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I feel like snakes have such wonderful potential to tie themselves in knots and they just… Squander it? Like have you seen how many types of knots there are?? Beautiful! Wondrous! But most snakes are just like “meh. I mean I could do that, but I don’t really feel like it. I think I’ll just do a squiggle instead.” Lazy. Unimaginative. Shameful!

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Oh my, it was such a lazy day, I didn’t do much really especially with my painting i showed lately, but still I’m so tired :c, and the worst part is that whole weekend went quickly af and tomorrow is the start of the new week. Im not ready for school, there is always something new to do and no matter how much I will do I feel like the to do list never ends. I’m trying to be positive and don’t stress about it too much, but if I’m getting stuck again I’m usually writing it down in my diary. Still I’m proud of myself and I’m glad that it’s closer to the end of the semester. I really want to focus on having fun in december and rest after this year… I hope it will get better. Take care please

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Sai qual è lo strumento più potente che un uomo possiede? Il pensiero. Si diventa ciò che si pensa. Marco Aurelio diceva che la felicità della tua vita dipende dalla qualità dei tuoi pensieri. Anche se è difficile, bisogna tenere sempre il pensiero alto, pulito, fuori dal-le faccende stupide. Come un uccello che vola e che non si cura dei muretti e delle staccionate.

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