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#law of abundance
4rdcorners · 10 hours ago
by solar
Tumblr media
how to be the person you’ve always wanted to be:
first, you have to identify who you want to be; who are they?
what do they do for a living?
what’s their physical appearance?
what’s their hobbies?
what’s their friends like?
what’s their style?
what’s their impression on people?
what’s their financial status?
think of any and everything that you want to have/embody.
you don’t have to script this, if you like visualizing, visualize it. this is not necessary, but it’s to make you happy and know what you’re going to become. make this fun, you’re creating yourself! make it personal!!! it’s the way YOU want to be, don’t adjust just cos of “somebody”, they’re only you pushed out ;).
if you forget something to add, don’t worry about it. your subconscious has the whole checklist ready.
the next step is to set the intention and keep persisting in the fact that you’re going to be that person/you are that person (whichever is easier for you). know your manifestations are inevitable. note that this is the easiest thing to manifest, everything is so easy for you to manifest.
if you need help having faith in your power, then manifest “little” things that will lead you to the path to your success. like, manifesting $20 or manifesting getting compliments. anything that will help you figure out how powerful you are!
the 3D plays a big part in this. to embody the person that you want to be, you must know your 3D will and is going to change. the whole world is at your command, baby. i wouldn’t say don’t look for results, but when you’re looking in the mirror, just know you’re morphing into that person literally every second. do not doubt that your manifestations are coming. the world has to comply to you.
it might be hard but, i know you can do it! your self concept ties into this, remember that your manifestations have to come no matter what. your 4d world already has it, so it has to mirror into your 3d.
the last step is to use whatever technique you like to help you persist:) if you like affirmations here are some:
i am turning into the person i want to be.
i get everything i want.
my life confirms into the way i want it to be.
all aspects of my life are ideal.
i’m perfect, so is my life.
you can use any affirmations of your choice, and do any method of your choice. it’s all up to you and how you feel!!
once you start persisting in that new story, know your realities are shifting every moment. you are god, god controls all. just keep persisting and it will show. repeat that new story, not the old one, we’re not her anymore.
how to manifest 'made up people':
they only exist if you say so, you're in command.
identify how you want them to be.
what are they to you?
what do they look like?
how do they behave?
what’s their hobbies?
what’s their financial status?
remember if you forget anything you subconscious will just fill in the blank for you, so don’t worry about it.
the last step is to live in the end. now, you already have that person in your life. your 4d (inner world) already has that because you planted the seed of that person. just persist in the fact that you’ve already met them, you already have them in your life. always persist in the new story, not the old.
with these two things, you should never be ‘humble’ or limit yourself. remember this is YOUR life, why would you want less? shift your reality to fit your life.
everyone is you pushed out:
eiypo is pretty much your assumptions pushed onto people. this could be your assumptions about yourself, or about other people.
here’s a story:
a woman kept affirming and persisting in her being abnormal. her and her husband adopted a baby girl, who did not speak until she was 4. why did she start speaking? because the woman started affirming and persisting in the fact that she was normal.
her assumption about herself projected onto another person, a person within her imagination.
so how do we change someone we already know?
just like how the woman did it! whatever you’re assuming about them (a trait you don’t like), assume the opposite.
for example:
your sp has been distant. you know what you will do? affirm & persist in the fact that he is obsessed with you and messages you CONSTANTLY. that will conform.
your 3d will always conform to your assumptions. entertain the inner woman, as she’s the one that can transform your life. the 3d woman is just a copy of the state your inner woman is in.
need proof of this? literally all your assumptions are played out. you look at your geometry homework and you tell yourself that this is hard, and isn’t it??? all your assumptions show. your assumption about your sp, your life, yourself, it all shows.
to change that all you need to do is assume a new assumption & persist in it. that’s it. we think it’s so hard because we don’t see it in our 3d yet. but, we only live to entertain our inner woman. our inner woman projects everything in our lives. once we figure out how to use her, we can’t be stopped !
there’s never a ‘live as if’. you are your inner woman, your inner woman does all the work while you receive. you just tell her what to do. now, all you have to do is relax. persist in the assumption that you have your desire, and it will come to fruition.
this was the last chapter of the manifesting guide series but i hope u guys liked it & gained a lot more information !! mwah stop overconsuming
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nina-in-a-love-dress · 2 days ago
I don't believe in the "Don't say it till you get it" thing because I'm literally the mastermind of my reality <3
so anyways, trying to manifest some of my friends throwing a party so I can see *that* guy again or meeting a new one
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thepoetryofascension · 3 months ago
when you least expect it, the universe will deliver opportunities that exceed your expectations.
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cinefairy · a month ago
• i manifest my desired face so quickly
• i literally look like (df)
• wait hold tf up! i look so beautiful now that i have my desired face
• im such a master at manifesting- look at me! i literally manifested my df.
• can we please talk about how i look like a model rn?
• people stop on the street whilst walking cus they’re so mesmerised by my beautiful face
• people say i look like (df) so much. they wont leave me alone !!!
• i literally manifested my df so quickly and easily also effortlessly
• how did i manifest my df so quickly? oh wait ik cus i am smart, sexy and beautiful.
• i am my own version of a dream persona
• i just love the way i look. i look so beautiful. i always stop and stare at myself in the mirror, i mean why wouldnt i? im so hot.
• i am the exact replica of my desired body
• i always admire my body in the mirror
• my body is so beautiful.
• i love every inch of my body
• my body looks so good in every angle
• it was soo easy for me to manifest my desired body
• i am so proud of myself for manifesting my desired body! look how great i look.
• people keep telling me how my ass looks good in these idk ! im just perfect
• i have such a perfect body- like i have the same body as those girls on instagram but BETTER obviously.
• i manifested my desired body so effortlessly..and it paid off!
• i cant believe how great my body looks. in every aspect, from my boobs down to my toes.
• i have my desired aura
• people say i give off this lily rose depp vibe
• i successfully manifested my ideal aura
• i give off this early adriana lima vibes
• people say im a nepotism baby. im like yeah! i am.
• i exlude rich and wealth
• i give off this sexy feminine vibe
• people say i remind them of early 2000s models
• i have the best self concept in the world
• im always confident in all my manifestations
• everything in life is so easy for me
• every aspect in life feels like a dream
• i love my life
• everyone who talks to me is blessed
• people talk to me with such kindness and grace
• when people meet me, they instantly think i am so kind
• i am wealthy, pretty, sexy and smart (obviously)
• its so crazy how everything i think of comes to me so quickly, i really am a magician or some shit like
• my mind is so powerful.
• i am so powerful.
• literally all i could ever ask for, I HAVE.
• my life is so amazing
• people have me on their pinterest boards because they’re so inspired to be me
• i inspire myself everyday
• i become prettier and prettier every single time i breathe
• i am becoming a powerful divine human being
• my manifestation is inevitable no matter what
• i never doubt because i dont need to
• me and sp are together
• sp is always in my dms, wanting to talk to me
• i have the best relationship with my sp
• my sp treats me with the kindness i deserve
• my sp loves me and treats me right
• my sp spoils me and buys me everything i desire
• i love how me and my sp get along so well
• me and my sp are dream goals
• me and my sp never argue, we always get along healthily and well.
• my sp is madly in love with me
• me and my sp have an amazing relationship
• my sp only has eyes for me
• my sp and i have such an amazing bond
• my sp always gives me cuddles
• we have such a strong relationship
• my sp loves and accepts me in every way
• my sp and i have the best sex life and always keep it interesting
• my sp and i have a toxic free relationship
• i have the most perfect school life
• i have an amazing friendship group in and out of school
• all of my teachers love me
• i get the best grades in school
• i get straight A’s
• i never fail. i cant.
• i never get pushed in the hallway
• im always on time for classes
• i do online classes (optional)
• i am free from bullying or any toxicity in school
• i romanticize how i study, like blair waldorf!
• i literally love school- im so smart
• my school uniform fits me perfectly and it looks so nice on me
• im in my desired classes and i excel at them
• i always get praise whether thats from my parents or from my teachers
• i dont stress cus of school, i dont have to. i complete my homework and always meet the deadlines.
• i feel so beautiful and i AM beautiful
• i am extremely beautiful
• i am goddess level beautiful
• i am so lucky to be this goregous
• i am nothing but beauty and brains ofc
• literally i am the prettiest person you’ll ever meet
• you’re stunned when you see me
• my beauty is out of this world
• i have pretty privilege
• i am so grateful that i am blessed with good looks
• its crazy how i am even real. i look like a goddess
• i look amazing in every outfit i wear even the “ugly outfits”
• i walk like im a model because I AM A MODEL
• my family is so perfect
• everyone in my family treats me with the upmost respect
• me and my family never argue
• my family is there to always cheer me on, even on my bad days
• i have such a positive family
• me ans my family get a long so well
• me and family never fight, or do anything to harm each other
• me and family support one another, no matter our differences.
• my family accepts me for who i am
• my family loves to buy expensive things for me.
• my parents always give me praise
• my family makes me so happy, im so glad to be apart of this wonderful family
• i love how toxic free my family is
• im grateful for how my family have matured and evolved into better people
• i am so wealthy
• i never have any struggles when it comes to money
• the bills are ALWAYS PAID
• i am motherfucking rich
• i am always rich, it never goes
• i always spend money, without even thinking
• im so glad to be so rich and pretty
• i can never stop making money
• i get £100 everyday without even doing anything
• im so grateful that im rich asf like yaay i can buy anything i want now
• its amazing how fucking rich i am, like im so sorry for being this stupid rich
• im as rich as chanel oberlin.
• all my stresses are out the door and the money keeps piling in
• im keeping up with this rihanna rich lifestyle
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zen-shu · a month ago
𝘴𝘦𝘭𝘧 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘤𝘦𝘱𝘵 + 𝘴𝘦𝘭𝘧 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘧𝘪𝘥𝘦𝘯𝘤𝘦 𝘢𝘧𝘧𝘪𝘳𝘮𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘴
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I recognise my own worth and value.
I have healthy self esteem.
I love and accept every single part of myself.
I am the golden child.
I am literal perfection in every way.
My confidence is to die for, I am the main character.
I never settle for anything less than what I deserve and I deserve only the best.
I am the it girl/guy/etc.
I am addicting.
I am alluring, enticing and charming.
I am divine.
I am naturally talented at all that I do.
I am immune to negativity and self doubt.
I priotise myself.
I always feel confident and capable.
I am authentically myself at my rawest form.
I am so effortlessly myself that other people feel super comfortable to be themselves around me.
I have perfect self concept.
I never seek the validation of others for fulfillment because I am already fulfilled within.
I am worthy of every blessing coming my way.
I am extremely blessed and I have a lot to offer to the world.
I have so much love for myself that this love overflows to everyone around me.
I shine with the brilliance of royalty.
I am the gem that will change the world.
I embody my higher self in everything that I do.
I take actions daily that awaken my personal power.
I speak my truth boldly without any hesitation.
I take care of my needs and well-being before anything else.
I honour and respect my values and boundaries.
I am confident in what I have to offer the world.
I am worthy of respect and admiration.
Every word and action of mine is precious to this world.
I believe I am the most gorgeous person alive.
I am so fucking in love with the absolute god/goddess I truly am.
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lovdiarie · 2 months ago
stop being realistic and live in your imagination, accept that you will get your desires no matter what. IT WILL SHOW UP NO MATTER WHAT. 🌟
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4rdcorners · 21 days ago
first off, i want to say that you are so limitless. i struggled with manifesting my career, it was the hardest thing for me. i could never persist in the fact that it would happen, i stayed in the state of “it’s impossible”. im saying this because you cannot avoid self concept as much as you try. if you started without a steady self concept, i’m sure there was a bump in the road where you could not manifest something, or it will come soon. so… WORK ON YOUR SELF CONCEPT!
my careers are in the entertainment field, i’m an actress and a singer. they’re very successful, more successful than i imagined they would become. i manifested my talent and built my way up. the way i did it is simple.
but, in more detail, i’ll explain my situation. i was close to graduating high school and i literally did not see myself working a 9-5 job. ever since i was little i wanted to be an actress & a singer. i had even done a couple gigs in my childhood, but i was ready to do it big.
i was in a toxic household and my life was undesirable, it was everything i did not want. i persisted in the assumption that i’ll never do it big and my career wasn’t gonna be successful. but, one day came to me and i spent time with myself and i told myself that i’m going to have the life i want, i was created to experience big things in life. period.
all i would do is affirm and persist that i’m already a star, my careers are so successful, i’m happy. i would jump straight to the end of having my desire. i knew that if i kept persisting in the fact that i already had that perfect career, that i would switch realities. there’s already a reality where you have your desires. whatever you persist in, dictates where your reality goes. if you keep persisting your subconscious will start driving a bus to take you to your desired reality. it’s gonna come easy, period. it has no choice but to.
so, i kept persisting in that assumption, deep down i DID NOT believe it. but i rejected all opposing thoughts about it and kept telling myself that i already had it. since i already had it, there should be now “how” or “when”.
within a week, i got contacted with a big agency who introduced me to my record label. i signed with both of them within a month.
this is my “biggest manifestation”. and ever since then i’ve been working my way up and manifesting my wealth, as well as me getting bigger. all i can say now is that everything in my career is ideal and i’m living SO comfortably.
i also manifested being financially stable while manifesting this, they all came together ;).
my note is: persist in the new story. no matter how much you do not believe it, it will show. anything is possible.
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sk-lumen · 10 months ago
One day you’re visualizing your dreamlife, another day you’ll be living it. The you from that bright, amazing future? She’s you, and she’s counting on you. Don’t give up on her.
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Get the old version of you out your head. You are no longer your old self. You are who you want to be.
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thepoetryofascension · 4 months ago
this is a gentle reminder to stop giving life to moments that no longer exist. your energy cannot change what has already passed; within the present, however, exists a multitude of opportunities that may align you with your most desired reality. focus your energy there—where you can create a life that exceeds your former way of living.
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divineangelbee · 4 months ago
How to become a Dream Girl: A DREAM GIRL GUIDE!
today i’m going to tell y’all how to actually become your dream girl, aka your desired self. 
one thing i HATE about “dream girl” tumblr is how judgemental they are! they have so many stupid rules, saying that to be a dream girl you can’t be this, you can’t have that and spew a lot of hateful rhetoric that is rooted in bigotry. (i.e misogyny & classism.)
first of all, this is your reality. as in, you can do whatever you want. so using that logic, we can be whoever we want.
first things first: decide who your dream girl is.
i want you to imagine your desired self. go beyond your wildest dreams. who is dream girl? what does she look like? what does she do for a living? ask yourself questions like these to start your imagination, and either type out it on a device, or write it down on a piece of paper. 
feeling uninspired? watch tv shows, go out with friends, read books, watch youtube videos, scroll on social media. whatever makes you feel inspired! i would really recommend making a pinterest board. pinterest is AMAZING for inspiration. 
if you’re really stuck, let me ask you some questions!
what does being a dream girl mean to you?
what does this woman look like?
what is her dream job?
what’s her salary?
where does she live?
what is her house like?
is she single or in a relationship? if so, describe her partner in detail.
what does she do for fun?
what are her hobbies?
how do others perceive her?
how is her mental state?
what is her personality like?
how does she dress?
how is her relationship with her family like?
what are her friends like?
describe the average day of the dream girl.
don’t feel pressured to desire a certain thing that you actually don’t want. you are unique. your “dream girl” is unique to you. just because you see 834778393893 blogs talking about how they’d like to live the hedonistic high life surrounded by materialism, doesn’t mean you have to. i mean if you want to live that way, be my guest! 
the “dream girl” isn’t a fixed aesthetic. this isn’t about anyone else. this is about YOU. so if your dream girl is you living in a pretty cottage in the middle of nowhere surrounded by art -- that is YOUR dream girl. or if your dream girl is a woman who wears suits and is a ceo -- that is ALSO a dream girl.
anyone can be a dream girl. and i mean, anyone. don’t listen to those stupid ass blogs that say shit like “you can’t be fat or skinny if you want to be a dream girl.” “you must act like this or you must have this” oh my god, PLEASE SHUT UP.  i swear to god if i see another post like that i will lose my damn mind. don’t listen to those blogs! you are beautifully & wonderfully made. :)
the big secret, how to actually become a dream girl.
okay, if you have been following me for a long time, you know what i’m about to say next. there is no secret. HA, FOOLED YA!
the only requirement to be a dream girl is that you think you are a dream girl.
yup, it’s that easy. just assume that you have everything you want. do not see your desired self as a fantasy, but as a reality. as a fact. wishful thinking will not do you any good.
as neville goddard once said:
“health, wealth, beauty, and genius are not created; they are only manifested by the arrangement of your mind-that is, by your concept of yourself, and your concept of yourself is all that you accept and consent to as true.”
affirm for your desire. and when you affirm, affirm from a place of knowing. don’t view affirming as some kind of technique, but as present fact. at the end of the day, your assumptions manifest. so assume you are your dream girl.
“i will be is a confession that ‘i am not’ the father's will is always ‘i am.’ until you realize that you are the father (there is only one Iiam and your infinite self is that i am), your will is always ‘i will be.”
when affirming, you can either use separate affirmations like:
“i have my dream job”
“i look like xyz”
“i have the perfect boyfriend”
you can use general affirmations. i personally find these easier because you only need one affirmation, because they cover everything you want. and don’t worry! your subconscious knows exactly what you’re talking about when you use a vague affirmation, because we assign meaning to our thoughts. if both you and you friend used the same affirmation, you would both get different results because you both want to manifest different things. understand?
that being said, here are some of my fav general affirmations:
“i am a dream girl!”
“everything in my life is perfect”
“isn’t it wonderful”
“i am happy”
“i live my desired life.
(oh, and one last thing. you don’t even need to believe in your affirmations. affirm & persist anyway, until you have your desire. so for those of you who struggle with belief, it is okay to be sceptical! don’t be so hard on yourself. you can be in the shittiest mood, have intrusive thoughts and lack belief --- but as long as you are persistent in your affirmations, you’ll be fine. after all, that is the law.)
you don’t have to affirm if you don’t want to. i know affirming isn’t for everyone. instead of affirming, here are some alternatives:
placebo effect (yes, you can use it to manifest)
manifestation techniques (369, 5x55, etc)
so here you go, folks! remember, the only requirement to be a dream girl is that you think you are a dream girl. no, you don’t need to lose weight, buy a prada bag or invest in chanel.
you already are your dream girl already! 
here are some nice posts by me, relating to the topics, as linked below. happy manifesting, my loves!
Tumblr media
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genesises-altar · 4 months ago
111 • 222 • 333 • 444 • 555 • 666 • 777 • 888
Rich in love
Rich in knowledge
Rich in happiness
Rich in health
Rich in finances
Rich in connection
Rich in fertility
111 • 222 • 333 • 444 • 555 • 666 • 777 • 888
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cinefairy · 8 days ago
this post was inspired by this tiktok: here
okay first realise..realise you have the power to change ANYTHING. its never too late to change your reality. dont think that you’re too “old” and that its late for you. people are in their 40s, 50s, 60s trying to find themselves and their true identity and trying out new hobbies! this idea that life ends when you’re 30 or whatever is such bullshit. you have so much time to change anything you want and nothing is impossible. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.
once you realise that, you can conquer anything. your problems are so small compared to you, because you’re magnificent. in this time of age we do not stop to congratulate ourselves because we are always comparing ourselves to other peoples lives on social media, or our parents are comparing us to other peoples kids. take time to CONGRATULATE YOURSELF for atleast wanting to try doing better for yourself. thats already an achievement and a step closer to achieving your dream life. some of you guys have been through hell and back, yet you’re still here. just congratulate yourself on that, because thats amazing. really.
now..lets start a funeral.
write down or take mental note of all your “bad habits” than can include something simple as procrastinating or idk nail biting. GET RID OF THEM. DECLARE THIS NOW that you will stop doing those habits, these bad habits do not benefit you. now, its pretty easy to cling back onto these “bad habits” so dont even worry about it. if you do it again do not belittle yourself, do not beat yourself up about it omg. literally dont you’re still amazing and hey..maybe you won’t completely get rid of them so start minimising how much you do those so-called bad habits
secondly, the mental glow up
mental glowups are also important aswell as physical glowups. mental glowups really do wonders and can impact your physical appearance!
• don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake.
i feel like its so normal for us to do this and i think if you were in a household that was not particularly great at emotional wellbeing you would struggle whenever you make mistake cus you would beat yourself up about it, its a tactic we’ve learned to do and its not a very good one.
• treat yourself with kindness.
how you treat a little child under your care, treat your mind and yourself as so. when you feel under pressure, when you feel caught up with everything. take it slow. and realise, you’re amazing and you can get through any obstacle.
• treat yourself like a QUEEN!
honestly, we should all start treating ourselves like the beautiful people we are?? like yeah i woke up messy hair and all but i am still beautiful. i am still shockingly pretty and i rock any hairdo.
• prioritise yourself. stop prioritising others.
now dont get me wrong, when the moment is right you can put others before yourself..BUT NOT ALL THE DAMN TIME! treat yourself, love yourself and prioritise yourself.
thirdly, the PHYSICAL GLOWUP!
now whatever you want to look like, visualise, script, command your subconscious or affirm that what you look like is IN YOUR REALITY! and nothing can stop that, literally nothing can. and in the meantime literally just love yourself, congratulate yourself..i mean your physical glowup is here and you look absolutely stunning.
take plenty of selfies cus you’re beautiful.
pretend you’re a celebrity on vogue doing your routine in the bathroom. literally have fun, do hairstyles you wanna try, spend a lil bit of money on skin care + makeup.
okay, now combine everything and just do it, dont be scared. why are you scared? you still have plenty of time to make mistakes and try again, and get your dream life, you still have time to love yourself and gain knowledge of YOU and stuff you like. dont need the “perfect life” i feel like that is being so targeted towards young people nowadays searching for that “perfect life” that builds up so much more pressure, tbh. all you need is stability. become stable and consistent in habits, relationships, your body and your mind. (if u want, u can obvi have ur perfect life hun)
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