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americanroads · 2 months ago
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Summer Roads
Prints available: leah-frances.com/prints © Leah Frances
Follow me on Instagram! New book coming Fall 2022. 
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Photographer Leah Frances
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We’ll save you a spot.
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blackramhall · 4 months ago
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Leah Frances
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journalisticintegrity · a year ago
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“[MY BODY IS AN AMERICAN]” by p.e. garcia // American Squares by Leah Frances // “Every State Line” by Ani DiFranco // On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong // Rich Hill (2014) dir. Tracy Droz Tagos and Andrew Droz Palermo // “Going to a Town” by Rufus Wainwright (cover) // The Great Gatsby (2013) dir. Baz Luhrmann // “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman
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cydd-charisse · a year ago
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Currently obsessed with this.
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blondebrainpower · 6 months ago
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Stoney First Nation Member, Guide Samson Beaver With His Wife Leah And Their Daughter Frances Louise, 1907. 
By Mary Schäffer
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blackbackedjackal · a month ago
There’s like 2 alternate timelines to June’s story, and the past life one is hurting me.
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reallyhardy · a year ago
all you loki series watchers better warn me if they do show signs of adapting kid loki ok like for real not to marvelpost because i can’t do that again BUT. but. that one character means the absolute world to me....
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literateleah · a year ago
nobody was doing children’s novels like frances hodgson burnett back in the day
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americanroads · 2 months ago
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Larksville, PA, Quakertown, PA, and Hackensack, NJ
Prints available: leah-frances.com/prints © Leah Frances New book coming Fall 2022. 
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mayanhandballcourt · a year ago
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Photographer Leah Frances
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alexiaputella · a year ago
How do you stop “hat trick” miedema? You simply do no allow her to see the ball because it’s always on Arsenals half 😂
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blackramhall · 2 months ago
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Leah Frances
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missymiel · a year ago
I really wonder who are the players from 33 countries that casted their vote for this Santa Claus list?
I’m still looking for the criteria and time frame considered before commenting because I value football players opinion and view on the game which can differ from us fans. The gap here, however is quite huge, so while I’m still valuing football players opinion more, I need to understand the ground for this list.
If you have them somewhere please send it to me, it’ll be appreciated.
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nevver · 7 months ago
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Lunch? Leah Frances (@AmericanSquares)
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outsideratheart · a month ago
Never Stopped (Leah Williamson x reader)
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A/N: So I started this on 20th April and I kept coming back to it every now and then but I was determined to finish it before the Euros so here it is and it could be one of my favourite fics i have written so far, also could be my longest at 6.7k words but i’m not sure. Anyways, I hope you guys like it!
Dubai is beautiful. You were skeptical when you were first told about your pre world cup training being held in a different time zone, to you it didn’t make sense but this is exactly what the team needed. It was a chance to get away from the pressure that mounted back in England and it gave the team the perfect opportunity to bond. A lot of the players saw each other frequently with most of them playing in the WSL but it was different for you and Lucy as you both played in France with Lyon. 
You remember when you made the decision to leave Arsenal, you would go so far as to say it was the hardest one you have every made. You left the team that raised you, the people that you called family but most importantly it would mean you living over 580 miles away from your girlfriend. 
Leah was your everything. You remember when she first joined the Arsenal senior team, it didn’t take long for you to fall for her and god did you fall hard, you put the cheesy rom coms to shame. Despite her being your girlfriend she was also your best friend but she wasn’t your only best friend. It was you, Leah and Jordan, you were dubbed the three amigos by your team mate Alex Scott.
The distance was thing that killed your relationship in the end. You thought it was worth it, you were willing to fight for your happiness but Leah couldn’t do it and it broke your heart, but what hurt more was that a couple of months later you found out she began seeing Jordan. It went from being the three of you to being the two and them, then you, all the way in France. 
You are in the recovery room with Lucy scrolling aimlessly through twitter.
Out of the corner of your eye you could see Lucy look up from her phone then back down then back at you. This sequence repeating itself a few more times but you lose your patience.
“What is it Lucy?” You ask your best friend.
The way she looked at you, you could tell that she was debating saying something.
“I’m just going to say it” Lucy pauses causing you to let out a small chuckle.
“Well you are doing a rubbish job at it” you say thinking of the irony.
“Leah and Jordan broke up” your body tenses at her words though it wasn’t a surprise, it was what Beth first said to you when you got to the hotel.
“Doesn’t change anything” you say bluntly before turning your attention back to your phone.
“Liar” Lucy whispers to herself but you hear her and deep down you know she isn’t completely wrong.
Considering your history, you and Leah still get along. It was difficult to talk about her when you broke up, let alone be in the same room together. After time you realised that you cannot spend your life avoiding Leah Williamson, truth is you didn’t want to. You and Leah both agreed that you wouldn’t let your past affect your future, that your lives would be a lot better with each other in it. Over time it got back to how it was before you started dating, you didn’t hate her anymore, you didn’t hate Jordan, you liked that your two best friends found happiness in each other even though it could hurt at times.
After a few weeks, the camp in Dubai ends and the team is the strongest it has ever been. The way you played on the pitch filled you with confidence going into the World Cup. 
The flight from Dubai to France is 7 hours and no mater how hard you try you could not go to sleep so you settle with watching a film instead. You look up when you see Kiera grabbing her things making it known that she is moving seats which you found strange. 
“I’m sorry” she mouthed before moving to her new seat thus adding to your confusion.
Things soon became clear when the person she switched with sits in her seat. That someone is Leah Williamson.
You can see her staring at you out of the corner of your eye. You ignore her hoping that she will go away. Although you two are good you still avoid been alone with her, even though technical you aren’t alone with her now but everyone was doing their own thing which mean’t it was like it was just the two of you.
You pause the film, taking you headphones off and turning to face the blonde.
“You look good, I mean I couldn’t keep my eyes of you when we were in Dubai, whether in was on the pitch or when we were at the beach” the flirtatiousness in her voice is clear but it didn’t have the effect on you Leah has hoped it would, instead it has the opposite.
You roll your eyes, shaking your head as you do so. 
“You don’t get to say shit like that anymore” you whisper through gritted teeth. 
Once upon a time you would have loved to hear Leah say that but things are different now.
“Why not?” Leah asks innocently “I’m not with Jordan anymore” you laugh her at blatancy.
“I know, the whole team knows. I don’t see why you think that would change anything” 
“I just though that now that I’m single we could, you know” Leah stumbles on her words.
You shake your head in annoyance “Stop talking Leah” you tell her before putting your headphones back on and resuming your film.
20 minutes later you see Kiera sitting back down. She grabs your shoulder but you shake her off not wanting to talk to her, she knew how you felt about Leah and you were mad that she would ambush you like that.
After what feels likes forever, the plane finally lands in France. As you board the coach you sit at the front which isn’t like you so the team knows that this means to leave you alone.
You get to the hotel and the team finds out who they will be sharing with for the duration of the World Cup. Phil calls your name then Lucy’s, you turn to her giving her a fist bump. You know that this tournament is going to be difficult and you were hoping to share with Lucy as she is who you always shared with in Lyon, the two of you had a routine.
“Just give me a heads up and I will leave the room for a few hours, you know, so you and Kiera can have so alone time” you tease her.
“She thinks your mad at her” Lucy replies referring to her girlfriend.
“I am but I’ll get over it. Did you know she was going to ambush me on the plane?” You ask.
“I did and for what it’s worth I told her it was a bad idea” Lucy says as she wraps her arm around you shoulder “I take it things didn’t go well?” She asks.
The two of you head to your room where you tell her what Leah said to you. It was frustrating because whilst part of you knew you still loved Leah you don’t know if you will ever get over the betrayal. At the the of the day she broke your heart and then starting dating your best friend. 
The group games and knockout games go as well as you could have hoped for with England winning all four games. Phil organised a Team meal at a fancy French restaurant to celebrate getting through to the Quarter finals.
At the restaurant you are sitting next to Steph, you two have been the captain and vice captain for a few years so you have gotten pretty close.
“Leah is staring” Steph says looking behind you wear the defender is sitting.
“I don’t know what to do” you confided in your captain “I know she is single and you know how I feel about her but” 
Steph cuts you off.
“But you don’t want to get hurt” you go to speak but she cuts you off again.
“and you don’t want to hurt Jordan”
This what you loved about Steph, she knows you so well. 
You hated that Jordan wasn’t here with you. When she told you she wouldn’t be fit for the world cup your heart broke for her. She is one of the best players you have played with and it felt wrong that she didn’t make to France but she assured you that she would be cheering you on at home. You asked her if she would be coming to the games but she said it would hurt too much which you understood.
“It’s too much. I need to focus on the World Cup, that is why we are here. Leah doesn’t get to play with me, not now. You’ve heard what they are saying about me, the pressure the world cup is putting on me. I don’t have time to worry about my love life” you get up to head to the bar but Steph grabs your hand.
“Listen kid, I know you are under an immense amount fo pressure, more than any of us but that is because you are one of the best. As for your love life, don’t let football consume you, you deserve to be happy and before you say it, I know football makes you happy but like most things, it means nothing if you don’t have anyone to share it with”
Deep down you know Steph is right but hell would freeze over before you admit it so you do what you do best, deflect and make a joke.
“I have you and Stephen to share it with” you joke as you kiss her temple before heading to the bar.
Leah watches you and Steph from her table. She has been trying to get your attention all tournament but you didn’t bite, not once.
“I’m going to go talk to her” Leah tells her table which is made up of her, Georgia, Lucy, Kiera, Millie and Rachel.
“I don’t think that is a good idea” Millie says.
“Can’t you see you are making things worse” Lucy says. She has watched Leah’s failed attempts at flirting with and it is her you talk to when you are in your room. She knows how much Leah is hurting you, what she doesn’t know is how Leah isn’t getting the picture.
Leah ignores her team mates and follows you to the bar.
“This is going to end badly isn’t it?” Georgia asks and everyone hums in agreement.
You are at the bar talking to the bartender, it was nice talking French after been around your English only speaking team mates. The woman is pretty, her brown hair and Hazel eyes have your full attention, so much so that you don’t hear Leah approach you. You continue talking to the woman who you learn is called Helene, listening intently as she recommends a few places in Paris you must visit when you there.
Leah coughs seeking your attention.
“Helene, please excuse me” you tell her.
When you turn to face Leah she has an expression on her face that you can’t quite place.
“So you do know how to flirt” Leah says sarcastically.
“Of course, I do” 
“Because I have been flirting with you since we got to France and you haven’t responded at all” Leah says almost hurt by the lack of attention you have shown her thus far.
“You really don’t get it do you?” You snap which gains the attention of you team.
The growing tension between you and Leah has become evident to everyone, even the coaches. Phil even pulled you aside after training to talk you about it but when you told him that is was nothing to worry about he believed you and so he should, whatever is going on between you and Leah hasn’t affected your playing.
When you see everyone’s eyes on you, you decide to take the conversation somewhere a little more private which didn’t turn out as you hoped because you and Leah where soon in the streets of La Havre.
“You are playing games Leah, you may not think you are but you are. I loved you, you were my everything and then you were nothing. Now here you are flirting with me, saying the same things you did when we were together. It reminds me of what we had and then it reminds of getting my heart broken. It hurts me when you act like nothing happened between us” you feel your throat close as your emotion boil to the surface
“That’s not what I am trying to do”
“I know I told you I forgave you and I have but I can’t forget what happened, it took me years to get over you. I was miserable, ask Lucy she knows, she help put me back together” 
“Y/N I’m sorry, I’m” Leah begins to talk but you cut her off.
“Just give me space, please?” You ask as a few tears fall down your cheek.
For the first time Leah sees it, she sees the pain in your eyes, the pain she has caused.
You walk back in the restaurant and you wipe the tears from your face, something that doesn’t go unseen by your team mates.
Since then, much to your surprise, Leah leaves you alone only talking to you if it about football. 
Going into the Quarter final, all of you focus is on the the game and doing whatever it takes to get into the semi final.
England beat Norway 3-0, goals coming from you, Ellen and Lucy. The thing about football, as obvious as it may sound, in order for one team to win the other must lose. When the final whistles blows you and the girls celebrate but when to look around you see the Norwegians consoling each other and you can’t help but feel bad, especially when you see your Lyon team mate Ada Hegerberg.
You walk towards where she is standing with Caroline and Ingrid. As you approach, the other two players walk away, leaving you with Ada.
“You played great” You tell her and it wasn’t a lie. She was amazing like always and you know that she will be beating herself up inside.
“I don’t know what happened, nothing seemed to work for us” She told you and you could see the tears building in her eyes so pulled her into your arms hoping to bring her some comfort.
“You did everything you could” you say and you can feel her tears on your shirt.
Behind Ada you can see Leah staring at the two of you and you can tell she is jealous. You make eye contact with her and shake your head. Seeing that she has been caught, Leah turns her attention back to your team mates.
Ada pulls away “I’m going to miss you Y/N, Lyon won’t be the same without you” 
“I’ll miss you too. You’ll have to come to London, I’ll be your tour guide” you say causing her to laugh.
You let Ada go back to her team whilst you go to where Steph, Carly and Jill are talking to Phil.
“Is this why she is acting off with me? We used to flirt with each other all the time, is this the reason why she won’t anymore” Leah asks “She is dating Ada Hegerberg?” 
“You’re Jealous?” Ellen asks and Leah doesn’t answer which is an answer in itself.
Lucy scoffs in annoyance.
“She won’t flirt with you because you broke her heart and dated her best friend. She then had to watch the two of you together and act like she was ok with it because if she said something she would be the arsehole whilst you got off scott free and now just because you are single again you think you can flirt and play games with Y/N” 
When you get back to the hotel you receive a text from Leah asking to meet her in her room.
Leah lets you in and you rest against the tv unit whilst Leah sits on the bed.
“I’m sorry for flirting with you” Leah says, you raise your eyebrows in surprise but that doesn’t last long “I wouldn’t have done it if I knew you had a girlfriend, Ada seems nice by the way. Sucks to knock your girlfriend out of the World Cup though” you roll your eyes at her smugness. 
“I knew you were Jealous” you shake your head “Me and Ada aren’t dating, she is one of my best friends and I have just destroyed her dream of winning the World Cup so I wanted to make sure she was ok” you explain your actions.
“You can’t blame me for thinking it though. That hug wasn’t one which friends share” You shake your head in disbelief “I mean she is your type, blonde that is” 
“Something we have in common” you say taking a cheap shot.
“And there it is. You never did forgive me did you?” Leah asks as she tries to get you to admit it.
“Forgive you?” You are now shouting “You said I should join Lyon, that it was a good idea and then you broke up with me and starting dating Jordan”
“But you forgave Jordan” Leah buts in.
“Not completely but Jordan flew to France after she found out that I knew about the two of you, did you know that? She came to Lyon and explained that she loved you and you made her happy, she apologised that she hurt me in the process, something you never did” 
Leah stood up and walked towards you.
“Y/N I am so sorry I hurt you, I truly am. Breaking up with you is the worst thing I have ever done, you have to believe me. I love you”
“Leah I won’t let you hurt Jordan like you hurt me. I know you two aren’t together but from what I have heard, you haven’t been broken up that long and now you are here telling me you love me”
“Because I do”
“Don’t you care about hurting Jordan, that would do to her what you did me”
“But I love you” Leah repeats herself.
“I won’t lose Jordan because you suddenly realise that you love me”
“I didn’t suddenly realise it Y/N, I have always loved you”
“I don’t know if that is enough. Being with you isn’t worth me losing my friend” You try to explain.
The look on Leah’s face is enough to break you heart all over again. Leah is telling you exactly what you have wanted to hear for years yet you can’t act on them.
“You’re choosing her over me?” Leah asks in defeat.
“Doesn’t feel good does it?” You ask as you leave her room.
As you open the door you see Leah’s room mate Kiera and your room mate Lucy, you wonder how much they heard.
“Want to go get pissed?” Lucy asks knowing that you have an off day tomorrow. Her suggestion letting you know that she heard enough of your argument.
You and Lucy are several drinks in. The alcohol causing you to let your guard down which in turn brings all of your feelings to the surface. All of those feelings having something to do with a certain blonde defender. You know that you have to make things right with her even if it is only whilst you are in France. Everyone has picked up on the friction between the two of you and the last thing you wanted to do was make your team feel uncomfortable.
But I love you
Leah’s words play on a loop in your head. She loved you, after all this time. You should be happy but you weren’t, well not completely. 
“Care to share with the class?” Lucy says bringing you back to reality.
You don’t know where to start. How can you explain your feelings if you wasn’t sure how you were  feeling.
“Can I suggest something that might help?” You nod your head “take Jordan out of the equation”
“I have tried but I can’t. I can’t hurt her, she is my best friend” You refuse to be a hypocrite.
“Do you love her?” One of the things you loved about Lucy is that she didn’t beat around the bush.
“I do but” 
“No buts Y/N. A lot of things change in our life, you can move clubs, move to a different country but your feelings for her have stayed the same. That has got to count for something” Lucy profoundly says.
“When did you get so wise?” You joke.
“About 3 drinks ago” 
The two of you finish the drinks you have before settling the check. You both stumble back to the hotel, acting as sober as you can when you get the to floor the England team are staying on. Tomorrow might be your day off but the two of you would still get in trouble if a member of the coaching staff knew you have been drinking and stayed out past curfew.
The next morning the team decide to go to a small bistro not to far from the hotel for breakfast before separating into groups, some deciding to go shopping, others wanting to explore the French city.
You and Lucy keep your sunglasses on for the majority of the meal even though you are both in the shade. You cannot help but laugh when you see Lucy resting her head on Kiera’s shoulder as she turns her nose up at the food in front of her, clearly she was more hungover than you.
You are mid conversation when your phone goes off, looking down at the screen you see that it is Jordan. Choosing not to take the call you decline it and put your phone face down on the table.
About ten minutes later, it goes off again. Looking at the screen, you see that once again it is Jordan.
What you weren’t aware off is Leah is now sat next to you as she speaks to Carly.
“Why is she calling you? Jordan hates talking on the phone” Leah asks you.
“I don’t know if you have realised but I haven’t taken any of her calls so I wouldn’t know” you snap a little harshly but Leah is the last person you want to speak to right now.
In the end you answer the phone next time Jordan calls if for no other reason than to end the conversation you are having with Leah.
“Excuse me” you say as you leave to table to take the call.
“Hi Jordy, is everything ok?” You ask curiously.
“As good as it can be” the arsenal midfielder tells you.
You can’t help but feel sorry for the girl. It has been her dream to play in the world cup and to get it taken away from here must have been awful. You don’t know how you would’ve reacted if you were in her shoes.
“A little birdy tells me that things aren’t going too well with Leah” 
You sigh at her words. Of course this is why she called, it was obvious if you took the time to think  about it.
Jordan takes your silence as a sign to continue.
“I know you are holding back because of me” 
“That’s not it, well it is but that isn’t the only reason why” you struggle to explain the situation.
“She loves you Y/N. I know you won’t believe me but she never stopped. Things between us were never like how it was between the two of you. I couldn’t make her happy like you could”
“Jordan” you say practically begging her to stop talking.
“Listen to me Y/N. She hurt you but she didn’t do it alone. You found a way to forgive me, now you need to find a way to forgive her. Do that, admit how you really feel and you can have your happy ending”
You laugh at Jordan’s cheesiness.
“Jeez Jords, what kind of pain killers are you on. I will get my happy ending, what you are on about” 
“What can I say, I have had a lot of spare time lately, I am going through a rom com phase. Right know you are Leah are in the I still love you but I won’t tell you because I want to protect myself stage”
You know she is joking around but Jordan’s words hit deep. She is right but it doesn’t make it any easier. 
“I take your silence as proof that I am right” Jordan says full of herself.
“You always did know me well”
“I know you both well. That is why I can see what is happening even if the two of you won’t admit it.” 
You pause, once again struggling to find the words.
“Oh and Y/N” Jordan pauses “You won’t lose me if you give her a second chance”
You didn’t know you needed to her her say but you did. Things with Leah are difficult but at least now you know that you won’t lose Jordan if you chose to be with Leah.
You and Jordan talk for a few more minutes before she tells you she has to go to a physio appointment. You say your goodbyes before going back to the team.
When you get back to the table you mouth ‘thank you’ you Lucy who you know told Jordan about you hesitations.
The next few days you aren’t as harsh to Leah, going beyond just being civil. You don’t have the chance to have the talk with her as the team is busy prepping for the semi final.
Soon enough the day comes, it is time for the semi final. Everyone is in the locker room ready to head to the tunnel.
“Listen up girls” you say as you stand in the middle of the room “I know that some of you are nervous, you would be crazy not to be but we have earned our right to here. This entire tournament we have shown the world why England should be considered one of the best in the world. I am proud of every single of you” you take a breath as you find yourself getting a little choked up but when you look at Leah she nods her head, the smile on her face restoring your composure “As always, we play every minute like the first minute until the last minute”
The game doesn’t go as planned. When Christen press scores in the 10th minute you tell the team to keep their heads up. You manage to get a goal back long after but the tie doesn’t last long as Alex Morgan scores just before the end of the first half. 
There is a eerie energy in the locker room at half time. You cannot help but feel like the game is already over. The team is knackered with the US been extremely physical.
The second half is goalless but it still means that England lose.
When the final whistle blows you watch as the US celebrate reaching to the world cup final again. As you look around you see a mixture of reactions. Some players are on the ground, t-shirts over the eyes to cover their tears and others are consoling each other.
You stand there, unable to move. It is as if your feet are in cement. You are not sad, nor are you mad, you are numb as you stand there in shock. How could you have let this happen. It was your job to lead your team to the final and you failed.
You are so caught up in your thoughts that you don’t feel Phil bring you into a hug.
“You did us proud this tournament Y/N and you did you country proud. These moments happen in football but I know you, I know that you will use this as fuel for the next one” 
Although his words are meant to bring you solace, you cannot help but feel worse.
When you look around again you lock eyes with Leah. She starts to walk over you but you shake your head. You didn’t want to see her, you couldn’t look her in the eyes, not right now.
The coach ride back to the hotel is silent. The only sound to be heard is that of the radio which quietly plays some French music. When you get back to the hotel you tell the team to take the night to process the day and everyone will reconvene tomorrow afternoon.
The whole England squad is like a team but it also had its groups. In moments like this you know that sometimes people want their space, it is not necessarily best to be with the entire team. Everyone goes to their rooms but you stay in the hotel reception. You know that Lucy and Kiera will be in your room and so they should be, it is Lucy room just as much as ours and Lucy needed Kiera right now and vice versa.
You sit on one of the sofas, your arms rest on your knees as you bury your head in your heads. You body was starting to ache and your head began pounding, something that always happened when you bottle up your emotions.
You feel the seat beside you sink and arms wraps around your shoulder, pulling you closer into the owners chest.
When you look up you are face to face with the blue eyed blonde who always brought you comfort in your darkest moments.
“I let you down. I let everyone down” you tell her as you burst into tears.
Leah doesn’t reply. Instead she tightens her hold as you bury your head in the crook of her neck.
“I should’ve tried harder” you sniffle as you speak, trying to control yourself but ultimately failing.
“I don’t deserve to be the captain”
Leah pushes you away but keeps her hands on either side of your shoulders. 
“Look at me” you do as your told “I am so proud of you Y/N and you will always be my captain, whether we win or we lose”
Leah cuts you off.
“No buts. We can’t win them all but we can use what we did today to make sure that we are better in the future” 
“You sound like a captain” you let out a small chuckle as you wipe the tears from your eyes.
“You lead by example Y/N” she says, once again trying to reassure you.
Leah stands, holding out her hand for you to take which you do.
“Do you want to have a sleepover? I am pretty sure that my room mate will be spending the night with yours” Leah asks you.
You want nothing more than to take her up on her offer but you aren’t sure if it is the best idea. 
“Stop overthinking things. There are two beds but I won’t be opposed if you want to share, I really miss your cuddles”
“I miss giving them to you” you says without thinking.
Leah smiles at your admission. This is the first time that you have gave her an indication of how you are feeling.
The two of you go to Leah’s room, you ultimately deciding that it is best if the two of you sleep in separate beds which she understands.
The next morning you wake up before Leah. You watch as she sleeps, she looks so peaceful. The longer you stare the more memories of similar moments come back to you. Leah never has been a morning person but you didn’t mind as it gave you moments like this. Seeing someone you care so deeply for be so peaceful brings you a similar feeling. You don’t want to wake her so instead you leave her a note, thanking her for last night and letting her know that you would see her at breakfast.
The dynamic at breakfast is different. Everyone seems to be in a much better place than they was when they arrived back of the hotel. The majority of the team has come to terms with the loss, agreeing that it is part of the game and that we will come back stronger. You are happy to see your friends happy, well they are less sad.
3 days later you have the third place game which you win. The next day the team gathers in the hotel conference room to watch the final, everyone agreeing that it would sting to much to watch the game live, given that it could have been them if things had turned out differently.
You watch as the US win their second consecutive world cup. A couple of hours later you receive a DM on instagram from Megan Rapinoe asking if you and the girls would like to join them at their party. She insists that it isn’t just a party to celebrate the US win, it is a party to celebrate the woman of football and what this world cup meant for the future of the game.
After asking the team, the majority of which agree to go, you respond telling that you and the girls will be there.
“So are you going to tell her?” Lucy asks you.
You are sat in front of the mirror finishing your make up. You look in the mirror but back at Lucy. This is moment you have been dreading but also been yearning for. Ever since the semi final game you have been thinking about the your future, more specifically one that includes Leah. You are no longer focused on the past and the heartbreak that took place.
“I am” you swallow the air in nervousness.
Sensing your anxiousness, Lucy kneels down by your side.
“You and Leah are made for each other. It was when I saw your relationship that I knew I wanted the same thing with Kiera” you turn to face the defender upon hearing her confession, something that she has never told you “I know you are scared but you cannot live in fear Y/N. Love can be scary but you know that it can also be the most amazing thing in the world” 
You feel yourself relaxing more and more as Lucy calms you down.
“Now let’t go so that you can get your girl and I can see mine” she stands to her feet, as you do the same.
The two of you are the last ones to the hotel reception.
“I was going to give you shit for being late but damn skipper, you clean up well” Ellen tell you as Jill wolf whistles in agreement. 
You feel yourself blush at the compliment the forward gives you as it very rarely happened. Sure she complimented your playing style or your leadership but not this kind.
“She’s right, you look breathtaking” you jump a little when you feel Leah’s breath on your shoulder letting you know that she is very close to you. 
You turn to meet her gaze, the two of you only millimetres way.
“Nothing and nobody compares to you Leah, never have and never will” you look around to see that nobody is paying attention to either of you so you seize the opportunity.
You place a gentle kiss on Leah’s cheek. It doesn’t last long because it doesn’t have to. The feeling of your lips on her skin has Leah frozen in place.
“Nice to see I still an effect on you” you smirk confidently “shall we?” You say extending your arm out, encouraging her to lead the way to the exit of the hotel.
A couple of hours pass, before you have the chance to have a moment alone with Leah. The party is being held at a roof top bar looking over the city of Paris. You watch from a distance as Leah is on the dance floor with Georgia, Rose Lavelle, Lindsey Horan, Jill Roord as well as a few other players that you didn’t know that well.
When you eyes meet you tilt you head back slightly, hoping that she would understand that you wanted to talk to her, much to your satisfaction she did.
You are about to speak but Leah beats you to it.
“I spoke to Ada earlier” you eyes widen, last time Leah saw Ada things didn’t end well between the two of you.
Seeing you tense up, she places her hand on your bicep.
“No need to stress out Y/N, nothing happened. She actually told me something very interesting” 
“What?” You ask not having the foggiest at to what the Norwegian could have told her.
“She told me that you are leaving Lyon” you nod her head confirming that what Ada told her was true.
“It’s time I come home” you respond simply.
“To Arsenal?” Leah asks. The way her eyes light up, you know that you have made the right decision.
“Yes. I sign my contract when we get back, you’ll have me in London for 4 years” you look at Leah trying to get a read on her but to no avail. 
“That is if you want me?” You ask. Your question having double meaning.
“Are you still talking about football?” Clearly she picks up on your true meaning.
When words don’t come you just shake your head. The smile that appears on Leah’s face rids you of any doubts that you have.
“But what about Jordan. I know I reacted badly when we last talked about this but I don’t want you to lose your best friend because of me, not again” the guilt on Leah’s face is evident.
“I won’t” you say remembering the conversation you had with the midfielder.
You reach down for Leah’s hands. It is only when you fingers intertwine that you realise how sweaty your palms are so you pull away, rubbing you hand on your dress causing Leah to laugh. After doing you you once again take her hands in yours.
“After the game against Norway I was so mad at you. How could you have the audacity to be jealous of my friendship with Ada but then you told me you loved me”
“Love you, present tense” Leah corrects you.
“Still, when you told me that, my angry subsided but I was scared to get hurt again so I pushed you away even though I knew that I felt the same way”
There it was, you finally admitted it.
“You do?” Leah asks in disbelief.
“I never stopped. I tried so hard but I couldn’t and I think part of me didn’t want to”
You watch as a stray tear falls down Leah’s cheek. You cup her face, delicately wiping away her tear. In turn she leans into your hand, closing her eyes as she relishes your touch.
“Leah, I love you” you say those three little words, words that you didn’t you would ever tell her again but here you are in the city of love ready to give the woman that broke your heart another chance.
You feel you heart beat faster and faster as Leah leans forward, you face coming closer and closer  to hers with each second that passes. You close your eyes just as you feel her lips touch yours. The world around you no longer matters as the kiss deepens. You only pull away when the lack of oxygen becomes an issue. When you open your eyes you see the blue ones which you adored so much.
“I won’t loose you again” Leah says. it is more of a promise though you’re not sure whether it is one she is making to you or one she is making to herself.
“Good because I don’t plan on letting you go anytime soon” you make it clear that you want her and only her.
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