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faillicya · 2 days ago
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Don't pay attention to shirtless Laughing Jack, it's just a study :')
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proxymorons · 3 hours ago
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Apparently since i cant fuckin think right this clown cant fuckin talk. This is only a problem i have when writing shit for HIM and I dunno why. but it seems in character so i just go with the fuck ups. -Duke
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sullys-nose-hair · 2 months ago
Hi my sussy little bakas😈
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vincentsinclairsgf · 22 days ago
✨More creepypasta memes✨
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coloronthewallzz · 6 months ago
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The aggie dot eye oh doodles
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tobyaserinrogers284 · a month ago
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I don't know what to write for this post :)
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dinklebat · 9 months ago
creepypasta incorrect quotes ft Y/N part 6
Tumblr media
Y/N: We call that a traumatic event!
Y/N, turning to Toby: Not a “bruh moment”
Y/N, turning to Ben: Or a “major L”
Y/N, turning to Jeff: Or an “oof lmao”
LJ: They say milk helps children grow but I've poured 3 cartons of milk over this child and all it has done so far is cry
Slenderman: One bonus of being an adult is grossly misusing modern slang on purpose and watching my children die inside.
Slenderman: A fine example: The other day, I pointed a passing car and, looking Doby and Cody in the eyes, said, “Is that bae or what?”
Slenderman: The look on their faces is something I will treasure for years
Toby: I'm so glad you found me
Toby: Wait
Toby: How did you find me?
Masky: You haven't done anything super annoying to us in, like five hours so we knew that something must be wrong
Jane: you can’t set all your problems on fire
Jeff: you’d be surprised by how many things are flammable
Y/N : *kisses Ben’s forehead*
Jeff : Why do you never kiss my forehead?
Y/N : Because I don't fucking like you.
Clockwork: People always said ‘you have to pick your battles’. Well, guess what, I’m full of rage and I’m picking them all.
Zalgo, negotiating with Masky: We have Jeff . Give us ten thousand dollars and he will be returned to you unharmed Jeff : Whoa, whoa, wait, you think I’m only worth ten thousand dollars? Masky: Jeff : MAKE IT ONE MILLION– Masky: JEFF STOP
Y/N: Would you stab your best friend in the leg for 10 million dollars ? Jeff: You stab me, and then when my leg gets better, we buy a big-ass house. Ben: You can stab me too, then we'll have 20 million. Jeff: Good thinking.
Kate: Where’s Y/N?
Rowan: doing stuff..
Kate: I don’t like the sound of that, where’s Ben?
Rowan: Trying to stop Y/N from doing the stuff.
Kate: and Jeff?
Rowan: Trying to stop Ben from stopping Y/N from doing the stuff.
Kate: I see. What are you doing here, Rowan?
Rowan: I’m supposed to stop you telling Masky to stop Jeff from stopping Ben from stopping Y/N from doing the stuff.
Nathan: *holding an antique bottle* Hey, is this whiskey or perfume? Kagekao: * grabs the bottle, drinks all of it, and throws the empty bottle over his shoulder* Kagekao: It’s perfume.
Y/N: Do you like cuddling?
Toby: I AM A MACHINE OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION— oh, yeah, I like cuddling.
Masky: listen up kids, there's nothing "meme" about smoking a cigarette. there's nothing "netflix and chill" to take a drug. fidget spin yourself to school.
EJ: Nothing in life is free.
Liu: Adventure is free.
Doby: Life is free.
Y/N: Love is free.
Jeff: Everything is free if you take it without paying.
Hoodie: Don’t say a word.
Toby: … Fergalicious.
Masky: He said no words!
Toby: Oh, I see how it is. Two weeks ago, we’re playing Scrabble, it’s not a word. Now, suddenly, it is a word because it’s convenient for you.
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karyns · 3 months ago
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Action poses
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sanityisforlosers · 7 months ago
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Nathan is spittin' FACTS
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ellzilla · a day ago
don't think i've ever seen you draw jeff before. Does Lj have a mutal friendship with him or do they just know each other?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Because LJ always stays in his carnival and isn't the most social guy, him and Jeff don't really know each other on a personal level more of a "Get off my lawn you whippersnapper" level
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faillicya · a month ago
Tumblr media
I don't know why I draw him so much lately, I promise the next post will be on another subject. :')
Some Laughing Jack headcanons, because why not:
✧ He looks older than his original form. In his rainbow state, he looked around twenty-something years old, now his age is more ambiguous.
✧ If Jack gets harmed, he needs to go back into his box in order to fully regenerate. The problem is, that while he can enter however he pleases, he can't get out unless someone opens it by turning the handle.
✧ It caused him to accumulate a lot of scars, he refuses to go back into his box, nor does he know anyone trustworthy enough to manage the task of opening it for him. Jack is immortal, so none of the injuries that he's received were lethal, but some were enough to leave deep scars or slight damage.
✧ One of the more inconvenient injuries that he received was the one on one of his eyes. He can still slightly see with it. Another one that was fairly important was on his leg, it caused him to limp when walking.
✧ Of course, none of those things took away from his incredible resistance and inhuman strength. He's still highly dangerous, and him getting harmed is extremely rare, and even if it happened, he would just sew himself back together with the little knowledge of medicine he knew and get right back on his feet. Laughing Jack is smart, and would never put himself at risk of getting harmed to the point of no return.
✧ He doesn't have the best hygiene, he pretty much smells like rotting corps all the time, a scent that is very attractive to crows. They would something hangs around his shoulder, Jack used to hate those pesky birds but now he tolerates them as much as he tolerates the cockroach inside his guts. (Gross, ew.)
✧ Outside of his "work" he does wear more comfortable cloth. Most of them are century-old, he collected them from his time, never renewed them for he find it pointless.
✧ Drinks, he needs to consume a lot of alcohol for it to make an effect on him. Kills time, and helps him in his darker moment (although it's pretty much every day.)
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worm-tired · 2 months ago
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splitt · 2 months ago
Hii, can I request a gem! S/O who acts motherly ? (And maybe put some big TIDDIES in there, unless you feel uncomfy with that it's okay) with EJ, Ben, Lj and maybe Toby ?
Thank you in advance !!
EJ, Ben, LJ, Toby x Motherly Gem! S/o Nsfw Headcanons
Tumblr media
A/N: here you go sweetheart, this might be too short i don’t very like this i’m sorry but i hope you enjoy :’)
Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, MDNI please.
Eyeless Jack
He loves how you take care of him tenderly.
Still, he wants you to know that he is the dominant one and him only. So, it’s not often that he calls you mommy.
Likes to touch your breasts.
Often mentions you being a real mother to his baby, jokingly.
Jack will make you sit on his lap and pull you as locse as possible so he can feel your breasts touching his chest.
He wants you to play with his hair but Jack is kinda shy to ask for it.
He often tells you that you take great care of everyone and your soul is pure, you would be a great mother one day.
Whenever he calls you mommy, he expects you to return the favor.
Suffocate him, you know how to do it.
BEN Drowned
Will call you mommy. Sometimes he does it in public just to tease you with a big grin.
He loves to lay his head on your breasts as he play games. He thinks they are more comfortable than a pillow.
He will call your breasts “mommy milkers.”
Ben’ll burry his head on your mommy milkers with full of joy.
Wants you to breast feed him jokingly.
Whenever he is upset Ben will come to you for comfort because you always find a way to make him feel warmer and happier.
Laughing Jack
He will ask you to give him “candies.”
Man is obsessed with you rubbing your candy on his lollipop.
He absolutely loves the affection he receives from you.
He will let you dominate him because your motherly behaviors turns him on a little too much.
He loves how mature you are on even worst situations, Jack adores this and sometimes he even tries to act like you but he is more of a childish soul.
If he is upset or too tired Jack’ll pull you into a huge hug and try to hide his tears, of course this ends up with you wiping off his tears with love and telling him everything will be okay and you’ll never leave his side.
He loves to driving you mad by eating chocolate and unhealthy sweet stuff before dinner.
Ticci Toby
Since he couldn’t get much attention from his family your motherly actions are all he needs.
Because he’s starving for your attention he’ll be extra anxious about losing his sweetheart.
He loves to watch you cook for him.
Mommy kink.
Always wants your attention to himself and only himself, if he see you taking care of someone other he will be such a killjoy, he’ll get drunk on jealousy.
Toby might hurt himself consciously just to have your attention and affection. He knows you’ll be worried for him and it’ll make you upset but he doesn’t care about that at all.
He will call you mommy only when he wants something naughty.
Will touch your breasts randomly. It doesn’t matter where he is, Toby loves to squeeze them and use them as his stress balls.
Just like LJ, he loves you to give him a breastjob.
He’ll make you wear his clothes because he doesn’t likes others to see your body.
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bigtittydemonwife · 11 months ago
How the creepypasta boys ask for a hug
Ben: “cuddle me >:(” over text, in real life you know he wants a hug because he’s hugging you 
Jeff the Killer: “Oi Bastard give me affection”
Ticci Toby: either just clings to you but acts like nothing’s happening or stupidly hints at it “I’m cold” “I was never given affection as a kid”
Liu: the most emotionally mature if not for Jack, either straight up says it or just hugs you
Sully: like Liu (besides the emotionally mature part) he’ll hug you but instead of being gentle he’ll pick you up (don’t matter how tall or thicc you are he’s a strong boi) hold you like simba, he doesn’t ask he just takes 
Eyeless Jack: He’s very shy when it comes for asking for anything especially affection, you can usually tell when he wants one he’ll be more quiet, hover behind you, lingering touches, things like that
Laughing Jack: Just straight up says it “Give me a hug Dollface!” or jumps at you and picks you up spinning you around 
Masky: oh if you think this man is asking for anything you are wrong, he’ll hug you but make up excuses “you looked cold” “I’m tired” 
Hoodie: he doesn't usually like to ask but he’s not as stubborn as Tim “Hold me” Simple but sweet, 
Slenderman: Does not say anything, I doubt he wants hugs, he gets enough of that for Splendor 
Splendorman: “(y/n)! Come here!” / “(y/n) come here I’ve got something cool to show you!”
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brain--drop · 3 months ago
The Creeps Love Language
Slenderman: Slender is a silent man, his ideal way of spending time is in the quiet without stress. Because of this, simple quality time is usually his go to when with you. Since he’s also a gentleman, time to time he shows his gratitude with nice acts of service like placing a cup of tea on the table for you as you read or work.
Jeff: Even though he doesn’t want to admit it, Jeff is really touched starved so physical touch is his love language at least when it’s just the two of you. He is a tad bit aggressive though, tugging you towards him for a hug or gripping your hand to put on his head when you stop petting and playing with his hair. Also words of affirmation, the man wants to hear from you that he’s beautiful to boost his ego and he’ll give you sly compliments to keep you on your toes.
Ben: Quality time, definitely. Ben is pretty laid back attitude wise so he doesn’t expect grand gestures aside from getting a large pizza for each of you and gaming. Occasionally, he’ll gift give with things he’s stolen from others, but don’t question it too much, he tries.
EJ: Another silent man, he does the most subtle of services for you. You had a stressful time the day before? He’ll clean up here and there and make dinner before you come back the next day. Your muscles are tense? He’ll run a bath and fluff up your pillows. EJ is the definition of “it’s the little things”.
Masky: Physical touch with no fear of PDA. Always has his arms around you one way of another when talking with others and plays with your fingers as you hold hands. Maybe it’s because he’s older and doesn’t care much of anything, but he mostly just wants the reassurance that you’re there with him. Expect to be dragged to lie down on the couch with him when he’s very bored.
Hoodie: For a man of not many words, he has a lot of words of affirmation to give you. He’ll compliment you whenever he sees you working on a project and thank you every time you do him a favor. He’s also very observant so he’ll tell you he’s proud or appreciates you whenever you’re in a low mood than usual. If you give him compliments back though, he’ll deny it in a flustered manner...so give him compliments.
Toby: If there isn’t a way to have all of the above on love languages, Toby will find a way. However, he is very gentle overall, not being the most dramatic to be overwhelming unless the two of you have had an off day. Gift giving with knick knacks he finds on his trips, acts of service on making sure you hydrate and lie down on a warm bed, physical touch and quality time being mixed in when watching a movie and you will get at least 5 words of affirmation everyday with him.
LJ: Gift giving, this man will spoil you rotten. Candy, plushies, books, blankets and random shiny things he finds, they’re all yours. If you try to tell him that there’s no more space for you to keep everything, he will make room because he’s not stopping. He just gets so excited whenever he sees something that he knows you like or reminds him of you that he has to get it and surprise you every time.
Jane: Simple woman, she just appreciates being around you and quite often will ask if you want to run errands with her since she enjoys your company. She could just listen to you for hours and never get bored or just sit in comfortable silence because it’s familiar and soothing. With how hectic her life and her mind is, she’s grateful for how relaxing your presence is to her.
Liu: Brothers think alike because he is touch starved as well but doesn’t mind when and where the physical touch comes from. His favorite thing to do is just to hold you from behind, his day getting better especially if you look at him in surprise each time he does it. Bonus is him giving you notes of affirmation so you can read them over and over, not minding if you ask to hear it from him directly.
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whaleofatjme1920 · 8 months ago
Elsie's Kinktober 2021 Masterlist
Howdy love bugs and cowfolks, we're coming up to kinktober so it's about time I hopped on this line. This is my first kinktober so uh, time to expand my horizons.
Everything on this list is subject to change should I feel it necessary.
October 1st - 7th: A Mix of Everything and Anything
1. Sal Fisher - Praise Kink
2. Dr. Django Bridge - Thigh Riding
3. BEN Drowned - Remote Controlled Vibrator
4. Dr. Benjamin Kondraki - Mating Press
5. Larry Johnson - Overstimulation
6. Dr. Alto Clef - Phone Sex
7. Ticci Toby - Mommy Kink
October 8th - 14th: Creepypasta
8. Jason the Toymaker - Primal Play (Request)
9. Kate the Chaser - Blindfold (Request)
10. Ruth Min (Original Character) - Uniform Kink (Request)
11. Jeff the Killer - Bloodplay
12. Laughing Jack - Cockwarming
13. Jane the Killer - 34 + 35 = 69
14. Slender Man - Tentacles (im sorry it was too easy)
October 15th - 21st: Marble Hornets
15. Brian Thomas - Squirting (Request)
16. Tim Wright/Masky - Exhibitionism (Request)
17. Brian Thomas/Hoodie - Hate Sex (Request)
18. Brian Thomas - Pet Play
19. Alex Kralie - Quickie
20. Brian Thomas - Sex Pollen
21. Tim Wright - A/B/O
October 22nd - 28th: A Mix of Everything and Anything Part 2
22. Dr. Alto Clef - Marking (Request)
23. Larry Johnson - Wax Play (Request)
24. Darkwood Wolfman - Brat Taming
25. Pennywise - Degradation
26. SCP 049 - Corruption Kink
27. SCP 035 - Daddy Kink
28. SCP 173 - Orgasm Denial
October 29th - 31st: A Mix of Everything and Anything Part 3
29. Eyeless Jack - Size Difference
30. Darkwood Wolfman - Shape Shifting (Request)
31. Pennywise - Oviposition
Lots of love to you, and have fun <3
Updated on Oct 11th, there are some other fics for the days of Oct 25, 27, and 28 on my AO3. Will link here when they come up.
Oct 31st Update: the alternate Fics for the 25th, 27th and 28th will get posted when they get posted lmfao. I’ll still post the links here though <3
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chaotic-vibes-only-please · 5 months ago
EJ, BEN, and LJ, catching their s/o masterbatin in their beds, I loved the proxy ones, and I wanted to see one with these characters!!
EJ, BEN, and LJ catching their S/O masterbating in their Beds
Tumblr media
A/N: Oh how much I love this request, the other one was my most liked post 😳 It took a while, but here it is! Also Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Warnings: NSFW, MDI, +18, Breeding kink, slight bondage, toys, thigh riding
Eyeless Jack
Jack can smell something sweet and familiar as soon as he enters the hall in which his bedroom is located. It makes his mouth water. Something about this particular aroma also causes his pants to tighten. He listens carefully, tuning into the direction of where its coming from and can faintly hear your moans
Immediately Jack walks down the corridor and rips his door open, only to see the most shocking sight. You're on your stomach, ass up, face buried in his pillow while your fingers stretch and thrust inside of your pussy. Slick drips down your thighs and your moans are loud and lewd. "Jack! Jack! Faster...P-Please, harder" You whine into the cushion that just so happens to be the one he sleeps on every night.
You must not have heard him come in since you're...distracted. Jack drops his hunting bag on the floor silently and creeps over to you in the stealthy way he usually does with his victims.
He's immediately overwhelmed with the urge to mate. You're in the perfect position, like you're presenting to him, you obviously want it. Jack silently comes from behind and pounces ontop of you.
You yelp in response, startled by the presence hovering on you. The familiar scent of Cologone and blood fill your nose. Jack's home. You're embarrassed to say the least that your boyfriend has caught you in the most...scandalous position.
He holds the back of your neck with one hand while the other grips your hip. His crotch presses against your ass, you can feel his hardness throbbing. You remove your hand from your cunt and smile stupidly. Jack's claws dig into your plush thighs as he studies your dripping pussy with the idea to breed you in his mind
"Needy much Little One?" He chuckles darkly and makes a thrusting motion with his hips. You hum in response and press yourself against him. Jack growls and unzips himself. "It looks like you're certainly prepped enough" He whispers huskily before reaching inside his boxers.
He left his room for only fifteen minutes to grab some pizza rolls from downstairs, only to walk in on you with your legs spread and a vibrator pressed against your clit. He drops the entire plate on the floor when he sees you.
You pause after hearing the glass break, caught red handed. Oops, you thought he'd gone out to run some errands, not to the kitchen. Note to self, check next time to make sure he's really away. BENs cheeks are tinted pink, the blush contrasting against his pale skin. Slowly, a large grin tugs at the corners of his lips despite the shyness.
"And you call me the perv" He notes and raises an eyebrow. You huff in response, annoyed by his comment, but then smile as an idea pops in your brain. Might as well give him a show. BEN licks his lips, eyes focused on your glistening pussy before they rake up your body. You press the vibrator harder against your clit, awarding him with a nice porn worthy groan
"So, this is what you do when I'm not home" He comments before wires from the walls snake down to where you lay and wrap around your thighs, holding them wide open while another two wind over your wrists. You drop your favorite toy and pout, wiggling around in your restraints
"So what if it is?" You retaliate as he stalks forward. Ben climbs onto the bed and crawls towards your quivering body. He picks up the vibrator, feeling it buzz against his fingers then shoves it straight into your cunt
"Hey I'm not complaining, seeing you so Needy is the hottest shit I've ever witnessed" He rubs your inner thigh. "If you like my bed so much, I'll have to keep you tied here" BEN chuckles darkly as you lay there unable to do anything but take the toy he'd previously stuffed inside of you
Laughing Jack
He didn't expect this at all. You've always been more on the shy and timid side. Yet there you were, writhing on his matress with his pillow tucked between your legs. Your hips grind desperately against it, your moans are muffled by your hand.
LJ takes a few seconds to himself to calm his racing heartbeat. He loses his usual sly and cocky facade because honestly the demon is shocked beyond imagination. But, he gains his composer fairly quick and crosses his arms, waiting for you to notice him standing at the end of the bed
"O-oh, uh-I can explain" You stutter once you open your eyes to see the tall dark figure in your peripheral vision. His smile is so wide that the whites of his teeth show. He chooses not to say anything yet. LJ studies how your juices soaked the pillow case and the sheets underneath, how only now do you try to cover up what decency you have left
"No need to explain gum drop" His pupils dilate as they lock on the space between your legs that's covered by the cushion. You know you're fucked immediately when he sits down on the edge of the matress and scoops you onto his lap
You're a complete flustered mess in his arms as he makes you straddle his thigh, bare cunt dragging against the cloth of his pants. The friction has you keening in his ear. His claws rest on your plush hips, the temptation to grip them rougher to leave little cuts or bruises on them becoming stronger by the minute
"Continue sweetie, I want to watch you come undone. Be good for me" He orders and presses you down against his leg. You gently hump against it with a whimper and a nod. LJ nibbles on your ear before pulling away to lick a long strip up your neck with his monstrous tongue
You practically begged for him to touch you, and that's what he'll do.
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iz-0-mbie · 4 months ago
Plz tell me I'm not the only one who remembers creepypasta quiz quotevs ndnsnsnsnmd
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karyns · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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leviathansshadycorner · a month ago
Creepypasta headcannons that are stuck in my brain
Warnings: mentions of blood, knives - uhhhh this is the creepypasta fandom tho so like what did u expect
Slenderman is like Bruce Wayne in the way that he collects orphans (ok technically not orphans but you get what I mean.)
His mansion is open to all the creeps but some of them prefer to have places of their own To elaborate on that I feel like masky and hoodie would have like their own little cabin somewhere in the woods
The mansion has like a computer room place where all the video game based/ tech based creeps kinda reside like think of it like wreck it ralph if that makes sense
There’s a weapons room, Probs a meat freezer, Medical room
Since it’s a mansion there’s a shit ton of rooms and bathrooms but I feel like most of the creeps are lazy and just use the most convenient ones that are closest to them- which leads to a rancid ass lookin bathroom that no one wants to clean. This pattern continues until all of them are dirty- which leads to them peeing in the woods. Until Slendy and Masky scold them and make them clean the bathrooms.
Helen has his little art studio in the house and is constantly staining the place with paint that’s been left over in his hands
He’s probably the most average joe-looking dude out of all of them and he once tried to submerge himself with blood to look more scary but ultimately ended up tripping on the blood and embarrassing himself. To make things worse- the blood crusted all over him and it was a pain to wash off
Painted a family portrait that hangs at the entrance of the place
Jeff is a scene queen and has a shitload of hairspray and hairdye
he blasts his music around the house which annoys everyone
Ben hogs the living room couch and the game console - nobody knows why. Like homeboy has his own room with his own set up and stuff He says it’s his “work room” and that the living room is his gaming room
Him and Toby are the ones who eat all of the junk food within a two days
Jeff constantly sticks knives into the walls and doors when he’s in a mood
Hoodie is the one who has to do the handy work around the house and fix the windows, walls, ect
Toby is so clumsy like - he’ll fall down the stairs and be like “my bad”
I feel like he’d be into wood carving for some reason- him and hoodie will get like pieces of wood and carve cute little things out of them like a dinosaur or swan
EJ is like the cool older brother who’s in a band
He only ever comes out of his room/basement when he’s getting food or on his way out for a mission
He’s like the medic of the house and is constantly patching people up
whenever he comes up everyone’s like “damn who got stabbed this time?” Or “HIS HIGHNESS HAS BLESSED US WITH HIS PRESENCE”
They all have meetings on Monday and Friday morning to kind of touch base with each-other and assign chores/tasks
Liu dresses like it’s Christian girl autumn
Him and Jeff are constantly getting into arguments over the smallest things and
Toby has to break it up all the time Epitome of hipster probably listens to the smiths
-pffftt since he’s Jeff’s brother he probably listens to Never shout never
Clockwork is friggin ripped man she’s probably one of the only ones to actually exercise and get stay in shape
Takes jogs out in the woods
She’s like a himbo - if that makes sense lol Stuck in the 2014 tumblr era (fashion wise)
Will sit on Ben if he doesn’t move from her spot on the couch , she’s stubborn and straightforward but also kind and aggressive (in a good way)
Jane is done with everyone’s shit lol she’s like an older sister who gets blamed for all of her younger siblings chaos
”Jane why is Hoodie tied up in a tree?”
“Hell if I know.”
“Get him down.”
She hates Jeff but he’s also the one she hangs out with the most (when she’s not pissed at him) I feel like after she drops the grudge they probably watch the Jersey shore together- and the Kardashians
Kage-Kao likes to send everyone memes and riddles to crack Also hacks the tv to put on something he wants to watch
Will also hack peoples devices when they’ve pissed him off
Plays roblox and trolls people on it
Sends selfies of him himself to the creeps at the most random times
LJ is so tall and is always bumping into the doorframe He has to slouch when he goes up the stairs in some areas
Spends time with Sally - he’s like her kindergarten teacher.He absolutely hates kids - but sally’s an exception
When he’s not out at work or hanging out with peoples he’s taking naps like a grandpa
Peepaw LJ
“That tv screen is too bright. Turn it down.”
“Is that even possible?”
Sally was basically robbed of her childhood so everyone makes it their goal to make sure she has a good one.
They let her play grand theft auto once and she couldn’t stop walking like the characters for the longest time
When she’s not playing video games with Ben or making messes with Toby- she likes to spend time with Slendy making some crafts
Her room is the prettiest one in the whole mansion
Even though he’s like a demon creature thingy- slendy likes to play sodoku and like do crossword puzzles, probs just puzzles in general
Checks himself out in the mirror and admires his suits
Constantly buying (or rather stealing) new suits
Spends lots of time outside in the woods just kinda creeping and stalking , looking for potential victims for the creeps
When someone new comes to the mansion they either last 1 day- or don’t even stay at allThe chaos trio- Ben, Jeff, and Toby make it their goal to see how long they can annoy the newcomers before they break
The creeps totally have movie nights on their days off
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