one-time-i-dreamt · 2 days ago
My friend who plays League of Legends got a girlfriend before me.
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brooklyn-xoxo · 2 days ago
Dabi x yn scenario
You were quiet, very quiet. In fact, the LOV has never heard you speak. Nor have they heard you laugh. If they ask you anything, you either nod or smile. They normally don’t ask you anything though, because even though your apart of the LOV, no one really cares or is concerned.
Toga and Twice team up once in a while to try to get you to talk or laugh. Telling dad jokes or asking you irritating questions. At the end, you never verbally answer them.
Shigaraki never heard you speak either, not that he wants to. It’s one less annoying person to him.
“Oh come on y/n, can’t you just write you name down.” Twice sighed in frustration. You nod ‘yes’ but was quickly interrupted my togas squeal.
“No silly, we have to guess it. Or get her to tell us using words!” Yoga spoke childishly.
“Talk y/n, pleaseeeeee?” She giggled. You just blankly look at her and said not one word.
“Leave the poor girl alone, she’s over you guys talking so much.” A raspy but deep voice spoke behind you. It was Dabi. You never really talked to him much, all you knew is that he had a fire quirk and he was very sarcastic.
“Fine, this is getting boring. I’m going up to my room, I’ll get you to speak tomorrow y/n!” Toga rubbed her eyes.
“I’ll get you to speak too. No I won’t. Yes I will.” Twice’s voice went high then low in a second.
As toga and twice leave, you look up at Dabi. You give him a quick smile, thanking him for getting them off your back for a bit. Then you continue to look down at you hand, playing with the sleeves to your sweater.
“You really don’t talk, do you?” Dabi’s deep voice echoed in your mind. You look up slowly at him, waiting for what was to come next. You just see him glance at you then at the sky out the window.
“You think the moon looks pretty tonight? I wanna go outside but I don’t wanna hear shigarki’s mouth about it being too cold.” Dabi stared at the dark blue sky.
You take his hand and lead him to the door. You guys make it outside and sit down on some rocky unstable bench.
“I like it out here, it’s peaceful.” Dabi kept staring at the shiny moon.
“Me too. Ya know, sometimes I come out here at night and talk to the moon. Hoping there’s someone on the other side, talking to me too.” You say, with you own voice, verbally, to Dabi.
He looks at you with wide eyes. Then a few seconds later his eyes go back to normal and a grin appears on his face.
“So she speaks!” He laughs. You also laugh a bit, which didn’t go unnoticed by Dabi. He made you laugh and talk, what a day.
“Haven’t really found anyone to talk to, even though some people want me to talk. I just don’t want to talks to them.”
“So you wanna talk to me?” He grins, teasing you.
“Possibly.” You smile.
“Your like the moon y/n, beautiful but shy.” He spoke.
“Yes, you see the moon every night, but it’s not every not you see it glow as much. When it does, it’s so peaceful to see. That’s you y/n. You idiot.” He smiled.
You could not believe you were talking to Dabi anymore. Everyone says he’s so sarcastic and unfeeling. That’s not what you see.
“Thank you.” You thank Dabi sand lay your head on his shoulder.
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memes-to-cope-with · 14 hours ago
Proud member of the 0.006% club
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lemonsonsticks · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
What SHOULD have probably happened during THAT quote unquote sleepover episode ahem
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lesbeanlatte · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
It’s exciting to wake up again
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same-side · a month ago
Tumblr media
“Jayce will understand”
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vergilberg · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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justalittleb1tcrazy · 7 months ago
This was a test.
here, in this clip, Jinx was testing Vi.
To see how Vi would react, just how out of touch she thought her sister really was. And the way she reacted, Jinx found out that Vi would never accept her; their relationship would never be the same.
That Vi would choose to believe what others say about Jinx over trusting her own sister.
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reddriot · 6 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
return to valoran city ✧ star guardian 2022 official event teaser
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alkaliarts · a month ago
Tumblr media
jinx. she is so cool. i love her.
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atissi · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
men kiss each other. or something
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ooglybooglyism · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
a prodigy 
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toytle · 5 months ago
we as a society need to draw/write jayce speaking spanish as frequently as we do with viktor speaking russian. this is essential to the survival of the human race
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lesbeanlatte · a month ago
Tumblr media
“Right where I want you”
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same-side · a month ago
Tumblr media
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notoriouslydevious · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
“We’ll show them... we’ll show them all.” -  Qi Mang
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uzumaki-sayuri · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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justalittleb1tcrazy · 7 months ago
“You can’t change her”
Bro, she needs therapy. She could have been helped.
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glassrunner · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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queenofruneterra · 3 months ago
FINE. Viktor NSFW oneshot.. - 1677 words
Tumblr media
Viktor x Fem Reader
Y/N is power hungry
TWs: None
"Do you know how long you've been sitting there?" your voice, soft and delicate, gracefully penetrates the silence in Viktor’s lab.
He's startled at first, only just now noticing you creeping up behind him. Your arms slowly wrap around him, fingers dancing between strands of coffee colored hair as you rest your chin on his shoulder. "Yes." he states, his gaze never shifting from the apparatus before him. "Is there something you need?"
You roll your eyes at the ignorance of his question.
"It's just like you to be so imperceptive," you whisper into his ear with a mischievous grin and a chaste kiss on the cheek, knowing that you need to play your cards just right if you intend to capture his attention.
Your comment has the desired effect on the man, sparking enough curiosity within him to elicit an inquisitive "Oh?" followed by a slightly amused "what do you mean?".
You release him from your grasp, allowing your fingers to linger on his shoulders for a moment before speaking;
"Are you really that naive?"
The look on his face as he turns to you—confused, intrigued, and slightly entertained— is enough to validate your hunch that you're on the right track.
"If you've got something to say to me, just say it." There's a playfulness to his voice, subtle enough that most wouldn't notice, voiding his attempt at feigning annoyance. "I don't have time for this."
You quirk your head innocently, meeting his eyes, biting back an impish grin. "I don't think I've got anything to say. However," you continue, slowly dropping to your knees, never breaking your intense gaze, "There are some things I've been dying to do..."
You shuffle between his legs, hands slowly smoothing up his thighs. You feel him tense under your touch as your fingers inch closer to the crotch of his pants, and you can't help but smirk as he starts shifting in his seat.
"If you're only here to distract me, I'm going to have to ask you to leave," he breathes, gripping the armrests of his chair as he desperately tries to avoid your eyes.
"Distract you?" you ask, now rutting your hand against his crotch at a steady, agonizingly slow pace. "I'm only collecting what's due."
"This is an extremely inconvenient time to do that." You feel fluttering in your stomach when you catch a glimpse of his now flushed cheeks, and watching him hopelessly try to maintain his composure only makes you that much more determined to break him.
Viktor’s breath hitches as your fingers smoothly unbutton his pants, revealing his boxers and the growing protrusion beneath them.
"I understand you're feeling neglected, but-"
"You don't have time for me, right?" you recite,
your tone seeping with sarcasm. You play with the hem of his boxers teasingly as you meet his gaze.
"I always find time," he mutters, one hand moving to play with his hair. "You know how important this project is."
"But it couldn't be more important than me?" you ask softly, giving a seductive tug on his pants. He looks at you for a moment, then to your delight, relents, lifting his hips just enough for you to shed him of his clothing, his cock lunging forward, rock hard and flushed pink. "Not more important," he sighs, again attempting to maintain his composure. "But much less annoying."
You raise an eyebrow at his shoddy attempt at seeming irritated as you wrap your fingers around his length. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you didn't like this," you purr, circling his tip with your thumb, causing him to sigh and grip the armrests even tighter.
As you lean closer, you begin stroking him, quickly finding a pace that sends tremors through his body. "I would like it, I do like it," he says breathlessly, stumbling over his words, furiously fidgeting with his hair, struggling to handle the pleasure with equanimity. "But I need to, please, I need to work..."
His short breaths gradually become barely audible moans as you quicken your pace. You inch ever closer to him, allowing your lips to brush him as you speak;
"Don't you think a clever man like you deserves some respite every now and then?"
"Time and place," he grits out, one hand untangling from his hair and softly cupping your cheek. His face is red hot and his eyes are low, laden with lust and desire. It's beautiful, but you're still not quite satisfied.
Maintaining eye contact with your lover, you slowly lick a brazen stripe from base to tip, making sure to swivel your tongue around the head. His eyes flutter closed and he inhales sharply, his body shuddering as you begin to lap at him.
"I can stop you know," you tease, speaking between swirls of your tongue. "I wouldn't want you to fall behind because of me."
"It's far too late for that," he moans, desperation lacing his tone. His regularly calm voice is now whiny and needy, overflowing with lechery, exactly how you like it. Both his hands have found their way onto your face now, and he's looking at you with carnality, rolling his hips uncontrollably.
"Don't stop, please, I need this," he admits shyly. A lewd noise escapes him as you oblige and take him into your mouth, allowing him to slip to the back of your throat. You hollow your cheeks, slowly beginning to bob your head around him, humming in response to the uncharacteristic but wildly alluring string of profanities streaming from him as you do.
It's with shame and a tinge of humiliation that he cries "Fuck," slamming his eyes shut as you pull up. You notice a string of saliva connecting the both of you and feel his grip growing tighter.
"So you do have time for me," you murmur wisely, pumping him lazily with one hand and reaching under his shirt with the other. "Whatever happened to your staunch work ethic?"
"My ‘work ethic’ is perennial." his voice is weak, wavering as he speaks. "It was you who mentioned my need for respite." His subtle sass is amplified by an edge of accusation, which majorly clashes with his current state; a slick, writhing mess, wanton and lustful.
"Is that so?" you muse, choosing to ignore his tone as you slowly rise to your feet.
Viktor watches intently as you find a place in his lap, and you hear his breath quicken as you straddle him and press the wet fabric of your underwear against his exposed groin. Rolling your hips smoothly, you grind against him as your fingers once again begin to dance between strands of dark hair.
"Surely you can still spare a little time for your girlfriend." A particularly rough roll of your hips causes him to squirm. "Don't you agree?"
He nods slowly, weakly stammering out a breathless "Yes," before lightly grabbing your waist as he’s overcome with bliss. A coy smile finds its way onto your face as you continue grinding against him, drinking in his lewd expression and reveling in the exceedingly indecent sounds flowing from his slightly parted mouth.
"I knew you would." you mumble, dipping your head below his jaw. You begin sucking bruises onto his delicate skin, causing him to buck upwards and tilt his head to further expose his neck. "That's a specious claim," he whines, still attempting to maintain some control over the situation, slightly discomfited by how easily you've broken him.
You quickly work at the buttons of his shirt, never allowing your lips to leave their spot below his ear. "So you say." you whisper before finally pulling away and allowing him to shed his top.
You scan his naked body and watch as he swallows thickly. "This is a little unfair." His eyes are glassy and stuck on you, observing your every movement. "I'm completely exposed, but you, you..."
He cuts himself off, sighing your name as you pick up your pace. "You're so desperate." you tease, running your hands over his bare chest.
He whines softly and tugs at your skirt. "Unfair," he repeats, now too focused on his own arousal to come up with a witty reply.
"Then take it off," you whisper, standing up slowly. He quickly pulls your skirt down, exposing your underwear and the wetness between your thighs. He hesitates to take them off, his cheeks once again turning red, but seeing how badly he wants you has left you feeling extremely aroused as well.
You swiftly slip your panties to your feet, stepping out of them and back onto Viktor’s lap, hovering above him teasingly. "Is this what you want?" you breathe before lowering yourself onto him. He throws his head back in pleasure, subconsciously grabbing your hand and humming quietly.
You quickly find a steady pace, eager to please yourself and set on seeing his face contorted into an expression of ecstasy. Viktor soon begins thrusting softly, slowly beginning to meet your rhythm. As his pace gradually increases, his grip on your hand grows tighter, and his whines and moans grow louder.
Strands of his hair are stuck to his red cheeks, and you feel yourself growing ever closer to release as you watch his lean muscles contract under glistening skin. You run your hands down his chest, leaning down to kiss his body and revel in the breathy “god”s and “yes”s escaping him.
Suddenly, he grabs your hips, fucking into you roughly, his eyes shut tight. "Viktor," you moan loudly, feeling embarrassed by the lustfulness of your own voice. He only whines, slightly opening his eyes, his swift pace never faltering. You moan again, grabbing fistfuls of his hair as he pushes you over the edge.
He soon follows, his rhythm becoming erratic as he whines uncontrollably. His eyes roll back before fluttering shut, and his nails dig deeper into your flesh. You feel him release inside of you, his face twisted in pleasure, and listen proudly to him moaning your name, telling you how good you've made him feel.
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