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violetvibrations · a day ago
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awhkacey · 2 days ago
𝐴𝑓𝑓𝑖𝑟𝑚𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑖𝑠 𝑛𝑜𝑡 𝑐𝑜𝑚𝑝𝑒𝑡𝑖𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛:
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here’s the thing, you don’t have to affirm 24/7, you can but you don’t have to. Affirming every time you think of your desire is enough for you to fast and quick results.
“i’ve affirmed 326 times today and my desires are still not here’
Affirming is not a competition. Affirming a billion times is not the goal. Living in the state of having what you want between those periods of affirming is the goal. You can affirm for seven hours straight but if the seventeen hours of the day is overwriting your affirmations with doubts, intrusive thoughts, and a state of lack then what do you think is gonna manifest??
Affirmations are there for us to remind ourselves of what we already have, not to say a few times and then contradict them by questioning where your desire is at.
Between two people, let’s call them Girl A and Girl B, which do you think is gonna get their desires first? Girl A, who affirms for hours on end but fills up the rest of her day with complaining how her desire is not here yet, or, Girl B who hardly affirms but whenever she thinks of her desire, she repeats her affirmations, and she makes sure her state of mind is aligned with having her desire and then she’s free to go along with her day. DING DING. Yes you are correct. Girl B.
Don’t get me wrong, you can affirm all you want but the goal is to affirm in a state of having what you want not affirming from a state of lack. You can affirm 24/7 if that’s your thing but as long as you are affirming to remind yourself of what you already. Do not affirm in an attempt of ‘getting’ something. You’re not getting anything, you are stating what you already have.
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zen-shu · 2 days ago
hello!!! bit of a success story:
so i got really into loa & manifesting about two (?) weeks ago. i’ve been working on my self-concept, meditating (not because i “have” to but because i want to), finding things i enjoy doing when it comes to manifesting so i can make it more fun for myself, and so on.
anyways, i had eczema. i had it ever since i was born and it got better over the years but during the summer it would flare up bad. like, i would be so uncomfortable and it would cause such an annoyance and i was like: well, i can manifest anything i want so why don’t i manifest my eczema going away? so i did. i basically just told myself “my eczema is gone” and when i would think i had eczema i would say to myself “what do you mean?? you don’t even have eczema”that was about… two-three days ago. and my eczema hasn’t flared up since! i still have dry/flaky spots from where i usually get my eczema, but they are beginning to go away too!
not only did i manifest my eczema going down/away, i manifested clear skin. and everything is beginning to go down! my skin feels really smooth, and it’s overall just amazing!! although i didn’t manifest much, i’ve been going little by little because i get a bit overwhelmed but to anyone who believes they can’t manifest: you can. you totally can do it!! it’s so easy and simple. really.
I love this for you 🥰 Congrats honey!
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icreatewhatibelieve · 2 days ago
The spiritual law of attraction is simple. It teaches that whatever we believe to be true is what we're going to experience in the world. It's really important to bring this ancient and sacred teaching into your awareness so that you can cultivate a mindset that is working for you, not against you.
Kyle Gray
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viol3tlavender · 2 days ago
Can you share how you manifested perfect eyesight?
Hey Tulip!🌷 So, it took me at most 2 minutes to manifest perfect eyesight. I had my glasses for about 3 years and when I went to the clinic a month or two ago to get my eyesight checked I was very nervous about my eyesight getting worse but I affirmed that "no matter what, I have perfect eyesight" all the time my eyes were being examined. I was so anxious and my heart was beating so fast and it felt like I would faint any moment but I kept affirming and then *boom*, the result said : I had perfect eyesight. And I was like "what👀☢"?? Also, I was so excited and shocked 'cause it was no "coincidence". I knew I manifested it. I was smiling the whole time on my way home.
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kaportka · a day ago
This is a Beautiful Day
to be conscious and decide how your life is going to unfold through the beliefs and assumptions you cultivate.
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leoascendente · 22 hours ago
Manifest your soul mate 💖// Part 1
You'll only need paper and pencil...
Some says that what we dream and our goals are there because our soul knows that we can achieve it, there's no limit for your manifestations just the ones our minds impose.
With soul mates or twin flames happens the same, we usually have our type of ideal person for our love life but, when we go down the cloud and settle our feet on solid ground we see it as only dreams, and dreams can become true... or not.
In this case, after starting the excersice I purpose you to look for 5 pictures of 5 different people that you find attractive (they can be whoever you want, famous people, people you know, someone who inspires you, a tv show character... I have a gallery on pinterest just for handsome men because I'm a Libra Mars😎 but that's an excersice for another day😉). This pictures will be the initial inspiration for the excercise so choose wisely...
Tumblr media
1st -> Bend the paper by the half, in one side you'll write "physical traits", in the other half you'll write "personal traits", and here is where begins the fun part...
2nd -> You can start by whatever you want, I usually start by the physical traits and then go to the personal but that's up to you and how you feel more comfortable. Write the characteriatics you appreciate or attracts you from other people, try to describe the person of your dreams as precise as possible, even things like the way they walk or a mole in an specific place are relevant.
If you feel blocked look at the pictures you chose and look for the patterns taht repeat in the people of the pictures, what do the people you chose share in common? Are they all tall? Or maybe they have the same interests? Or perhaps they all got the same hairstyle. Put on your Virgo glasses and look for the details you like about them, you'll see how your intuition guides you to the same pattern of person.
Always try to be realistic on your standards, I would like to date Eddie Munson but obviously is not possible🤷🏼‍♀️. If in your list you are describing a famous person I warn you that doesn't work, write the traits you like, need and accept in others. That's why I think that the 5 pictures and looking at the patterns is important, it tells you what you like in a love interest but leaving a wide sprectrum of possibilities.
* extra tip -> You can help yourself with astrology as well, looking at your Moon, Mars and Venus sign, with that information you will know what makes you feel comfortable, how you chase a romantic interest and how you attract and like to be attracted by a romantic partner.
3rd -> When you are done with your list put it down your bed or your pillow, put it nearby the place you sleep. You'll have another ideas for the list more frequently and you'll be more aware of the persons with love intentions that enters in your life, you'll become more critic with the people you let in.
When you have an idea for your list just write it, through time and experience you will change, add and delete things from your list and that's okay. You'll become more selective, so when someone approaches you with love intentions you can go back to read your list and see if that person fits with what you are looking for in a partner.
* extra tip -> Write their sexual orientation as well, I had a bad experience with a love interest that fitted perfectly in my list but he was in the closet and has no intentions of getting out, so obviously even if I kept dating him and evolve into a more solid relationship neither of us could be fully happy. So write it babes because at the end our sexual preference is an important trait about ourselves and our love life and I wasn't paying attention to that.
4th -> Everytime you end up writting on your list say out loud 'it's done, thank you, thank you, thank you". It's important to say thanks 3 times, gratitude helps you manifest faster.
* extra tip-> crystals and herbs can help as well. Put a rose quartz, an emerald or garnet close to the list to attract it faster. Use herbs as mugwort, lavender or dandelion, also an amethyst to dream about your soulmate, that way you'll get more details about them to write it on your list.
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Pictures are from pinterest, credits to their owners*
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rawhoneybliss · 12 hours ago
Be brave enough to persist for what you actually want. I promise you it will be worth it.
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xoxitgirl · a day ago
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how did I manifest my dream life so quickly?
it’s so easy for me to get results from doing nothing.
I’m detached from my desires.
why is manifesting so easy for me?
my desires simply couldn’t stay away from me.
as soon as I desire it, it manifests.
the world doesn’t just revolve around me, it does somersaults for my pleasure.
why does everything always have to go my way?
why do I live such a spoiled lifestyle?
everything I want is always magically delivered to me.
I can’t believe I have such a dreamy life.
no matter what I do I cant stop manifesting my desires.
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honestsinnerrr · 10 hours ago
Dating 101.
4 subconscious signs you feel he’s out of your league
*Oversexualizing yourself/Leading w/ sex
*You are lenient with your boundaries & expectations
*You cancel plans for him (last minute invites)
*You’re more focused on getting him to like you than testing to see if he’s even worth your time & energy
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violetvibrations · a day ago
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awhkacey · 3 hours ago
𝑊𝑎𝑖𝑡𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑖𝑠 𝑛𝑜𝑡 𝑖𝑛 𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑣𝑜𝑐𝑎𝑏𝑢𝑙𝑎𝑟𝑦:
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Waiting? Bitch what’s that?? We are gods with the power to change our reality in a split second if we decide so.
We are not ‘manifesting’ and we are definitely not ‘waiting’ for anything darl. We have already manifested what we want and we have it right now because we say so. The moment you stop waiting for your desires and decide to live from a state of already having them by refusing anything that doesn’t suit your ideal is the second your world starts to shift around you.
Stop wavering and noticing the senses that evolves round your 3D because it’s only a reflection of your old thoughts. To experience new thoughts you must create them first and live within them in the 4D until they come into fruition.
So drop that old ass state of waiting and repeat these affirmations with me:
Now be on your boss ass bitch way knowing what you already have what you desire, and don’t you dare let anything or anyone in the 3D tell you, the operant power, any different.
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carpethedamndiem · 2 days ago
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Patrick Hughes, Hanging on a Hook
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icreatewhatibelieve · 2 days ago
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Good fortune follows me everywhere I go.
I am always in the right place at the right time. The decisions I make are always the most profitable, harmonious decisions. I am the most fortunate person alive. Every aspect of my life is inundated with constant, continuous good fortune.
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viol3tlavender · 2 days ago
If I say that I wanna get my desired appearance from head to toe a complete appearance change in next two hours. Will it still be possible? And how to get there?
Hey Tulip!🌷 YES love, it is very much possible. "And how to get there?" Fulfil this wish of yours in the 4d and it will materialize in the 3d. In other words, assume that you're going to get your desired appearance in two hours and persist in that assumption.
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hellokgm · 21 hours ago
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hunkystephaudio · 6 minutes ago
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🧚🏻 you are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for! things that surpass your wildest dreams or expectations! 🧚🏻
🧐 even now, are you safe and secure knowing that everything goes according to your assumptions, affirmations, subliminals, and expectations? are you relaxed knowing that you are the only creator of your 3D reality?
if not, here are a handful of affirmations to help you step into your innate godliness:
✅ it’s only natural for me to manifest effortlessly in less than a second!
✅ i am the most magnetic and powerful manifestor in the entire universe!
✅ of course it’s all working out in my favor because my self-concept is perfect!
✅ i am a living magnet for all my desires because i said so!
✅ despite of all doubts, fears, limiting beliefs, and blockages, everything and everyone conforms to my 4D ideal instantly!
when in doubt, come back to this Neville quote! 🧚🏻 you got this!
for info & prices: [email protected]
💗 don’t forget to follow me on instagram @hunkysteph for motivation and most importantly, for RESULTS! that people got from my subliminals 💗
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