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The Talk: Leah Clearwater x Female!Reader Short
TrAshy Says: A wonderful, lovely nonnie asked for another Leah x reader. While this is shorter, I hope it still makes all you Leah lovers smile! This can be read as a second part to I Took A Chance.
~620 words.
Warning(s): A little saucy but mostly cute, I think.
Leah leans against her car, watching you laugh and say goodbye to your friends ‘for real this time’. She loved seeing you like this, genuinely happy with seemingly zero worries, as if she hadn’t thrown you into a world you never would have dreamed existed. She’s smiling when you finally reach her, your head tilting slightly, questioningly. 
“What?” “Nothing, you’re just really cute.” 
She pushes herself off of the passenger side door before opening it, letting you climb inside and then making her way to the driver’s side to begin your journey to Emily’s. You chatter excitedly about getting to see everyone again, and Leah simultaneously listens and concentrates on the road. It had been a while, about four months or so, and although Leah still barely tolerated the guys at times, she was happy that you loved them all like family. 
You practically sprint to the door when the car cruises to a stop, knocking lightly given that the shapeshifters inside had heard Leah pull up. She’s right behind you when Emily answers the door, and you both shed your coats before you’re engulfed in hugs. They hadn’t waited for you to begin eating, Leah notices, and she rolls her eyes as Emily gives her a half hearted smile. You both take a seat amongst the sea of bodies and open pizza boxes, you sitting on Leah’s lap. 
The night goes smoothly until you offer to help Emily with the few dishes everyone has dirtied. All eyes focus on Leah as you slide out of her grasp and make your way to the small kitchen, a sly smirk gracing Paul’s lips before he speaks. 
“So, the boys and I were wondering,” he starts off casually; Leah glances around, her eyes meeting several inquiring looks. “How do you two, you know, do it?” 
Leah opens and closes her mouth a few times, the question taking her completely off guard. He did not just ask that. 
“I’m sorry, what?” “How do you guys, or girls I guess, do it? We have some theories, but Jared and I are also betting that it hasn’t even happened yet.”
Leah clenches her fists to keep from phasing out of sheer embarrassment. It was somehow easier for her to conceal her thoughts -especially the ones about you- from the pack, but that didn’t mean... Just how prudish did they think she was? She looks up, her eyes finding you instantly. You’re drying a plate and laughing at something Emily said, and she hopes you’ll swoop in and rescue her from these idiots that are her pack mates. 
“My little brother is sitting right there!” 
Seth shrugs, “I’ve seen things. This doesn’t seem much different.” 
Annoyed, Leah huffs. “I don’t see how it’s any of your business anyway!” “It’s just a question,” Jared interjects, snickering. “But because you’re getting so defensive, I think it really hasn’t happened.” 
Leah’s trying not to spontaneously combust -or wolf out- when you reclaim your spot in her lap. Having you back in her arms physically calms her, but her mind is still going a mile a minute due to the brief conversation. 
“So, Y/N,” Paul starts. 
Leah passively considers murdering him. 
“The boys and I were wondering-” “Yes, we do ‘do it’ and no, I’m not going to explain how. Google is free; if you’re so curious, look it up.” 
You lean more into Leah’s embrace and press a kiss to the side of her neck. Though the wolves are pretty comfortable with each other and the affection shown to their imprints, Leah’s skin warms regardless. She misses the wolfish grin -pun intended- you shoot the group, burying her face in your hair as her arms reflexively tighten around you. 
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I don't know who needs to hear this but your moodboard for that Native character does not need pictures of tipis, dreamcatchers, or feathers.
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Happy Valentines Day Twilight fans
I made you these presents lol
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
If you have a line you want on a card like this send me an ask and I'll try to make it for you
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Wolf Pack incorrect quotes
Paul: Talk dirty to me, baby~
Y/n: The dishes.
Paul: Wh-
Y/n: They’ve been there for 4 days and it’s your turn to wash them. You still haven’t cleaned them and I have asked you to do so several times.
Y/n: You’re not jealous, are you?
Paul: No!
Y/n: Good, ‘cause I consider my fake relationship with you a lot more meaningful
Jacob: So anyways have y'all seen y/n?
Embry: I think they went in Seth's room 'studying'.
Paul: Doubt that. I heard groans there.
*Meanwhile in Seth's room*
Seth & y/n, fighting:
Y/n: You know, Sam gives Emily flowers everyday, I wish you'd do that too.
Paul: Okay.
Paul: *gives Emily flowers*
Emily: ???
Paul: I don't know, I'm confused as well.
Seth, at y/n: Would you like to stay for dinner?
Paul, from the kitchen: Would you like to stay forever!?!
Y/n: Is something burning?
Paul, leaning seductively on the counter: Just my desire for you.
Y/n: paul, the toaster is literally on fire.
Paul: go fuck yourself
Y/n, smugly: only if you watch
Y/n: Hey, I’m getting in the shower. Wanna help me out?
Leah: ...Have you never taken a shower before?
Embry: So... what would you do if you were in bed with me?
Y/n: Depends. Is your bed comfortable?
Embry: Yes.
Y/n: I'd sleep.
Leah: I’m in love with you.
Y/n: We called off the prank war last night at midnight, dork.
Leah: I know.
Y/n: Ah. Okay. Um. Cool. Neat. Very cool. Cool. Cool. Coolcoolcool-
Embry: y/n is playing hard to get.
Embry Little do they know, I'm a master at playing hard to get rid of.
Y/n: Guys, I’ve been meaning to tell you… Seth and I are dating.
Seth, Emily, Embry, and Quill : *gasp*
Y/n: Seth, why are you surprised?!
-incorrect quotes-
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
twilight + text posts: twilight characters as the gaslight gatekeep girlboss meme
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
i made this a few weeks ago and i feel like i should make a wolfpack one
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monica-rysik-art · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Sam is a history okay 
Leah Clearwater has a girlfriend now and she is happy,,,
with a little bit of drama but Happy!
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Tumblr media
how breaking dawn should've gone
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blackpack · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
+  BONUS :
Tumblr media
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"Always Bella IV" - Jacob Black x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Part IV to “Always Bella” Read Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part IV
I woke up to the soft snores of Quil on the couch next to me. His heat radiating off his body, almost lulling me back into a slumber.
"Quil." I whisper. "Quil."
"Mhmmmmm." He groans, gripping his pillow harder.
I purse my lips, sighing before sitting up.
The overwhelming memories of last night replayed through my brain. I felt a chill run up my spine, followed by immediate displeasure.
Why didn't Quil let him see me? He knew how I felt.
But why couldn't I speak? Why couldn't I get up?
Why couldn't I say anything to Jacob?
I swung my legs off the couch quietly, grabbing Quil's slippers and stumbling out the front door. I look back to still see Quil fast asleep on the couch, his chest rising and falling with every slow breath.
I let out a sigh, quietly shutting the front door. I look at my car, weighing out my options.
Car is quicker, though much louder. Walking won't wake up Quil but it'll take a half an hour as opposed to the five minute drive. Oh the options.
Pursing my lips as I look between the car and the road for what seemed like a million times.
Before I knew it, I was already at Billy's front door.
I went to knock, but my cold knuckles hesitated. I inhale sharply, slowly knocking on the door.
I heard some movement behind the door, to be met with Billy.
"Hi Billy, I know it's early but I really need to-" I noticed his eyes were bloodshot and filled to the brim with tears, his cheeks flushed with a red hue I had not seen in years.
Not since Sarah.
"Are you okay? What's wrong?" I whisper, looking into his defeated eyes.
"(Y/N), he's gone." His voice croaked.
My blood went cold, suddenly my ears were ringing. I felt the world around me freeze.
"What?" I choke, almost gasping for air.
"He's gone. Jacob's gone. Sam is looking for him, but- but he's gone." His voice breaks. "All I have left is gone. I need my son." He buried his face in his hands.
I hung onto every word that Billy said, praying to a God I didn't believe in that they weren't true.
"Sam? Billy we need to call the police. What can Sam do?" I panic.
Billy turns to me, giving me a confused look. His eyebrow raises, when suddenly the once puzzled look turns into one of realization.
"You don't know." He mutters under his breath, his eyes widening as they stare into mine.
"What? What don't I know?"
"Read this first." He pulls an envelope off the table, handing it to me.
I read my name, admiring Jacob's handwriting. Terrified to open it.
I look at Billy's tearful eyes before he nods towards the chair beside me.
I sit down, taking a deep breath; trying to build the courage to open this letter. I look up to see Billy watching me with sad eyes, I assume to see if I have more information in my letter about Jacob's potential whereabouts.
Dear (Y/N),
I'm sorry. I just, I can't be here anymore. It's all too... complicated.
Everything hurts. It's all too much. I've become something I don't want to be. I don't want this, but there's no escape.
I had to leave. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I've been treating you like shit. I just can't explain it.
I don't want you involved in this life.
But you are, unfortunately.
Though, I left. I don't want to be around you. Everything changed. If I stay, you're roped in far deeper than you would ever need to be.
I'm sorry (Y/N). I am.
I miss you, I do.
I just, I can't be there anymore. Not for my own sake, but mostly for your sake.
I'm sorry, I just don't want this.
I won't see you for a while, if ever again.
I wanted a choice. I want you to have a choice. I want us to have a say in our lives.
I love you.
Jacob Black
I sat there in disbelief. I felt all the air leave my lungs.
It was as if the world around me was no longer real. I could no longer hear properly, everything is muffled.
I closed the letter, looking up from my lap to meet eyes with Billy.
"I-I" I choke on my words. "I don't know where he went."
Billy sighs, as a hand is placed on his shoulder. I follow the hand, seeing Sam standing next to Billy.
"No luck, but we'll keep looking. I have Paul and Embry out looking right now." Sam gives Billy's shoulder a slight squeeze as he makes direct eye contact with me.
"Paul and Embry? Why not the police? How are they supposed to find Jacob? He's gone." I croak.
"I know he left before explaining, but you're entitled to know." Sam says sternly.
"Know about what? God, I'm so sick of not being in the loop while Bella Swan gets to know everything!" I yell, the anger burning within me.
"She's not supposed to know."
"Well she does. And I still do not." I scoff, tears falling from my eyes.
"Quil's waiting for you outside, I suggest you go meet him out there for now." Sam instructs.
I shake my head, looking at the man in disbelief. Who was he to tell me what to do.
But I couldn't be bothered. I quickly got up, bumping into Sam purposefully before walking outside to Quil.
His eyes portrayed a sadness that reflected my own as he stood against the hood of my car.
I walked over slowly, dragging my feet against the Earth.
I stopped in front of him, I took a deep breath.
"He's gone." I choke. "Quil, Jacob's gone." I feel my knees about to give out from under me. I walk into his large frame, burying my head into his chest.
"I know, love. I know." He coos, opening his arms to pull me into a hug.
I felt my tears fall onto his shirt as I melted into his touch.
Quil, the only person to make me feel like things could maybe be okay.
The only person left who can bring me back to Earth.
"Quil, what is going on?" I pull back, looking sternly into his eyes.
"(Y/N)-" He hesitates.
"No, I deserve to know. Because apparently it involves me a lot more than I was led to believe."
I pull the letter from my jacket pocket, holding it up to Quil. "So tell me now. Or I'm going to Embry." I let out the breath of air that was stuck in my lungs. "But you know I would rather hear it from you.
"Can I read it?" He pleads, nodding towards my letter.
"After you tell me exactly what is going on, Quil." I pull the letter behind me, looking up at him. "I deserve to know. I need to know why it hurts so bad." I look down at my feet. "Why does it hurt so bad?" I look up at his chocolate brown eyes, pleading with my own.
"Get in the car, we're going to our spot." He advises, looking back between me and the car before walking over to the driver's side.
I look at him, standing still. Trying to walk, despite my legs feeling like cement.
His eyes met mine, him motioning for me to get into the car.
And so I did.
I walked to the passenger side, silently opening the door and climbing in, taking a deep breath.
My mind raced with every thought imaginable.
Did Jacob come to say goodbye last night?
Could I have made him stay?
Was there something I did? Is there something I could do?
A sense of dread washed over me as I explored every possibility in my mind.
"Relax." Quil whispers, grabbing my hand and squeezing it lightly.
I look over to him, wondering how he always knows where my mind goes.
Read here: Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part IV
sorry for the delay I just work all the time, was in school full-time, and am beyond clinically depressed lol
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I just know that Seth was constantly throwing hands with the rest of the wolfpack because if I heard and saw someone treating my sister like that every day, there would be eight unsolved murders real quick.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Keeping Up with the Cullens - Episode 19, pt 1.
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(twilight) headcanon
Tumblr media
how they'd react to you (their mate) getting hurt/killed in the breaking dawn battle
Characters included: Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, Edward, Bella, Seth, Embry, Sam, Leah, Jacob.
Tumblr media
Carlisle (Vampire!Reader)
~ Carlisle always had confidence in your ability to fight but that doesn't mean he wasn't protective. He did his absolute best to watch over you, staying close enough just in case anyone got the upper hand over you. Unfortunately, there came a moment where he was pinned and surrounded by multiple enemies, his fear of losing you overshadowed his fear of being ripped apart. For a few seconds that felt like minutes, he watched you struggle and cry out, needing help. He used all the strength he had and managed to break through some of them. Before he could get to you, a large black wolf, known as Sam, saved you without hesitation. Carlisle never felt so relieved in his life before, knowing you're safe and able to fight again soothed his nerves.
(And after the fight is over, he is reminding you of how proud he is, he's amazed at your dedication and ability to protect those you love and yourself. Carlisle will apologize for not being able to help you sooner)
Esme (Vampire!Reader)
~ Esme is naturally protective of you even though you're more than capable of taking care of yourself. Throughout the battle, you seemed to have yourself steady and focused. This allowed her to help the others but she'd quickly regret that decision when she can hear your screams of distress. She turns to search for you, her eyes land on your weakened form and she immediately runs to you, her heart breaking at the thought of losing you. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to save you like she wanted.
(Esme will forever blame herself, missing her second half, her wonderful and brave mate. She will always remember you and how you fearlessly fought in the battle)
Emmett (Witch!Reader)
~ Emmett always had faith in your powers, they're strong and lethal but at the same time, you lose energy and physical strength the more you use them. He was hesitant to let you step foot on the battle field but you were adamant on helping his family, they were yours too. Half of the fight went alright to say the least, you and Emmett separated to cover more ground. Bella helped you with her shielding power but she got knocked down, giving Alec the chance to pounce on you, determined to end your life. Emmett didn't take long to charge after him, rage filling his body and growling as he ripped Alec apart with ease. Emmett gave you a look of worry but you brushed it off and stayed by his side, knowing he'd feel better that way.
(Emmett will never allow you to fight again. He almost lost you and he won't risk that again. You obey and understand)
Rosalie (Vampire!Reader)
~ Rose hated knowing you'd be fighting, she didn't want you in danger. Of course she believes in your power to stay "alive" but deep down, she is terrified the entire time. Rosalie never let's you out of her sight, she is determined to keep you safe even if she loses her "life" saving yours. Fortunately, she only had to help you once when the ground split, almost sending you down into the pit of heat. She was quick to push them over, pulling you up.
(Rosalie will be angry towards you for a while until she opens up and admits she was just scared. She loves you so damn much and losing you would've killed her inside)
Alice (Vampire!Reader)
~ Alice thankfully saw this coming, the scene of you suffering from Jane's power. Alice made sure to distract Jane and lead the blonde into a different direction, saving you selflessly. Alice happily let Sam end Jane's immortal life for threatening yours. And despite all the horrible chaos surrounding both of you, she made the effort to kiss your cheek before running off to finish this battle.
(Alice will praise you when it's over, saying how lucky she is to have you still here with her. You can feel all the love she has for you, Alice is one of a kind and being her mate is perfect. The battle only made the connection stronger)
Jasper (Wolf!Reader)
~ Jasper trained you and knew you'd be more than capable of defending yourself, three vampires at most. The limit was learned with the newborn fight so Jasper glued himself to your side the entire time, his dead heart pounding with anxiety. At first he refused to let you fight but numbers were needed and you weren't going to let your family do this alone. Jasper held onto faith, thinking everything was going to end with no losses. Unfortunately, near the very end, you were distanced from Jasper. He was snatched away from you with extreme force, he growled and shouted in distress when he saw Jane walking towards you. You were too distracted by ripping yet another vampire head off to catch her presence. When you looked up, you snarled and braced yourself for an attack, forgetting about her specific ability. Before you could pounce on her, she had you whimpering from a pain you've never felt before. It didn't stop and you felt suffocated, moving backwards and shaking, your whimpers only getting louder. Jasper tried pushing past the group that held him hostage, his eyes black and chest aching. Jasper saw it happen, so quick yet in slow motion. Jane sent you into the arms of another Volturi member, they bit into you and broke your neck within seconds. Jasper couldn't do anything but watch his mate suffer a horrific death, the light in your eyes fading after you let out your last breath.
(Jasper forever lives in a pit of grief and guilt, blaming himself. He isn't the same and refuses to speak to anyone, even his family. Jasper lost faith in god long ago but for some reason, he secretly hopes that he will be able to see you again and that you're watching over him)
Edward (Vampire!Reader)
~ Edward is known to shelter you from everyone and everything, much to your disappointment. You're still in your newborn phase, the strength you have is almost impossible to defeat. With enough convincing, Edward let you fight. And to his surprise, you did really fucking good. You barely got hit or scratched, your speed giving you more leverage. The only time you got hurt was when Aro had thrown you into mid-air, your attempt at tackling him down didn't go as planned. Edward watched with a pained expression, eyes wide and mouth open. He heard a loud groan from you, the impact you had with one of the wolves on accident being the reason. It didn't seriously injure you but Edward still scolded himself for letting this happen. Even though the pack was helping his family, Edward glared at the specific wolf that collided with you. After that, Edward forced you to stay next to him no matter what.
(Edward can't cope with the possibility of losing you, you're his one and only mate. The person he loves more than anything in this universe. If you were to be hurt again or worse - if you were killed, Edward wouldn't want to stay, he'd wish for death, one that would tie him with you)
Bella (Wolf!Reader)
~ Bella understands the difference between vampires and wolves, mostly the range of brutal strength and lethal damage. Yes, you're very strong, but you're also smaller than the others. The other pack members tried their best to help you throughout the battle but eventually everything got so mixed up and no one could stick together for long. Bella used her gift to protect you, her focus on you never breaking, she needed you to be safe. When she got knocked down, the protective wall you had around you vanished. Almost immediately, you're greeted with a painful kick in the ribs, whining from the sensation. Some of your delicate ribs had snapped, broken into pieces. This made it difficult to move and even breathe. Thankfully, before anyone could finish you off, Bella and Emmett rushed to your side and took care of the threats surrounding you in that moment. Bella knew you couldn't fight like this so she ordered you to stay down, Emmett and Rosalie making sure no one got near you.
(Bella was never face to face with death when it came to you, your ability to be stealthy and safe granted both of you the sense of protection. After the battle ended, Bella apologized and nursed you back to health with the help of Carlisle. Don't ever underestimate the love she has for you, she will do anything to keep you alive, living by her side)
Seth (Hybrid!Reader)
~ Seth is protective over you in a softer way. He doesn't show anger often and doesn't like to fight. His protectiveness stems from the fear of losing you, his heart is in your hands. You're his imprint, someone he needs to protect and love for the rest of his life. When it came time to fight the Volturi Seth felt anxious. In the beginning, before anyone ran, you were in your vampire form, standing near Bella. The pack remained hidden until necessary, trailing behind the line of vampires. He purposely placed himself close to you, nudging your arm. You could tell he was nervous and afraid so you pet his fur and kissed his head softly. Seth had no idea that would be the last affectionate gesture he'd receive from you. Once the fight began, everyone scattered and lives were taken left and right. Seth ran along side with you but your vampiric speed overshadowed his own. It all happened so fast that it didn't feel real. One minute you're in your vampire form then the next minute you're a wolf, earning glares and shocked expressions from the Volturi. They shown you no mercy, they needed you gone. Leah had to snarl and nip at Seth to get his attention, he was seconds away from running towards your attackers. Leah stopped him, it would've been suicide. Seth had to run away in the other direction, whimpering at the loss.
(The gruesome fight ended and Seth slowly walked to your wolf form, lifeless and stiff. He whined and nudged your body, trying to wake you up. The pack and some of the Cullens had to guide him away once more, telling him there was nothing he could do. Seth is forever heartbroken and missing you, his beautiful mate that left too soon)
Embry (Wolf!Reader)
~ Embry imprinted on you not too long ago, less than a year. The relationship was finally breaking the bitterness and melted into love and acceptance. He trusted you and knew you could fight on your own. The second the fight started, he ran with you to work as a team. If he needed help, you were there. If you needed help, he was there. The only thing that ruined the perfect dynamic was the ground cracking, opening and revealing an easy route to death. Embry is stuck on one side and you're on the other. Without thinking, Embry launched himself over to you, biting at the vampire who was trying to pull you down. He was successful at freeing you but unfortunately for him, he fell to his death, his eyes never leaving yours. In his heart, he knew. Embry knew he'd be dead in less than a minute yet he allowed himself to feel grateful, he knew you'd be okay now.
(The pack comforted you the best they could. You felt so guilty but they were adamant on not letting you sit in that headspace. They all knew Embry saved you out of love and they reassured you that Embry knew what he was doing in his final moments of life and that he would never change a thing about it)
Sam (Wolf!Reader)
~ Sam is your teammate, always by your side. During the fight, he never let you leave his sight. Sam protected you with everything he had within himself, he'd never forgive himself if something happened to you. Luckily, your life wasn't taken but you did get severely injured. He didn't let you blame yourself, even though you told him that you weren't paying attention. Sam took care of your wounds and loved on you, making you promise to never join a fight like that again, no matter what caused it.
(The love Sam has for you is beyond words and as long as he's around, you will be safe. Sam did tell you how proud he was of you when back at home. You were fearless. You used all the anger and hurt from your past to push yourself to the limit, taking out many vampires. Sam knew it wasn't easy so he didn't lecture you for acting on anger)
Leah (Witch!Reader)
~ Leah isn't the best with relationships, especially the one she has with you. It started with hatred and not understanding each other. It took a long time to trust one another but the wait made it so worth it. The battle was the biggest test in trust. If she could count on you and if you could count on her. Against all odds, both of you fought like a team and ripped through the Volturi like a sport. Leah felt so proud of you, watching you use your powers amazed her even though she claimed she they never did before. You loved her dedication to protecting Seth, her personality slowly coming out into the light, she's softer and more down to earth than you thought. In the end, she saved your ass four times and you saved hers twice.
(Leah joked with you after it was over, telling you that you still owe her two more life lines. The battle tested the relationship perfectly and from then on, she opened up and you welcomed her with open arms, eventually teaching her all about your past and gifts)
Jacob (Vampire!Reader)
~ Jacob never wanted you to fight let alone become a vampire. He had no choice or say in it. You were minutes away from dying and Carlisle had to change you. Jacob hated your kind but living without you would've been worse. Jacob also had a horrible habit of treating you like glass, getting overprotective for no reason. When the Volturi became an issue, he didn't ask you to stay out of it, he begged you. Jacob lost the facade of being some asshole with anger issues and soon you were shown how scared he actually was. You put your foot down though and demanded that if you couldn't fight, he had to stay home with you. It didn't go either way, both of you ended up in the battle field. Jacob basically followed you, hovering over you and never leaving, not even looking away from you. This caused an issue. Since he was so focused on your safety, he forgot about his. When he got jumped you immediately went into some different mindset that you never experienced before. You used every drop of power you had to help your mate survive. When you finally had the upper hand, Jacob took control and finished it for you.
(Jacob lectured you afterwards and ranted about how stupid that was, his frustration rising when you just chuckled and kissed his hot cheek. It took him some time to understand some things but eventually he did come to terms with it)
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incorrectwolfpack · 4 months ago
Leah and Paul: *yelling at each other*
Quil: are they always like this?
Seth: they used to be way worse… now they schedule all their arguments in the morning to get them out of the way.
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danverswitch · 3 months ago
Wolf pack incorrect Quotes
Y/n: i can't believe we're stuck in this room together!
Seth, Swallowing the key : Truly unfortunate.
Seth, running into the room: HEY-
Paul: shhh y/n is sleeping
Seth: oh okay sorry
Paul: what's up
Seth: the house is on fire
Paul: so, why don't you have a boyfriend?
Y/n: i have a really strict dad. Why don't you have a girlfriend?
Paul: you have a really strict dad.
Paul: your dad always has problem with  what I'm doing !
Y/n: probably because you are always doing me!
Paul: *chokes on water*
Y/n: *Smirks*
Seth about y/n: she can't  be good at everything,  i bet she is bad kisser.
Leah: no, she is good at that too.
Seth: what?
Leah: what?
Seth: y/n , would you do me a honor of becoming my sister -in -law?
Leah: did you just propose to y/n for me?
Embry:okay tell us a secret
Seth: fine , i have crush on y/n
Paul:dude he said "secret"
Quill: why don't you have a boyfriend,  y/n?
Y/n: because i don't want one, why don't you?
Quill:.. because you don't want one.
Seth: what's a thot?
Paul: it's a very thoughtful person
[Later at the dinner table]
Y/n: here's the salt, Seth
Seth: thanks y/n , you are such a thot!!!
Y/n: * spits out water *
Y/n: Don't you think that this is crazy?
Embry: what?
Y/n: my heart is beating so loudly right now
Embry *blushes *: why?
Y/n: there's a cockroach near your feet
Embry: *jumps to mid-air*
Y/n: hey how would you like your coffee?
Seth: as dark and bitter as my soul.
Y/n: one glass of milk coming up.
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twilight + textposts: twilight characters as the ‘i hope this email finds you’ meme bonus:
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hearing smeyer is planning to write another book about leah clearwater like
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Sam: Now could we please all act like adults?
Jacob: sam, WE’RE 16
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a peek at what’s inside      :      (   Leah Clearwater’s phone.   )      …
social media au      —      modern edition.
click the images to enlarge.
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