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When people are not mature or ready enough with development, any ease that is meant to help people grow, is being used for different purposes and making people lazy, and might be worse: demanding. Easier doesn’t always mean the better. Easier sometimes means lazier.

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Fri, May 29 2020.

Hello. So, Where do I start!

First an introduction, just for my sake to help me have a clear idea of what the niche of this blog is.

So, I’m a dreamer who dreams waaaaay too much. And my goals are realistically possible but I’m just so caught up in dreaming that I rarely have the time to make them come true!

I’m also in the final year of High School which obviously has to mean that I’ve been dreaming about my career way too much these days.

This is where this blog comes into play.

So I already do have a studyblr, and I love it but I’m not gonna link it over here. A little privacy people!

This blog is going to be about things that are outside the scope of Academics.

Like Exercising ( which I rarely do, I’m a proper couch potato with no stamina, it’s just not laziness though. I’ve had actual valid reasons that have faltered my Growth :(

Also, Balancing Social Life and learning to network more and more.

And much more which I can’t think of right now.

But why the name Lazy Productivity?

Because that’s what this is. I’m definitely definitely DEFINITELY going to give up in the middle if I try to make too many changes too quick.

I’m gonna go slow and I’m gonna keep having affairs with my old routine on the side 🌚

But my ultimate goal is to have gradual progress and be able to develop mini habits out of all of that I do.

I’m definitely going to hate myself with all the slow progress

But, I’m gonna try to not give up in the middle. I’m gonna make it work. However I can.

See ya later.

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