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#leah clearwater

so leah is the only female in the pack because she, like her brother, got the gene. the movies don’t make any mention, at least from what i remember, of jacob having two sisters. so was the only reason they didn’t turn because they weren’t around when everything started going down with bella and the cullens? or does smeyer just hate leah (like she hates and gives trauma to the rest of her female and native american characters) so much that she’s the only quileute woman to ever become a werewolf?

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so while i’m here for “leah is trans” headcanons, i don’t personally hold it myself! i’ve definitely seen multiple posts tho headcanoning her as trans (both trans woman and trans man) and it definitely makes sense, and explains why she can shift. i’m personally more partial to the trans woman headcanons, solely bc she’s a lesbian and trans man would contradict that. 

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leah clearwater is one of the most layered and refreshing characters in the entire twilight saga and i just know smeyer’s dumbass didn’t write her like that on purpose. in her efforts to make leah the wolf pack’s heartless bitch, she accidentally created a character with a narrative that’s more compelling than her main character.

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Some more wolf pack positivity, including the imprintees.

-Quil went to a technical school and became a certified electrician 

-Sam is a contractor and hires Quil

-Jared started a table top game club with Seth and Kim

-Kim went to college but changed her major three times before dropping out. After taking a year break she nervously told her parents she wanted to got to cosmetology school

-Leah enjoys aromatherapy and ASMR and got involved with the online community in its early days, she now make audio recordings 

-Jacob’s favorite movie publicly is Die Hard, privately its A Goofy Movie

-Emily works part time as a teacher’s aid at Forks High school and part time in the summer as a baker in Port Angeles. 

-Embry is an early bird and  often takes on morning patrol

-Seth struggled with school and dropped out but with the help of Jared and Leah he took night classes and got his GED

-Quil and Emily really like true crime and will listen to podcast together

-Bradly and Collin are still scared of vampires and aren’t comfortable around the Cullens

-Paul has a proud DVD and Video game collection

-Claire and Nessie are best friends and play barbie together 

-All the pack members joined the volunteer firefighter department 

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thank you for including what this is in reference to! it’s not a direct parallel that works for all the characters, but rose desperately wants children and cannot have them because stephenie doesn’t like her, and she made leah infertile for literally no reason other than the obvious racism and sexism. we still se sexism in alice and esme, though: esme is a good wife and mother, and therefore is only seen but never heard, and alice is flighty and odd and while she is somebody who is technically painted in a positive light she is also depicted as materialistic and kooky

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We got the iconic baseball scene in twilight.

I wish we could have gotten an iconic scene with the wolf pack playing soccer.

Like can you imagine the ball gets kicked to Paul and he just kicks that ball so hard it explodes in mid- air. Then everyone’s just like

“Damn Paul not again!”

“Wow Paul really!?! this is the tenth time you’ve done this!”

Then the next time you see them playing soccer it’s with a weighted ball

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Things I Would Change About Twilight Pt. 8: Seth

1. He literally only exists to be the one wolf that likes the Cullens. He doesn’t have a real reason to, other than he’s just a very joyful person. I think that he should have had a solid reason to like them. Otherwise he’s just there to make the Cullens seem likable.

2. He is literally the only character that is allowed to be mean to Leah. Siblings are always getting on each others nerves. Also, it sucks when you want to do something without them, but they’re always there.

3. I love that he’s always upbeat, and I wouldn’t change that. But I do know for a fact that almost all boys his age are assholes or kind of dumb. I would have him and all the other wolves constantly doing something dumb.

4. The whole “intense anger makes them change” thing does not work at all with Seth for me. There’s no way that he just gets angry like that. The transformation should be something that isn’t connected to negative emotions, considering the background.

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