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bipolar people get angry 

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Stories of Thedas 2

Day 1: Campfire

Character: Jamor Lavellan

A/N: most of the prompt responses for this one will be very short little drabbles because I just started the semester but I still really want to take part ! I hope they’re still enjoyable <3

The tent flap was suddenly pulled back, revealing the Inquisitor. Wordlessly, he wandered in to settle beside Dorian, who smiled sleepily up at him. Without a word, the two snuggled close, Dorian burying his head in Jamor’s soft, fluffy curls. He breathed in gently, inhaling the smoky smell that lingered on his partner’s hairs from the now extinguished campfire.

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First playthrough: Aww, what a sweet and inspiring moment
Every playthrough after: Now wait just a minute, bud—

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“You saw another story, written in desesperation to give me more credit than I will ever deserve…”

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I didn’t have a lot of time to draw today…

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sometimes you just gotta be a little gay with your arcane adviser in your castle’s garden 🧡🤍💗

this absolutely gorgeous picture of Morrigan and Gilly Lavellan was commissioned from the very talented @hawkepockets 💕

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Just had a thought:

Solas in his wolf form, sitting all proud and intimidating like, “Ah, Lavellan. It seems you have found me, vhenan. I have already told you-Wait..what’s that in your hand?” And literally all Lavellan has is a fucking tablespoon of peanut butter and just yoink pushes into his mouth, leaving him just sitting there trying to lick it from the roof of his mouth like a dog. Meanwhile, Lavellan is just standing there realizing how much of a dork their lover is. 

Wow, I just figured out how we’re gonna fight the Dread Wolf in DA4, guys. Peanut butter. Brilliant!

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Still alive and internet is finally back !

Oh and I’m still on my Lavellan sis. Here a sneak peek (sorry for bad quality)


Ellana I’mdonewithallofthis Lavellan in Trespasser, tired, angry, loosing the sight in her left eye thanks to the anchor

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Don’t mind me as I throw this doodly thing of my Lavellan into the void. c’:

He’s fun to draw, I love adding his markings especially.

He’s such a sweet boy and I love him so much, just… Ugh help me.

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