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#law of assumption
zen-shu · 2 days ago
What is the state of knowing? Can u make a checklist of the state of knowing
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The state of knowing is the absolute most powerful state for manifesting.
In fact, if you’re in the state of knowing, you really don’t need to do anything else and your manifestations will come asap. It’s the state of absolute belief and faith that your manifestation will arrive no matter what.
In the state of knowing, we have no doubts or fears regarding our manifestation. Failure does not even exist and our mindset is of absolute faith and trust that no matter what the 3D shows us, our desires will come to fruition.
When you place an order on Amazon, do you doubt whether it will be delivered or not? No!! You’re super sure of the outcome and you know that you’ll receive your package no matter what. Reaching this level of faith should be the goal of every conscious manifestor.
Let’s take this same example when it comes to manifesting with deadlines. You have an option to choose the date of delivery on Amazon and it says that it will arrive tomorrow. Do you doubt it?? No!! That’s exactly how you should feel with regards to manifesting your desires.
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How to get into the state of knowing?
Work on your self concept !! That’s literally the most important part of manifesting. 
Self concept is how you view yourself and the world around you. For example, if you assume you’re a broke student who only has pennies in your pocket, that’s exactly who you’ll be till you decide to view yourself differently.
Here are a few self concept affirmations to get you started. 
I am a master manifestor.
I manifest effortlessly, instantly and perfectly each and everytime.
I am the God of my reality.
I am the one on the pedestal and the 3D desperately conforms to my desires.
Everything always goes my way.
The 3D only reflects my desires.
Negative assumptions , emotions and affirmations never manifest. They are powerless against me.
I don’t have any intrusive thoughts or limiting beliefs.
I am limitless.
Everything I desire is already mine.
You can also assume, visualise or command your subconscious to have a perfect self concept.
Believe that you’re God and remove all doubts from your mind about your manifestation. Did God question himself when he was creating this universe? No !! He literally just went, “Let there be light.”
Your imagination is God. Your subconscious is God. You are God.
It is absolutely impossible for you to fail. The 3D has only one choice, one option and one path and that is to get all that you want when you want it. Believe so for it is your divine birthright !
When you truly know the truth and persist without a shadow of doubt, it is inevitable for you to receive your desires quickly or even instantly.
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"Have faith in God. Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, "Be taken up and thrown into the sea; and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." Mark 11:22-24
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arabella111 · a day ago
all you need to do is KNOW that everything you want is already yours, the moment you stop worrying about the how, when, why and where, your life will literally unfold in front of you in the most ideal manner. would you go around worrying about something you already own? no, right? then why are you worrying about the desires you already have. you can't see them in the 3d? why would you care about it though? YOU'RE GOD and you're not bounded by anything, not even the 3d. you own the 3d and it HAS TO change to cater your assumptions. it can't be any other way. so, believe in yourself and trust your godly abilities. don't even think of failure, cus in your reality, YOU ARE MEANT TO WIN.
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yokoie · 2 days ago
reminder : what matters the most is your mindset not the 3D!! once your inner world is changed you'll see how your outer world changed as well :)
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leovenus222 · 2 days ago
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(law of assumption!)
hello everyone, and welcome to my life glow up challenge. before we begin, let me preface this by saying this challenge is a tool. you can manifest instantly and it's not hard. this is something lighthearted and fun to try. you don't have to affirm 24/7 and that's not what I will be intructing you to do during this challenge.
I thought of this idea from a video I watched on YouTube a while ago. The creator described what she thought were 5 important categories of health. I decided to focus on one category and persist for 5 days! So I compiled a list of daily affirmations, as well as bonus affirmations!
I'm going to be starting day 1 of this challenge as soon as this is posted, but you can begin whenever you see this post!
key word: instructions!
there are no RULES in manifesting, thus no rules in this challenge. It's simply a guide if you're looking for structure and for fun. these are just some things you may like to do/keep in mind. (Credit to @divineangelbee for the instructions idea from her self concept post - not sure if she meant it this way but that's how I interpreted it lmao )
PERSIST! persisting is just knowing creation is finished and not taking no for an answer. it is possible to manifest instantly, so of course you can manifest all this in 5 days! persisting doesn't take effort - it's easy, if you make it.
CONSUME CONCIOUSLY - I would avoid consuming excess manifesting content (besides this post, to see the daily affirmations ofc lmao). It's probably going to confuse you and you know the basics. (If you're unsure/want to go back to the bascics, check out @id18297 's post called Law of Assumption!)
AFFIRM HOWEVER LONG/OFTEN YOU DEEM NESSECARY - I'm not going to give you set times to affirm. You can affirm throughout the day, in the morning/night, etc. Saying each one once is enough. You can also command your suboncious instead of repeating the affirmations!
YOU CAN "CHEAT" - You can skip a day of affirming, skip over a certaint subject, etc, it's for fun! I just want to emphasize this so you guys know I'm not preaching affirming 24/7 lmao.
YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR AFFIRMATIONS - It isn't required to use all the affirmations given or only the ones given. You could even use none of them and instead come up with your own for the given topic!
After the first day, for example, you can still continue to use the day 1 affirmations and be persistent that you have what you previously affirmed for. You don't have to drop it as soon as the second day hits.
so for day one, we are going to focus on our physical beings as well as health. this means you can affirm for desired body/appearence (there will also be time to do this on day 2), health + wellness, etc.
- I'm always motivated to work out
- Working out is enjoyable and easy
- I have amazing self disciplence
- I always feed my body healthy and filling foods
- I have lots of workout clothes, equipment, and workout buddies
(You can always visualize, command your subconcious, etc as well or by them selves!)
personally, I wanted to revise being good at sports/that I've always been an athlete. so I'm going to visualize myself winning sports games + affirming for athelticism <3
day 2 is mental health, and I wanted to combine this with self concept. I think having a great self concept helps with how you view your reality and having a more positive perception of life. The affirmations will be focused on self love.
you can manifest your desired appearence on this day (remember, you can manifest anything you want on any day of this challenge because it's supposed to be fun!). I just hope you guys know that you don't have to change your appearance to love yourself/be happy. but if you desire an appearence change (like me), who am I to stop you.
- I have so much self love
- I am my own competition
- I give myself the validation I need
- I am confident
- I am mentally at peace
- I have perfect mental health
I'm going to include some self concept affirmations for you guys!
- I have the perfect self concept
- It's mine, it's done
- I know that I have everything I desire/everything I desire is coming to me
- My life is perfect
I was way too eager and wanted to make this the day 3 focus!!
here are some affirmations from @r1lakkum4 's page!
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I thought the bonus could be affirming for popularity! I don't know the age of my followers so this may sound silly to some 😭
I am extremely popular
everyone loves me!
I'm so spoiled like a princess/prince/royalty
everyone wants to be my friend
I'm extremely social
DAY 4: intellectual/academic health (?)
The reason why I included a question mark is because I wasn't sure what to call this. I'm going to interpret it as focusing on academics/making school life easier. The intellectual part will be in the bonus.
- my school life is perfect
- I have so many friends in all of my classes
- I'm the top of my class and always get the best grades
- School is so easy for me and stress free
- I'm a master at every subject
- I'm extremely smart and intelligent
If there is any skill you want to learn or hobby you want to take up, now's your chance! Maybe it's a sport, maybe it's singing, maybe it's artistic talent - whatever sparks your interest! I don't have any specific affirmations for this since it varies from person to person. Personally, I'm focusing on learning a language, and will be simply commanding my subconcious to be fluent in this language.
the last day! spiritual health can be anything, it's however you define it. It can be something pretaining to your religion, working on your manifesting abilities, etc.
for the final day, I'm just going to be using one affirmation:
I am a master manifester!
that's the end of this lovely challenge! feel free to send me questions and RESULTS in my ask box! I may compile them in one big post when this challenge is over! love you all <333
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kaportka · 2 days ago
How to know if your self-concept shifted.
First, you see the reflection in your reality. However, observe your assumptions you have about ordinary events. You will reflect that you have changed how you perceive the world, people whom you interact daily.
If your perception of them remains the same, meaning you assume they would behave as they used to, your self-concept has remained the same.
When you shift self-concept, reality follows.
If you were in a loving relationship with your partner, you would not stress about family asking questions over dinner about your relationship status. Prior to meeting them, you remain calm and satisfied. You are definitely not coming up with possible answers to their dumb questions. You are certainly not avoiding conversations. Instead, you march in embodying the kick-ass, confident, beautiful, wholesome person that you are. Persist in that state, no matter what.
If you have a successfully blooming career, you would not fuss about meeting your friends or relatives. You do not worry about money, opportunities coming your way. Instead, you feel proud, joyful, excited. Persist in it, no matter what 3D may scream at you. Stop worrying how your family perceives you. They are in awe of your accomplishments. It is done.
See the difference? Congrats! 🌟 You have shifted your self-concept.
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celestial-heartbeat · 20 hours ago
hi love! so i have known about manifesting, LOA etc for over a year now and i still honestly don’t have a clear understanding of it. your posts are understandable so i wanted to ask you if you have any resources i guess technically for a beginner to learn. i’ve tried to watch youtube videos but nothing is really clear cut and concise. i need a “this is exactly what you do, here is all the information. here is a how to manifest 101” not “omg manifesting is so great you just believe and boom you’ve got it!!” like ok cool but how? thank you! can you also like dumb it down the best you can 😭 like pls teach me how you would a toddler lmfao thank u sm 😭😭
{oh and feel free to post publicly. idc ab anon. go ahead and just post :)}
hi sweetheart! i totally get what you’re saying lol i know that there’s SO much information out there that‘s honestly overwhelming but it’s actually super duper simple!
.˳⁺⁎˚ ꒰ఎ ★ ໒꒱ ˚⁎⁺˳ ..˳⁺⁎˚ ꒰ఎ ★ ໒꒱ ˚⁎⁺˳ ..˳⁺⁎˚ ꒰ఎ ★ ໒꒱ ˚⁎⁺˳ ..˳⁺⁎˚ ꒰ఎ ★ ໒꒱ ˚⁎⁺˳ .
alright so the first thing is we need to establish is your assumptions, (aka what you believe to be true), create your reality. you also need to remember that you are the operant power, the creator, God if you will. you are the only one in your reality that decides what goes. so any "rules" that you hear (such as there's a time lag in the 3D, you need to loop affirmations 24/7, etc) doesn't have to apply in your reality if you say so. the only thing you need to remember is that your assumptions create and that you're the ONLY creator of your reality.
so you’ve probably heard every method and technique under the sun to manifest and you may feel like you NEED to do all of these things to manifest. but the reality is, we literally don’t have to do ANYTHING to manifest except one thing: knowing that you will receive your desires no matter what. ...ok great so we have to “know,” but how exactly do we know??
★ here's how: 1.) figure out what you want. 2.) decide that you’re going to get it 3.) persist in the knowledge that you’re going to manifest your desire no matter what the circumstances are. that no matter what you're seeing with your eyes, it doesn't matter cause you know that you're gonna get your desire. ★
manifesting is SIMPLE literally all you have to do is know that because you have decided you’re going to get it in your mind, your outer reality now has no choice but to conform. trust in this knowledge and you’ll literally get all of your desires. see you already have your desires in your imagination, and going back to the main principle of “assumptions create your reality” once you assume that you have your desires, you can relax and know that the 3D will HAVE to bring you your desire. knowing is the key my love!
so you also asked for some resources for beginners so i'll list a few, but just remember to not consume too much info! it becomes overwhelming and you might forget to actually apply it. just remember that at the end of the day, you know exactly what to do!!
★ free neville goddard audio lectures + books (i would personally start by listening to his lectures, due to its ease and convenience, but do whatever works for you)
★ power of your subconscious mind by joseph murphy pdf
★ a few of my favorite accs here: @divineangelbee, @goddessglo, @222barbie, @id18297, @lovdiarie, @nakedbibi333, @cinefairy, @indianbarbie, @fairyv1b3s, @kaportka, @arabella111, @wintergoddard, @carmensapientia + many more <33
.˳⁺⁎˚ ꒰ఎ ★ ໒꒱ ˚⁎⁺˳ ..˳⁺⁎˚ ꒰ఎ ★ ໒꒱ ˚⁎⁺˳ ..˳⁺⁎˚ ꒰ఎ ★ ໒꒱ ˚⁎⁺˳ ..˳⁺⁎˚ ꒰ఎ ★ ໒꒱ ˚⁎⁺˳ .
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wintergoddard · 2 days ago
dont worry about the how, but just stop worrying! worrying is not your job
i think not worrying about the how would be a lot more beneficial if we extended that to not worrying about our doubts or “am i doing it right” thoughts, ur only job is persisting its here now!! the only way to manifest correctly is to know youre manifesting correctly so theres no what when or how to worry about, theres only knowing its done. i saw someone say before when its done you cant just undo it, thats like trying to unbirth a child and its so true, relax and enjoy your manifestations, stop worrying when theres nothing to worry about! take a deep breath and breathe because everything is okay
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awsedrft111 · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
(It also helps when you're a stubborn mf who refuses to give up, btw)
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do-you-fart · a day ago
For everyone out there, I am literally the biggest example of how there are absolutely no rules or limits and that if you have a desire it will come true.
I always used to look up to the headgirl of my school and used to want to be that. The first time I got the desire I was in 8th grade, and I remember being like "me being a headgirl is as impossible as the sun coming down on Earth for a little tea party". I absolutely did NOT believe I could be a headgirl. It's like the highest position a student can get in the school and you can become it during tenth grade. And I was like I'm not gonna be that. But I wanted it, I used to daydream wearing that headgirl badge and the sash and walking down the corridor and the students parting the way for me, being at the front during Marchpast, giving speeches and shit. I would daydream it so vividly for fun. I remember joking to my classmates saying I'm the future headgirl just ONCE. And all laughed including me 💀. In 9 th grade I didn't even become the vice headgirl or a prefect. I ended up becoming a council member that stands in front of the toilet during recess💀. Y'all must know how I must be feeling about my chances of being a headgirl then. A year later, by some dumb luck I become one of the nominees or whatever and I actually passed. Like I literally did become the headgirl of the whole damn school. And I restarted a tradition of school trips to vacation spots that lasted for days, a tradition that had died 5 years ago. I did lead 3 Marchpasts. Gave many speeches, etc. Mind you I -
1) did NOT believe I could be it. Which proves that you dont even have to believe or some shit.
2) I just daydreamed. Basically visualised WHILE believing it was impossible.
3) People told me I couldn't be it when there were so many better girls who could do it.
4) Did NOT affirm. I literally was affirming that I would NOT become it and that it was impossible
5) all circumstances were against it but my desire became true. I dont know what else confirmation anyone would ever need.
The lesson here is even with limiting beliefs you can manifest. Literally.
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goddessglo · 2 days ago
Letting go of how its going to come. Letting go of doubting your manifesting abilities. Letting go of thinking you failed a manifestation. Thats surrendering. We never have to “forget” desires when its meant for us, but we have to forget the logical way of thinking to receive it. You don’t need anything else outside of us besides your beliefs and your inner world. You have it all right now. Dwell in that wish fulfillment.
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creatorofreality · 2 days ago
psa to everyone who is placing the void on the pedestal:
“you’ll 100% get your desires immediately when you go into the void.” but so will you when you live from the end, or command your subconscious mind, or affirm, or script or just know. you don’t have to go into the void for that !!
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theeogblackbarbie · 2 days ago
I’ve reached a point in my life where I don’t compare myself to other girls. I can’t wait for all the new opportunities arising.
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arabella111 · a day ago
our thoughts create our reality. this sums up literally everything. if you want what you desire, know you already have it and persist in that thought. fill your inner self with assurance that you are living your ideal life and that's it. you defy logic, and so, anything is possible. literally anything.
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bastarrda · 2 days ago
lil success story:
i just got a good grade without even passing the exam lol. when I took the exam I knew that i didn't study enough but that didn't discourage me so I've been KNOWING since i finished that exam that no matter what i was going to get a good grade and guess what happened, my teacher sent me an email saying that i didn't do good in the exam but he can't make me re-do it again bc there's literally no time to do that so he's gonna give me a good grade just so that I can take the final
alsoo i got the email from my teacher at 4:44 am 😌💅
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kaportka · 7 hours ago
Everything is possible to the one who believes he can.
What do you believe about yourself?
I am almighty.
I can have, be, do whatever my imagination (=consciousness) desires.
Even if the whole world tells me it is impossible, I still persist and accomplish my vision.
There are no limits in my world.
I know my desire is already done, and so I live in stat state of knowing.
I am the loveliest.
I am the source of all creation.
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diosarosa · a day ago
A fragment from the book I am reading.
At Your Command by Neville Goddard
Tumblr media
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777jaeyun · 2 days ago
i personally think that there’s no “failed manifestation”.
we were all taught by our favorite loa blogs/pages (or some coaches i guess. . .) that our imagination is the only reality. that it’s 4d > 3d, 4d is the only thing that matters bc 3d is only reflection of it. so if we *know* that we have our desires & we can imagine having our desires YET we still cannot see it on the 3d, do we still consider it as “failed manifestation” when the 3d isn’t the one that dictates if we have it or not but our 4d? am i making any sense? yeah ofc i am
anyway yeah… i believe that as long as we can imagine it, as long as we can embody our desires without the “proof” from the 3d, then everything about our lives is a success story.
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awsedrft111 · a day ago
It's already mine. What I desire is already mine and nobody can take it away from me. What I have claimed as mine has been mine since the millisecond I wanted it.
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desiired · a day ago
why would i worry about something i already have?
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id18297 · a day ago
I think we can manifest by just thinking about our desires WITHOUT claiming them. and no, this is not just a rule I have for myself, I think I have always consciously manifested things by just thinking about them quite often or knowing I would get them. I think we prevent ourselves from manifesting what we want because whenever we think of our desires, we might often think "I don’t have it". like no shit sherlock but the thing is, we were gonna manifest it either way. it’s just that we build a barrier between us and our desire. and without even thinking negatively about our desires, we could manifest them much easier.
I myself think that we can manifest things without focusing on having our desires (bear with me). I often catch myself manifesting things I didn’t even intend to manifest. I wanted to manifest them but I didn’t live in the end nor focused on it. I just thought about it.
now, this can be different for everyone. I just wanted to share my own experiences that I have made with manifesting and if this doesn’t apply or work for you, that’s totally fine.
the thing is, most of the time you will unconsciously manifest things in your life as you have unconsciously manifested almost everything in your life. you didn’t think about "oh I wanna/gotta manifest xy" — you just did. how? simply by thinking.
I am trying to come up with ways that will simplify manifesting because many people seem to worry about their manifestation journeys a lot. that’s why I kinda got lost in this train of thought—
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