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Yesterday I had a cub born with a rosette mark! I absolutely love her. She was born male, but I sexchanged her and moved her to my side. I also changed her base from Liver to Penumbra.

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this just in I make an rl ! the gold star to our gold month/year. and whats even funnier?? i unknowingly gave her only rare and non-existing slots ! guess its a good thing i just throw random crap together

Anyways I made the risky decision to make her a common base and common mane colour (guess what it is if y’all havent seen eyes) but purely bc i like the idea that when someone wins an rl, they can customise her base n such w/out feeling the heat of the public giving them backlash offsite! (also if shes chosen whoever gets her for the love of your sanity please lower f7)

She’s 10 BO markings, Tsavo mane, n yellow skin!

Chert Rogue S1 - 0 Existing Pride members.
Marigold Rims S2 - 21 Existing Pride members.
Marigold Crackle S4 - 46 Existing Pride members.
Brown Crackle S5 - 14 Existing Pride members.
Feline 7 Gold S6 - 0 Existing Pride members.
Gold Panthers S7 - 0 Existing Pride members.
Marigold Soft Unders S8 - 20 Existing Pride Members.
Royal Soft Unders S9 - 0 Existing Pride members.
Bone Rims S10 - 99 Existing Pride members.

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Sugarcane- Crafted from 100x Sugar and 100x Rhodonite but Sugar isn’t good for lions so it can’t be applied

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Ass(🍑)- An applicator base that can be earned by losing 150 NPC battles because the clap of your ass cheeks alerted them to your charge.

Also trying out a new brush, hoping this looks a lot more blended out

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Paradise- Spawns when you complete a breeding project in place of the intended base so you have to start the process over again :^)

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