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#lawlight au
light-apologist · 8 hours ago
AU (following the canon timeline) where Light and L become close friends on an anonymous true crime forum dedicated to finding new evidence on and solving cold cases, and neither of them realise who the other one is once they meet eachother. Also they totally complain to eachother online about their annoying "coworker".
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queersturbate · 24 days ago
paranormal au where Light is a "paranormal investigator" whose sole purpose is to debunk hauntings/ghost sightings/possessions and he's just the most annoying skeptic and there's this mansion that every investigator wants to get into but it's almost impossible with all the restrictions. But Light gets in and he's both expecting so much and expecting nothing, and he's on his third night when L's ghost shows himself to him to just tell him to get out, but Light, of course, won't and waves L off as a hallucination from being in such a dusty old mansion for days. So Light remains there and L remains being present and talking to Light
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allyanastark97 · 13 days ago
There was a strong whiff of vanilla suddenly flooding his senses, and when Light looked up L was right in front of him, mere inches from his own face. “The way I want to flatter you would be inappropriate with people around,” L whispered slowly.
Tumblr media
Chapter 19 of FREAK is posted, my lovely friends! Check it out for wholesome fun and then saucy fun ( ꈍᴗꈍ)
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reaperlight · 4 months ago
Lawlight au where both Light and L are undercover investigators from rival agencies infiltrating a criminal organization and both initially think the other is the criminal mastermind...
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l-lawlight · 11 months ago
DN musician au
I really should be doing my homework right now but last night I had an idea for a lawlight au and I wanna see if ppl would wanna read it so
-L is a former teen star. He got famous really young because of his voice but, more importantly, his songs; he wrote all of them himself and they were REALLY GOOD. He became one of the youngest people to win a Grammy at 15 for his debut album. We’re talking, like, Billie Eilish type person here. 
-He had two fellow young musicians that he spent most of his time with: Beyond Birthday and Achlys. 
-Achlys took her own life. BB became a drug addict and tried to light himself on fire; he’s now in a full-time care facility. After that trauma, L also had a breakdown and withdrew completely from the spotlight. Nobody knows where he is or what he’s doing now, except a select few. 
-L couldn’t give up music even though he can’t stand the spotlight, so he’s become a songwriter for other artists, going by the alias Rue Ryuzaki. Only his caretaker, Watari, and a few other close friends know of his true identity. He’s one of the most sought-after songwriters in the industry bc this man is TALENTED. He seems to know how to dig deep into the essence of an artist, investigating them thoroughly, and creating a song that truly reflects them. 
-Light Yagami burst onto the scene with an explosive hit: going by the name Kira he released a song onto SoundCloud called “Justice”, a rage-filled banger about his disgust with the shittiness of humanity. It blew up, and now Light’s manager Ryuk is pushing him to release an album. 
-The problem is that Light represses all of his emotions. He wrote “Justice” while he was super drunk and really angry, but most of the time, Light pushes down everything. He’s having a really hard time accessing his full range of feelings and all the songs he tries to write feel artificial. 
-Ryuk is like “kid, we both have the opportunity to make a shit ton of money from whatever album you release. it doesn’t matter.” and Light is like “but it needs to be PERFECT” and falls into a horrible slump where he cannot make ANYTHING. 
-Ryuk is like “fuck. time to bring in the big guns” and calls in “Rue Ryuzaki”. 
-Light knows he’s seen Ryuzaki somewhere before, but he can’t put his finger on it. He used to be a huge fan of L, and L was actually who inspired him to start writing his own songs. L looks different enough now (completely removed from his famous persona by looking the way he does in canon) that Light doesn’t immediately recognize him, though. One thing Light knows: Rue Ryuzaki is not this guy’s name, and Light wants to figure it out. 
-L tries to get Light to open up but Light is so repressed that even L can’t see into his soul. L decides to take desperate measures: Light will come live with him for as long as it takes to write the album. But both of them start to unearth feelings they never thought would appear; both have to confront their damage. There is an undeniable connection between the two; one that will change the course of both of their careers and their lives. 
-Featuring Ariana Grande-style Misa Misa, Misa’s long-suffering manager and resident lesbian disaster Rem, boy band Near, Mello and Matt, Matsuda with an acoustic guitar, L’s BFF singer-songwriter Naomi Misora whose John Mayer-esque fiance Raye Penber is wanting her to retire from the *business*, angst, cute shit, and gay hijinks. 
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byunminho · 2 years ago
Webtoon “Obey me”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sayu-is-a-sass-queen · 3 years ago
Death Note AU where a tennis tournament is taking place right when L and Light are planning to have their match. They decide to look for another opportunity in order to have a dramatic competition...and end up using this Air Hockey table in some random hallway.
Tumblr media
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queersturbate · a month ago
would you— would u care to share the dumb lawlight au :?
hello! cw: i'll be talking about horror elements!
yes i would actually, the reason i didnt in the post is because- well listen it's hard to explain and it's literally only catered to me- like no one wants this au JSBSJSH
backstory a little: so one of my special interests since i was like a child are cryptids/urban legends and so i was listening to someone read stories from the r/ searchandrescuestories and there was a story about an experienced search and rescue officer and a rookie officer talking about the staircases in the middle of forests yk? and how comfortable these people are with mysterious disappearances and unexplained sightings of cryptids etc etc and how they have learned to live around these things
so my brain, rotted as ever, heard this and was like mhm mhm interesting. now what if Light was a new recruit for the search and rescue team and L was a young officer who was lowkey famous in the field because he is able to find missing people so quickly- most of the time alive- after a few months of hardcore flirting between the two Light's finding-missing-people numbers start climbing up and now everyone compares Light and L, saying they're the best of the best, but they have some type of rivalry (while still hardcore flirting) going on like any good lawlight au does. But one day they get paired up to search for a missing girl and it gets revealed that strange things are in the forest, like all of the strange things. this forest is the mecca for cryptids and urban legends lmao anyway L has to explain to Light what's all in here and how it's a very dangerous forest but no one believed him when he first started and saw all these signs of cryptids and everything, so he stayed quiet about it and just used his knowledge on the cryptids and such to find the missing people if the typical cases of wondered off the beaten path or human abduction werent the case. anyway i explained this my friend and he said "so basically a scooby doo au" which like...kind of...except they dont try to get rid of or catch the cryptids
im explaining this too much lmao but see! it literally is catered to me only- with my special interests just merging into an au. anyway that's not all i have a lot of ideas for it and little scenes in my head because i love lawlight and i love cryptids so i really love this au so idk if anyone is interested for more details hmu :)
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No death note au where Light is a baker and L is his best customer and let’s face it probably half the reason Light is still in Business.
L changes his name for each order and Light spends All his free time trying to figure out his real one.
L runs a podcast where he discusses how stupid he thinks criminals are and solves unsolved cases. The police And fbi have tried to recruit him but he likes the freedom his podcast allows him
Light gets attracted to L and his mystery an eventually asks him out using a basket of all of L’s favourite sweets and treats in it. All the cakes are labelled with one of L’s pseudonyms because he still doesn’t know which is the real one
When L tells him that his name is just L and not one of the (in Mello and Matts opinions) Way Cooler names, Lighat flips his shit because it was the simplest name and yet it suits him so well
He says yes to the date and they go to a baking convention (Idk if that’s even a thing but for plot reasons it is shhhh) and L is in Heaven and Light is in Heaven also because he gets to see how L’s face lights up at all the free samples, even though L can afford the full product, he just feels vehemently that free samples are Better
Light spends the entire time giving L the Most Intense heart eyes physically possible
and they grow old and get married because fuck canon (all my homies hate canon)
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allyanastark97 · 8 days ago
Light couldn’t help but be selfishly grateful that L hadn’t gone back to England for the holidays. He had chosen to celebrate here in Japan, with Light. And that filled him with an overwhelming sense of joy that no amount of twinkling lights, Christmas cake, or snow flurries could ever hope to match.
Tumblr media
Chapter 20 of FREAK is up now, hope you guys have gone to the dentist lately bc this is gonna give y'all a mfing CAVITY (✿^‿^)
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reaperlight · 5 months ago
L: What do you want for your birthday this year, Light?
Light: Seriously, Ryuuzaki? We're in the middle of a case.
L, [pouts]: ...we're always in the middle of a case.
Light: ...You know I don't really need anything.
L: But what is the good of all this money if I can't spoil my husband?
Light, [sighs]: Like if you want you can order a cake. *shrugs* Maybe get me a card.
Light: ...Ryuuzaki, what is this?
L, [standing next to a Ferrari]: Just like you asked, Light, I got you a car. :)
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kiranatrix · 3 months ago
Behind the scenes on the set of ‘Death Note’ (inspired by @alkalinefrog’s actor AU!)
Light: Did you get the most recent script for this week?
L: …yes. I mean I guess we saw it coming, but I have to question the wisdom of this writing decision. *scoffs* How will the show fare without my dry wit? I’m clearly the fan favorite here *nudges Light playfully* Ratings are gonna tank.
Light: *snickers* I think you’re just bummed that you won’t be on set with me anymore. It’s a pretty amazing scene though, dying gently cradled in my arms? They even have me running to catch you as you fall. *smirks* Watch out or I might cop a feel when the camera’s not on us.
L: *laughs* You better not! If you make me giggle when I’m dying I’ll never forgive you. I have to keep a straight face and make it a very serious scene, Mr. Professional Actor.
[Ryuk in the background muttering that nothing about this show was straight]
Light: Oh you’d forgive me *kisses him* Plus the directors don’t know it yet but ‘Light’ is going to be not so subtly pining for ‘Ryuzaki’ after he’s gone. So maybe you’ll get a cameo or something. Like a ghost or a flashback.
L: You just want to keep me on set, don’t you?
Light: *takes L’s hand and kisses it* It would be boring without you.
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translightyagami · 3 months ago
Sexy Enquirer Exclusive
Raito Asahi and Ryuuzaki leak secret relationship on Instagram Live session: “I love you”
(a tabloid story from @alkalinefrog‘s lawlight actors AU)
Rumors have circulated as to the exact nature of the relationship between lead performer on Alka TV’s Death Note Ratio Asahi and his co-star Ryuuzaki but an accidental confirmation on the latter’s Instagram live-stream proved the official stamp on their couple-dom.
The video, which has since been deleted, was from Ryuuzaki’s weekly Instagram Live chat show where he responds to fans’ questions and tells anecdotes about life on-set from his trailer or apartment. During this particular livestream, a mid-video interruption from Ratio Asahi coming into Ryuuzaki’s trailer can be heard as well as seen in frame. A source from within the Death Note production team confirmed that the pair do share a trailer, although previously this information was kept secret at Asahi’s request.
Visibly distraught, Asahi asks if Ryuuzaki can talk. The former Wammy House star agrees, and sets aside his phone without switching off his livestream. While the video’s visual remains on the trailer ceiling, audio of the couple consoling and canoodling continues to be heard. Below is a reconstruction of the audio, transcribed by the sharp-eared reporters of Sexy Enquirer.
“Raito: I’m interrupting your feed. Fuck. Sorry.
Ryuuzaki: No, no, it’s okay. Oh, baby. Didn’t they send you to makeup after shooting today? You’ve got tear tracks all down your cheeks.
Raito: I came right back here. I couldn’t stand to be on-set. God, I didn’t think –
Ryuuzaki: Funeral scene?
Raito: Yeah, yeah. I’m mad at myself for this. I’m a professional. I didn’t do this when they killed off my girlfriend in To-Oh Confidential. But I swear, I saw the grave getting brought in by props and just started sobbing.
Ryuuzaki: … Would it be bad to say I’m flattered? I mean, we haven’t even filmed L’s death yet.
Raito: Don’t remind me. Actually, I want to think about literally anything but L and Light and death.
Ryuuzaki: Sure. Yeah. How about that new place down the street from your rental? You want to eat there tonight?
Raito: *inaudible* I’m sorry, I’m sorry. *crying*
Ryuuzaki: You don’t have to be sorry. *inaudible speech, followed by kissing noises* I thought you said you didn’t go method. This death scene is really affecting you, baby.
Raito: It’s not that. It isn’t, I swear, I mean, I’m not method. I just keep thinking about how our whole ... thing is all based around the show, and after the show, I mean, after you’re done filming all your scenes and the press tour, and the commentary, what if we fall apart? When Takada and I broke up after To-Oh, I only ever saw her at comic con green rooms. I don’t want to just see you around stale bagels for the rest of my life.
Ryuuzaki: You see me around stale bagels on-set pretty much every day.
Raito: Don’t be obtuse. I’m pre-mourning our breakup.
Ryuuzaki: We won’t breakup. In fact, I’ll tell you what’ll happen once we officially put both L and Light in their graves. You and I are going to take a long break with our paychecks, and live off residuals for a while. We’ll rent a townhouse in Manhattan, and every morning I’ll send my PA to the best deli and you’ll wake up late, like you always do, and see me with fresh bagels. Maybe even a schmear, if you like schmears.
Raito: I love schmears. And bagels. *soft kissing noises* I love you. C-can we? God, I just get so worked up when you kiss me. I mean, I don’t have to be back on set until –
Ryuzaki: Fuck. Fuck, fuck.
Raito: Well, I was just thinking I could suck you off but maybe if we’re quick?
Ryuuzaki: Shut up, Ratio. We can’t – the livestream is still on.
Raito: Oh. … FUCK!”
Despite pleas from both Asahi and Ryuuzaki, the video circulated Twitter, Tumblr, and TikTok before being ultimately taken down from all platforms through DMCA complaints filed by the couple’s legal representation Teru Mikami. Sexy Enquirer has reached out to both stars for comment and received a short email response: “To you disgusting gossip peddlers, fuck you! Signed Ratio and Ryuuzaki.”
Story Update as of June 1, 2021: Since their Instagram flub, both Asahi and Ryuuzaki recorded a video statement confirming their relationship. After sharing a chaste kiss, the two held hands as they announced their next joint project: L&L Pictures, a production company focused on LGBTQ-made film titled after the Death Note roles that brought them together.
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