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#latino din

Din putting baby Yoda to work is the most Latinx parent thing I’ve ever seen, that baby is gonna be cleaning the ship by the end of the season poor Yodito

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I love my Latino space boys!!!

F: Poe Dameron (I love him, but Din just barely edges him out)

M: Din Djarin (I can’t love him and leave him)

K: Cassian Andor (I’m so sorry!! I would cry as I did it, but it has to be this way)

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not me finding out people are calling the space latinos “smol beans uwu”… like do i really gotta tell y’all why not to call them that??? i understand people are coming from a good place, but no! don’t!! just stop okokok

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Not to start discourse but. God I hate when people tag their Din artwork/fic as Pedro Pascal. Like, yeah, he plays him, but that’s not Pedro. It’s Din.

Idk. On its own it would maybe be innocuous but combined with the tone of wildly ooc Din x reader content it just vibes weird. It’s not like people tag Anakin stuff with Hayden Christensen, or even their content for other Mandalorian characters with their actors’ names. It’s almost like people are enjoying conflating Din with his attractive actor because they like fetishizing and fantasizing about Pedro Characters rather than actually taking the characters for what they are or something

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i’m kind of annoyed that there’s some weird backlash about the term space latinos – the problem isn’t with the phrase or the identifier, it’s the background “latino = sexy sexy man w no other value than to be sexy” thought process people have, and the way to correct/challenge that isn’t ‘stop calling men who are latinos, latinos’

like, we can have a larger conversation about grouping men from three different countries of origins under one umbrella, but it’s not like there ISN’T cultural overlap, so 🤷🏻‍♀️

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poe: are you sad?

din and cassian: *are dead inside*

poe: don’t be sad.

din: why not?

poe: because sad backwards is das, and das no good.

cassian: why are we still hanging out with you?

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tagged by @honeymeh to list my ten favourite male characters from different fandoms! thank you ♡

haikyuu!! — tsukishima kei

naruto — kakashi hatake

kaze ga tsuyoku fuiteiru — haiji kiyose

boku no hero academia — shoto todoroki

great pretender — makoto edamura

mob psycho — reigen arataka

jujutsu kaisen — fushiguro megumi

star wars — cassian andor

six of crows — kaz bekker

avatar the last airbender — zuko 

tagging @imageofvoid :)

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I don’t usually agree with star wars but they kinda went off with space latinos

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if Din Djarin doesn’t take his helmet off and if we don’t see him cry when he reunites with Grogu than what’s the point

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Me to my crush: do u like star wars

him: ummm yea i guess

me: im keeping you for couples cosplays

*spoiler he dont got brown eyes but contacts can always fix that*

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i just gotta say this : these past couple of months i’ve really come to accept that it’s okay that i’m a light skinned Latina. i know it sounds silly but colorism is a thing within my culture and although the argument of people with darker skin get treated worse is valid, i also feel that among other Latinos, that if you have light skin you’re envied or looked down on. i’ve heard it all my life from people saying “But you don’t look Mexican” or “You can’t even speak Spanish! You’re not a real latino!” and last but not least being called “Gringa” or “Whetta”.

It always made me feel awful and like i was fake or not even a real latino and you know what’s awful? That those feelings came from the comments of other Latinos 90% of the time. i really wish i could speak Spanish perfectly but you know what? i can’t and that’s okay. i live within the culture, eat the food, dance to the music, find comfort in the humble and simple way of life, work hard both in school and with my hands, value family and community and my elders. i can read and write in Spanish a bit, but it takes me a minute to understand it which is okay because i’m trying and learning. i find comfort in hearing my ancestral language and hearing my grandparents/others speak Spanish.

i’m sure anyone else who is a light skinned latino can relate or has experienced it as much as i have. But yes, people like José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal, Diego Luna Alexander, and Óscar Isaac Hernández Estrada, who are light skinned have helped me come to terms that just because my skin is lighter than the majority of Latinos doesn’t mean that i don’t count as a Latina. i’m very much of Latina and i’m proud of it even if i have light skin, green eyes and have trouble speaking Spanish. In my heart i know who i am and for once i’m okay with looking at myself in the mirror and being okay with not being darker in skin color.

(repost bc i wanted to add myself among my heroes)

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The Mandalorian Chapter 15, 7x02 BIG ASS SPOILERS

So at the beginning I laughed hard at this


But then today’s episode happened and after THAT SCENE I was all like


I have always seen the Mandalorians’ helmets (Children of The Watch) in this show as some type of hijab. Something truly meaningful and important that has to be respected.

Therefore when, once again, THAT SCENE happened I skipped some seconds because I couldn’t believe what was going to happen. Then skipped back to see what happened and instantly looked away for a couple of seconds. Didn’t even think about it. Just did. Looked again when I heard Din’s voice without the helmet. The pain and fear in his eyes where just the same as last season. What a great performance.

This was the moment I knew that I would die for this fucking great show.

(I’m still a bit ashamed that I looked at him without his helmet tho lol)

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