?”
Rebekah giggled. An honest-to-the-gods giggle. For a moment she felt giddy, like a young girl again. Not so jaded and bitter from a thousand years of agony and heartbreak. And in that moment, she reached out and lightly set her hand in yours.
Beaming at each other, you two made for the dance floor.
The music started, though Rebekah hardly noticed. She was too wrapped up in the touch of her hand in yours, with your other hand spread out warmly across the small of her back. Her stomach fluttered with butterflies. The two of you danced seamlessly, making it seem as though you’d been partners for years, and not just only now getting acquainted with each other’s touch.
In the corner of her eye, she could see her brothers watching the pair of you. Their expressions were subtle; strangers would think they were merely blank, or even bored. But Rebekah could see their suppressed smirks of amusement. They could tell their sister was smitten.
Gods, she was never going to hear the end of this.
“Have I told you that you look beautiful yet?” you asked. Your voice was breathy, your heartbeat slightly accelerated. “Must be why everybody is staring at us.”
Rebekah snapped to, eyes darting around you. Sure enough, there were many pairs of eyes focused on you two, including the mayor herself, Nik’s latest muse Caroline Forbes, the Salvatore brothers, and Elena Gilbert. Even Tyler was watching you – though his looks were less scandalized and more guarded enjoyment. Like the part of him that was still very much your annoying little brother was entertained at your expense – but still prepared to jump at your defense, should anyone dare to say anything.
Rebekah’s focus returned to you. “Are you all right with this?” she asked lowly.
You swallowed, betraying your inner anxiety. “I never technically came out to the general public…. Guess the wolf’s out of the bag now, huh?”
Her eyes took you in, saw the way you were trying to hold back some strong emotion. You had told her before that only a few select people knew about your sexuality; you’d refrained from “coming out” due to fear – especially coming out in the manner that you were right now, so…boldly.
Rebekah was a thousand years old – she and her family were far too old to care about such things as who loved whom of what gender. But she knew you were not so lucky. You, hardly an adult yourself, raised in the South and taught about your forefathers’ “traditional beliefs”….
Her hold on you tightened protectively. Your eyes, slightly damp, came up to hers.
“I know you don’t need me to protect you, you’re strong enough to do that on your own,” she told you lowly. “But I will if that’s what you need. I’ll tear apart anyone who dares to make you feel lesser than because of whom you love.”
You scoffed. “That’s a lot of people. You sure you wanna take on a task like that?”
Rebekah knew you were being sarcastic – a poor attempt to cover up how rattled you really were right now. But she answered you as honestly and solemnly as she could, making sure you could hear the never-ending vow in her voice.
“Yes,” she said simply. Without any hesitation. “Always and forever.”
Your lips parted silently, and Rebekah desperately wanted to lean forward and capture them with her own. But no. Now wasn’t the time.
“I’ve heard that vow before,” you whispered. “You and Klaus say that to each other. I thought ‘always and forever’ was a family thing?”
Rebekah stared at you and scoffed. It wasn’t angry; no, it was playful (because Rebekah did adore you so) and yet exasperated (because by the gods, were you being thick in the head right now).
She watched as realization dawned on your face. You inhaled sharply, then said shyly, “So that’s what we are now? We’re family?”
The music ended, and in sync, you two stepped back from each other. As polite applause rose up around you, Rebekah merely tilted her head at you and repeated her words from this morning: “Isn’t it obvious?”
Tumblr media
When Rebekah kissed you for the first time, it was after you saved her life.
Well, not her life, but still.
You had knocked out Pastor Young’s little toy soldiers, tearing through them all with ease while Damon disabled the ventilation system that was pumping vervain into the makeshift cells in the barn.
“[Name]!” Rebekah heard Stefan call out. Her breath caught in her raw and bloody throat. You were here? “Please, Elena hasn’t fed yet! She’s running out of time!”
“Somebody call for a knight in shining armor?” Damon responded as he dragged the blond-haired Donovan boy into the barn by his collar.
“Matt?” Stefan questioned. “What the hell is this, Damon? What is he doing here?”
“Our good little Samaritan here decided he’s gonna pay Elena’s sacrifice forward,” the elder Salvatore replied. Matt wrenched free from his grasp, hurrying over to Elena’s cell. Damon set to work opening Stefan’s cell. Then you came into Rebekah’s view, at the door to her cell.
“[Name],” she whispered hoarsely. She stood up abruptly, ignoring the rush of her blood in her ears, and stumbled to the cell door. Her hand reached out between the iron bars to clasp around your own, splattered with flecks of blood. “What are you doing here? Won’t the Council find you out?”
You scoffed, your fingers tightening around hers. “Alaric outted me and Tyler before he died,” you said grimly. “I’m just lucky they didn’t snatch me, too.” You unlocked the cell door, wrenching it open. Rebekah fell into your arms, and you caught her.
Gods, she thought to herself. She buried her face in your throat, inhaling your sweet scent. It had been too long, practically another thousand years, since the night of the ball — the last time you two had really been able to be around each other, and the last time Rebekah had you so achingly close.
She vaguely heard you speak to Damon as you told him that you were taking her home. Damon replied that he’d take care of the rest.
And then Rebekah’s body hummed when your hands came up to touch her tenderly. Her entire world shrank down to that sensation, of fingertips against her sweat-dampened skin. Her back arched into you, and she keened softly against your neck.
You shushed her soothingly, one hand coming up to brush back blonde tresses from her face.
“S’okay,” you murmured. Heat flushed through her at the soft sound of your voice. Your lips brushed her temple, and her heart gave a pitiful stutter. “I gotcha, m’taking you home, I promise.”
She nodded, her nose brushing against the skin of your neck. She could feel your pulse jump, had just enough energy in her to smile faintly. At least she knew that she affected you as much as you affected her.
Your arms lifted her into a bridal hold. You held her securely to your chest. Another sweet kiss, then the world sped away under your feet as you hurried away from Pastor Young’s farm.
It seemed to be only a few seconds later that you were setting Rebekah down in her bed at Nik’s empty mansion. She protested wearily as the two of you parted, but your warm hand on her cheek stopped her.
“I’ll be right back,” you promised quietly.
She counted the seconds that you were gone. At ninety-seven seconds, you returned to her bedroom with two bags of blood, which you had warmed up in the microwave.
She eagerly snatched one of the blood bags from your hand, sucking on it as you chuckled lightly. She finished the first bag quickly, then reached out for the second. She stopped abruptly, her hand hovering over the plastic bag. She looked up at you, a question in her eyes.
You shrugged. “You need it more than I do,” you said, and dropped it into her hand.
She took that as permission and promptly sucked the second bag dry. Her thirst now sated, the warmth flooded her veins and spread to her limbs. She laid back against the softness of her duvet — by the gods, was it heavenly — and let her eyes flutter shut.
A delicate brush of a thumb against her cheek. Her eyes flew open, took in the sight of you and your soft lips turned up into a small smile. Butterflies fluttered in her belly. Gods, you had such a perfect smile and your lips—
“I should let you get some rest,” you murmured.
Rebekah’s hand reached up and grabbed ahold of your wrist before you could even make the first move to slip away from her. “Don’t,” she said. “Stay with me. Please,” she added, pleading with her eyes.
You looked at her, silence between you two for one excruciating minute. She looked back at you resolutely; her hope weaved a tightrope and she was balancing on it precariously over an abyss.
“I dunno, Rebekah….”
She blinked rapidly, tried to swallow past the rising lump in her throat. “W-well, why not?”
You breathed deliberately through your nose, your brows pinched together. “Because….”
“Because why?” she pushed.
“Because you’ve spent the better part of the last twenty-four hours being tortured, and— and all I can think about is how much I wanna kiss you.” Your words came out in such a rush that she almost didn’t understand what you said. But she did, and you took her breath away.
“Besides,” you added, “Klaus is bound to be back before too long and I don’t think he’d be pleased if he came home to find one of his hybrids with his baby sister.”
“Fuck my brother!” Rebekah snapped irreverently.
“I-I’d really rather not, he’s not really my type—”
“No!” She pushed up from the edge of the bed, stood toe-to-toe with you. You looked at her, your dark eyes wide and focused on her. “I may have spent the last day being tortured, but I’ll be damned if I let my wretched brother dictate my happiness for a moment longer!”
Your tongue darted out to lick your lips. Her fists curled by her sides. “Well?” you asked quietly. “What is it that you want?”
She tilted her head at you, exasperated. “Gods above, are you truly that thick in the head?”
You shrugged. “I mean, I might be,” you conceded self-deprecatingly. “But…. I wanna hear you say it.”
Rebekah took a step forward. “What is it you want to hear?” she asked softly. “Do you want to know that from the first moment I saw you, I thought you were beautiful? That I wanted to take you right there — make sure my name was the only word you knew?” A catch in your breath. Another step forward. “Do you want to hear that over these last several months, I’ve fallen completely in love with you?”
Your breath trembled around the syllables of her name, and so did your hands until she reached out and took them in hers, intertwining your fingers.
“Do you want to know that I’ve spent hours thinking about touching you, kissing you? Making you mine?”
You bobbed your head up and down, your eyes not leaving hers.
“Ever since the night of the ball, everything has fallen apart,” she admitted. “Except you. I should have told you all this much sooner. I’ve been a bit preoccupied,” she breathed out a laugh.
You swallowed loudly. “And now?”
Your warm breath wafted over her face. Her head spun, and she clung more tightly to your fingers. “Now,” she whispered, “there’s nothing I’d rather do.” With that, she leaned forward and pressed her mouth to yours.
Your lips parted in a silent gasp, and she couldn’t help but notice they were just as soft and plush as she had imagined they would be. You tilted your head, deepening the kiss. The tip of your warm, wet tongue swept across her bottom lip. Her mouth opened, eagerly welcoming you with her own tongue into a languid dance.
She untangled her fingers from yours. For a moment, her hands tingled from the empty space between them — but then she placed them on your waist, used the anchoring hold on you to push you back, back, back until your back hit her bedroom wall and she was pressed against you. You whimpered into the warm cavern of her mouth, and victory glowed inside Rebekah’s chest, lighting up her insides like the sunrise of a new day after a never-ending night. She couldn’t believe she was finally kissing you! After months of lingering gazes and tentative touches and growing adoration, finally culminating into a little slice of nirvana in her bedroom.
You broke away from her lips, sucking in air greedily in an effort to recover. She smirked to herself before taking her mouth and venturing down your neck. She sucked hard on your hammering pulse point, coaxed a wrecked moan from deep in your chest. Arousal flooded between her legs, and she pressed herself harder against you, molding your bodies together into one, an effigy of ecstasy.
“Rebekah,” you panted.
She broke away only momentarily to let out a “hmm?” before resuming her ministrations attentively.
“I— agh! Oh god!— I fucking love you!”
Rebekah smiled, so bright and so full that her cheeks ached. Her heart soared — and yet, she couldn’t help herself. “I know,” she replied cheekily.
You threw your head back, letting out a noise that was half a groan, half a laugh. Before you had the chance to speak, her hands reached down and lifted you into her arms. You let out a thrilled little shriek.
“What are you doing?” you giggled as she laid herself on top of you.
“Isn’t it obvious?” she teased. “I’m going to take my time with you.”
Tumblr media
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lucysometimeswrites · 5 months ago
hey!! are you taking request?? if so, could you please write a tom x latina!reader where she’s listening to reggaeton while doing something and tom catches her?? thank you so much 😍😍
hi there!! so sorry this took so long but you know life, here it is tho!! i hope you like it! play some reggaeton del viejo while you're at it ;)
Growing up, Sundays were always deemed the cleaning day. You'd wake up to the musicón playing from the living room and your mom dancing around while leaving everything in her wake spotless. So, naturally, you'd kept the tradition after you moved to your own place and, now, after you moved in with your boyfriend Tom almost a year ago.
The cool morning breeze caressed your skin, just like Tom's arm would have if he were in bed with you. That's what made you wake up completely, wondering where he'd gone and why he wasn't there to give you your morning cuddles and kisses. Then you remembered the faded memory of him giving your temple a soft peck and some jumbled words about going to golf, so you sighed and got up to make yourself some breakfast.
After a nice cup of coffee and a quick meal enjoying the solitude for a little while, you slapped your hands on your thighs with a bueno!, and made your way to the supplies closet to grab the broom. You decided to start your cleaning ritual with the second floor of the house and by the time 10:30 hit, you were doing the living room with your very own musicón blaring through the speaker. You usually would play soft songs, taking your time with the cleaning and doing it meticulously. Today, however, you felt like relieving the memories from when you would help clean back home, so your "latino feelz" playlist was playing everything from bachata to the dirtiest reggeaton ever. The broom in your hands had become your dance partner, its stiffness highlighting your sensual moves.
Wisin y Yandeeel,
Si tu cuerpo me pide un deseo (Damas y Caballeros)
Te lo calmo cuando hay perreo (La gerencia)
Y de repente recuerdo lo viejo
To' el mundo pega'o, la disco, bailoteo
You squealed as Como Antes by Wisin y Yandel came on and instantly started singing along, pointing to imaginary people as if you were in a nightclub. Just like old times, you thought.
Mírala bien, bien pega'o
Ahora es que es pa' la pared
Ponle dembow, pam pam pam
Ahora es
You popped your hips to the rhythm, ready to drop your ass to the floor when the beat hit and the broom long forgotten.
Si tu cuerpo me pide un deseo
Te lo calmo cuando hay perreo
Y de repente recuerdo lo viejo
To' el mundo pega'o, la disco, bailoteo
You dragged your hands sexily down your body, closing your eyes, perreando like there was no tomorrow as the song went on.
"Well, what on earth is this?"
You jumped in fear and whipped your head to the door, finding Tom there with a shit-eating grin and crossed arms as he watched your little show unfold.
With a nervous giggle you answered, "Well, it's cleaning day".
"I can see that," he said, his eyes raking over your body and leaning against the door, "Oh, don't let me stop you" he chuckled.
I can have a little fun with this, you figured, so grabbing the broom once again, you joined into the chorus and kept swinging your hips (a little extra now that you had an audience).
A faint groan was heard from behind you, so you turned around and with hooded eyes made your way to your lover, with an extended hand inviting him to join.
Tom matched your vibe, and grasping your hand firmly, he twirled you around so his chest was pressed up against your back.
Si tu cuerpo me sigue, entramo' en el juego
Y si recuerdas, no lo dejes pa' luego
Echa to' eso para acá o voy pa' allá
O voy pa' allá de nuevo
En una esquina acequiarte, toda besarte
Baby, conmigo te llevo
You grinded your ass against Tom's front, his hands strongly taking hold of your hips and helping them move. His breath fanned over your neck, and you tilted your head to lean on his shoulder as he placed open-mouthed kisses on your neck.
Te veo froteando hace rato, tú me quieres dar un roze
DJ sube el volumen pa' que la disco destroce
¿Cómo es que tú dices baby? (Papito, tú me conoces)
You huskily whispered in his ear the last line, which apparently drove him mad because he suddenly turned you around and threw you over his shoulder with smack to your ass.
"Wait, it's cleaning day!" you squealed, but you both knew it wasn't a real complaint.
"That's a shame, because we're about to get real dirty" he answered smoothly kicking the door shut and leaving the broom long forgotten, once again.
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randomoutsiders · 9 months ago
I really don't know how to start this, anyway. I'm really in love with your writing, seriously, I spent the last two days just reading your stories (we can say that I'm a little ... addicted)
Besides coming here to spread my love for your fics, I came to make one, request 👉👈 (I will understand if you can't do it)
Ok, I'm Latina, but specifically Brazilian, and is the only country that speaks Portuguese in South America, and I have a slight addiction to reading OC x Latina Reader, so they usually consider them a Spanish speaker, and there is a question of culture quite different from ours but anyway. I'm asking for a Marauders x Latina Reader (Yes, including Sirius, Remus and James), maybe knowing the Reader family, with all the cultural differences, and the language issue. Or she calling them fond nicknames in Portuguese like: Amor (which literally means love), Querido (which means darling) Meu Bem (I honestly don't know the direct translation) Doce (which means sweet) Anjo (which means angel), and many others (and only one researched on Google). Or something related to the accent (I know you already did something similar to their preference, but I like that idea). Or something like, their culture shock at seeing Reader’s customes (I have a lot of ideas)
I know it is really specific, but these ideas go 24 hours in my head without paying rent. Thanks :)
— Cora
note: hi baby! thank you so much for the support! for everyone else reading this, this is going to be a Brazilian!reader x marauders, and i’m going to go with the nickname and the customs one! i hope you enjoy
warnings/content: Brazilian!reader x marauders, fluff
anjo: angel
vocês meninos: you boys
meu doce: my sweet
minha mãe: my mother
meu amor: my love
boa menina - good girl
“Anjo, can you grab that box for me?” You raise an eyebrow as you speak to James, motioning to the bag that’s tucked neatly against the side of your trunk. 
Your mother had just arrived in your hometown in Brazil, and in an act of benevolence, she has sent you a basket of your favorite treats that you’ve been craving ever since your arrival at Hogwarts at the start of this term. 
“I want you vocês meninos to try them. They’re very traditional, so I don’t think there’s going to be an issue with the taste.” You find yourself sitting in the middle of the dorm room on the floor, curling your legs under your bottom and urging the boys to come to sit beside you. 
They do, making a make-shift circle around you when James hands you the aforementioned box. “Thank you, meu doce, you can sit down.” You pat the seat beside you and James complies, curling up beside you while resting a steady hand atop your thigh. 
You pull the sweets from the box, the brigadeiros. They’re petite, barely fitting in the palm of your hand, and they’re made up of condensed milk, chocolate powder, butter, and sugar. “They’re made up of ingredients you’d typically see in those sweets you boys like to eat, they’re just nearly like a regular chocolate treat...” You trail off, pulling a single one from the tray of eight before handing it off to the person on your left; James. “And you can fill them with different things, like berries ‘n such.” 
You allow your teeth to sink into the delicacy, nearly moaning at the explosion of flavor that bleeds over your tongue as your lips quirk up in a delighted smile. You’ve missed this. “Do you like them? They’re called brigadeiros. You eat them at every birthday party. I used to eat so many minha mãe had to hide them so I wouldn’t take anymore.” You laugh with a mouthful of the desert. 
You watch as the boys take a soft bite of the sweet themselves, and the most expressive out of all of the visages you can see is that of Remus’. He moans outright as the delectable flavor excites his taste buds, his lips stretching so widely in a sated grin that you’re giggling unconditionally. “That is the best goddamn chocolate dessert I have ever had in my entire life.” 
You can’t help the warmth that settles in the apples of your cheek as you glance down, suddenly abashed. “Here, take another.” The tray allows each of you to have two, and suddenly, with barely a blink, there are eight wrappers in the center of the makeshift circles you have created, the chocolates gone. 
“That’s good!” James gasps as he licks at his chocolate-covered fingers, falling onto his back with a contented sigh. 
“I’m glad you liked it, querido.” You coo quietly, leaning over to capture his lips in a sweet kiss before straightening back up. 
Remus is still chewing thoughtfully at his last candy, attempting to savor it as much as possible before it’s gone and he’s forced to wait until the next time you get some. 
“You’re so cute, meu amor. I could just eat you up.” You croon, leaning over to slip onto his lap and curl up in his embrace as tightly as you can.
“Hey!” Sirius’ complaint is garbled by the thick piece of the dessert on his tongue. “How come they get all the love and I get nothing? That’s not very fair.” The boy whines as he swallows, crossing his arms over his child like a disgruntled child. 
“Bebê,” You muse with a laugh, leaning over to cradle his freckled cheek in your palm. “You know I love you all the same. No need to fret.” You coo quietly, thumbing over the sharp bone of his cheekbone. 
“I love it when you get all tired.” James voices from his position against the floor. “Because you start talking in that beautiful language of yours, and your accent gets so fucking strong it’s-fuck.” He chuckles wholeheartedly as you lean closer into Remus’ chest, suddenly shy with the onslaught of compliments. 
Now that you think about it, you’re able to see that you are, in fact, fatigued. It’s been a long day. You didn’t realize James was that observant.
“What d’you say, poppet?” Remus hums, weaving his fingers through your hair so he can scratch idly at your scalp. 
“Obrigada, James.” You whimper softly as you allow the brigadeiros to churn contentedly in your belly, thus pulling you closer to a slumber. 
“Good girl.” Remus smiles into your hair when he leans down to brush his lips over the top of your head. 
“Can you say that in Portuguese?” You quip playfully as you curl up further on Remus’ lap. 
“Hmm..” Remus laughs, voyaging around his skull to find the few words you’ve been trying to teach them. It’s been a few months but the boys seem to be doing well, except when you put them on the spot. “Bom menina?” 
“Close, baby.” You murmur, patting affectionately at his thigh. “Boa menina, my love. You’ve got the words down, just have to check your adjectives.” You yawn, so suddenly fatigued. 
“Yeah, yeah.” Sirius groans, standing up to go find some more of those chocolates. “Now do you have more candy?”
TAGLIST: @james-potter-simp  @nicodoesntexist @siriusblacks-bitch  @adhara  @stiffsockz  @trickylittlewitch   @a9283  @plzineedhelp  @sokkas-socks  @anggraenirhj  @sambucky8  @hollandary  @deansdeliciouspies  @mentally-in-northern-italy  @maravderofthephoenix  @blackpinkdolan  @anyasthoughts  @florenceivy  @harrys-girl-almighty  @savingprivatecass  @astmelie  @thotbutpurple  @heavenly-bratt  @accio-rogers  @sarcasticallywitty15  @psychkunox  @totallyjovialblaze @wonderful-writer @asuperconfusedgirl @playgirl1  @hoeartchoke @figlia–della–luna @tinylumpiaa @lvpinsmoons @damonwhitlock @avengersassemblee @siriusblklftv @thatslovelymoony @pinkwhorecrux @milkshakelol @cecile-sucks @mullthingsoverinthehotwater @quindolyn @st0nesnglitter @marauderssimpthings  @emmaev @lilymurphy03 @weasleyposts @rileyloves5 @carrotjoe @limerenze @zzzfour @maraudersgirlxx @pinkandblueblurbs @amixedwitch @3in1shampooconditionerbodywash @memissbee @bluemoony11227 @auroraboringalis57 @wonderlandhatter @snoopydoop1 @buuchie @ohgodidontwannabehere @kittykylax @spxllcxstxr @ss-stilinski @susanaleitao510 @isxfisticated @l-adysansa @weasleywhore07 @amourtentiaa @ronsbadidea @simp027 @maraudersbiitch @maraudersgirlxx @serrendipiity  @artemisheavenlupin @irlpadfoot @acosmis-t @fific7 @susanaleitao510 @eimaneighyiae @malfoymanwhore @everythingunderthestarss @ayla-1605 @ramenticizing
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gxtitobxby · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
thinking of james who eats all the food your family makes him even though it's very spicy and his delicate palate cannot handle it and he's literally red nosed and teary eyed but still manages to give your mom the brightest smile <//3333
Tumblr media
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manneaterzz · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing : alex x touchstarved!latine!reader
genre : fluff
pronouns : gender fluid
warning : idk?
authors note : can you see i really like these gifs? u should listen to old me by it’s thisisnotblair on spotify while reading this :D
— ♡ physical touch is youre love language </3
— ♡ constant hugging
— ♡ twirling his hair in ur fingers?
— ♡ best thing u ever did.
— ♡ you basically melt into his hands
— ♡ ofc when cuddling he notices ur heart beating start to change
— ♡ he won’t say anything about it because he doesn’t wanna embarrass you !
— ♡ while streaming he secretly holds ur hand
— ♡ you have a habit at admiring him while he gets caught up while talking to the chat
— ♡ “look at me the way y/n looks at alex”
— ♡ you both speak spanish
— ♡ so you two constantly speak spanish so you can feel like ur a home <\3
— ♡ even in the pandemic you guys kept the latin tradition of smashing youre face in the cake
— ♡ yes, it was streamed
Tumblr media
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whiskeyglass · a month ago
hi! idk if youre taking requests at the moment but i saw your salesman with a latina s/o hc and it made me really happy so i wanted to ask if you could do something similar with junho? thats all, anyways i love your writing and im very happy i found this account!
Hwang Jun-ho with a Latina s/o
Tumblr media
Hwang Junho was never the one for romance due to his habit of being too busy running around to finish missions and solve life threatening mystery's
But when he first managed to settle down he couldn't help but start seeing the appeal of romance once again,especially in you
He never really cared about any cultural differences between you two,all he knew was that he was head over heels for you and that's all that mattered to him
He'd bring you with him to Korean museums to teach you about the history
Would buy you street candy as a way of showing his appreciation for you
He'd constantly ask you about your childhood in an attempt to try and learn what it was like living back in your home country
He'd do his best to practice your language secretly by reading books inorder to suprise you later
If your family moved with you to South Korea he would do his best to impress them in any way possible by speaking Spanish with them,being extra respectful and cooking the only basic dishes he knew of like tacos or tortillas
You later on teaching him some more authentic homemade recipe from your culture
Keeping you uptaded about his cases at work
Often taking you on tradition Latin restaurants for your dates
Helping you improve your accent when speaking korean
Personally threatening anyone who has a problem with you two being in love because he would never take any negative opinions when it comes to you
Loving you to the moon and back and always doing his best to keep you happy
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mrs-gucci · 5 months ago
Hi again! I’m the Latina!reader x Clyde nonny
I’m sorry! (¡Lo siento!) for the missing info.
Let’s say reader is from the city and moved for work, and theres a bit of a lifestyle switch up/culture/fish out of water angle? She’s not used to the country and slower pace, and doesn’t have any friends here. Yet ;)
Maybe she teaches him some Spanish, or he learns some words on his own?? She calls him “mi novio” (lover/boyfriend) and he picks up on it?? Maybe overhearing her say something and he’s like AH I know that word!!
Fluffy smutty? Either direction or both!
Mi Novio [blurb] {Clyde Logan x latina!Reader}
author's notes: hello, hello! apologies for the delay in this fic response. but I hope this blurb was worth the wait :)
warnings: fluff. clyde attempting spanish with his thick southern accent. general cuteness.
no tw's :)
**just throwing it out there: I personally am not latina, so I can't speak for the total authenticity of this piece, but I hope I did a decent job with it.**
Tumblr media
"Okay, now say 'Mi nombre es Clyde.'"
"Yer not makin' me say anythin' nasty, right?" His eyes narrow playfully.
"No, no. It means 'My name is Clyde.'" You laugh.
" Clyde." He says, slowly, shaking his head at the awkward sounding country-twanged Spanish. "It sounds so much better when ya say it, darlin'."
You smile softly, reaching out to take his hand. "You'll get it, I promise."
Clyde nods, looking a bit discouraged. You find it so flattering that he wants to try and learn some of your native tongue. Having moved out here from the bustling city, you're still adjusting to life in the West Virginia country.
Everything seems to move much slower here, and you're so used to the fast-paced city life that it's been a challenge for you to slow yourself down to match the relaxed pace of the rest of the town. But, after visiting Duck Tape one night and meeting the handsome bartender, things became significantly easier for you.
Now, you're acclimating so much better with the Logan siblings help, introducing you to some of the more regular patrons of the bar. You're finally beginning to think of Boone County as home.
You look down at your watch, eyes widening when you realize how late it is.
"Oh gosh, I didn't realize how late it was. Lo siento, Clyde, I have to get up extra early for work in the morning. But, how about I swing by the trailer after my shift ends?"
He nods, giving you a small pout as you walk around the bar to give him a quick goodbye hug and kiss.
"Adiós, mi novio. I'll see you tomorrow afternoon."
You walk out of the bar, bell jingling against the wood door, and Clyde immediately pulls out his phone. He clicks on the Amazon app and types 'Spanish to English dictionary' into the search bar.
After calling Mellie and asking her which one he should order 'cause there were so many different options, which ended up being a whole three minutes of her chewing him out about calling her so damn late on a weekday for a non-emergency, he finally picked one out and ordered it.
He couldn't wait to find out what the hell "mi novio" meant, 'cause you've been calling him that for weeks and he still has no clue.
Clyde texted you the next day saying that there was some type of bar emergency that he had to deal with and apologizing (using "lo siento", which brought a smile to your face) for not being able to meet up with you.
So, you went to the bar right after your shift the day after that. Duck Tape was usually pretty quiet in the afternoons, which you liked because it gave you more chance to talk and be with Clyde uninterrupted.
When you walked into the bar, Clyde had a book held up to his face real close. The book's title was "A Spanish-to-English Dictionary for Beginners", and your heart skips a beat. He bought that book just for you?
His eyes were squinted as he tried to read the text, mouth moving slowly while he tried to pronounce some of the words.
"Buenas tardes, mi novio." You say, smiling as you hop up on a barstool. "What are you reading?"
"Hey, darlin'. Oh, uh, this? It's n-nothin'." He blushes, quickly shoving the book under the bar. "Just a lil somethin' I bought from the Amazon."
You laugh. "I saw the cover, Clyde. I can't believe you bought that just to learn Spanish."
Clyde smiles, pulling the dictionary back out.
"'Course I did, sweet pea. I wanna learn. And I've been workin' on my pronunciations all day t'day, i-if ya wanna hear 'em..."
You're beaming with happiness and pride as you nod eagerly.
"Now o' course, they ain't perfect. But, they're better than they were, I-I think."
Despite his thick accent (and him not being able to roll his r's), Clyde's pronunciation of 'Mi nombre es Clyde' and '¿Cómo te llamas?' was pretty good.
You clap for him, unable to wipe the smile from your face as you do so. "That was really good, Clyde. I'm so proud of you!"
He blushes, smiling softly as he puts the book back under the bar.
"Thank ya. Only problem is, I still dunno what 'mi novio' means 'cause it ain't in the book. That's one of the reasons I bought the damn thing, to try and figure out what it meant, and it ain't even in there! That's what I get for buyin' somethin' on the Amazon, I guess."
The two of you laugh together for a few seconds, then you kiss the back of his hand with a smile.
"'Mi novio' means 'boyfriend.'"
Clyde nods, blushing a bit as he wipes down the bar. "I shoulda guessed that one. But it's sweet that ya call me that, I like the way it sounds."
You laugh again, reaching up to give him a quick kiss on the lips, thinking about how lucky you are to have found an amazing guy like Clyde.
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astrohnova · 4 months ago
Cuando el Abismo Te Devuelve la Mirada🌌⚡
Tumblr media
This is my entry for @my-divine-death motel 666 challenge
ROOM: the delusional (stalker, kidnapper, murderer).
ROOM NUMBERS: #222 (a polyamorous relationship)
ROOMMATES: steve rogers + natasha romanoff (cap’s quartet)
I’m new at writting so if I should add more tags let me know. Also, english is not my first language so it might be a little weirdly worded so just let me know and i'll change whatever's wrong. I’m sorry
If you reblog and leave me some feedback I'll kiss your mouth. With tongue.
𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆 steve rogers x latina!fem!reader x natasha romanoff
𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘 You are part of an underground group of heroes of New York City under the codename Cheetah. When this group catches the attention of the Avengers, you are demanded to join them in their building. Your sweet little self also steals the attention of two special someones.
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 +18 ONLY. IF YOU’RE A MINOR, i’ll kick your ass and also block u. this is kinda dark!avenger AU, mentions of family abuse, torture, electro-shock use, starvaiton, mutants, DUB-CON/ NON-CON, age gap (reader is of age), smut (threesome, f/m/f, coercing, kissing, daddy kink, anal, cum play, forced, choking, dildo use, creampie), drug use (to dope reader), stalking, meltdown. WHEN IN DOUBT, DON'T READ. THAT'S IT.
You can’t stay with your eyes open for more than five minutes. You’re barely holding your head on your knuckles, your elbow on the table and the professor a few steps away from you. You’re falling asleep in this lecture. Again. Which is not your fault really, this dude is really boring. And his voice just kinda lures you to sleep. It’s the stunner bell that wakes you in a second, bewildered. Looking around to see if somebody noticed, to then pretend that nothing happened while picking up your stuff from the desk.
With that last class covered, you’re ready to go home. For a few minutes at least, until you go out again. But not like you. Like Cheetah.
Cheetah was a codename, in this superhero business you can’t really use your real identity. Not in the underground business anyway, and especially not if you have powers. The illegal activities are part of it, but when people in your everyday life know that you’re that disgusting mutant… things get rough. Families break. Torture and pain blossom. You’ve seen it happen.
Home is the apartment that you share with your team, your fellow mutants. Most of them have been through so much, most of us don’t have any family except this team. And after all the heartbreak and the rejection, after all the pain and the hate, the family we learn to build is the warmest hug, the safest refuge, the tastiest meals. The best place to always come back to.
When you reached your house, Jay was cooking dinner, while Danny and Nova played video games. You kissed Jay in the cheek after greeting the other two, and closed the door to privately talk.
“I have bad news…” You started, toeing the line between sad and angry. Jay acknowledged you and pushed you to continue. “Somebody knows about us. I’ve been sensing some movements on the net.”
“About us?” The worry showed all over his face and spread through his voice.
“About Danny first. But we’re not so safe either…” Jay sighed, and you just lowered your eyes. Danny was the only anchor we had on the net. He still had some attachment with his family. The boy had a golden heart and a forgiving mind, which led him to get hurt over and over again. That’s why, when all of us had sent our families flying out the window the moment we discovered the true meaning of family, between us mutants, he hadn’t. We cut all ties, using Jay’s powers of mind manipulation to make our families forget us. And your powers to erase your technological tracks, your digital existence. Even make your families forget the huge sons of bitches that they are and all the abuse that they got their own kids through. After all the torture you had to endure because of them, you would of liked to see them suffer a little bit. But safety comes before vengeance. Especially when you had people to look after. Even though the last time you saw them they sent you to a mental hospital, leaving you weak from all the electro-shock, the starvation, Nova having to blast part of the building to get you out, alongside Danny and Jay. You were willing to sacrifice your life for them.
But Danny had another connection to his family, they loved him… Not so much his condition, much less that he doesn’t see it like a disease, that he doesn’t believe he had to be cured. But he’s the only one who still holds a connection to his family, still attached to the net for them. Dangerous, but it worked fine, with the fake names and the elaborate barriers that you managed to put up. Until now.
Your eyeballs start getting covered by a white cloud, your pupils and iris disappearing behind it, so Jay approaches you and grabs your arms, concerned and caring. Your head diving into the waves of the network ocean, swimming into piles of data. A dreamlike experience that allows you in just seconds to cross through gigabytes of information. And allows you to find out that you’re doomed. “We’re not safe anymore”. You shiver when you come out of it, and with one final shared concerned look, you both get out into the living room to look for your family.
When you get there, Danny and Nova are still playing video games, and while everything seems normal, there’s this tingling under your skin and you feel a spider-like bite in the crook of your neck. Buzzing, uncomfortable.
“Gimme your phones.” No questions asked, they all give you their cellphones. They stop playing and wait for your directions. And you break the cellphones. The tingling goes down a little bit, but you can feel the unsteady eyes of the net piercing your skin. Someone’s watching you. Spying your family. You turn the TV off, and because you still feel the eyes you grab the device and drop it to the floor, harshly disconnecting it and breaking the screen. Dismantling the back part to cut key cables that connect to the net. And the buzzing stopped.
“So… you gonna pay for a new TV right?”
After you explained to the family the breach on Danny’s info and that someone was watching you through every device in the house that interacted with the net, explaining the severity of the stalking, your family was highly strung. The last time you didn’t follow your powers you had to watch everything you all had built blow out into pieces. And it had taken a long time to come back from that one. You weren’t gonna let that happen again. And neither were they.
So it was settled: you were starting over. It was too dangerous to stay, despite what you all had here. You started packing your bags, booking flights through the net to get the hell out of here. Putting firewalls and barriers so that finding you will be labyrinthic. Erasing the fake information you gave your university, as well as Jay’s, Nova’s and Danny’s info from their jobs, their gameplay accounts, the discord ones… Everything gone, which brought a huge stress on your body.
“Jay I’m… Not feeling well” You said approaching Jay, by the end your knees giving in and collapsing onto Jay. Nova quickly helped to hold you, hugging you tightly and directing you to the couch so you can rest.
Everybody was giving it their all. Bur Danny…
“You’re not feeling so good, Cheetah. Maybe... maybe we should wait it out a little bit. It’ll be good! We need to get some air first, think this through…” He babbled, so nervous and energetic.
“Stop Danny…” You muttered, so exhausted… You just wanna sleep for a little.
“I’m serious! Let 's stay!” When his hair starts turning red and his hand gets tenser, with nails growing… You know his emotions are getting a hold of him. That's never good, but for a mutant is way worse.
“Are you dumb? Don’t you understand how dangerous that would be?” Nova barked at him.
“Remember the last time we listened to you and not her?” Jay hissed. “We’re not doing that shit again.” Danny’s breathing was fast and heavy, he wasn’t convinced at all.
“And get a hold of your fucking self.” Nova grunted, still holding you in her arms. She had lived the exhaustiveness of using your powers. Meanwhile Danny got back to his true form without so much as a blink.
Jay brought you a glass with water, and you stretched your arm to Danny, to have him close. ”Danny. Please, listen to us. Listen to me. Please believe me, I need you to get on board with this. Te necesito. We won’t leave you behind and we won’t go ahead without you. We stick together, somos familia” You pleaded to him. And that got him more on board. Part of himself remembering last time.
There’s something going on. Your fucking nerves shuddering, feeling eyes watching every step you take. Something 's wrong. You look quiet on the outside, peaceful, bored. But on the inside you’re about to collapse. You arrived at the airport, with the fake passports and the tickets you managed to get. The team decided to split, boarding on their own. You can’t even see them, feeling only Jay in your head trying to calm you down. You were already trying to do that yourself, knowing that airports have camaras fucking everywhere, so of course they were going to be watching you. And everyone’s using their cell phones, computers, tablets. Yeah, eyes were everywhere. Maybe you’re way up in your head. You stopped the stalking, you discovered it on time… right? Yes. So there’s nothing to worry about. If you look up this book that you’re pretending to read you can see Jay. Looking out the window to the planes in the field, but with his mind on you. And if you pretended to stretch, and twisted your head back you can see Nova talking to a lonely old lady. Everythings normal. Danny is probably in the bathroom, or buying something. He’ll be back soon.
“Hey, what are you reading?” Asked the man beside you, short brown hair. Handsome, with a jean jacket and gloves, looking really bored.
“I… Not reading actually, can’t focus” You sighed, closing the book and getting more comfortable in your seat, still looking at him.
“Fear of flying?”
“Something like that...”
“Well, you don’t have to worry about nothing. These things now are really developed, they were dangerous back in the day but now? Nah”
“Back in the day? Talking like an old sir when you’re not older than me” You noted, tilting your head to the side curiously. He chuckled, a little bit nervous.
“It’s just a saying” He sputtered, and you hummed in agreement, finishing the conversation. When you look back frontwards. And Jay wasn’t there. You frowned, starting to get concerned again but trying not to express it.
“You’re looking for your friend?” Wondered the guy next to you. And you didn’t even flinch.
You turned to him confused, and voiced “What? I didn’t come with any friends. You’re as far from a friend as I encountered here.” You appealed, to get him to buy your lie so you can get the hell away from here.
“Really? So You don’t know any Jay?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about. But I have to go to the bathroom, so excuse me” You were about to combust. Who the hell is this dude? And just how in the fuck does he know? You… You didn’t have any trace left behind. Everything was perfect. Just how...?
“No, we’re not going to the bathroom. Where 's Nova?” Fucking nowhere. You don’t find her when you look back.
“How do you know about Nova? Who the fuck are you?”
“Calm down. S’ not good to get stressed due to your… condition” You weren’t stressed out. You were fucking angry, you wanted your family and this hijo de puta wasn’t gonna take them from you. But you can feel an electric fire coercing through your body, and your jaw started to hurt from how hard you were biting.
“They are fine. If you come with me you’ll see”
“I’m not going with the same dickass that took them.” You roared, grabbing his arm and sending an electric current through your touch.
He groaned and pleaded again “Calm down, Cheetah. Look around”. The screen noticing the flight schedules was flickering, and you could see the receptionist struggling with her computer. But you were fucking out of it.
“I… I can’t. Not ‘til I see them” Your eyes started getting cloudy, your mind submitting to the net. Getting more weight in the man’s arms, weakening.
“Then… I’m sorry” You felt the prick before you saw the needle in his hand. Fuck.
“I saw her first, I was the one who helped Stark find her.”
“Nat, it was your fault that she left last time.”
“Fuck off.”
“Don’t talk like that.”
They were staring at you sleeping. You were so calm, after your meltdown in the airport earlier that day. Your friends were waiting for you, Nova grabbing your hand, Jay in Danny’s embrace. They didn’t think you would be so close to them again, but you are. And Nat and Steve couldn’t be happier.
“So beautiful. So peaceful. Can’t wait to have her” Nat bites her nail softly, rubbing her thighs together.
“I’m gonna have her first Nat” Steve grabs Nat’s face, turning it to her, skeezing her cheeks. “And only if you behave you’ll have your turn.” Nat whimpers at that strong tone, struggling to nod while looking at Steve completely surrendered, dumbed down. “Good girl.” With a peck on the lips, Steve lets her go.
“We can’t lose her again”
“And why do they call you Cheetah? Fancy animal print?” Tony’s annoying and not at all funny’s ass is in your room the moment you wake up.
“Nice one” You snickered. “If you piss me off, maybe you’ll find out”
“Oh I think I already did… You were the one who discovered me right? Not even 20 seconds in your grid and you shut me off. That’s amazing, much faster than last time. And you’ve grown, kid.” You just looked at him. Explaining yourself isn’t gonna do anything, he already knows everything about you. You just have to use all his tech against him, find a way out of this awful place. You can’t believe you’re fucking here again.
“You.. Know each other already?” Jay asked. And you just sighed and looked away.
“You’re bickering like family…” Danny chipped in.
“It’s a long story.” You blurted. Between the drugs, using your powers carelessly and knowing what was waiting for you in this place, you were on the verge of tears. And even though you loved your family, this is something you never disclosed to them. Couldn’t ruin the idea of Avengers that they had with the real malice that surrounded the most famous superheroes.
“And when did you learn to cover your tracks like that? ‘Cause you can have the powers, but--”
“That’s enough. She’s still worned out and needs to rest. You already have us here anyway, so you have all the time in the world to ask your stupid questions.” Nova commanded.
“She does need to rest, so you’re leaving. But I’m not”
“It’s fine, guys.” You conceded when they focused their eyes on you, completely worried. You felt Jay in your mind, caring and loving, and you reassured him quietly. You had to talk to Stark eventually. And so they left.
“Mhm… I get that I cause oniric things to people, but if you so desperately wanted me back you could of asked nicely”
“I tried, but you wouldn’t let me, blocking me at every road. You upsetted the captain, and the spy almost killed me.”
“Almost? That’s a shame” You lazely fired, snuggling into the bed and closing your eyes. You were too tired for this bullshit conversation, and so angry that you were in their arms again. The mere thought of what they would do to you…
“Listen. I have some pills for you.”
You opened one eye, and shot a sharp reply. “I won’t take anything you give me.”
“That 's a shame.” Tony said, walking toward you. “‘Cause this building is full of electrical devices. And if you don’t take them, you’re gonna live with one hell of a headache.”
“Oh, so the tortures and investigations you and your idiotic team performed worker for something? I’m glad, at least all that pain wasn’t for nothing”
“The team cares about you, and Banner understands just how much you suffer.” He was so close to you, with those fake ass glossy eyes. They didn’t have feelings, they didn’t care.
“Yeah? Couldn’t tell by all the torture.” Tony drops the hand that was about to caress your cheek and with one final look, he leaves. Leaving you all alone, drifting off to sleep.
“Thanks for your help, Buck.” Steve said, putting a hand on his shoulder and patting it lightly. He met you at the airport, the only member of the Avenger’s team that you hadn’t known ‘till then, the perfect one to approach you and contain you if needed. And it was needed.
“Well, now I'm feeling a little underappreciated. I found her digital footprint, which led us to her.”
“Yeah, I know. Thanks, Stark.”
“Is she… going to embrace this life with us?” Banner nervously asked, playing with his hands and not lifting his eyes.
“I just want her to be safe, but maybe she shouldn’t be here. If I were to take her to Asgard...” Thor proposed, but nobody agreed with him.
“She is not leaving.” Nat stabbed a knife into the table, pissed. She wasn’t letting you go.
“She will accept her fate. She doesn’t have another choice.”
Your head was pounding, the electronic spasms swirling through your head. Cuddled up in the hospital bed, grabbing your head with your hands. Stark was right, and you were just about to give in and drink those damn pills. But would it be a mistake to trust them? After so much pain last time… Especially in Stark’s bloodied hands.
You were winning, your mind trying to concentrate on something else when you felt a hand on your leg. And you quickly incorporated on the bed, crawling away from the person that touched you. Only to burn with anger when you realize who it was: Steve Rogers.
“Hello darling.” You were dreading this encounter, but it was doomed to happen. You were in his house.
“Hello, golden fucker.” He laughed with no cheerfulness at all, his eyes darkening.
“I’ll let that slide. I know that you have to get used to being here again. And I also know that you’re in pain.”
“You’ve been watching me?”
“Of course, kitten.” He tilted his head, like he didn’t understand just how creepy that shit was. But of course he would be watching you, he wouldn’t let you out of his sight again.
“Why haven’t you taken the pills? They’ll help you.”
“Are you really asking me that?” He signed, uncrossing his arms and putting them on his hips, never taking his eyes off of you and already noting that you would be harder to break than he initially thought. All of them wanted you, why didn’t you want them? They had the entire world to give to you.
You couldn’t hold his staring for much longer, so looking down you swore: “I don’t wanna drink the fruits of my suffering. And I don’t wanna be here with you, fucking crazy pants.”
He approached you fiercely, clenching his jaw and grabbing yours in his hand. “I forgave the first one, but no more. You’ll take the damn pills or I’ll push them down your throat.” You whimpered, trying to turn your head but incapable due to his hard grip. You nodded slowly, staring at him disgusted. But he wouldn’t allow that, and you wished you knew better.
He grabbed your hair, pulling your head back and grunting while you trembled. His face’s watching you closely from above.
“Stop being so difficult. You have nowhere to go, and the faster you submit, the better. Open your mouth.” You did, and he spitted on it. Making you swallow.
He let you go and handed you two pills and a cup with water, closely watching you drink it.
“That wasn't that hard, right? My good girl.” He caressed your face and you give in to his touch, the pills making effect fast but numbing your head, along with the praise sending you to another planet.
“Baby, daddy really needs to empty his balls in you, will you let me?” He asked, sliding his thumb in your mouth, you sucking and nodding eagerly. “Of course you’ll let me, cause you're my little whore, right?” Your eyes went to the back of your head, mewling.
“Take your clothes off and lay down, ass up.” You did just as he demanded, his eyes never leaving you. When you were done he just put his crotch zipper down and freed his cock, still in his stealth suit. He signed before vowing: “After all the trouble you’ve made me go through, I’ll be rough on you. So you’ll learn. You need it, kitten.” He approached you slowly, ready to hunt his prey. Ready to make yo fucking take it.
He spit in your pussy, spreading it with the tip of his cock and pounded into you pushing you forward and making you gasp and moan in pain. He put his hands on your head, pushing you into the mattress violently, as he started moving his hips roughly, in and out of you. Your ass bouncing against his pelvis, your mouth wide open as you started crying out.
“God, I miss this fucking pussy.” One of his hands left your head to slap your ass angrylly. Fucking you like he hated you. He did hate you, you left him, you abandoned him. Left him without this sweet pussy that was gripping him thigh. Leaving him without this incredible ass of yours that always drove him mad.
“I’m never leaving you again, you hear me? You’re fucking mine.” He slipped his thumb in your asshole, and you moaned like a whore, not expecting you. “You really missed this too, mmm, baby? You’re enjoying this more than me. Just wait ‘till I destroy your ass.” You were out of yourself, completely surrendered, gripping the sheets, taking the harsh spanking. The thumb in your ass driving you nuts, opening you up.
And the way he pounded onto you, you could feel him so deep inside you, his dick sliding against you savagely. His grountings, his hair hitting his face, sweating his heart out while you just fucking taked his merciless trusts. Your screams were driving him mad, he wanted to make you suffer. He knew that’s how you enjoyed it, the noises of his hips hitting your ass, the grunts he was letting out.
“Da-- Daddy! It’s to much!”
“Is it? Fucking take it.” With that, he penetrated you harder, if that was even possible. Then grabbed you by the hair to push him against his chest, standing on your knees. Never stopping for one second.
“This is what you deserve, for running away from me. You’re not running anymore. You’re fucking mine.” And the coil in your belly snapped, your legs trembling and your head tilting back in his shoulder, you came screaming, your entire body giving in, collapsing against Steve. You couldn’t even open your eyes, and Steve pushed you back into the bed and came out of you to admire your glistering pussy.
“Look at this mess, baby girl. You’re really loving this, aren’t you? Now I am gonna enjoy myself.” He entered you again, and you screamed with your eyes tightly shut. Your belly spasming from the overstimulation.
“N-no more, please daddy. I-I can’t take it.”
“That’s too bad, ‘cause this isn’t for your pleasure. Today you’re only here to please me, to receive my cum, to have your holes ripped. You’re getting fucked. Hard. And you’re gonna take me while you fucking scream” He put his feet on the mattress to pound you brutally. And you just stayed there, taking it. Your ass burning hot, aching from his spanking. Until he came out of you, whimpering from the emptiness, and then gasping when he turned you around and unceremoniously putting his dick in your mouth for you to drink every last drop of his cum.
“That’s right, there you go, whore.” He said, while you gagged and his dick hitted the back of your throat. Before pulling away, he plowed into you even deeper, even harder. To then pull out and leaving you coughing, putting his cock back into his pants and fixing himself.
“Just wait ‘till Nat has you babygirl, together we’re gonna break you.” And with that, he leaves.
“Hi, little girl. Heard Stevie tired you out.” You moaned and stirred awake, in another bed, in another bedroom. With Natasha Romanoff by your side, caressing your hair. You looked at her mesmerized, with an underlying fear of her anger. If Steve received you like that then… What about your loving assassin?
“Hi mommy… He did. Left my pussy aching.” She put her hand around your neck, squeezing and making you more awake.
“Well deserved, for being a dumb little girl that though she could fend for herself. You had to learn.” You nodded.
“And now baby, mommy’s gonna make you pay too. Gonna fuck you to an inch of your life, and Stevie here is gonna help me.”
“We wanted to be good, loving partners. But you wouldn’t let us.” Steve said, standing up from a chair in the corner. “So we have to teach you several lessons, you have to learn to want us. To love us.”
“If you don’t play along, become our little kitten, serve us, then your family’s gonna suffer. And even if you say no and they suffer, you’ll still be used. Just like you deserve, kitten.” You nodded, and Natasha just laughed sitting in your face, her ass in your face, already naked.
“That wasn’t a question, whore. So suck.” You eagerly start invading her folds, exploring her entrance and then latching onto her clit. “That’s it baby, you remember how it’s done.”
Steve pushed his aching cock into you, fucking you while kissing Natasha in a nasty kiss that left their chins globbeering from spit, groaping her tits, her ass boucing in your face. Your body under them both, your breathing being cut by Natasha’s ass checks. The struggle to breath driving you closer to the hill, while Steve’s huge dick stretch you out, your belly trembling, you were getting so close, you started sucking Natasha faster, hearing her moaning and rubbing against your face, one of her hands going onto your tits and pulling your nipples. When you put your thumb on Natasha’s ass and your tongue inside her, she came, and you along with her. And just then Steve pulled out of you and impaled your asshole fast, making you scream and grip Natasha’s ass hard, with your nails burying on her ass. Tears were starting to form on your eyes from Steve’s huge cock in your pure ass.
“What is it baby? You were enjoying Steve in your pussy but the moment he fucks your ass you suddenly don’t like it? Fuck her harder, Stevie.” Her words and Steve starting to do exactly what she said, plus the overstimulation of your last orgasm made you cum again, while Natasha started humping your tits. Your delirious screams, Natasha’s moans and Steve’s groanings fill the room. He filled your ass and kept fucking you. Natasha got down off you to search for something in the closet, meanwhile Steve got down to whisper in your ear, admiring your fucked up face.
“Fuck baby, you’re my little cumslut right? Just out of it. Filled with my cum. But your mouth is empty baby, just like your head. But don’t worry, Nat can fill your mouth. And your little mind can just think of us.” His words and his hand starting to choke you made you cum again. Your body was made for them, for you to be used and filled. Steve sat back on his knees, pulling out of you, leaving your pussy shivering and manhandling you on your fours, with Natasha sitting in front of you with a huge dildo strap-on for you to choke on.
You grabbed the base and shoved it on your mouth, Natasha grabbing your face and spitting on it. Your face was stained with tears, Natasha’s fluids and now her spit too. Until Steve pulled out and filled your face with his cum. You felt empty for a second until his dick entered your cunt, pushing you forward to choke on Natasha’s dildo, grabbing your hands so you can’t help yourself with them to grope her tits.
And then you felt a cold something entering your ass, stretching it open again and making you scream and gag on the plastic dick. Steve was pushing another dildo onto you, filling you completely. And pushing you off your pleasure cliff when it started to vibrate. And you were gone. They were running a train over you to keep you on your knees for the rest of your relationship.
“That 's it, kitten. Making us so happy.” You were drifting away, closing your eyes and moving due to the force of their thrusts. You passed out, but that means nothing to them, they just kept using you.
Sprayed out on your belly in the bed, Steve slides his cock inside of your slobbering, glistering pussy. You’re in and out of consciousness when you feel him starting rocking inside you, pulling your hair. Making you pant and whine like the stupid, greedy little slut you are.
“Go on, little girl. Get lost in the abyss. Pretend you’re not enjoying yourself. Disconnect, find your space. But when the abyss looks back at you, you’ll realize just how much you liked it.”
“And if you don’t realize, don’t worry… Your body already knows.” You’re drooling on the mattress, whimpering and spasming from the pleasure, your legs trembling. You’ve come so many times you feel your mind slowly detaching from your body. You can’t take it anymore, but they are not done with you yet. So you just take it. Not like you can do something else.
When they are finally done they leave you with a dildo in your ass and another one in your pussy, Steve’s cum, Natasha’s fluids all over your body, cut, ass and mouth. And the dildos filling you up, keeping Steve’s cum inside of you.
“And when you’re ready, we’ll share you with the rest of the group. ‘Cause good little girls have to pleasure mommy and daddy’s friends”
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cozykozume · 6 months ago
Heyo! I have a suggestion that’s a little bit more of a request really but, it’s a totally ridiculous request anyways. But I was wondering( hoping really) if you could possibly write some HQ boys with a Latina! reader ?? I’ve seen a lot of things with other races, but reality is not a lot of representation with the Hispanic community. ( it would mean the world, even if you think it’s not great 😊) So feel free to ignore my crazy suggestion and have a good day!
Hi! Sorry, this took me so long. I didn't even know it was in here 😬😬
I do want it to be known that I am not Latina, but I am a POC. I am mixed with black and white. BUT I did consult my best friend @hispipsqueak, who is in fact, Latina. So she helped me with some of these to make sure they were as authentic as possible!
I had a lot of fun doing this, so please do send in more asks! 🥰🥰
All of these are SFW!
Also comes from a hispanic family so he understands how you were raised.
Your grandma and mom love him. Maybe a little too much.
Very respectful of your family but gets roasted by your uncles on the reg. They like to joke with him to get him all flustered but it's all in good fun.
Bad at dancing but still tries when you ask him.
Can’t really handle spicy food. Tried your mom’s pico de gallo once and chugged a gallon of milk shortly after. A for effort though.
Will go to church with you every sunday because your grandma invited him once and now he feels obligated to be there.
If you don’t marry him, your grandma will.
The life of the party.
First time meeting your family and he already has a spot in the family circle with a beer in hand.
All your little cousins are infatuated with him. Half of them think he is the most attractive thing to exist, and the other half think he’s the smartest person to hang out with your family.
So nervous before meeting your family, literally his whole body shaking in the car. But once he’s in front of everyone, he is smooth as butter.
Brings some kind of small gift for your mom and grandma whenever he comes to visit.
Will never say no to a beer with the uncles or your dad.
Your family does think that he overdresses sometimes, but they also love his sense of fashion.
Anytime he breaks out the science facts, your uncles like to tease him.
You taught him how to dance bachata. You didn’t realize that he would be fucking amazing at it.
Basically one of the kids during every family event.
Every game or activity for the kids, he is involved. Sometimes you lose track of him during big family events, only to find him in the bouncy house.
Will join your family when roasting you.
Your aunts, cousins and mom all like to feel his arms when he flexes.
Your mom always makes sure to pack him a to-go plate. He is a growing boy and needs to make sure he’s eating enough.
You “taught” him how to dance cumbia and now he does it all the time. BTS plays in the store? Cumbia. Vanessa Carlton at the bank? Cumbia. Anytime. Any place.
He is the holder of the pinata at parties and takes his role VERY seriously.
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this-kitten-is-smitten · 6 months ago
god ive been needing some Latina!reader x Sebastian Stan for a while now,bestie. It’s so hard to find some. Maybe you could write about it?? Maybe Sebastian is meeting readers big family??? <333
House Party
Pairing: Sebastian Stan X Reader
A/N: I HOPE I DID IT JUSTICE! If I didn't then I'm soooooooooo sorry! I've been able to train myself to not give much insight into the reader's appearance it was difficult un-doing that (I know I'm still shit at getting past that since I still don't have many descriptions of the reader!) but you pushed me and thank you!!!!
Tumblr media
The pillows from the bed hit the wall with such force as you frantically searched the bed for the phone, currently honking, alerting you to the time. You curse once you finally find the damned thing. A smile rises to your lips seeing the loads of messages that came in while you got yourself ready for the party.
The entire family had communicating all week for this night. You tried to keep Sebastian’s eyes averted from your phone constantly dinging from the hundreds of messages a day. He knew you close with your family. He knew there were quite a lot of them. And he knew for sure… he wasn’t fully prepared for the night ahead.
You had chosen to take over the entire room to get ready, leaving Sebastian with only the small bathroom but he made it work. Your heels somehow silently slid behind him. Your body resting on the door frame of the bathroom as you watched your love frustratingly try to button the wrist buttons of his velvety button up. His eyes capture yours in the mirror, smiling at your beauty looking back. He was trying to measure up to your beauty, but with you standing there, in that dress, failure fell upon his lips in a pout.
“You know, everyone else is just going to be in a t-shirt and jeans. You’ll probably get hot in that.”
He stops his movements, feeling your fingers snaking their way around his back.
“Should I lose the top?”
A devilish grin marked your painted lips. One arm wove int’s way around his torso, making way for your body to slip under his now raised arm. Your body pressed up against his chest. Once he caught a look at that smile, you felt his heartbeat quicken.
Sebastian knew better than to try to undress himself… not with that look in your eyes. Your fingers undid each and every button at a painstaking pace. Your darkened pupils not leaving his steel blue ones the entire time. If he had been anything but a gentleman, he’d had taken you right then and there. He wanted to see you’re glowing skin against the cold tile as you whined his name. But alas, Sebastian was a gentleman and by no means was he going to chance being late to meet your family for the first time… let alone show up with hickies covering your body.
The car ride was typical. You sang load and proud to every song on the radio, making him join in on the songs he knew the words to.
Once he pulled up to the house of your aunt, he looked around at the amount of cars lining the street. Knowing they were probably all there for the same house party, Sebastian gulped down the breath he hadn’t known he was holding. Looking over and finding your eyes, bright as ever, staring back. A warm smile on your lips that made his backbone recover in a split second.
Entering the house was the hardest part.
You were at home, but for Sebastian, overwhelmed was an understatement. The music in the backyard blared throughout the house as you greeted each and every person individually with him. But once you got halfway through the family, and the music began sparking a rhythm in Sebastian, all those worries washed away. As long as your hand was softly placed in his own, he was as at home as you.
As the sun set, the party only got better. The music turned up as the food and drinks flowed through everyone. He only became a blushing mess once! When you felt the music a bit deeper and your hips did their own thing grinding into his body as everyone around you watched. It was normal! But perhaps a new normal for Sebatian. He’ll get the hang of it soon enough.
Tumblr media
@hailmary-yramliah @valkyriesryde @imma-new-soul @torntaltos @itsunclebucky @marcelaverzani @throwmyheartawayagain @sideeffectsofyou @unlikelygalaxygiver @hawksmagnolia @hiddelstannerbarnes @hannahshattuck @benbarnesbussy
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lo-frequency · 6 months ago
Shinsou x Chubby Latina!Reader: Un Pequeño Malentendido
Or, "A Little Misunderstanding" in English. Anyway, I'm learning Spanish in college so I was rlly happy to get a request for a Latina reader from @blossominglark. In other words, I got carried away lol.
Shinsou had heard about the new American student that transferred into Class A. He’d heard about your impressive academic ability and formidable quirk, and that you were multilingual, proficient in Spanish, English, and Japanese. Well, decent enough at Japanese. Impressive for sure, but Shinsou had yet to actually see you and place a face to your already admirable name.
He’d get to know you soon enough, however.
“Out of the way, mind-control freak,” one of Shinsou’s fellow classmates said as he brushed past him in the hall. Shinsou rolled his eyes, and was about to reply with an equally biting comeback when another voice beat him to it.
“Oye, watch your mouth, jerk!” you said, coming up behind Shinsou in the hallway. The classmate looked back with a scowl, but decided he didn’t want any smoke when he saw you, instead choosing to walk away while muttering under his breath.
You walked up to Hitoshi, shaking your head in contempt as he walked away. “Cabrón,” you scoff, muttering something about hating bullies. Shinsou looked at you with slightly raised eyebrows, wondering what possessed you to speak up for him like that. He doesn’t even know you, nor has he seen you at school before. You meet his bewildered stare with a kind smile.
“Hi, my name is Y/N L/N, I’m in Class A! We haven’t met before, but I heard about you from my classmates. You’re Hitoshi Shinsou, right?” you asked, probably noticing the questioning look in his eyes.
Y/N L/N? No wonder he hadn’t seen you before, you’re the transfer student. Shinsou was surprised to hear that you recognized him...he knew he had a reputation, but sheesh. He scratched at the back of his neck. “Yeah, that’s me...” there was an awkward pause as you two stared at each other, “Well, I appreciate the help, you didn’t have to do that,” he finally said. While Hitoshi was definitely grateful, it was just a little embarrassing that you felt the need to intervene as if he couldn’t defend himself. He didn’t know what your classmates had told you, but he hoped you didn’t view him as just some poor victim with an unfortunate quirk.
Your smile widened. “It’s no problem. I know what it’s like to be picked on for being different, so…” you trail off with a sheepish smile and a shrug. The silence falls between you again, and you decide that you should probably head back to class. “ was nice meeting you, Hitoshi. I guess I’ll see you around?” you say with a short wave, turning to head down the hallway after Shinsou bobbed his head in acknowledgement.
He guessed you only came down this hall when you heard him getting harassed. His gaze lingered on the sway of your full hips as you walked away, before also turning to leave. “Then I’ll see you around, Y/n...” he said to himself, thoughts lingering on your charming accent and even more delightful appearance. No wonder there was so much buzz about you.
Hitoshi did see you around after that. A lot, in fact, and it wasn’t long before you two became unlikely friends. Unlikely friends eventually blossomed into a beautiful relationship, and you two could often be seen making eyes at each other between classes, or meeting up during breaks. Since Hitoshi often had to work with Class B for Hero Course training, you two were like Romeo and Juliet, a forbidden love between students of rival classes. Some (Neito Monoma) were more vocal about your ‘controversial’ relationship than others.
Speaking of the blond, ever since it got out that Shinsou was dating you, Monoma had gained an odd fascination with you. He always asked Hitoshi questions about you, or even talked to you (if you could call his odd tangents a conversation) whenever he got the chance. Hitoshi didn’t really like him talking to you (or any other dudes, really), but it’s not like he could stop you.
Nonetheless, Hitoshi had never been happier in his short life. He wasn’t much of a romantic before, but couldn’t believe how much his world had changed since meeting you. Not to get too sappy, but everyday seemed brighter with you- until it wasn’t.
One day, you suddenly stopped talking to him. You didn’t even greet him in the morning like you usually did, and when he came to collect you for lunch, you stiffly told him you’d rather eat with your other friends that day. This went on for a few days, and the normally stoic face Hitoshi wore was starting to crack at the seams.
He missed hearing your little voice say “Qué padre” whenever you found something interesting, the sound of your footsteps as you followed close behind him in the hall, and the warmth of your plush body against his when he hugged you. It was like he was going through withdrawals, and he’d only been without you for three days. What did he do wrong, and why wouldn’t you talk to him about it?
Little did Hitoshi know that the two of you had been caught in the web of a certain scheming blond from Class B.
Hitoshi sighed as he watched you approach him for the mixed training activity the Hero Course was having that day. Class A and B were working together against the teachers, and he’d been paired with you….bc of course 🙄. These days, it hurt him more to be around you than not, when all you ever did was look at him with contempt.
Whatever. He’ll do whatever it takes to pass the training session, with or without you.
The training exercise begins, and while you two managed to make a plan, your standoffish behavior wasn’t making it any easier for Hitoshi, despite trying his best. He eventually sighed in frustration and pulled the two of you aside to address your attitude once and for all. “What is wrong with you, Y/n?” he asked you in an urgent whisper, hoping none of the other students would find you two.
You crossed your arms, scowling at him. “Oh, now you care about me? Or is this just another act?” you asked him, an accusatory undertone to your question.
Shinsou furrowed his brows. “What are you talking about?” he asked.
You let out a humorless chuckle. “I heard it from Monoma. He said you never liked me in the first place, and only pretended so you could get intel on my weaknesses and help Class B win, ” you said bitterly.
That’s all Hitoshi needed to hear. “And you actually believed him? You shouldn’t listen to a word Monoma says, the guy is unhinged,” he said, glancing behind him to make sure you were still safe. “If anything, it was probably a sabotage tactic,” Hitoshi mumbled as he surveyed the area around him.
You slowly unfolded your arms. “En serio? So you don’t hate me?”
Hitoshi glances back at you as if the answer was obvious. “ ‘Course not, kitten. I could never,” he says quietly. You can’t help the bashful smile that rises on your lips, but before you could apologize and give Hitoshi a hug, he suddenly turns and starts pushing you in the other direction. “Now that we cleared that up, we need to get out of here before we get caught.” As soon as he finished his sentence, you hear another person’s voice shout that they’d found you two.
Yet, all you could think about was the weight of Hitoshi’s hand on your lower back, and how much you’d missed it.
I know it wasn't much but I just wanted to flex what I learned in Spanish class a lil bit. I hope it y'all enjoyed it anyway, thanks for tuning in!
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creationcitystreet-em · 10 months ago
Kiss Me
I had this cute little idea in my head and wanted to share
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chris Evans x Latina!Reader
Summary: You have a surprise for Chris as you get ready for his next movie premiere.
Word Count: 495
Warning: none really, it’s just fluffy
“I’ll be right down!” you yelled back. You grabbed your phone before leaving your room. You stopped at the top of the stairs. “Are you ready?” You asked him, knowing he would be waiting towards the bottom like you asked him so he could see you walk down.
“Yes, yes! Please let me see,” he eagerly replied.
You smirked and then replied. “Gentlemen, and by gentlemen I just mean you” you announced, still from upstairs. “May I present the new and improved Y/N Y/L/N.” You hit play on the song on your phone as you started walking down the stairs in dramatic slow motion. “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer played from your phone. When you were almost to the bottom of the stairs you did a mocking cute/shy look at your feet and then back up at him.
As soon as Chris figured out what you were doing he groaned and laughed at the same time. He shook his head as his face flushed. “Y/N, what are you doing?”
“This morning I had on a ponytail and glasses!” you mocked. “And now I just did a whole “She’s All That” transformation, got to experience my first ever slow motion entrance, and I even have a red dress on. Now most teenage girls in the 90s, including me, dreamed of getting that cheesy moment, and who better to play it out than with Mr. “Not Another Teen Movie” himself.” He could not stop laughing after you gave him your little explanation. “I mean, of course if you were Freddie Prinze Jr, this would be even better, but your version will do.” You gave him a wink.
“You’re cruel for bringing that movie up as often as you do,” he told you. You did enjoy teasing him a little on some of his past movies, and this one was certainly on the top of the list. “Alright, that was a good one though, I’ll give you that. And that dress,” he walked up to you as you stood on the last of the stairs. He wrapped his arms around your waist and you smiled. “Maybe we can be a bit late to the premiere?” he asked.
“No no no, you’ll have to wait until tonight,” you reply as you put your hands on his shoulders. “But before we leave, I do have one request.”
“Which is?” he asked.
“Kiss me,” you responded with a grin still on your face.
He let out a light chuckle before saying “I’d love to.”
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