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Magali Laurent est toujours sans nouvelle de sa fille Lila, enlevée par son ex-mari parti en Syrie rejoindre l’organisation Etat islamique

Magali Laurent est toujours sans nouvelle de sa fille Lila, enlevée par son ex-mari parti en Syrie rejoindre l’organisation Etat islamique

Magali Laurent, dont la fille a été enlevée par son ex-mari parti combattre en Syrie, le 3 février, à Puteaux (Hauts-de-Seine). ISA HARSIN/SIPA / ISA HARSIN/SIPA

Deux photos ornent chaque extrémité du bar américain du salon de Magali Laurent : sur l’une, une enfant blonde aux yeux bleus de 3 ans et demi ; sur l’autre, une fille du même âge, brune aux yeux marron, Lila. Les ravissantes filles…


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laurent huh? i will do my best - hopefully i do you justice babe.

still sober otherwise this would be better - 

warnings : me having a potty mouth, angst, and possible mature topics idk read at your own risk (pretend theres spooky noises or sum shit) theres no happy ending lol. also i didnt proofread it so this could be shit.

my vape ran out and im pissed abt it still - i also have no weed, but i do have motivation to write so …

send me requests ~

laurent x gn!reader

umm i listened to like i want you by giveon and maybe you should too

like i want you

laurents a conman, so lying and acting are very much strong suits for him. but the further and further you grew away from him while he acted like he couldnt care less was one of the hardest cons hes pulled, especially on himself. he tried so hard to convince himself he didnt love you, hell he convinced you. so why couldnt he convince himself? the glares you sent his way when youd have to go pull cons together, hurt his heart more than anything.

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If I had a nickel for every time I fell in love with a short blond with trauma, a history of sexual abuse, a penchant for sharp, shiny metal objects, an issue with being touched, who presented as cold and cruel to the rest of the world, but kind and loving to their idiot boyfriends who have trouble with pretending to be someone they’re not, who treated said boyfriends not so well in the beginning, I’d have two nickels, but it’s weird that it happened twice.

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Actualité Ivoirienne : Laurent Gbagbo annonce la date de son retour en Côte d'Ivoire

Actualité Ivoirienne : Laurent Gbagbo annonce la date de son retour en Côte d’Ivoire

Rien ne vaut l’honneur, l’ancien président ivoirien Laurent Gbagbo, acquitté lors de son premier procès à la CPI sera d’ici peu, de retour à son pays natal, la Côte d’Ivoire qu’il a quitté à cause de la défense de l’intérêt général.

L’annonce a été faite ce mercredi par Assoa Adou, secrétaire général du Front populaire ivoirien (FPI) qui a déclaré devant des dizaines de militants qu’à la «…


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The next time Makedon sees Laurent he calls him “my boy” and claps him on the shoulder and Laurent keeps it together but BARELY

Like this is the first time since Auguste died that Laurent has been treated as is appropriate by an older man. Remember how he reacts when Damen says “you were just a boy”? He literally can’t handle being reminded of his age because it’s always been the reason (in his mind) that his Uncle took an ‘interest’ in him, and then the reason that he lost interest in him (his remark that he’s a little old to be considered atttractive), and even Torveld was WAY older than him still viewing him as this sexually appealing youth. Before that, Aleron was described as being largely uninterested in Laurent. Laurent has always associated youth with pain. But Makedon is the first older man in Laurent’s life that hasn’t associated Laurent’s youth with anything. He’s just young. Whereas the Regent used alcohol and the excuse of hunting trips as tools to abuse Laurent, Makedon just. Teaches him to drink. Wants to take him hunting. No catch, no ulterior motive. He’s young; that’s what you do with young men, right?

Makedon slams his hand into Laurent’s back and calls him things like “my boy” and “young man” but like. Laurent has never been safe enough to think of himself as just a “young man” and the first time he sees Makedon after the events of KR he has just been through unimaginable stress governing two very delicate countries and he gets called a “boy” by this man who doesn’t asssociate his youth with sexual appeal or weakness and it just hits him, like oh. Wow, yeah, that’s exactly what he is. He’s a young man.

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Me : watch Hellboy 2 because I like the aesthetic of the Vegetal God’s scene

Me : damn Hellboy and Liz have such a Lamen energy

Me : If I was anyone else I’d say it needs an AU

Me *daydream in the shower* : DAMN IT

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Imagine Damen is a telemarketer (anything to pay the bills). His machine randomly spits out Laurent’s phone number.

Laurent has been swarmed with telemarketer calls and blocking them doesn’t seem to be helping so he decides to have a little fun.

So when Damen calls, he hears a long sigh on the other side and a

“What are you wearing?”

And he immediately hangs up and takes the number out of the system.

And maybe he calls it again on his personal cell phone that night

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Why don’t you take a look at [this] missing scene snipped and see for yourself? 😉

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Jewel: No Plan

Reed: Talk

Laurent: Would That I

Nino: Angel Of Small Death And The Codeine Scene

Flavio: Like Real People Do

Alan: Nobody

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Nikandros said, ‘Exalted, I beg permission to challenge the Prince of Vere to a duel of honour for the insult that he has done to you.’
‘Denied,’ said Damen.
‘You see?’ said Laurent. ‘He has forgiven me for the small matter of the whip. I have forgiven him for the small matter of killing my brother. All praise the alliance.’
‘You flayed the skin from his back.’
‘Not personally. I just watched while I had my man do it.’ Laurent said it with a fronded, long-lashed gaze. Nikandros looked physically sick with the effort of repressing his anger.
‘How many lashes was it? Fifty? One hundred? He might have died!’ 
Laurent said, ‘Yes, that was the idea.’

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Ahhh I am happy to hear you like Nino! 😊

So, Nino and Alan would be absolutely weak to a kind!MC because yes, they are guarded and kinda sorta hostile, but being rude to someone so earnest and sweet would just make them feel like total douchebags.

Reed would a)think that MC kindness is wasted on other ppl and b)be honestly terrified that someone is going to take advantage of them because of their personality. So he’d be extra caring towards MC and extra antagonistic towards others.

Laurent’s little brain just wouldn’t be able to comprehend a kind!MC?? Like how?? Why are they so nice to him?? Is that even legal?? Every day with a kind!MC is a day full of confusion for Laurent. Also making a kind!MC sad or displeased would fcking destroy him.

Flavio and Jewel would be kinda sus about MC at first because Jewel is a pessimist who always sees the worst in ppl and Flavio is just cautious. A kind!MC would make them lower their guards really quickly, and that would terrify them a bit.

Have a nice day too!

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trans bi laurent icons for anon

credit me if you use

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I recently binge read the entire captive prince trilogy after putting it off for a year and,, I have once again become enamored with a tiny blonde asshole

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