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#lawful evil
indigobugs · 4 months ago
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Had these Beholder doodles sitting around for awhile now. I was gonna do something more with them... still might, not sure...
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probablybadrpgideas · 6 months ago
Maintain a swear jar. But instead of taking money, collect minis and dice from your vulgar players.
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bigbadantianti · 9 months ago
Made a DnD alignment quiz where the answers are hopefully not leading. Link in reblogs, and mind the TWs.
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muresetivoire · a month ago
Press me against a wall, a dagger to my throat, and tell me, perhaps even show me, just how much you hate me- the rage, the anger, the anguish, the shame and your love, our embers ignited just for each other, and only one another
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usualchatter · a year ago
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Tag yourself
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starwarsaddiction · 17 days ago
So, let’s talk about Palpatine
oh, I hate him. 
But I love him. 
he’s a great evil guy, if you think about. Mind you, I’m only talking from the movies and the TCW point of view because I haven’t read any book about him, but he’s sooooo good at being evil. He plans, he disguise himself in plain view for years, he plays so well the part of the humble, good, moderate politician that you almost believe him. And from the point of view of the characters, there is no crack in his mask until the final moments, when he explicitly tells Anakin that he’s a Sith. He’s absolutely a master of deception, and even if some of his plans are a bit absurd, like all the fake kidnap plans, he’s absolutely incredible when he plans the war that will destroy the jedi with so much time in advance. He and Dooku start planning the clones and the droid armies with years of waiting, manipulating the Senate on one side and the Separatists on the other, just to round up the Jedi, force them into a war that will see a lot of them die in the battlefield, and even install a chip in the clones to be sure that when the moment will be right they will use them as a weapon against the Jedi, all while ending a war that will ensure that the Galaxy will accept an Empire in exchange of a very twisted version of law and order. That is great planning and even if I despise Palpy, I must admit that they wrote a great evil character. He manipulate Anakin during war years, dripping poison in his ears like he’s simply being affectionate, concerned, like he’s just a poor old man that doesn’t understand the Jedi philosophy and just want to help his protégé like he did for Padme before, but he’s so subtly twisting his mind, playing with his fears and anger, that is incredible to witness, a master manipulator. He recruits him on the dark side by just luring him, giving him crumbs that Anakin eats more and more until he eats the whole cake and falls completely when he believes that Palps has hidden powers, but it’s a lie, like almost everything that Palpatine has ever said. 
That said, I really ship Mace’s lightsaber with Palpatine throat and even if I knew that he survives, I always hope that Mace will win the duel every time I rewatch the movie. 
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sparklebunny · 4 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bonurian (top left)
a gender related to the Lawful Good DND alignment.
bonmedian (top middle)
a gender related to the Neutral Good DND alignment.
bonchaoean (top right)
a gender related to the Chaotic Good DND alignment.
medurian (middle left)
a gender related to the Lawful Neutral DND alignment.
medverian (middle)
a gender related to the True Neutral DND alignment.
medchaoean (middle right)
a gender related to the Chaotic Neutral DND alignment.
malurian (bottom left)
a gender related to the Lawful Evil DND alignment.
malmedian (bottom middle)
a gender related to the Neutral Evil DND alignment.
malchaoean (bottom right)
a gender related to the Chaotic Evil DND alignment.
DND Alignment gender system.
names derived from "bon" meaning good, "medius" meaning middle/neutral, "mal" meaning bad, "iuris" meaning law, "chao" meaning chaos, and "verum" meaning true.
Tumblr media
[image ID: dni if pro-ship/anti-anti, pro-ddlg, pro-ana/ed, radfem. everyone else don’t clown!! end ID]
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cactuskat · 3 months ago
Regarding Alador Blight
TL;DWR (Too Long; Don’t Want to Read): Alador is a neutral nerd who isn’t evil but isn’t good either, and will go with whatever peaks his interest the most, while Odelia is on the lawful evil side doing whatever grants her the most power over something
This may just be wishful thinking, but I think that Alador Blight is, at the very least, a neutral type, defiantly the lesser of two evils between the Blight parents, he only ever really goes with whatever Odelia says, never really saying anything for himself until the very last most important second or if he feels it is important enough to speak up on
He seems far more interested in satisfying his own curiosity and studies, than anything else, really only going with things in order to get it on with and/or for his wife.
If you saw episode 2 of season 2, You saw the way captivated he was with observing the little things or his projects and how tired he seemed when it came to nearly anything else. He’s a scientist who gets wrapped up in his own curiosities.
Both Odelia and Alador will do things for their own gain or their family’s gain, but both in different ways. Odelia will try to secure more power and ability, this puts her on the evilish side, meanwhile Alador will try to satisfy his own curiosities (as I’ve said) that puts him in a neutral position, and makes him easily sway-able.
If you ask me, if you put Alador and Odelia between the emperor and the owl house, Odelia will go for the emperor because by siding with the emperor, by her view, that will secure her and her family the most power, Alador on the other hand, I believe, could choose either side, the one that would best supply his projects and peak his curiosity the most will be his choice though
That’s my view on the subject at least
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thetygre · a year ago
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glowstar826 · 2 months ago
I took the BuzzFeed alignment test and this is what I got.
Tumblr media
Okay but like why is this so accurate?
Tagging @hayalee8 @janacariad @avalonmoonshinesstuff @billcwingcloaks @d-evils-advocate21 @moonstruckswans and anyone else who’d like to do this!
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