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lauriemarch · 9 months ago
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ars longa, vita brevis - life is short, but art is forever
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londonstudies · 3 months ago
🎲studyblr re-intro🎲
about me:
my name is london
libra sun, scorpio moon, libra rising
infj 4w5 458 sp/sx slytherin, somehow the infj overrides everything else and still makes me a people pleaser
rising high school freshman (one of the oldest in my grade)
I’m only fluent in english, though I love languages and have an unfortunate habit of picking up a new one every few months and dropping it because I keep forgetting to practice
I’m very musical! I sing and play piano, ukulele, guitar (both acoustic and electric), bass, and I'm picking up violin soon
my favorite bands are the arctic monkeys and waterparks
I really like superheroes- especially the MCU. I’m still very aware of marvel’s problematic aspects and I’ll probably agree with you if you bring them up
I love alice oseman! I’ve read all of her books but one and radio silence is probably my favorite
yes I am in high school. yes I am still obsessed with percy jackson.
my favorite tv shows consist of a lot of sitcoms like brooklyn 99, the good place, parks and rec, mythic quest, one day at a time, etc.
general academic info:
I go to a private school that’s designed to have a more difficult curriculum so they don’t offer as many honors/AP classes as most schools
humanities > STEM
I don’t think I’m physically capable of taking pretty notes I just can’t do it
my grades are usually pretty good but I have zero study skills so high school is probably going to kill me
I’m unsure what I want to study in university but at the current moment I’m fascinated by criminology/forensic science. I’ve also seriously considered psychology and biomedical or mechanical engineering
My dream job is to be a musician or actor or something of the sort but I know that’s unlikely to happen
latin (my 5th year)
honors algebra II
biochem I
graphic design
world history
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h-grangerstudies · 7 months ago
monday, april 26, 2021
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happy monday! i hope your week is off to a great start! i started on a bunch of asynchronous independent-work, had track practice, and went to piano lessons today. though routine, it was a good day ♡
i'm working on reviewing latin vocabulary, since magistra has started to crack down on us second-years. (latin two-sies, if you will). turns out, we have 591 terms so far! challenge accepted 😎
i hope you have a wonderful week and that you are able to take on all the challenges that come your way. don't forget to drink water and eat well, okay? ♡
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by-thunder · 11 months ago
Me: *stares into the middle distance* Wait... *whispers to self* bam, bas, bat, bamus, batis, bant. bo, bis, bit, bimus, bitis, bunt. *returns to reality* Okay, we’re good.
My friends: ...
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creolesasuke · 8 months ago
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Latin Declension Table bc I'm bored and also love grammar
Some notes: neuter declinations are separated by a comma, otherwise they are assumed to be the same as the masculine/feminine endings. For the 3rd declension, the i-stem endings are denoted by parentheses next to the normal endings. Wherever these is an x in parentheses that should be understood as the bare stem.
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attemptinglatin · 6 months ago
Acus acerrimus in congerie feni non sum.
“I am not the sharpest needle in the Haystack.” because a friend of mine loves malaphors and I think they sound great in Latin. (Doesn’t everything?)
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dustyoldstudy · a year ago
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Tumblr media
Sunday 8/30/2020
I started Lucretius’ On the Nature of Things today and I’m in love. I wish science and poetry were more entertwined in modern writings... it just seems so right.
Listening to: The Lakes (bonus track) by Taylor Swift
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crimesandcrimson · a year ago
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august 14, 2020
i haven’t gone to class the last few days because it’s very unmotivating, especially because it’s online now and it doesn’t feel real.
today i finally went to my classes and it was oddly inspiring. most of my teachers are really nice and we get along well (except for my biology teacher but that’s for another time lol). i caught up on some of my work and i’m feeling pretty great.
the worst part through that lil mini depression was my latin studies. it’s something im pretty serious about and i really like the teacher so it felt awful feeling like i was disappointing her. i feel like that’s something people don’t talk about with mental health. sometimes things happen that you KNOW are bad, or things you don’t necessarily want to do, but they happen anyway.
since i’m a couple days behind, i decided to brush up on my latin declension today! it’s something i’ve always struggled with and i want to truly understand and be confident with it before learning more.
(picture: my messy notes and “Wheelock’s Latin 6th Edition)
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whzzrbrwn · a year ago
any of my followers understand latin? i have some homework and i have no idea what the FUCK is going on lmao
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scripturussum · a year ago
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Just finished reading the Duolingo latin tree!!! I was a little sad how short it was and how little it covered but hey still feels good!
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grasshoppericulum · a year ago
Honestly I've been translating Cicero for A-Level since SEPTEMBER and I still laugh every time I read the phrase 'incredibilem stupiditatem' bcs wow language hasn't changed much in terms of calling someone an idiot
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jusafn2 · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
have not posted in a while bc my current courses and just life style may kill me I’m ngl but I’m doing my first assessed work for my certificate in logic a which is sexy
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arouette · a year ago
I’ve recently discovered this whole academia aesthetic frenzy and apparently it’s all about translating Latin manuscripts and subjecting your wardrobe to a tweed inundation. After having translated a godawful amount of Latin manuscripts for an entire semester, I should be excused for failing to understand what’s “aesthetic” about dealing with pipe rolls for hours on end.
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study-bakes · a year ago
Latin Resources??
So with classes moving online, that means that my Latin class has also moved online. My professor’s teaching style doesn’t mesh with me and just plain reading of the textbook doesn’t really help either. 
So if you have any online Latin resources, please leave them below!!
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orpheyus · 2 years ago
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Tumblr media
i don’t plan to get much done today. it’s the funeral service for my great-grandpa, so if i’m not that active today that’s why.
today i plan to
do some more latin on duolingo and go over the vocab i wrote yesterday
read more of the secret history
and that’s it! i got the images from pinterest, just by searching dark academia and scrolling a lil bit ( i would’ve taken my own pictures but i just woke up, i really just wanted to make a to-do list so i would actually get work done today)
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einstinct · 2 years ago
the wikipedia page for catullus’s poetry providing Relatable Content
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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