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Colman Domingo
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On the topic of Latinx
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Latinx? Latino/a? Hispanic?
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What鈥檚 the difference between Hispanic, Latino, Latinx and Latine?
People often want to know which term 鈥 Hispanic, Latino or Latinx 鈥 is the most respectful. But it really depends on the person and context.
鈥淗ispanic鈥 refers to any of the peoples in the Americas and Spain who speak Spanish or are descended from Spanish-speaking communities. It was coined in the 1970s by the U.S. Census Bureau to offer a pan-ethnic name for peoples such as Puerto Ricans, Mexican Americans, Cuban Americans and others, whose social, economic and political needs were often ignored.
According to UC Berkeley's Cristina Mora, before the term 鈥淗ispanic鈥 was adopted, the census enumerators would often check off people such as Mexican Americans as 鈥淲hite鈥 on the census forms.
In contrast to Hispanic, the term Latino describes any person with ancestry in Latin America, a politically defined region usually unified by the predominance of Romance languages. This definition usually includes Portuguese-speaking Brazil and French-speaking Haiti, but excludes Spain.
But what about Latinx??
For some, the pronunciation of the word is cryptic: la-TEENGKS? LA-tin-EX? For others, it represents a kind of language imperialism by imposing a new English word onto a Spanish word and rendering it unpronounceable.
Latinx is essentially a non-binary form of Latino or Latina. The suffix 鈥-x鈥 replaces the 鈥-o鈥 or 鈥-a鈥 corresponding to masculine or feminine, allowing the word to resist the gender binary. (In Spanish-speaking countries, the term Latine with the suffix 鈥-e鈥 is circulating as an alternative to the -o/a binary.)
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help a non-binary friend out for their birthday 馃巿鉂椻硷笍
hey everyone I made a new post because last one got lost on notes
My name is Alex I'm a nb latinx artist and painter right now i need help to cover my medicines and maybe some groceries. Last August my mental health took a turn and got me into a situation where i lost control of my self and was a danger to others and myself
I'm doing more stable now i just have to work through a lot of things and right now luckily I have been getting job interviews lately but i haven't received any calls back at the moment
my birthday is this 14th and i would really like to have enough money for next month meds and a nice birthday for me and my twin sister
i also want to clarify i cannot accept via family n friends because that option is not available for latin America. i can only accept as good n services
Thank you for helping me get through this, if you want to chat please message me I feel pretty lonely
(i can also accept western union)
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The opening song from in the heights has been on youtube for 3 days and no one on tumblr is saying anything about it??? And it opened in theatres today!!! We鈥檙e not talking about the beautiful brown wlw couple shown being domestic in bed??? during the establishing shots of how everyone in the neighborhood normally starts their day??? We鈥檙e not talking about the perfect outfits on all 4 salon ladies?? Or how the added the whole can stocking thing to the choreography??? Like im in the tag and there鈥檚 nothing?? tumblr went so badshit for Hamilton and now where are the theatre kids?? the folks that want canon lgbtq rep during pride month?? The other latines?? Where the fuck is everyone???聽
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Out of curiosity I was looking at other people's reviews and thoughts on the novel Build Your House Around My Body by Violet Kupersmith.
The book is written by a Vietnamese American woman, takes place in Vietnam, revolves around a mixed race Vietnamese American woman who has returned to Vietnam, and several other Vietnamese characters, explores the devastation done to Vietnam by various colonizers, and includes a couple of ghosts and Mysteries. Not hard to comprehend.
Yet basically every single review I've seen for this book has been made by a white woman, and the most common criticism they make is, "I didn't get it". Literally what is not get? The book is not a hard read.
One woman even said she doesn't understand what the two main characters have to do with each other. Bitch did you stop reading the book halfway through or what? They end up meeting up towards the end and going on adventure together. What do you mean you don't understand what they had to do with each other?
The sad thing is these type of reviews are extremely common on books that are written by authors of color, made for people of color, and star people of color.
Children of Blood and Bone, God's of Jade and Shadow, Queen of the cicadas, the Only Good Indians, These Women all tend to get the same kind of shit thrown at them by white women.
Meanwell garbage like Nightbitch and the southern book clubs guide to slaying vampires are highly praised by the exact same white women. So here's a challenge for white women who love to read, really challenge yourselves when you read. Think about what you're reading and what historic events have gone down there and are currently still going on. Think about why you like one book but why you didn't like another book. Be honest with yourself, is it really because you found the characters boring and you thought it was full of cliche tropes? Or is it because you didn't like how the characters talk, different cultures, that the character ended up with the guy, that the character didn't end up with the guy, that the character was a lesbian, or that they were living life completely different from yours?
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Selena Quintanilla, circa 1993.
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Rise and shine
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The Book of Life (2014)聽 聽
directed by Jorge R. Guti茅rrez聽
[SuperheroesInColor linktr.ee / FB / IG / Twitter / Twitch / Support ]聽
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Actor, Ra煤l Castillo 馃嚥馃嚱馃嚭馃嚫
IG: @raulcastillo
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Selena Quintanilla, 1992 - Ph. John Dyer
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Some tips on writing Latino OCs/characters
Avoid the stereotype of the sex-siren聽鈥渇iesty鈥 Latino tropes: This聽stereotype does more harm than good, as almost all classic TV representation for Latinos is shown as the big hypersexualized character. By boiling down a Latino character to simply their sexual appeal, it denies them of their cultural identification if they do not fit what non-Latinos imagine all of them look like.聽
Not all Latinos speak Spanish: In fact, many Latinos do not speak Spanish that often or at all. Many times, non-bilingual/Spanish speaking individuals will write Latino characters聽鈥渟lipping鈥 into speaking Spanish. This, obviously, does not happen in real life. If a Latino says something in Spanish then they meant聽to say it in Spanish. Here are some realistic reasons why a Latino character could say something in Spanish/Spanglish:
They are speaking to their grandparents or other people who only speak that language
For emphasis. I would sometimes speak to my partner in Spanish because I felt as though I could express myself better and more naturally (also 鈥榯e amo鈥 feels more impactful than聽鈥業 love you鈥, but that just may be a personal thing), but this did not occur often.聽
They are short phrases that any non-Spanish speaker could pick up on. Hola, gracias, de nada, mucho mejor, qu茅 onda, madre/parde, casa, por qu茅 are all ones I use around my friends sometimes. Again, sometimes.
There are others I am sure, but please be careful when writing a Latino character speaking Spanish. As a Latino living in America, if I am be honest, unless speaking with other Spanish speaking individuals, I do not use the language all too often (just like any other language, weird how that happens).聽
Do your research naming Latino characters: Please do not simply look up聽鈥淗ispanic names鈥 and choose the ones you like off of a list. If all your names look something like聽鈥淒iego Rodriguez鈥 then you are doing a bad job. Here are some tips:聽
69% of South America is Catholic and 19% is Protestant. Using that information, you are bound to have a lot of religious names. All of my siblings are named after biblical figures. Some examples I see a lot are: Rebecca, Isaiah, Claudia, Gabriela, Marcus, Elizabeth etc.
In Latino culture, many times children take both their parents last names so their names would be hyphenated. For example: Father鈥檚 last name could be Perez-ABC and Mother鈥檚 could be Ramirez-XYZ so the child鈥檚 name would be Perez-Ramirez.聽
This isn鈥檛 a hard and fast rule. If only one of the parents is Latino than most often they will simply do what most of Western culture does and take the father鈥檚 last name as the family name.
Represent many aspects of Latino culture: I far too often only see Mexican Latinos, which is great, but also there are many other countries/places to represent (Cuba, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Honduras and more)
Latinos have a variety of hair colors and skin tones and body types, make them: Afro-Latino people exist, write them. White passing Latinos exist, write them (though if you are only ever writing Latinos with pale olive skin and eurocentric features, you鈥檙e doing it badly). Latino people with thick curly hair and bold features exist. Talk about it. Latinas are not just your vessel to write about聽鈥渢hicc鈥 or curvy women. Petite Latinos and especially plus sized latinos need representation.聽Represent them.聽
Latinos do not just eat聽鈥楳exican鈥 food: Stop associating all your characters with tacos and burritos.聽
If you do have Latino characters don鈥檛 be afraid to make them queer or disabled or anything else under-represented.聽
Avoid stereotypes altogether: The maid, the drug dealer, the sex symbol, the immigrant, we get it. That鈥檚 all we see in the media. Look up stereotypes, avoid them. It鈥檚 not聽鈥渕aking a statement鈥, it鈥檚 racist, stop it.聽
If you describe any Latino person as聽鈥渟picy鈥 or聽鈥渆xotic鈥..................... :) you know
Make sure the connection to their cultural background makes sense: Some Latinos have a strong connection to their country and culture, some do not. Make sure it makes sense for their family history, background, etc.
This is all I can sort of think of off the top of my head. Latino people, please feel free to add on with anything else (my experiences are a bit limited as a Puerto Rican living in America, so the more perspectives the merrier). White people and non-Latino POC鈥檚 can comment questions but please don鈥檛 clown (no聽鈥淚 am not latino but also...!)
Please reblog, this is important for non-Latino creators!
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Sorry other sites... but the besties are on tumblr!馃ズ馃槼鉁煉楌煉
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xai-iii 5 months ago
My name's xai I'm an immigrant visual artist living in Argentina, last month i lost my day job due to homophobic co workers and employers. i could survive that last month using my savings but i am currently on zero and i am not able to pay rent by myself this august
my current goal is 260$ that I will be needing before the 18th of this month. You can also commission me for my work if you are interested, just look at my art tag on my blog and send me a message so we can talk it through
i will update my post whenever I receive a donation, i can't accept personal payments just as good and services
鈽侊笍 p**pal
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reverietrolls 28 days ago
help my grandpa with his sole source of income
My grandpa's laptop broke... the battery had already been malfunctioning for months and would only work when plugged, we tried getting a new battery but it didn't work, and *that* was what tech support suggested we do, so now we have to get a new laptop
His laptop was his only form of income and now that grandma has cancer, they have even more financial issues, not to mention he also pays for every expense of my grandma's mother, and her sister and son, all of which can't work due to age (and down's syndrome, in the son's case) I have exactly $50 to my name but. I'd still like to help because again, he has No One Else who can help with the family's income, since my mother is already in a lot of debt herself
Grandpa wanted a laptop more or less like mine bc his old one was 7-8 years old and barely ran the software he uses for work, but I need to help out with some of the costs because my laptop model's price got much more expensive ever since I got it years ago
Getting him a new laptop would cost me around $900
(that's how much I actually paid for my laptop out of the box years ago, except now the exact same model or equivalent costs *at least* $1300 USED, which is bs because it鈥檚 NOT good enough to warrant that price even new) I could also give him mine, but that means *I* need a new one so I can keep working, and it would need to be at least as good as my current one... so that鈥檚 still at least $900
Please let me know if the link above doesn鈥檛 work, and if you鈥檙e interested in helping, please DM me!
Please boost if you can! He gets money per day rather than the typical once a month salary, so the longer it takes, the harder things get for us 馃槶
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