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#learn korean
  1. 말하다: to say, speak, tell
  2. 맛없다: to taste bad
  3. 맛있게 드세요: enjoy your meal
  4. 맛있다: to be delicious, tasty
  5. 맵다: to be spicy
  6. 먹다: to eat
  7. 멀다: to be distant
  8. 멋있다: to be stylish, elegant
  9. 메뉴판: menu
  10. 멕시코: Mexico

Happy learning! ^^

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DAY 2 💜 Idioms


What I did - learned 2 idioms (2 each from Spanish, Korean and Japanese)

Spanish ↩️

  1. Barrón y cuenta nueva.

(let bygones be bygones)

Explanation- bygones means blot and cuenta means check. Literally it means “Blot and count again”. More clearly, “Let’s erase and start over”

2. En boca cerrada no entran moscas.

(Silence is golden)

Explanation- with mouth closed, flies cannot enter our mouth- that is, out mouth doesn’t get dirty if we keep silent instead of unnecessary arguments.


  1. 눈코 뜰 새 없다

(I don’t have time to open my eyes or nose)

Explanation- to be extremely busy that there’s no time to lose.

2. 눈이 높다

(eyes are high)

Explanation- having high standards or having unrealistic expectations


  1. 明日は明日の風が吹く。

(あした は あしたの かぜが ふく.)

(tomorrow’s winds will blow tomorrow)

Explanation- tomorrow is a new day, don’t let it get affected by the emotions from your previous days.

2. 雨降って地固まる。

(あめ ふって じ かたまる.)

Explanation- after rain, the soil hardens. In other words, adversity makes you stronger.


I had fun doing these! Again, my notes are not “aesthetic” lol but I still have put them there <33 if you find any errors, let me know. Thank you ✨

(interested in participating in the challenge? click here)


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1. 딸기: strawberry

2. 떡볶이: tteokbokki

3. 라면: ramyeon (ramen)

4. 러시아: Russia

5. 마시다: to drink

6. 마트: mart

7. 만: 10.000

8. 만나다: to meet

9. 만들다: to make

10. 많다: to be a lot of, much of

Happy learning! ^^

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I know. When you start learning a new language, you immediately want to get the pronunciation perfect… Or is it just me? Okay. Well, even if you don’t, I would like to give you some tips and tricks because they helped me SO MUCH, it’s crazy.


Check the phonology (IPA) of the language. It saves you a lot of time, because that way you can actually compare the sounds to your native language or to other languages that you know.

After you have checked the IPA character for a given sound, you can just copy and paste it in youtube and you can hear and see how to pronounce it correctly. Usually, they tend to explain everything very clearly so it will be easier for you.


It’s connected to the previous tip, but it’s really important, and that is: tongue position, whether it’s the resting position of your tongue (when you don’t speak, because yeah, it can be different for every language) or its position when you pronounce sounds or complete words.

In fact, with tounge position comes the shape of the mouth but I think that might be easier considering that you can actually see someone’s mouth when they are speaking. Well, in most cases.


This is probably the most known technique for pronunciation: mirroring. For this, you can take a video where you can see and hear them clearly and as they say the words or sentences you can mimic them. Yes, even the intonation and the stress on different syllables.

It’s really a ‘two birds with one stone’ situation where you can improve your pronunciation and your listening skills at the same time.


The next thing can be quite weird at first but try the microphone on google translate or on any translating app that has an option of voice input. What you’re going to do is select the language that you learn and, using the microphone, say the word/sentence that you’re working on. If the app can recognize what you’re saying and it’s written correctly then yay, you know how to pronounce it right!

Recommended sites:

Glossika Phonics: a great YouTube channel that can show you every phonetic sound and the correct tongue and mouth position.

Wikipedia: You just have to type 'language + phonology’ (ex. English phonology) and it can show you the pronunciation of nearly every language. The basics and the more advanced ones with general rules also.

Wiktionary: It’s an online dictionary that has audios and phonetic writings for pronunciation and also pictures for showing the meanings. (Honestly, I never translate new words to my native language, I’d rather use pictures and illustrations so I can connect it to the meaning immediately.) Oh, and a good alternative can be WordReference. Guys, it’s BOMB. You can hear people’s pronunciation who live in one of those countries that speaks the language and I think different accents are available, too.

All in all, I hope you can use these tips and I wish you a great learning journey. Don’t give up, be consistent, even if you can only do 10 minutes that day, do it. But also, make sure you rest enough, don’t overwork yourself. Well, it might be a general advice also.

See you soon~🥰

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1. 시내: downtown

2. 다음 주: next week

3. 음식점: restaurant

4. 댓글: comment

5. 축구: soccer, football soccer

6. (noun)도: (noun) too

7. 말: horse

8. 돈: money

9. 두부: tofu

10. 듣다: to listen to, hear

Happy learning! ^^

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병원 Hospital

의사 Doctor

간호사 Nurse

주사 Shot

응급상황 Emergency

환자 Patient

진단 Diagnosis

치료 Cure

질병 Illness

예방 Prevention

재활 Rehabilitation

입원 Hospitalization

퇴원 Leave the hospital

의학 Medical science

약 Medicine

약국 Pharmacy

진료 Clinic

병 Disease

세균 Virus

응급실 Emergency room

수술 Operation

Written by Admin Na

Edited by Admin Yu

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1. 물: water

2. 냅킨: napkin

3. 자동차: car

4. 노란색: yellow color

5. 건너다: to cross, go cross (for example, the street)

6. 노래: song

7. 답장: to reply, answer, respond a letter

8. 노래방: karaoke room

9. 맞다: to fit, go well with

10. 노래하다: to sing

Happy learning! ^^

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Originally posted by jiminiejamz

Where is my angel
하루의 끝을 드리운
Someone come and save me, please
지친 하루의 한숨뿐
사람들은 다 행복한가 봐
Can you look at me? ‘Cause I am blue and grey
거울에 비친 눈물 의미는
웃음에 감춰진 나의 색깔 blue and grey

➼ 드리우다 - to bestow, cast
➼ 지치다 - to be exhausted
➼ 한숨 - sigh
➼ 행복하다 - to be happy
➼ 거울에 비치다 - to be reflected in the mirror
➼ 눈물 - tears
➼ 의미 - meaning
➼ 웃음 - laughter
➼ 감춰지다 - to be concealed
➼ 색깔 - color

어디서부터 잘못됐는지 잘 모르겠어
나 어려서부터 머릿속엔 파란색 물음표
어쩜 그래서 치열하게 살았는지 모르지
But 뒤를 돌아보니 여기 우두커니 서니
나를 집어삼켜버리는 저 서슬 퍼런 그림자
여전히도 파란색 물음표는
과연 불안인지 우울인지
어쩜 정말 후회의 동물인지
아니면은 외로움이 낳은 나일지
여전히 모르겠어 서슬 퍼런 블루
잠식되지 않 바래 찾을 거야 출구

➼ 파란색 - blue
➼ 물음표 - question mark
➼ 치열하다 - to be intense, fierce
➼ 우두커니 - blankly, absent-mindedly
➼ 집어삼키다 - to swallow up
➼ 서슬 - sharpness
➼ 퍼렇다 - to be dark blue
➼ 불안 - uneasiness
➼ 우울 - gloom
➼ 후회 - regret
➼ 외로움 - loneliness
➼ 낳다 - to give birth to
➼ 잠식되다 - to be eaten away

I just wanna be happier
차가운 날 녹여줘
수없이 내민 나의 손
색깔 없는 메아리
Oh this ground feels so heavier
I am singing by myself
I just wanna be happier
이것도 큰 욕심일까

➼ 차갑다 - to be cold
➼ 녹이다 - to melt sth/sb
➼ 수없이 - countless
➼ 내밀다 - to reach out
➼ 손 - hand
➼ 메아리 - echo
➼ 욕심 - greed

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Originally posted by hoseokjimin

어느 날 세상이 멈췄어
아무런 예고도 하나 없이
봄은 기다림을 몰라서
눈치 없이 와버렸어

➼ 어느 날 - one day
➼ 멈추다 - to stop
➼ 예고 - notice, forewarning
➼ 봄 - spring
➼ 기다림 - waiting
➼ 눈치없이 - have no sense, not reading the atmosphere

One day, the world has stopped
Without any sort of warning
The spring doesn’t know how to wait
So it ended up coming anyways

발자국이 지워진 거리
여기 넘어져있는 나
혼자 가네 시간이
미안해 말도 없이

➼ 발자국 - footprint
➼ 지워지다 - to be erased
➼ 거리 - street
➼ 넘어지다 - to trip, fall
➼ 시간이 다가 - for time to go

A street with erased footprints
Me who’s falling here
The time goes on by itself
Without any apology

오늘도 비가 내릴 것 같아
흠뻑 젖어버렸네
아직도 멈추질 않아
저 먹구름보다 빨리 달려가
그럼 될 줄 알았는데
나 겨우 사람인가 봐
몹시 아프네
세상이란 놈이 준 감기
덕분에 눌러보는 먼지 쌓인 되감기
넘어진 채 청하는 엇박자의 춤
겨울이 오면 내쉬자
더 뜨거운 숨

➼ 흠뻑 젖다 - to be fully soaked
➼ 먹구름 - a dark cloud
➼ 겨우 - only
➼ 몹시 - a lot
감기를 주다 - to give sb a cold
➼ 누르다 - to press
➼ 먼지가 쌓다 - for dust to accumulate
➼ 되감기 - rewind
➼ 청하다 - to seek
➼ 엇박자 - off-beat
➼ 내쉬다 - to breathe out
➼ 끄겁다 - to be hot

It looks like it’s going to rain again today, I’m all soaked
I’m not stopping yet, I run faster than those dark clouds
I thought that was enough but it seems like I’m only human
It hurts a lot, the cold the world gave us
I press the dusty rewind thanks to it
Fallen on the ground I dance off-beat
When winter comes, let’s breathe out an even hotter breath

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1. 등산하다: to hike, climb

2. 기분: feeling

3. 연필: pencil

4. 깨끗하다: to be clean

5. 밤: night

6. 나라: country

7. 입학: entrance into a school, starting school

8. 나오다: to come out, get out

9. 조용하다: to be quiet

10. 날씨: weather

Happy learning! ^^

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Hi friends!!

I’m going to work on my Korean and Japanese again, and I’m looking for people to study/learn with!🤎 I’d like to learn about the culture, history, art, everything! And hopefully make some new friends :)

I can also teach you Dutch or help you with English in return ✨

My kkt is: yerathiel, feel free to add me!

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1. 컵: cup

2. 교통카드: transportation card

3. 버스: bus

4. 신호: traffic signal, sign

5. 구경하다: to watch, see

6. 수출하다: to export (sell or release to a foreign country)

7. 귀엽다: to be cute, adorable

8. 새우다: to stay up all night

9. 광장: venue

10. 그래서: so, therefore

Happy learning! ^^

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