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#law and order special victims unit

Olivia: Gonna go pick up some Thai food. Text me what you want?

Alex: Oh wait. I’ll have a green potato curry.

Olivia: Yeah but I said just text it to me.

Alex: But you’re right here.

Olivia: Yeah but I’m not gonna remember it. And then you won’t like what I get you and then you are gonna want some of mine.

Alex: *sighs*

Olivia: Just fucking text it.

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Fandom: Law & Order: SVU.

Pairing: Nick Amaro x Reader.

Words: 1,308.

Warnings: Mentions of domestic violence. Language.

A/N: English is not my first language, so, sorry if there are grammar mistakes or if the redaction is poor. *Gif is not mine*

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“The Last Straw”

When detective Amaro was ready to go home, he felt that the moment was never going to come. That day had been long, maybe the longest workday he has ever had in a very long time. He was ready to get home, grab a beer and watch t.v for half an hour and then, go to sleep.

The Captain was saying something about how they all deserve to go home after that day, but Nick didn’t hear him too well ‘cause his phone started to ring, so he walked a few steps away from the squad to answer.

“Nick?” Your broken voice made all his fatigue vanish away and suddenly, his blood ran cold.

“What happened? Are you okay?” He asked, his voice sounded as he was in an urge of knowing whatever happened to you. “Is Sean there?” He walked to his desk, grabbed his keys and coat.

“Can you come?” You cried, not answering his question “Please?”

“I’m on my way, okay?” he said “I’ll be there as soon as I can, just talk to me, don’t hang…” and you hang up.

“Everything’s okay?” Olivia asked him, she was the only one left in the office ‘cause everyone ran out as fast as they could from there “Want me to go with you?”

“No, I’ll tell you everything later,” he said before running out to the elevator.

Nick didn’t remember the last time he drove that fast, he even regretted not taking a car from the department, he could get the sirens on and his way to your house would be easier and faster.

He jumped out of his car and went into your building, he didn’t want to wait for the elevator so he just took the stairs to the third floor where your apartment was. He was nervous about what he could find. It didn’t matter if you had killed Sean, he would help you to hide the body, he was just praying you were fine.

But you opened your door and he saw exactly what he didn’t want to.

Your arms were covered in red marks that soon will be bruises, one of your cheeks was red, your bottom lip was broken, you had a wound in your cheekbone and he didn’t want to imagine the rest of your body.

“He knew our baby it’s a girl,” you said, your eyes were holding tears.

“Where is he?” Nick asked, looking inside the apartment and turning to the hall. “I’m gonna arrest him right now”

“No, please… I don’t know where he went” you shook your head and seeing the look Nick had in his face, you knew Sean was lucky to not be there “Nick… I want to leave”

Nick looked at you and focused on what was important: you.

He nodded “I help you to pack”.

You grabbed two suitcases, in the smaller one, Nick started to pack all the baby clothes and toys you had as you were packing most of your clothes in the bigger one. Nick told you to not to worry, that he would come back for the rest of your belongings.

You were calmer than Nick, you even were trying to talk about anything it occurred to you, as Nick asked you every two seconds if you were okay.

“We’re going to the hospital, just to be sure you both are okay,” he told you.

You didn’t want to go to the hospital, you knew the nurses and doctors would do a lot of questions and you didn’t want to press charges against Sean. The only thing you wanted was to get out of his life.

But you also wanted to know if the baby was fine. While Sean was beating and kicking you, you tried to protect your belly with your arms. Now, your baby was moving but she wasn’t doing it like when Sean leaves the house and that worried you a bit.

You and Nick walked out of your bedroom with the suitcases and when you’re about to step into the living room, you heard someone opening the door. Immediately, Nick grabbed your hand and pulled you behind him so he would be the first one Sean could see.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Sean asked at the moment he saw Nick. You grabbed his arm trying to calm him and Sean got furious when he saw you doing that “Get away from my wife!”

“The only one getting away from (Y/n) is you, mister,” Nick said. All his muscles tensing up while saying those words. If you weren’t there…

“You’re leaving with him?” Sean asked you, trying to get closer but Nick didn’t let him “After all these years?”

“Years of what?” You said, not knowing where your voice came from or how you dared to say that “Years of me having to walk in my tiptoes? Years of screams and abuse? Well, yes, I’m leaving after all these years…”

“That’s all nonsense, you know that I love you…”

“You killed my first baby!” You cried and Nick looked at you for a second. He didn’t know that and now that he did, he was more than furious “You don’t love me, you just love having someone who makes your meals, you just love having a sex toy so you can brag about it with your friends… that’s not love”

“You’re not thinking clear, you wouldn’t be saying all that stuff if it wasn’t for him!” he said, pointing at Nick.

“No, the only one who opened my eyes were you”

You looked at Nick and nodded in a way of telling him you were ready to leave. Not knowing if he could hurt you, he delicately placed his hand on your back and grabbed the biggest suitcase as Sean watched all your movements.

“So, that’s it?” Sean asked and you chuckled “All that shit about I could hurt the baby when I wanted to have sex was because you were fucking with him? You were fucking with the cop—”

“The only one cheating in this relationship was you…”

“—That means that baby is not mine? Of course, it’s not! I have no female in me!“ He shouted, "You’re a fucking slut!”

And that’s when Nick lost control. He released from your grip and pushed Sean against the wall before punching him in the face. You screamed for the surprise and tried to get close, but Nick got away to not hurt you, his arm pressing against Sean’s neck as he said:

“I don’t arrest you ‘cause she asked me not to, but you better back off now if you know what’s better for you. You heard me?” Nick let him go, Sean coughed a few times and Nick grabbed your arm to put you behind him again.

“Those are my suitcases!” Sean shouted from the floor once you were about to walk out.

Nick grabbed his wallet and threw a few dollars at him “Buy yourself four more”

You got into the elevator and once the doors closed, your tears rolled down your cheeks and your hands started to shake. You never thought you could leave. When Nick said you were just like your mother, that was the first thing you thought: that the only way you could leave him, would be if he was dead.

Nick’s eyes got cloudy as he pulled you closer to him to hug you. Your forehead ended in his chest as your arms surrounded his torso. “I got you” he whispered, before kissing your head “I got you”

That’s when you knew Sean was half right. Maybe you decided to leave him. You didn’t want that life for your daughter, no kid should live in a house like that. But also, you had more courage this time ‘cause you knew Nick would be there for you.

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Everything Changes Taglist: @xthe-dreamerx @glimmerglittergirl @shameless-pope @ben-c-group-therapy @ntlmundy

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Request : “Are we on a date right now?” With Nick!! Subtly taking the reader out for dinner after a case or idk. Something with flustered Nick!

“Hungry?” Amaro asked, leaning up against your desk, you smiled tiredly at your partner and dropped your pen onto the document you were filling out

“Starving,” You admitted, Nick returned your tired smile and nodded towards the elevator.

“Let’s go,” You glanced down momentarily at your paperwork but Amaro just reached a hand out to you, “Come on, Y/N, it’s late. Paperwork will still be here in the morning, I promise.” You mumbled something along the lines of ‘that’s what I’m worried about’ but he was right. Any work you did now would probably require more effort to correct tomorrow. So you accepted the hand and allowed yourself to be pulled into a standing position with a groan. Your partner immediately dropped your hand and ushered you towards the exit.

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Casey Novak with a photographer girlfriend

Request : head canon for Casey with a photographer girlfriend? 

  • Like so many selfies, because while you love to take pictures of Casey you also love to be in pictures with Casey
  • So we’re talking artsy selfies, where you set up a tripod and a timer and run to try and make it in time
  • But also silly selfies of you guys in bed or snuggling on the sofa making funny faces
  • And while Casey thinks it’s silly she also thinks it’s incredibly cute, and she has to admit she likes having pictures of the two of you everywhere
  • Eventually the walls in your shared apartment would be full of pictures
    Ones of you together, with friends and family and some pictures of meaningful places to you both
  • She would get used to doing regular everyday activities just to have you say, “Wait let me get my camera”
  • “The lighting!” You’d cry but Casey is pretty sure that’s just an excuse, not that she minds
  • You calling her your muse and her telling you that you’re ridiculous, there are real models for you to take pictures of
  • But to you no one was more beautiful and complicated on camera then Casey was
  • When you finally brought Casey to your studio space she was absolutely floored by the number of photos you had of her, a lot she hadn’t even seen before
  • “Why?” She would ask you, genuinely confused
  • “I told you, you are my muse,” You see her in a way no one else has ever seen her
  • She would HATE to have any of her scars visible in pictures you take of her but you would assure over and over again that they were part of what made her so beautiful to you
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Ok yesssssssss

  • He knows it’s stupid, he knows you love him and would never do anything to ruin your relationship or break his heart
  • But he can’t help the twinge of jealousy he feels when you laugh a little too loud at one of Nick’s jokes, or playfully swat at his arm
  • He keeps it to himself, until one day you’re sitting at your desk, eyes glued to Nick as he tells some ridiculous story.
  • Sonny asks if you wanna go grab lunch, and you mindlessly shrug and tell him to wait a second
  • When the story’s finally wrapped up and you go to the break room, you see your boyfriend scowling in the corner at the vending machine
  • “Did it take your dollar? That happened to me last week, I had to get Nick to hit it for me”
  • Sonny finally loses it and turns to face you with his jaw clenched
  • “You know, I bet if a random bystander walked into the precinct they’d assume you and Nick are a couple”
  • And you’re taken aback because wtf you had never considered Nick in that way
  • You lean in to kiss your boyfriend but he shakes his head and grabs your wrist and pulls you into the single stall bathroom, locking the door behind him
  • “I’m gonna show you why you’re mine” he whispers in a deep voice, placing you on the counter and unbuttoning your pants, hand diving under your panties
  • “Is this for me? Huh? Or is it for Amaro?” He asks, breath hot on your neck. You whimper as he rubs your clit, slipping two fingers into you as you squeak out his name
  • “That’s what I fucking thought,” he withdraws his fingers and unbuttons his own pants, lifting you off the counter and turning you so your elbows are on the marble, the mirror right in front of your face
  • You watch his face as he pushes in, a single bead of sweat falling down his temple as he picks up his rhythm, gripping your waist for dear life as he hits all the right spots
  • “Shouldnt even let you cum,” he grunts. “That should be your punishment for being such a flirt”
  • His hand goes to your mouth and you suck on his fingers, humming around them as his thrusts get more erratic and his other hand works your clit
  • Clenching around him, your orgasm hits and his fingers go deeper into your mouth to muffle the sounds you make, the two of you making eye contact through the fogged up mirror
  • “Gonna cum inside of you, baby,” he whispers in your ear, making you shiver. Despite you being on the pill, it wasn’t often that he did this. “And you’re gonna pull up your panties like nothing happened in here, feeling me drip out of you for the rest of the day. That’ll remind you who you belong to, huh?”
  • You nod profusely as he cums with a small groan, mouth attached to your shoulder to muffle his own sounds.
  • Pulling out, he pulls your panties and pants back up almost immediately, making good of his promise.
  • You both get yourselves together, desperately trying to avoid any suspicion from your co workers
  • As you head toward the door, Sonny pulls you in and kisses your forehead softly before moving and placing a chaste kiss on your lips
  • “Hey, you’re mine. Don’t forget it”
  • You wouldn’t dare.
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nick amaro balanced being a cop and raising his daughter as a single parent whilst his wife was stationed away from them for months at a time and maria REALLY HAD THE ABSOLUTE NERVE to come back and announce shes taking his daughter away from him without even giving him a say.

honestly maria was horrible to amaro and her whole storyline infuriated me sm

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Tagged by @bxrgesses

No particular order, I just went with the flow :)

1. Edward Cullen (Twilight)

2. Sonny Carisi (Law & Order SVU)

3. Sora Takenouchi (Digimon Adventure)

4. Buffy Summers (Bufy the Vampire Slayer)

5. JJ (Criminal Minds)

6. Mariah Wong (Beyblade)

7. Chanel #3 (Scream Queens)

8. Mike Chang (Glee)

9. Rosa Diaz (Brooklyn 99)

10. Marshall Eriksen (How I Met Your Mother)

If you see this and think it would be fun to do, consider yourself tagged by me! :)

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