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“Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn”

Everyday we will take a closer look on one of the pictures hung on the wall 🖼
#win #learn #you #thehappinessmagazine frame #quotes #instaquote #instagram #instablog #instadaily #quoteoftheday #instagood #work #life #makeyourchoice #begood #positivevibes #happiness #happinessquotes #blogger #blog #instawrite #pexels #photo #instavideo #video #followforfollowback #thegoodquote #nofilter #image #thehappinessmagazine
@pexels thanks for the images (at Cairo, Egypt)

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31/100 days of productivity [June 3]

Oh dear I really need to sleep now.

So my friend came over and we tried to learn history but we ended up laughing over iron axes. Still learned tho, wasn’t completely pointless xD

Tommorow is my first class and I’m not exactly prepared, guess I’ll have to get up really early tomorrow and get ready for it :’D I do have basic ideas, but I need to make it better and available for 6 y.o.

I did learned new words and characters today, plus read new chapters.

And! I! Listened! Too! Much! Of! Jeremy Jordan! And! Mother knows best! Somebody! Save! Me! From! All! These! Talented! Singers!

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‎دەشێت هەموو ئەمانەی لەم ڤیدیۆیە دەیبینیت بیزانیت و پێم بڵێیت کە بۆچی ئەمەم شەیر کردووە

‎ڕاستە کە دەبێت زۆری تریش بزانیت؛ بەڵام ئایا جێبەجێیان دەکەیت هەمیشە؟

‎ئایا کاتێک شتێک دەخۆیت یان دەخۆیتەوە لە پەنجەرەی سەیارەکەتەوە یان بە دەستەوە پاشماوەکەیت فڕێ نەداوەتە سەرزەوی و ووتبێتت کە کارگوزاری شارەوانی بۆچی کراون؟ مەگەر بۆ پاکردنەوە نەکراون؟
‎نەخێر کە هەموومان مرۆڤین دەبێت هەموومان هەست بەو بەرپرسیارێتییە بکەین

‎یاخود کە کەسێک بە شوێنێکدا تێدەپەڕێت هێندە تەماشای مەکە هەست بە ئحراجی بکات؛ گرنگ نیە چی پۆشیوە و چۆن دەردەکەوێت؛ مرۆڤەکان ئازادن لەوەی چی دەپۆشن و چۆن دەردەکەون

‎کە یەکێک سەرقاڵە هێندە بە پرسیار بێزاری مەکە و کاتێک کەسێک قسەیەکت بۆ دەکات هێندە خۆت بە شتی ترەوە سەرقاڵ مەکە

‎کە لە شوێنێکی گەشتیاریت؛ مەڵێ من هاتووم هەروا پیس بووە؛ بەڵکو دوای خۆت شوێنەکە خاوێن بکەرەوە بەمە خەڵکی تریش فێر دەکەیت کە شوێن بە پیسی بەجێنەهێڵن

‎کە لە ناو پاسی وا مەزانە پاسەکە هی خۆتە و بە دڵی خۆت قاچ کەیتەوە؛ ئەوەی تەنیشتت هێندە سەغڵەت مەکە کە خوا خوای بێت زوو دابەزێت

‎دەنگ بەرزکردنەوەت لە ماڵ یان دەرەوەی ماڵ کەسایەتیت دەردەخات بۆیە هیچ کات بە دەنگی بەرز مەدوێ؛ هێندە دەنگ بەرزکەرەوە کە گوێکانت بیبیستن

‎هەڵسوکەوتت لە دەرەوەی ماڵ ناسنامەی خۆت و خێزانتە؛ بۆیە بە جۆرێک هەڵسوکەوت مەکە کە سەرنج ڕابکێشێت

پێش ئەوەی هەرشوێنێک بەجێدەهێڵیت؛ کورسیەکە بخەرەوە جێی خۆیی و سەرمێزەکە بە ڕێکی بە جێ بهێڵە؛ با هەمیشە لە دوای خۆتەوە کەسێک نەبێت ئیشەکانی تۆ تەواو بکات

‎دەتوانیت بابەتەکە سەیڤ بکەیت و لەگەڵ هاوڕێیانت شەیری بکەیت یان ناویان تاگ بکەیت

#kurdistan #slemani #hawler #duhok #halabja #karkuk #areenmuhammed #readanybookchallenge #enjoylifeinallcolours #spreadpositivity #ettiquette #formality #learn (at As Sulaymaniyah, Iraq)

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#Repost @tolykay (@get_repost)
Don’t just ❤️ it; WATCH IT! If you watch nothing else today please watch this very short, clear and INCREDIBLY informative video! Stick by your promise to educate yourself! “Systemic problems require systemic solutions. Luckily we’re all part of the system, which means that we all have a role to play in making it better” - @alex.cequea who made this educational video for @actdottv

Thank you for posting this @alysonfouse

#blm #listen #learn #history #americanhistory #blackhistory #educateyourself #implicitbias #systemicracism #understand #useyourvoice #instagood #share #justice #equality #opportunity #education #integrity #promise #followthrough

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九 – jiǔ

  • 三三得九 – sān sān dé jiǔ

Three times three equals nine
Tres por tres son nueve

  • 你的九九表背熟了吗?- nǐ de jiǔjiǔbiǎo bèishú le ma?

Did you learn the multiplication table?
¿Te aprendiste las tablas de multiplicar?

  • 美国人难忘九一一  měiguó rén nánwàng jiǔyīyī

Americans will never forget what happened on September 11th
Los estadounidenses nunca olvidarán lo que pasó el 11 de septiembre

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Nintendo, take notes.

This game has given me so much joy. I love the challenge of hard mode. In Paper Mario, I found myself hoarding items, to the point I had no room to hoard any more. In Bug Fables, I find myself using up to three items in a normal encounter, and if you don’t have a good supply of healing and “FP” restoring items, Boss fights are typically unwinnable. But that is a fantastic element. With the way combat works - being able to one of your other teammates your turn at the cost of 1 attack for each extra turn that round - the need for items really shines. Who should attack? Should I try to luck out and status the boss so it can’t move? When in the turn order should I do it? Who should use their turn to heal? Who can best use the attack boost of being in the front, and can handle the higher chance of being hit?

Oh, I am in LOVE with this game. The main characters are fantastic and the third party member strikes me as a masc leaning non-binary, and their reactions are so mood. Oh! The team is so great and I love them all! They are all such big moods!

I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll be vague, but make sure to take quests! There’s one fairly early on that lets you farm for 30 berries for doing a couple of battles, and it can be a life saver if you’re hurting for cash to get the items to need.

Overall, fantastic game. If you miss Paper Mario 64 and TTYD, this game is for you! It is easily worth the price of admission.

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New video!
Introduction to trigonometry.
Check out the link in the bio

#math #mathematics #teaching #trigonometry #video #youtube #mathsteacher #newvideo #explanation #studygram #study #learn #learnsomethingneweveryday #youtubevideos #channel #subscribe #likeforlikes #comment

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Illustration: Overt White Supremacy vs. Covert White Supremacy


“White supremacy is a system of structural and societal racism which privileges white people over everyone else, regardless of the presence or absence of racial hatred. White racial advantages occur at both a collective and an individual level.

We just updated this chart, which presents *some* of the ways people practice and reinforce white supremacy that they may not be aware of, or even think of as “white supremacy”. If you are unsure of what any of these terms mean, please feel free to look them up. There is an abundance of scholarship and research on each of these things.”

Image Source: Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence (2005). Adapted: Ellen Tuzzolo (2016); Mary Julia Cooksey Cordero (@jewelspewels) (2019); The Conscious Kid (2020).

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30/100 days of productivity [June 2]

Tumblr u better post this.

I’m working on one project at the time, you will know about it very soon. But cause of it (and the group chat) I haven’t get my daily studying done so I need it to be done tomorrow.

On the bright side, I got a job for summer! Suddenly! But I got it! Yay!

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Learn weathers 🌪️🌡️🌂🌀🌩️🌨️🌧️🌦️☁️☂️☔ in #German 👍
#germanwissen04 #germanwissen #germanwisseninsta #onlineclasses #classroom #deutsch #deutschland #deutschunterricht #learn #deutscher #germanlangugae #language #factsaboutgerman #german #wetter #english #weather #rain #sunnydays☀️😎 (at Delhi, India)

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