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yes 😌

after the formal ben (sophie’s date) tried to talk shit about her staying the night with him

he got about two sentences out during practice before rafe turned around and decked him and had to sit out for three games - but he said it was worth it

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It’s like 8:35pm and I haven’t even started day 4’s prompt

So the answer to the question that I asked myself on the first was “It’s gonna take 3 days before I lose all energy for doing the challenge”

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Yeah, I don’t see many either :( Hopefully that’ll change in the future! :D

I honestly don’t even remember how I found A.C.E, but when I heard one of their songs, I just knew I had to stan 👀💕

And that’s totally fine! I don’t really care when you message me since I wake up early and sleep late 😅 and I’m always on tumblr so, 👀

What timezone are you in? 🥺 The person I’m secret santa for is like 13 hours ahead of me, so that makes it difficult for us 😢

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Pastelsandhazelnutcoffee’s Advent challenge


JEG HADDE TENKT av Rudolf Nilsen, fra Hverdagen (1929)

Jeg hadde sett dig lenge, der du kom
for alltid vet jeg det når du er nær –
og hadde tenkt å hilse lett og koldt,
fordi jeg ennu har dig altfor kjær.
Slik vilde jeg forsvare mig med kulde
og også verge dig på samme vis,
så alle våre nye drømme skulde
som sene blomster visne inn i is.

Jeg hadde tenkt… Men da du stanset
med dette hemmelige gode blikk
og dette fjerne smil, jeg vet så meget om –
da skjønte jeg at planen ikke gikk.
Jeg tok din hånd og følte fra dens flate
et varsomt strøk, det lille kjærtegn, vi
bestandig brukte i en folksom gate
den gang da ennu intet var forbi.


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tagged by oh so lovely @trensu and @dying-redshirt-noises 💜 (ace squad: rise)

but then it should be 🎩🗝💭💜

-> rules: you can usually tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to! put your favorite playlist on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. no skipping

i don’t have a favorite playlist, i just usually shuffle all the songs on my phone, so here goes:

  1. paper heart by f(x)
  2. fire by BTS
  3. in the frozen by dreamcatcher
  4. mirotic by TVXQ
  5. guns for hands by twenty one pilots
  6. let’s kill tonight by panic! at the disco
  7. get the treasure by SHINee
  8. move by saint motel
  9. no place in heaven by MIKA
  10. clusterhug by idk how but they found me
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Watch “Comatose | OC Animatic” on YouTube


He is baby I don’t make the rules,



Protect him at all costs!😭😭😭

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The reason I gave my MC the name that I did…


Idk I just find it hilarious that the characters look like they forget who she is from time to time 😂 It’s not like she’s super memorable in the first place 💀

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